Influencer Marketing – When Influencers Get Paid

An influencer is anyone with influence. So anyone with a good following can be identified as an influencer, as long as they are cashing in on it. Influencer marketing is huge. This is because people value the power of word-of-mouth. What this means is that people respect the opinions of others and are more prone to listen to their opinions and base their decision to buy a product or service on that.


The Power of Influencers

The power of influencer marketing is seen more on social media. An influencer endorses a product by telling his or her followers that the product is good or that they like the product a lot. This encourages their followers to go for the product, or to at least consider it.


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Influencer Marketing

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk going around about the term – influencer marketing. Some believe that being paid to use your influencer status to influence your readers means that you are probably telling white lies about a product just because there is money involved. Others believe that there are honest influencers who only choose to use their influencer status to promote products that they believe in.

Building a committed readership takes a lot of work. It has taken me 5 years to get Fashion and Style Police to where it is today. I remember the long hours I put in to make sure that my blog was in front of as many readers as possible. Although it’s a little easier today, as I have made a name for myself, but I still have to put in a lot effort to keep the clicks coming.


Blogging and Influencing

Blogging is not just writing words for people to read or posting photos for people to see. It’s about building trust in the heart of your readers. And it takes a lot of time and effort to build that trust. Your readers trust what you share on your blog. You can imagine how they will feel if they found out that everything you wrote on your blog post was biased because you were paid to talk about a product or service.

Some of these influencer/bloggers have a way of separating content that was paid for from posts that were not. Such bloggers mark such posts as ‘Collaborative Posts’. But then again, how can you be sure that there aren’t hidden promoted posts that were not marked or disclosed?

The fate of such bloggers is a bit shaky there. There are some readers who don’t really mind such posts but there are some readers who really do mind them. If you’re a regular reader of blogs like me then you will definitely understand the sensitivity here.


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Going Forward

I believe every reader is entitled to know the truth. I always make I disclose on here when they has been a partnership of some sort with a brand. It makes life easier for everyone involved. I sleep better at night too!

We base a lot of our decisions about products and services from people who have tried them before. If the bloggers we rely on tell us half-truths because they were paid to write nice things about a product or service then we run the risk of being misled all our lives.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Blog

Over the years, blogging has developed into greater heights than I ever thought were possible. Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for me. It has completely changed my live. I can’t imagine not blogging.


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I know a lot of people who have also embraced blogging and their lives changed. People go into blogging for so many different reasons. If you’re considering to go into blogging but you’re not so sure whether you should then here are some reasons that may push you to just go ahead and do it.


Helps you find your voice and share your opinions

Have you ever been bottled up with thoughts that you wanted to let out? Blogging is a great way to articulate your thoughts and voice your views. Blogging acts as an outlet where you can freely express yourself. As you blog more consistently you start to discover your voice and develop the boldness to be open with your own opinions.


You’ll become a better communicator

As I became more consistent in my blogging, I noticed how much my communication skills improved. Blogging gives you a platform to talk with a large audience. As you share your opinions, thoughts, or tips, you start developing your ability to articulate your content in a way that will attract people’s attention.


You can earn money from your blog

There are thousands of bloggers who have been able to successfully monetize their blogs. There are so many opportunities to earn money through your blog. Sponsored posts, ads and selling online courses are just some of the numerous ways to turn your blog into a money-making venture.


Makes you known as an expert

When you blog about a particular niche, you grow to be very knowledgeable in that niche. As more people follow your blog, you become the go-to person in that niche. People start to recognize you as an expert.


You build an brand

Blogging is one of the ways to create brand awareness. It gives you an opportunity to let people know about who you are, what you do and what you believe in. If you’re running a business, a blog will raise more brand awareness for your business.



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Stay connected with people

Blogging helped me connect with people from all over the world. I would get emails from people who read my blog and wanted to get to know me. In the same way, blogging can connect you with people who are interested in what you do and what you write about.


You get to help people with their problems

Do you go through blogs to find a solution to your problem or a nifty trick to help you with something? There are many people looking for solutions in blogs. Blogging will give you the opportunity to help people by sharing the tips and tricks that you know.


You begin to develop positive habits

Blogging is not just about writing about topics that interest you. Blogging takes time and in the process you learn how to be disciplined, committed, responsible and devoted to what you set your mind on doing. There will be times when you won’t feel like blogging but if you stick to it, the positive habits you cultivate from blogging will change your life forever.


It allows you to make an impact

Blogging can act as a tool to impact millions of people. It can act a great medium to reach out to people and motivate them in life. You can inspire people with the stories you share and your views to life. You can make people’s lives more meaningful.


Blogging helps you know more about yourself and keep memories

Most people go through life not knowing who they are or what their purpose is. Blogging helps you get your life in perspective. When you blog, you find yourself unleashing what you have kept within you. You start to discover what means the most to you. You find your true self. Blogging also helps you keep memories.


Do you blog? How are you finding it? Are you thinking of setting up a blog? What is stopping you?


Being a Blogger Seemed like a Huge Joke

There was a time when being a blogger seemed like a huge joke. People called bloggers fools for making blogging their main preoccupation. Back then, the thought of making a living through your blog was nothing more than a fantasy. Nobody thought it was possible. No one was familiar with the concept of working from home. How could sharing your thoughts on a blog be something of interest?

When you fast forward to our world today, the perception of bloggers and blogging has changed. Bloggers now make a comfortable living just sharing their ideas and giving value to people through their blogs. More and more people read blogs everyday and a good number of people have embraced blogging all together.


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We were once considered as foolish but unknown to society we were wiser than they thought we were. Does this mean that bloggers are free from criticism or being looked down upon? Unfortunately, no. There are still many who think blogging is a waste of time. But if you’re a blogger or intend to start your own blog one day, here are some reasons why bloggers are smarter than many people think them to be.


A Blogger is self-made

As bloggers, we put in a lot of hard work to build our brand and elevate ourselves to the stage where we will earn a comfortable living through our blog. At first, it seems crazy to put hours into writing, editing, and consistently publishing and promoting your blog posts, but we bloggers had a goal in mind.We see opportunities where others see “too busy to blog”.


Bloggers have great influence in the industry

Who would have thought anyone would care about a common blogger’s opinion? Today, many people do. In fact, bloggers are among the most influential people online. There’s hardly an influencer who doesn’t own a blog of some sort, whether it be written or in video.

Most bloggers have a target audience they relate with on a level big companies would only dream about. Which is why we how we have become so relevant. Now people seek out influencers to promote their products or chip in a good word for their brand, products or services.


Bloggers made their blogs great resources

The answer to almost every question you need answered can be found on a blog. This makes blogs go-to resources for their readers. Bloggers are dedicated to giving loads of value in their blogs and making sure that there are actionable steps or are jam-packed with useful information. If you’re learning something new, you can always find a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.

Blogs rich with information are highly consulted and bloggers are seen as experts in their niche.


Do you run a blog? How are you finding it?


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