6 Things Girls Love to Receive On Valentine’s Day

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Few days are left for the most awaited festival of the year i.e Valentine’s day and it feels like just last week we were enjoying new year gifts and now here we are already in the mood for Valentine’s day. Many boys totally got perplexed when it comes to buying a gift for their girls for Valentine’s day. If you are among those, then don’t worry, we have found your salvation in this article.



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There is a perception that girls only love to receive expensive things on Valentine’s day, however it is nothing like that. Actually, girls are not interested in how much amount you spend on them, instead the amount of thought that you put behind it. Yet it is good to dresses up and have a night filled with mushy cliches, this is not consistently realistic and, genuinely has very less meaning in retrospect.

There are so many ways to profess your love, affection, care and romance to your girl so without further ado, here is a list that explains what your girl will love to receive on Valentine’s day.


Your Attention

Being with the person whom you love unconditionally is the perfect gift that everyone desire. So, guys your girl actually want your attention on Valentine’s day. Take her out for dinner or long drive or a short picnic to her favorite place. So, spend quality time with your girl on this day. Admire her and have a wonderful chat with her. You can even tell her the depth of your love.


Order her Favorite Valentine Cake

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a cake would make the day even more special. So, a Valentine cake is must have the element for this romantic day. Give a kick start to Valentine’s day by cutting her favorite flavor cake. If you are thinking whether she will like it or not, then forget it, girls always love to a sweet beginning on Valentine’s day and what could be more sweeter than a tempting cake? So, go ahead and gift a delicious cake to her on this day.


Make her Feel More Special than Before

As compared to earlier days, you should make your girl feel more special. Let your girl know that she is the only one in this world for you. Avoid those things on Valentine’s day which she dislikes. Promise her that you will always take care of her, no matter what is the situation.



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Bouquet of Flowers

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers would make one excellent Valentine’s Day gift. If you can’t decide on what to go for, try ordering a lovely Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her doorstep first thing on the big day.


A Life-Size Teddy Bear

Girls favorite soft toy is teddy bear. So, this Valentine’s day make your girl blush with a life-size teddy bear. Pamper her by presenting a cute and cuddly life-size teddy bear. It is the best Valentine day gifts for your girl that you can gift her without giving a second thought. This teddy bear will always remind her your hugs when you will not be near to her.


A Message Note

Every girl wants to know the reason why their partner loves them. So, this Valentine’s day, tell her the reasons why you love your girl a lot. Write down the reason and gift to her. This message note will bring a huge smile because she will come to know the reason why you have fallen in love with her.

What do you think of these gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Please share your thoughts.


How my first job at 18 taught me to be a boss

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I got a job in a retail bank as a customer service when I was 18 years old. It was my first job. I got a 3 months contract with this bank that cannot named for many reasons. It was an internship sort of contract. Part of the requirements of my Bsc Accounting Degree at the university. I remember the experience being hard at first for me as a teenager. It was my first job, so understandably I found it a bit difficult waking up extra early every morning for 3 months to be at my desk ready for customers by 8am.

This job was nothing I taught it would be when I daydreamed about it many years ago. I saw myself working somewhere fun and far away. I thought of jobs like ski chalet jobs, and working as a life guard on a beautiful beach. But my reality was far from that. Having said that, it was a fun role. I enjoyed the experience and all it taught me.


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Here are some things I took away with me –


The early bird catches the worm

I learnt the importance of being punctual for every job. I also learnt the importance grabbing every business opportunity that comes my way. With this job, opportunities came in form of customers wanting to open accounts but were unsure of which account to go for, and so on. I have taken this life lesson away with me to the self – employment world, and it helps me stay on top of my game. Being on time and making the most of the opportunities that come my way have helped my business.


Be professional

My manager taught me the importance of being professional and I carried took those life lessons with me. Staying professional and being myself at various workplace have saved my sanity and job. I always remember to stay professional even now that I work for myself. And I think it is more important to be professional when you run your own business or work for yourself as it is easy to cross the line with clients and business associates.


Dress to impress

My customer service role didn’t really teach me to dress to impress. I had that in me long before starting my first job. But it kind of reminded me of the importance of looking your best when on the job.


These are some of the life lessons I took away with me from my first job as a young shy 18-year-old. What did you take away from yours?



The Kiddies Do Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

We had the opportunity to spend the day at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester the other weekend, and it was a lot of fun. It was few days after the twins’ birthday. They turned 5 and we usually visit Legoland Manchester in their birthday week, we have done so for 4 years now. So off we went on this Saturday. We were a group of 9 with my sister and her family.


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Fun Times in Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

It was so much fun as always. The kids all had amazing time. Having their 3 cousins around added extra fun to the day, and together they explored Lego. There was a lot to see and I think we adults had a nice time too. It was good to get out of the house and watch the kids have a blast! I think Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester is a great family day out location, especially in the winter months when it is too cold to do much outdoors.


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A Few Issues

Legoland was busy as usual on that day. We had to wait for some minutes before we got in but it wasn’t too long thankfully. The service was good as always. We didn’t have to wait too long to get on the rides which was good. We got on all 3 rides, and the kids had time to explore the soft play area as well as other activities. It was a good day out for sure.

One of the issues I had was the movie showing was in 2D instead of 4D. There was a message explaining the issue they were having with the screens, but we found it really disappointing that we couldn’t enjoy the movie in 4D. But we could see feel and see some of the effects, which was ok in the end.


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Another thing I found was that parents just let their kids run wild in the soft play area and do whatever they want. I noticed many kids with their shoes on in the soft play area. There were also many older kids that were too old to be in there, but were in there anyways. And there were just some kids that were just being kids, but needed their parents to put them right, and the parents were too busy chatting or scrolling on their smartphones to notice. I don’t understand why many parents completely ignore their kids in soft play area but that is story for another post. Back to some of the lovely shots I got on my iPhone at Legoland.


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Overall, we all had a lovely time, especially the kids. And I know we will be visiting Legoland again very soon. We would love to visit the Legoland in Windsor one of these days. I have heard a lot about the park and saw quiet a bit of it in The Mummy Diaries with Sam and Billie Faiers. I would love to explore it with the kiddies. That should happen in the summer hopefully.


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Have you been to Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester? What are your thoughts? Have you had any days out recently? Please sound off in the comments section.

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