Why People Choose PDO Thread Lift

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Not a lot of people know about PDO thread lifts, which is truly unfortunate considering how effective and safe the treatment is. It can lift the skin, smooth wrinkles, as well as deemphasize other age marks.

This is why there is so much commotion around the PDO thread lift New York and California being hotspots for the treatment, as they are for most cosmetic augmentations and enhancements out there. So, as you would imagine, there are a lot of patients out there looking to speak their minds about this treatment and how well it worked for them.

Thanks to several cosmetic centers, including Skinly Aesthetics working from the heart of Manhattan, we were able to speak with several patients. They helped us understand exactly why the PDO thread lift is such a desirable anti-aging treatment among the many others that already exist.

  1. What made you choose the PDO thread lift over other cosmetic treatments?

It’s hard to say honestly. I did have a hard time choosing exactly what treatment I wanted. I had a lot of options in front of me, with the primary one being Botox, of course. It is the most well-known name in these kinds of things (cosmetic treatments). But I did have a friend who tried Botox and while she was satisfied by it, she did recommend that I try something a little longer-lasting.

As well as Botox worked for her, she did say that the results did not last that long. So I asked my practitioner which treatment she would recommend that will last longer and she recommended the PDO thread lift.

  1. What was your feeling when you first learned about how the treatment works?

I won’t lie: I was nervous. Having these threads going in your face through these big needles that go from one end of your face to another; that’s not a pleasant thought. Then I spoke with the practitioner and she explained to me exactly how the treatment was going to work and what it was going to do. The more I learned about the PDO thread lift, the more confident I was.

So initially I was nervous, but I mustered up the confidence to go to the clinic and get treated. Now that I’ve been through the treatment, I don’t regret a single thing.

  1. So, can you give us a little rundown of the procedure and how it felt to get treated with the PDO threads?

It was definitely scary at first. They insert these special threads right under the skin using a needle tool and they did it several times, as it takes more than one thread to properly treat the face. After they inserted the threads, they massaged my face, which I was told wass to mold it into place. I didn’t mind a free face massage so I didn’t complain.

After that, I was told to avoid moving the face too much right after the procedure as it could disrupt the final results. And then I was all set. It took around an hour for me to get into the clinic, get treated, and leave. So it was pretty fast and pretty much painless.

  1. How did you feel after the treatment?

I was told not to be very expressive with my face for the first couple of days and avoid fast movements. They said the threads need to be as still as possible until they can firmly plant themselves into their designated positions.

There was a bit of aching and itching in the places where the needle went through, but my practitioner told me this is completely normal and almost everyone gets that. So, I wasn’t really worried, more so excited about the changes. At first, I didn’t see them all that much, but then I started to notice how my wrinkles became harder and harder to see. I even started taking selfies every day just to see what improvements there were and I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it was actually working.

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  1. You had the treatment some time ago if I am not mistaken. Could you tell us how well the results have held up after all this time?

I was treated over half a year ago and the results look as great as they were initially. The practitioner said that the results can last up to half a year, which I’m really happy about. That’s a really long time. I can’t imagine having to make an appointment every two months just to get treated, what with my busy schedule.

I’m really happy about how I look in the mirror and the thought of this lasting me for another year and a half makes me proud that I chose the thread lift over other treatments.

  1. What would you recommend to someone who is still making up their mind about the PDO thread lift? As someone with experience, what advice would you give?

Definitely give it a try. No regrets on my end whatsoever and I was pleasantly surprised more than anything else. It’s a great treatment for someone looking to go through the procedure and not have to worry about it for a long time.

Now, when you see the tools they use in the procedure, you might get a little nervous, because it does look a little frightening. But there really is nothing scary about it, or painful for that matter. The clinics use anesthetic and you don’t feel a thing throughout the whole procedure. In fact, I had more aches after the procedure was finished than during. I’m also very confident in my practitioner. She was very professional but also helpful in all aspects. The PDO thread lift was only one of her specialties, but she performed it almost like that was her only specialization; that’s how painless it was.

And the results speak for themselves. I looked through a ton of other before and after photos which were more than enough to convince me into trying it out. You should definitely do the same.


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