How to Negotiate a Higher Rate as a Freelancer

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Any job you put in time, effort and expertise is valuable. Sadly, some clients tend to under-pay. As a freelancer, you don’t receive a fixed salary. The amount of money you make from a project depends on certain factors such as your experience, the number of hours you put in your job and the scope or extent of the project assigned to you.
From personal experience, negotiating my rates as a freelancer has been tricky. But negotiating a higher rate – even trickier. Negotiating a higher rate is something you take step-by-step. Here’s how I do it:

I take note of my minimum rate
You need to know the lowest amount you can charge for a project without suffering a loss. This is your minimum acceptable rate (MAR). Your MAR = (Annual living cost + annual cost / hours you work a year) + tax. This formula gives you an estimate of your MAR.
Have the figure handy. The MAR gives you the least amount you can charge for a project. Since you want to negotiate a higher rate, you need to make sure your rate doesn’t go anywhere near your MAR. So if your MAR is £50, you want to start negotiating from £150 for example, so you have room for negotiation.

Charge per project
When you charge per project instead of charging per hour you earn more money. There’s some sort of psychological effect behind charging per hour. The natural view a client has of charging per hour is that the project ought to be done within a shorter time and they don’t see any reason why they should pay for more hours. This makes them undervalue your work and look down on the quality of the project no matter how hard you work on it.
If you charge per project, the client feels that even if the project takes a long time to be complete, the project will be of value and they’ll feel more willing to pay. If you complete the project quickly, it’s a gain to you unlike charging per hour where you earn less when you complete the project quickly.


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Show your client their financial gain
Help your client realize that they’ll make more money from the completed project than they’ll pay to have it done. Sometimes, negotiating for higher pay is all about perception. The client at the time may be so focused on the short-term loss or expense that she misses out on her long-term gain.

Adjust the scope of the project instead of the pay
Sometimes a client may come with a budget of how much she can pay for a project. Instead of turning the client down, explain how much of the project their budget can cover. So instead of cheating yourself by accepting the project as it is, clearly tell your client the scope of the project you can cover based on what they are able to pay. So if a client is only able to pay £30 for example, explain what services you can provide for that price.

Name your price
Some freelancers and blogger are afraid of quoting a high price. They think that doing this will scare off their clients. This is often not true. Naming your price pushes you to find people who are willing to pay your rates for quality work. You find yourself attracting high paying clients and keeping them. Accepting any price offered means you will always be working for peanuts.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below please.

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home


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Working from home is a wonderful experience. I’ve got more freedom to work and play as I please. The thought of being stuck in a cubicle from 9am to 5pm is scary for me now. I won’t trade my laptop lifestyle for anything in the world! Of course, every rose has its thorns. Having a 9 to 5 job has its perks too. I must admit there have been are times when working from home has been a complete nightmare.
Although over the years, I have been able to strike a comfortable balance. Striking this balance was not easy. I had to play around with my routine and do a lot of trial and error, but I am happy with my work/life balance now, kind of.
I am been working from home for over 2 years now, so I know all about the pros and cons of working from home, for me anyway. I must warn you, my working from home experience may not be the same as yours, but I hope I’ll be able to hit that sweet spot where we can all relate with.
Let me start with the positive side of working from home:
1.    Flexible Work Schedule
When you work from home, you can work at any time you like. Unlike working in an office where you start and close from work a fixed time, working from home gives you the liberty to start work and close from work at any time of the day. I usually work at mornings and at nights, on most days. I like the fact that I can still work even when I don’t feel so good.
2.    You Can Spend Time With your Family
Being a freelancer is a lifestyle choice for me, rather than a career choice. I needed to stay at home with my kids, and I love the fact that my job gives me that freedom to that. Working from home gives me the opportunity to take an active part in the lives of your loved ones. I can care for my kids, and watch them grow. This ‘pro’ alone is the main motivator for me.
3.    You Get to Save Money
The money I would have spent on commuting to work and back, and lunch at a café can be saved. I no longer need to face the dreadful rush hour commute, since my business is anywhere I want it to be.
4.    You’re Safe from Office Politics and Gossip
Let’s face it, when you’re at the office you have to constantly watch your back. You never know what your boss or co-workers could use against you. When you work from home, you can be yourself. You no longer have to worry about what others think or say about you. You are your own boss. This is another major motivator for me because I can’t handle unnecessary drama at all.


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So that’s just one side of the coin. Let’s have a look at the negative side of working from home:
1.    You Tend to Work Long Hours
This is a major ‘con’ for me because I work very long hours. Working at the office gives you a well-defined schedule: start at 9am and close at 5pm, and that is it until the next working day. When you work from home you can work late into the night. Sometimes you find yourself working more than 8 hours a day, even on weekends.
2.    You Need to Have Self-discipline
I am lucky I don’t get easily distracted. When I need to work, I work, and nothing would distrate me, except my children. So when I am working at night, and everyone is fast asleep, I don’t get tempted to go on social media or put on the TV, because I know I need to get work done.

Working from home gives you a lot of freedom that, at times, you may get tempted to just relax. But if you are focused, you won’t have a problem.
3.   No Adult Interaction
Staying at home all day can be boring sometimes. When you’re at work, the office is always bustling with lots of activities, and the change of environment and meeting different people helps your state of mind. That’s something you don’t get working at home. I am a bit of a loner, a full introvert, so I don’t struggle much with this working from home issue.
So there you have it! If you had a choice, would you work from home or work in a structured office?

30 Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Blogs

As a blogger, I know how hard it is to come up with blog posts ideas everyday. I aim to write at least 1 blog post a day because I like to have my blog posts scheduled and I like to stay ‘switched on’. I struggle to get back into the swing of things when I take time off, so I try not to stay away for too long. I decided to write-up this post, sharing 30 blog post ideas for the month of June, and I hope someone finds these ideas useful.

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Outfit Post – Showing your readers how you style an outfit is always inspiring. I aim for 1 outfit post a week.

Shopping Haul – I am not a huge fan of shopping hauls but they are quite popular, so I guess people like reading about new purchases.

Fashion Trends – Writing about fashion trends you dig like this Fashion in Sports post is always a good read.

Fashion Blogs – Writing about fashion blogs you like reading is a cool way of sharing the blog love.

Fashion Designers – Writing about fashion designers that inspire you is another blog post idea.

High Street Shops – High street shops you love would be a good read.

Fashion Magazine Covers – Writing about magazine covers in your country is another blog post idea. I write about UK magazines every month.

Linkups – Linking up to fashion posts you like is another way to share the blog love.

Giveaway – Giving away  a fashion piece or accessory is a good way to give back to your readers and gain some more.

What is in my Wardrobe – I am yet to show off my entire wardrobe but it is a smart way to show off your goodies and get the readers clicking.



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Style Icons – I feature a monthly style icon that inspires me. My latest style icon is Jessica Chastain.

Fashionista – Feature a stylish man or woman you admire. It could be a fellow blogger or someone you know in real life.

Interview – You can interview a fashion designer, blogger, or anyone that inspires you in the fashion industry.

Who Wore It Better – You can write-up a who wore it better post, featuring 2 celebrities wearing the same outfit.

An Opinion Post – You can write-up a post featuring a celebrity rocking an outfit and you sharing your thoughts.

Red Carpet Style – This is another great blog post idea. Sharing red carpet style is always a good read.

Wardrobe Essentials – Writing about your wardrobe essentials is always a fun read.

Outfit Photography Tips – Sharing photography tips for outfits is always informative.

Wishlist – This is a popular blog post idea and worth doing. I write fashion wishlist posts quite regularly.

Personal Style – You can write about your personal style and how you developed it.


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Throwback Outfits – This could be a post centered around a throwback outfit of yourself or a celebrity.

Street Style – I love reading street style blog posts.

Fashion News – Timely fashion news posts are always a good read.

Children’s Style – If you have kids, you can feature them rocking some pieces.

Moodboards – You can feature moodboards you create, if you are into them.

A day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger – Always a fab post to read.

Styling a the same piece in different ways – Showing how to style a piece in different ways is always so inspiring.Fashion

How to posts – How to posts are always popular. Like how to style a black dress or how to walk in heels.

Previous Month’s Outfits – You can write-up a post featuring previous month’s outfits so others can catch up. I do this every month.

Fashion Blog Topics – You can write a post similar to this post, sharing fashion blog topic ideas to inspire other fashion bloggers.


I hope some fashion bloggers find this post useful and I inspired by the topic ideas. Feel free to share more fashion blog post ideas in the comment section.

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