Summer Adventures – My Son Thinks He’s Lightning McQueen

I believe schools have closed in the UK, and the summer adventures are now in full swing. The Kiddies had their end of term party yesterday and it was good fun. They enjoyed the food and the chance to play with their friends; some they may never see again. I enjoyed it too. It was a chance for me to watch them and take it all in, until the heavens opened. Of all days to rain, the rain decided to pour down yesterday and it almost messed up our garden party.


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Now that the kids are home for 6 weeks and we have no holidays planned at the moment, I am looking to keep them busy as much as I can. We have a couple of days out planned for the next few weeks. And we may still go for a last minute Europe holiday break somewhere, so that is not completely ruled out.

Since I am looking to keep them busy, out and about, their bikes and scooters are going to used a lot this summer holiday. We had the pleasure of receiving some bike helmets and gloves from the lovely people at Kiddimoto the other day. The kids love their new helmets and gloves, and I love them too.




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This lovely helmet is for my son. I went for the 5+ size (MEDIUM: 53-58CM (AGE 5+)) and it suits him perfectly. The design is also so colourful and beautiful. Great for the summery weather.




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This stunning helmet is for my daughter and she adores the striking design. I got this in the medium size as well (53-58CM – AGE 5+), and it suits her perfectly with plenty to grow into. The last thing you would need is to have your kids wear small/uncomfortable helmets while riding their bikes or scooters. Apart from it being a pain to put on, it is also not safe when it is the wrong size.



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They both got these Kiddimoto Gloves to protect their little hands while riding. The gloves helps them stay comfortable and safe while out and about on their bikes. My son thinks he is Lightning McQueen when he is on his scooter, partly because he has a Lightning McQueen Scooter. So I have to keep up with him and make sure he is well dressed for the ride.


What do you think of the helmets and gloves? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Have a lovely sunny day!


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9 Ways to Fit a Workout in your Busy Schedule

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Between a full-time job, family duties, and a social life, it can seem impossible to fit exercise into the mix. Yet, some of the busiest people still make time to work out on a regular basis. While it may not be easy to work out with a busy schedule, it can be achieved. Here are nine ways you can incorporate exercise into your life, even with a busy schedule.

1.   Make a plan

Writing down a fitness plan can help you be efficient while working out, minimizing time spent in the gym while maximizing results. Use a calendar to mark down the days you want to work out. Then, using a notebook or the notes app on your phone, write down an organized workout routine, complete with the number of sets and reps you’ll be performing. This can help you stay organized and exercise on your terms.

2.   Get a workout partner

Many of us have trouble motivating ourselves in the gym. It can be easy to cheat a little bit or fall victim to self-deception—you might end up saying things like, “I don’t need to do that final set” or “I’m too tired to run that last lap”. A workout partner can help hold you accountable, plus having someone there with you can make exercising a more enjoyable experience.

3.   Keep a change of clothes on hand

Always keep some workout clothing on hand in case you need it. If you have a busy schedule, you may never know when you can fit in a run, a trip to the gym, or a quick workout session. Get a duffel bag and stuff it with a lightweight shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, a gym towel, and a pair of training shoes for women or men. Then you’ll always be ready to go whenever the opportunity arises.

4.   Change up your commute

If possible, ditch driving your car and find more active ways to commute to work. Ride your bike or walk to work if you can. Or, if the office is far enough away that you have to drive, try cycling and walking when you’re out running errands instead.

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5.   Plan active family adventures

Get the whole family active by combining family time with exercise time. Plan a camping trip, take the family hiking, or play in the backyard with your kids. When making plans with the family, try to be creative about fun ways you can all get active.

6.   Make your workouts fun

If you hate working out, you’re most likely going to skip it whenever it’s convenient. This is especially true if you’re trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule. That’s why you should try to work out in a way that you actually enjoy. Join a recreational sports league, take kickboxing classes, go surfing, or take part in any physical activity that you know you’ll look forward to.

7.   Always choose the stairs

By skipping the escalators and elevators and opting for the stairs, you can get more steps in every day. While this may not be a traditional “workout”, you can think of it as a series of mini-workouts. Taking the stairs can be a great way for a busy person to burn calories without hitting the gym.

8.   Get an early start

Many people choose to exercise first thing in the morning. Why is this? First of all, working out in the morning can give you an energy boost that starts your day off on the right foot. Secondly, it feels great to get your exercise for the day over with in the morning. This makes it so that you can enjoy the rest of the day without a looming workout hanging over your head.

9.   Make fitness a priority

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s more important than you think. If you want to get in shape, you have to make fitness a priority in your life. Carve out time for exercise and be consistent. As a busy person, regularly working out may require you to make some sacrifices, but that’s the cost of being in great shape.

With a hectic schedule, it may seem impossible to fit exercise into your life. However, with some effort and determination, you can accomplish your fitness goals. Try out one or all of these tips to start living a more active life.


3 Tips For Making Your Favourite Outdoor Activities Worthwhile

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Being in the house all day, even when you have a list of incredible movies to watch, can make you go crazy. For this reason, you need outdoor experience to stay active– this will help you make the most out of your hobbies and improve your social life. If you’re wondering how you can make your outdoor adventures enjoyable, here’s what to do;

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Go Prepared

When you think about going outside, you immediately assume you’ll need a couple of things like your jacket and phone. However, activities like fishing require gears like lures for ice fishing, a fishing rod, and other equipment for the ultimate fishing experience. Considering your outdoor plans, think about what you’ll need and you’ll set the pace for an exciting experience. 

It could be sports gear you need if you plan to play sports or a camera to capture memories of your road trip. No matter your plans, it’d be helpful to make a list of things you’ll need and check them off so you’re ready as possible for your recreation time.

Carry Food and Drinks

Nothing makes outdoor pastime more fun than having food and drinks to brighten the ambiance. You can almost always guarantee a catchy banter where there’s food and drinks.

More importantly, when you’re doing intense activities like playing sports, you’ll quickly expend your energy, making you tired. As a result, you’ll need to replenish your energy by eating food, snacking, and having drinks regularly. 

Refreshments make outdoor events like travel momentous by enhancing positivity and bringing people together. Furthermore, snack times offer an opportunity to share with your loved ones – it’s an excellent moment to catch up with your friends. 

If you think about it, good memories occur during mealtimes, and a picnic with friends or family is a good way to lighten everybody’s spirits and end a trip.

Always Have Company

Sure, exploring outdoors alone can be just as rewarding as having a group of friends or your family tag along. However, solo adventures lack motivation and it’s likely you won’t have as much fun as you would laughing and chatting with your loved ones.

If you want to make your outside activities memorable, have a friend or two for companionship. In many ways, this will help you uplift your moods and spend more quality time with your friends and family.

Besides, company has a way of making adventures much more rewarding. Picture yourself hiking with friends where you banter, and laugh throughout the hike. The conversations will occupy your mind and momentarily take your mind off the hike for a joyous time.

Moreover, when you’re trying out new outdoor escapades, it’d be best to have friends or family who’ve done it before. They’ll offer an excellent support system by teaching you new tricks and motivating your new interests. 

Lastly, remember there’s safety in numbers, especially when you wish to explore deserted areas like caves or hiking. You’ll have a peaceful mind knowing your friends are with you if something terrible like an accident should happen.

Far beyond your home’s backyard are many possibilities for grand outdoor escapades. Regardless of the weather, there’s always something you can do outside that’ll brighten your life and maybe even teach you a skill or two. With that said, use the above tips to make your next outdoor events repeat-worthy. 



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