How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry for Any Outfit?

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Jewelry is an essential component of everyone’s wardrobe. It can also be a great way to add personality and style to your outfit, as it’s one of the few pieces of clothing that you can wear on your body that isn’t connected to anything else. You can learn more tips on this site here.

However, it might be difficult to choose which ones are going to look good with the dress that you’re wearing. The following tips might be able to help you out:

  1. Wear Something that will Match the Occasion you’re Attending

The loose bracelets and diamond earrings are going to look great for intimate dinners and dates. The white gleam of the earrings can enhance any gown that you’re wearing, regardless of the color, and this will help you stand out from others.

When you want to wear black or plain color, you might want to go all out with your display of jewelry. The bulky bangles will look amazing even if you’re just wearing casual dresses like shorts and t-shirts.

  1. Scaling is Essential

Match the size according to what you’re wearing. The small ones can be eclipsed by an elaborate outfit, which might look underwhelming. However, wearing the larger ones might look clunky, especially if you’re going to dinner.

A pearl will do fine if you have a patterned dress, and the larger ones should be reserved for the more simple and single-colored outfits. Bib necklaces are ideal for pairing with trousers, so you might want to give them a try.

  1. Your Style is Important

Determine the pieces that you wear according to your style. Pick the accessories according to the occasion, and a simple gold chain and stud earrings might do just fine if you want a more professional look. You can go for classic looks or more elaborate ones with the help of Mimi’s Jewelry Store in Orange County, where you’ll have many choices and consultations regarding rings and necklaces. The professionals will look for a custom piece that matches your style and ensure that you get something unique to you.

  1. Necklines should be Considered

The length of the necklace should depend on your neckline, and you should aim for a more balanced and enhanced look. Clashing the necklace with your neckline will not bring any good results. However, wearing something complementary will accentuate your best features and help you gain more confidence.

The chunky necklaces are ideal for tube tops and strapless outfits. For the one-sleeved ones and off-shoulder shirts, this should have dangly jewelry that has complex designs to complement the overall look. Collared shirts do well when coupled with thin chains and a large pendant.

  1. Printed Dresses

Some people might not think about prints and floral dresses, but they should be considered. Wear earrings that look like the shape of your clothes, as well as ones that mimic the prints. The striped earrings or pendants might be ideal for maxi dresses, but don’t pair the hoops with the angled stripes.

  1. Less is More

The rule of less is more can be applicable when you’re attending something formal. Select the ones that will match your wardrobe and work with the pieces that look elegant with the gowns. Add a subtle flare when you’re wearing something formal, and you’ll never have to be out of place again.

  1. A Focal Piece is Helpful

Don’t pair two large and colorful pieces together. You might want to remove the chunky tribal necklace and attach the dangly hoops instead. Don’t try to overwhelm and end up getting a flashy look. Instead, focus on a single piece like a diamond ring that you might want to get noticed. See more about diamonds on this page:

  1. Bold Classics are Great Options

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Wearing something bold should be paired with basic jewelry. This is to avoid having an overwhelming appearance. Try out some looks while you’re in the mirror, and always experiment. The colors and shapes should complement everything and avoid choppy and whimsical looks.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to pick the perfect jewelry for any outfit. Whether you’re going for a bold look or a demure one, there’s a piece of jewelry out there that will complement you perfectly. So next time you’re getting dressed for an event, don’t forget to look into your jewelry collection for the best results.


5 Reasons To Start Wearing Custom Jewellery

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Whether you’re looking for a memorable gift idea or just want to treat yourself, you’ve probably put jewellery at the top of your wishlist. As you know, jewellery is available in various formats, styles, colours and shapes.

These days, you can walk into a jewellery store, pick something you like, and have it sized to your specifications. The trouble with that approach is you end up with jewellery that other people will also wear.

If you want to choose something more unique, either for someone special in your life or yourself, you need to look at custom jewellery. Take a look at the following five reasons to opt for unique, custom jewellery instead of off-the-shelf examples:

1. You Want Something Unique

Firstly, one of the most significant reasons for getting custom jewellery is that it’s unique. What you don’t want to do is buy some jewellery, either for yourself or someone else, and see a copy of your prized possession being adorned on a total stranger!

Unique jewellery means you’ve had a custom, one-off piece made to your design specifications. There won’t be anyone else wearing what you’ve got, assuming your design isn’t a copy of something else, of course!

2. You Want A High-Quality Product

You may have read some Helzberg diamond reviews online and decided you’d like to have a ring made from such diamonds. As you can appreciate, a ring using high-end diamonds would need to be flawless in virtually every way.

Another advantage of having jewellery custom-made for you is that you can choose a designer-maker that provides a high-end service. These people might charge a premium for their work, but it’s fully justified when you see the end result of their creations!

3. You Want Affordable Jewellery

You might think that custom-made jewellery will cost an absolute fortune, judging by the previous few paragraphs you’ve read. However, such unique jewellery doesn’t have to break the bank.

For example, you could commission a jeweller to create a lovely set of earrings for the lady in your life or some shirt cufflinks for the gentleman in your life. Custom-designed and made jewellery doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

4. You Want Each Item To Have Sentimental Value

Do you want to have some custom jewellery that isn’t just unique but will also hold sentimental value? Perhaps you’d like to gift someone to the one you love, or a close family member that will cherish your gift for years and decades to come?

Unique, custom-made jewellery can hold sentimental value. For example, you might have a necklace that can pass down to future generations.

5. Custom Jewellery Incorporates Personal Style

Lastly, when you play an instrumental role in designing the jewellery you wear, you can incorporate certain style elements into your designs. For example, if you are a nature lover, you could have a silver necklace made with inspiring leaf patterns to promote that fact!

The beauty of custom-made jewellery is that you’re in charge of the design aspect and can incorporate almost anything into your designs based on your fashion style and interests.

6 Ways to Coordinate Helix Earrings with Your Outfit

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Helix earrings are one of the most well-known varieties of earrings available. They are trendy and can offer an instant cool factor to the wearer. A favorite among the celebs, you can find these earrings being donned by Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Helix earrings can be sophisticated and classy or downright cool and hippie based on how you dress them up. While the majority of the individuals use hoops for decorating their helix piercings, there are other different ways of coordinating these earrings with varied outfits. Let’s have a look:

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Combine Sparkling Helix Barbells with Black Dresses

Helix barbells make one of the most excellent choices for black dresses. You can go for any three barbell varieties: circular, curved, and straight. Perhaps, the circular and curved styles tend to be more comfortable.

Since black dresses always require a sparkle or pop of color for highlighting the look, you can opt for shiny and bright helix barbells. And yes, do not forget your shoes and handbag in pastel color.

Combine the Classic Helix Stud with Midi Skirt and Chambray Shirt

Although barbells and studs are generally used interchangeably, there is a big difference between both these styles. Helix studs have a differently designed backing. They have pushed back, butterfly, friction, or screw backings, while the barbells have screws on balls.

Helix studs are the perfect add-on to chambray shirts and midi skirts in full white color. This will be a casually smart appearance for Spring combined with other statement accessories.

Blend Helix Hoops with Black Jeans and Lacy White Tops

Helix hoops are one of the best options to pair with lacy white tops and black jeans because they are quite comfortable to don and eye-catching at the same time. These earrings bring in a lot of creativity for the users and can be donned in several ways.

There are varied gauges and sizes available in the hoop helix earrings category, so you need to choose one that you think is comfortable. The best is to go for classic, unembellished nose rings or captive bead rings that will make you appear more stylish and will even make your outfit more noticeable.

Beautiful Feather Hoops with Patterned Tops

The nature-inspired hoop charms come attached with hoops, and they are quite popular. They come adorned with flowers, vines, feathers, and leaves. They can be a bit heavy, and therefore they work fine with patterned tops.

If you want to coy the appearance of the free-spirited gypsy women that appear in movies, then add patterned tops and scarves to your style when donning feather helix hoops.

Helix Cuffs Work Great with Silk Dresses

Helix cuffs simply hold onto the ear edge and are one of the most excellent options for women who want to take up a bold appearance. Accessorizing your silk dress with a statement or fake helix cuffs can get you ready for almost any special occasion. However, make sure to go for the sparkly and the large varieties.

Helix Earrings with Linen Dresses

If you are on the lookout for a fresh and cool summer outfit while heading to the beach, you can easily pair your feminine linen dress with an oceany statement helix earring. Complete the look with a small but fashionable clutch.


The different ways of coordinating helix earrings with the varied outfits mentioned above will get you the look you had always wanted. Go for it and experience the difference.

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