Music is like food to my soul

I am a huge music lover. You can easily catch me listening to some of the greatest hits on my Spotify playlist. I listen to music everyday and with the current pandemic worldwide, music is like food to my soul. It literally feeds me. I listen to many different types of music, from gospel to rhythm and blues, rock to pop. As long as the beat is good and the lyrics make sense, I would listen to it.

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Here are some of the jams I have been listening to these past few days –

Whitney Houston – I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

I love Whitney Houston so much. Her voice gives me the chills every time I hear it. This song is one of my favourite. Her voice wasn’t as good on the track but the lyrics are amazing. They literally spoke to me and it felt like she was singing my story. It is such a lovely song.

Idina Menzel – Into the Unknown

This track is one of the songs from Frozen 2. If you have seen the movie, you would know all about this amazing song. My kids love it, I love it even more. The lyrics are amazing and Idina Menzel’s voice is just amazing. It is one of my favourite songs at the moment.

Sia – Rainbow

This is another song loved by the kiddies and me. I am a huge fan of SIA. Her voice is just out of this world. I love the lyrics of the song and the beat is quite catchy. I bet the My Little Pony fans love this song.

Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross is one of my favourite songs ever. I have been listening to it a lot for some weeks now. Luther Vandross has such a lovely voice and the song’s lyrics are so meaningful.

Boyz 2 Men – The Colour of Love

The Colour of Love is such a beautiful song. It is one song I always find myself singing along to even though my voice sounds nothing like theirs. This song is always on my go-to playlist.

Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene – Nara

This gospel song is simply beautiful. I love everything it so much. It has lifted me from all sorts of low vibes and energy. I think Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene did a great job with this song.

Mercy Chinwo – Chinedum

Mercy Chinwo’s voice is perfect! I love her songs and this Chinedum is now one of my favourites. The lyrics resonate with my soul and the beat has a great vibe.

Robbie Williams – Angels

This song speaks to my soul. I love the lyrics and Robbie Williams has an amazing voice. He did a wonderful job with this track. It is one of my favourite tracks ever!

I listen to all these songs on my Spotify, so you can download them on their if you have the app. The links here are to the YouTube videos for reference but I don’t watch music videos much.

What do you think of these songs? Is your favourite on the list? I bet you can see how music is like food to my soul.


Online Resources for Kids

We have been keeping busy homeschooling this week and it has gone pretty well. I must confess, I was really worried at first. It all looked a little much to study, work and homeschool at the same time. Plus doing anything outdoors is really not possible anymore. All that got me worried, but we got into it all as soon as the week started and it has been amazing. Having a routine similar to what the kids have in school works. Thanks to the hardworking teachers and amazing online resources, we got all the materials we need to smash it!

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Here are some of the amazing online resources for kids we are using this week –

Ruth Miskin Training

This YouTube channel is filled up lots of videos to help children learn their phonics. It is really helpful. The twins watch a video on the channel everyday and they are carrying on their learning thanks to the amazing team behind this channel. Ruth Miskin Training also has a Facebook page and the videos are posted on their as well, so it is worth having a look if you children are in KS1. There are new Youtube Videos posted everyday for different levels.

Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is reading stories everyday on his website and the kiddies love listening to him read a book. It is a great way to mix up the learning from home. I read to my twins everyday and they read to me as well, but having somewhere read a book is a great way to broaden their horizon. You can have a look at his website to listen to his readings.


Kidz Bop Kids

If your children love dancing, they would Kids Bob Kids! It is a fun Youtube Channel filled up with catchy tunes and lots of moves. My twins enjoy dancing along and sometimes I find myself dancing too! It is a fun way to get the kids moving.

Oxford Owl

Another great website for children is the Oxford Owl. It filled with expert advice, tips and activities to help your child’s reading. There are lots of ebooks available on the website. We have read two books already on Oxford Owl. The Duchess read Ballet and the Duke read Code for Dragon Training. We are reading Everyone Got Wet next and we can’t wait. Oxford Owl is a website worth subscribing to. It will definitely keep the little ones busy.

What do you think of these online resources for kids? How are you finding homeschooling?


Working, Schooling and Homeschooling the Twins

I have deliberately avoided writing about Coronavirus on here because I don’t want to dwell on it. There’s enough news about it everywhere else and I don’t want to add to the hysteria going on, but it is becoming more and more difficult not to talk about it. This pandemic is affecting lives all over the world. The kiddies are now homeschooling from today due to this virus. So I am now supposed to work, study and homeschool the twins all at the same time. This will take a lot of planning and determination, but I am sure we will work it all out. Health and safety comes first, and I support the powers that be in this decision.

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Working from home

I will be blogging as usual. The topics will vary as they usually do. Do not expect to see topics on Coronavirus on the confusion it is causing. I am rising above that and talking about other things no one seems to be talking about. If you need a good distraction from the current pandemic, you may find the blog posts really interesting. I will also carry on doing my other online jobs and see where the opportunities take me.

Schooling from home

Like many of you know, I started studying with The Open University last year. It has been going really well. I am self-motivated, so I do what needs to be done and I am also really enjoying studying the modules. However, it has been a lot harder to concentrate with all what is going on in the world. Luckily, I have managed to stay on top of my study and assessments somehow. This will carry on as normal.

Homeschooling the Twins

Homeschooling the twins is the biggest change. Normally, the kids are in school for a good few hours and I use those hours to get work and uni jobs done. At the moment, this is no longer the case. Schools are closed here indefinitely and I are meant to homeschool the twins. Fitted this in is the hardest part of all but it has to be done. The twins are in year 1 and are exceeding their targets, I won’t want them to fall behind. So we will be following the curriculum from home as much as possible, to keep them engaged.

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If you are stuck at home and wondering how to engage the kids, you should try out these YouTube channels below.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This YouTube channel focuses on mindfulness, yoga and relaxation for kids. We watch the videos and they are really nice, the twins love them. The videos are adventurous and they help children build strength, balance and confidence.

Little Sports

This YouTube channel has loads of workout videos for kids. For those of us that are unable to go out as much, you can still get the title ones moving with these videos. They are also great for indoor activities on rainy days.

I usually join in with the kiddies and I enjoy the videos too! If you are stuck indoors and wondering how to spend a few minutes keeping the kids moving, you should check out these videos. Safe stay.


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