Happy 4th Anniversary Fashion & Style Police



Today makes it exactly 4 years since my first blog post went live on Fashion and Style Police. And I can’t believe I am still here doing what I know how to do best. It has been 4 long years, full of ups and downs, opportunities, regrets, meeting great people, dealing with trolls and everything else in between. It has been a hell of a ride but I don’t see myself ever giving it up. I see myself evolving as a blogger (and I have evolved, still evolving) but quitting my blog has never ever crossed my mind. I am obsessed with the adrenalin rush I get every time I get a lovely comment, every time I hit publish on a new blog post, every time my post gets shared on social media and every time a fab opportunity lands in my inbox.

Me setting up a blog was a style course requirement for my fashion styling course at London of College Style (LCS), but it became my escape spot long after my course ended, and I lost interest in pursuing my style career. I was spending so many hours on social media and on other blogs, so putting that time towards Fashion and Style Police was easy. I am happy with how far my blog has come and I am looking forward to what the future holds for us.

To celebrate this 4th anniversary, I have a few giveaways running, so have a look and make sure you enter anyone that interests you. I am also sharing a few facts and funny stories that have happened to me, in these last 4 years, since I became a blogger.




Publishing Outfit Photos Everyday

In the beginning, I used to take outfit photos and publish them everyday. I would get up extra early to make sure I could get some outfit shots before heading to work. I did that for the first year or so, and now when I think back, I wonder what I was thinking. I don’t know of any fashion blogger who takes outfit photos everyday. Some fashion bloggers publish daily outfit posts, but majority of them take many different outfit shots in a day, to achieve this. And many of them can afford to have full-time professional photographers at their beck and call (aka boyfriend/husband = photographer).


Missing My Train

Still on the daily outfit photos, I was so obsessed with publishing daily outfit photos, that I once missed my train to work because I was taking outfit photos outside the train station. Can you imagine the craziness? I live in Cheshire, and my job was in Manchester. I use to have a daily commute to and fro work of over 2 hours and it was killing. Missing a train meant I had to wait an extra 45 minutes for the next train but in my head then, all I cared about was getting the outfit photos taken, lol.


32 Days Radio Silence

I gave birth to my twins in November 2013, and for the first time I didn’tΒ  blog for a very long time – 30 days. I was blogging for just over a year then, so I didn’t have the readership I now have, so it was easy to stay away. Plus I really couldn’t be bothered to talk about fashion and style, I was barely sleeping.


A Second Blog

I was feeling quite adventurous in 2014, and decided to set up a another blog solely for reviews. That didn’t work out and it has now been deleted. The only reminder I have of what a bad decision it was is the Facebook page of the blog I still have. If you have any ideas of what to do with it, please let me know. And yes it was a bad decision then because I had no time for the blog, no direction and no passion for the niche. It was a bore.


No Pregnancy Outfit Photos

I stopped taking outfit photos once my belly bump began to show because I didn’t want to share that part of my life with the whole world. I doubt I can get away with doing that now but I did then. I did post some pregnancy photos after my delivery though, if that counts.




So here is to many more blogging years. I hope Fashion and Style Police continues to entertain, inspire and educate.

Thanks for flying with me.



Freelancing – The Journey So Far

Fashion and Style Image


I have been blogging on Fashion and Style Police for almost 4 years now. This October will make it exactly 4 years and I have been reflecting on how far I have come, and where I have my eyes on – the top. My blogging journey has been on for a while now but my freelance journey actually started the summer of last year. I stumbled on the freelance path by accident. I have always to work for myself. I feel the only way up to the heights I want to attain is through freelancing or running my own business. But I never had the guts to do it.

Before becoming a mumprenuer, I had a customer service job I hated with a passion. It was just one of those jobs people do for the paycheck, nothing more. I am a complete introvert, so working in an office with noisy colleagues was a big struggle. They did not understand my reserved nature and I didn’t understand why they could not be quiet for 5 minutes. A clash of personalities is a recipe for disaster, and that is how it felt for me then. I was also not enjoying having angry customers screaming at me all day (I wrote a bit about my life before blogging in my book – How to Cash In as a Blogger, so do have a read if you have not done so already.

I always dreamed of running my own business one day. I was never 100% sure of what I would be doing but I knew I was not caught out for the regular 9-5. Having my twins opened my eyes to earning money from home. I realised I could do a lot more with my blog and social media platforms, while caring for them at home.

I also realised I could make the most of my digital marketing background and offer Freelance PR services to businesses in need of it. And that is how I became a PR Girl.


Fashion Trends 2016


My freelancing journey has been a roller coaster. I have learnt a lot and I am sure I would continue learning. It has not been easy, but it has been so worth it. Life as a freelancer can be hard and lonely some days but I rather have that than my previous job.

If you are thinking of going freelance or setting up your own business from home, here are some of the good things of working for yourself you will need to remember on difficult days –


Flexible Working Hours

This is a big one for me. I wanted to raise my kids myself and earn money at the same time. So I needed a very flexible job to pay the bills. Blogging and freelancing are doing just that. I like the fact that I can work from anywhere, anytime. It is the best feeling ever.


Creating My Income

The fact that I create my income is a major turn on for me. It feels epic! I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get.


Doing What I Love

The best part of it is that I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work as such.


Here are some not so good things of working for yourself –

Chasing Invoices

I hate this part right here but I have been told it s the reality of many businesses. Chasing invoices is not my favourite task. It is more of a chore that needs to be done and I find myself doing it every week. That is why I cherish clients that make my job/life easier by paying invoices quickly.


Constantly Worrying

Working for myself means the fate of the business is in my hands. There is no one to blame for the failure of a task, for not meeting a deadline, or for not achieving the desired results. It all balls down to me and that makes me worry sometimes. Constantly worrying about where the next pay check will come from is scary but it keeps me grounded and focused on my goals.


Fashion Blogger UK Image Picture


My freelancing journey has been a hell of a ride but I won’t have it any other way. I am a work in progress and I can’t wait to write another update

Do you work for yourself full-time or as a side hustle? How are you finding it?



Protecting your Gadgets in Style



As an online FreedomPrenuer (I love that word – it describes my work life to a tee), I do a lot of freelance work and blog stuff on my laptop. I take my laptop with me pretty much everywhere, when I do manage to leave my house which is never these days. I also find my iPad super handy for when I need to pop out briefly or on short trips away from home. So I like to protect them both from general wear and tear, and I like them to look protected but stylish

. There are various to protect our gadgets; we have the bags, cases and skins. And there are many designs around to choose from but many of these designs are just not as pretty as I would like or they don’t do the work as they should, which is to protect my gadget from unexpected falls, spills and general wear and tear.




I shopped around for a while before I came across the cool brand – CaseApp. This custom design brand is a worldwide supplier of custom cases and skins. It was created as a solution to make it easy for people like you and me to be able to order custom designed skins and cases online, for their gadgets – iPads, Laptops and Phones.

I had the opportunity to order a custom design skin and I went for a marble finish with my blog name on it as you can see. I was super impressed with the service I received from CaseApp. The website is very user friendly. I found it very easy to design my skin and place my order. The delivery was quick as well, I received my skin within 5 working days, which was great. And the skin was nicely packaged, which was a plus.





I would definitely recommend CaseApp to anyone in need of a stylish and protective case or skin for Laptops, Tablets and Phones. There are various designs to choose from on the website, so you are spoilt for choice. And the process is quite easy, you won’t need a Dummy’s Guide. It is super affordable too so definitely worth checking out.



How do you protect your gadgets? Have you used CaseApp before? What are your thoughts?

Do share your thoughts by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.


*This is a collaborative post.