3 Best Dressed Stars at the Grammy Awards 2022

The Grammy Awards just happened and the big wide web is soaking it all in! I didn’t watch the show (not done so in eons) but I am always following the fashion on the red carpet, and it was so good this year. It was lovely seeing all the amazing celebs dressed in their Sunday best. Many of them were looking super stylish. Did you watch the show?

3 Best Dressed Stars at the Grammy Awards 2022

Here are my top three best dressed celebrities at the Grammy Awards 2022:

Lady Gaga in Armani Privé

Grammy Awards 2022 image

Photo: Getty Images

I almost didn’t recognise Lady Gaga in this beautiful monochrome dress. She looks so stunning. I love the entire look she brought to the red carpet. Her dress is a beauty to behold, and the hair and the makeup look so pretty too! This is definitely one of my favourite looks of the night. I love it a lot! It screams classy and chic. What do you think?

Snoh Aalegra in Atelier Versace

Grammy Awards 2022 image

Photo: Getty Images

This shimmering Atelier Versace dress is simply stunning. It looks breathtaking on Snoh Aalegra. I love how she is wearing it, and her hair and makeup also look beautiful. This is definitely one of the most stylish looks of the night. Snoh Aalegra nailed it in this dress. There’s nothing not to like about her look. It is giving me elegant vibes. Do you agree?

Dua Lipa in Atelier Versace

Best Dressed at the Grammy Awards 2022 image

Photo: Getty Images

This stunner looks fab in this amazing dress by Atelier Versace. I love the black and gold look; it looks beautiful on her. Her hair and makeup finish off the entire look perfectly. This is definitely one of my favourite looks of the night. It is such a stylish look and it stands out for all the right reasons. It screams edgy and sassy. What do you think?



Can You Be Cute And Cozy? Of Course You Can – Here’s How

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It is not necessary to entirely abandon our sense of style simply because it is cold outdoors; rather, it is necessary to be a little more innovative when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. 

Again, layering is essential, so save your heavy-duty coats for when it is really required; simply buy them a size larger so that you may wear a sweater and shirt underneath them instead. When it comes to needing some extra warmth you can still look wonderful with a sherpa pullover, which will make you look great while also keeping you warm and toasty in the cold. Wear stylish pieces that are also warm, such as big woolen scarves and cozy hats, to ward off the chill.

It is still possible to have excellent style even on the darkest days of winter if you put in the necessary effort and planning ahead of time. While it is freezing outside, here are some of our favorite ideas and tactics for wearing appropriately for the weather while it is cold outside.

UK Lifestyle Blogger image
Image via Unsplash

The Foundational Layers

When it comes to preparing for frigid weather, the trick is to layer your clothes. Contrary to popular belief, however, layering on a plethora of heavy clothing does not necessarily correspond to being warm.

Base layers should be light and fitted to your body in order to keep warm air trapped closer to your core as you move through the day. It is preferable if this type of layer is made from a natural, breathable fiber such as Merino Wool.

Secondary layers, like primary layers, should be thin and well-fitted to the primary layers. This aids in keeping the heat trapped near the body’s core temperature. After that, you can add a third layer that is a little chunkier in texture.

Styling Suggestions and Techniques

It is now time to put your clothes together and use style tips to make them appear fashionable and stylish.

Rather than letting your jumpers become bloated in the middle, center tuck them into your pants to give them some structure.

Belts with additional weight are preferred to balance off the bulk of thick sweaters, which can be overwhelming.

Combine numerous different types of clothing to create a visually appealing combination. For example, a chunky pullover worn with exquisitely tailored slacks or some leather leggings can be just the thing for a special occasion.

Utilize leathers, patents, heavy knits, and faux fur to add texture to your ensemble.

Don’t be afraid to play with colour

Just because the weather is drab doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be too. It can be all too easy to wear blacks and greys from now until March, but colourful knitwear can make your winter wardrobe seem much more exciting. You could look at deep jewelled colours such as emerald greens and burgundies, but don’t be afraid to experiment with pastel pinks and baby blues to give an ice queen feel. 






Tips In Choosing the Right Special Occasion Dresses For Women

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Whenever you get an invitation to an important event, the first question that comes to a woman’s mind is “What clothes am I going with”? In most cases, the answer is very simple: go in a wonderful women’s occasion dresses. There are many options to create a perfect look, whatever the occasion.

Wedding guest image


You Can Tell The Truth!

When you are invited to a party (or are going to have a party) the first thing that comes to your mind is: “What clothes am I going to wear?”, this thought arises from a children’s party to when it’s your own wedding, after all, for us women it is more than normal to worry about appearance and want to be well dressed to celebrate a special occasion with the ones we love the most. Finding the perfect party dress is complicated, so today, we are going to help you!

ProTip: For parties that take place during the day, it is better to bet on colorful dresses, or with prints, and reduce the use of sparkles and rhinestones. At night events, you can use shiny fabrics, embroidery, and sequins. When deciding what you are going to wear, in addition to your personal taste, you need to take into account the location of the party, type of celebration, weather and the time it will take place. Evaluating all these points, you have already defined your options and it is a little easier to decide what type of dress will be suitable.

Remember: when buying a dress for an event, do it at least 3 months in advance. This will ensure that your purchase will arrive on time.

The Perfect Party Dress for Every Occasion

Of course, fashion is getting more flexible, but there are still some protocols to follow at times. See our tips for choosing the ideal dress model for each situation.

Short Mini Dress

Yes, long dresses are elegant by nature, but who says you can’t go to an occasion that calls for a more edgy look with a short dress? It all depends on the model chosen. Bet on a well-structured short dress, with glitter or embroidery applications, which give an extra touch of glamour. You can be sure it will be a success!

Graduation Dress

Graduation is a long-awaited moment, and it is essential that the trainee feels beautiful and comfortable in this important event. But, before choosing your model, know the dress code agreed by the class. If they are all long, it is not good to be the only one to choose a short model, for example. In this event, you can abuse the sparkles and sequins! You can also choose embroidery, prints, lace, and even transparencies, but be careful not to make them look vulgar.

For Wedding Guest

if the event is during the day, you can fearlessly choose a floral dress made of light and flowing fabric, but if the ceremony takes place at night and the party is more elegant, bet on a classic black long dress, which you can’t go wrong with

Bottom Line

However, there is no delimited rule, unless the attire is well specified in the invitation. The most important thing is to choose something that suits you and matches the occasion.







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