How to become a better blogger

There are blogs all over the web so many bloggers may worry about standing out from the huge pack. Competition is one thing I don’t worry about. Variety is the spice of life and I love that there are so many blogs in different niches to read. I read blog posts written by various bloggers everyday and I love how they each bring something to the table. If you are thinking of how to stand out and become a better blogger, here are some useful tips you may find handy –


Bring something to the table

There is no need for a new blog if you have nothing to say. Copying blog posts all over the web and pasting them on your blog won’t get you far. Stealing ideas off other blogs won’t do you any good long term. You need to bring in your own ideas to become a better blogger. Your blog posts have to entertain. inform or educate your readers, or there’s no point in publishing it. Becoming a better blogger means you bring your authenticity to your blog and write in the tone and style that is unique to you. That is one way to stand out from the saturated world of blogging.



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Make attention to your headlines

This is one area I have struggled on and off in but I a lot better now with my headlines. Catchy headlines get you more clicks, so it is worth paying attention to them a bit more. It is best to keep the headlines below 7 words to get as many clicks as possible (SEO seems to like those best). Also, you should ensure the headline is related to the blog post and not a clickbait like many blogs do. That is just not right in my eyes.


Focus on niches you are interested in

When you write about topics you have interest in, your passion shows and that entices your readers even more. It also means you never run out of ideas. There is no point setting up a pet or beauty blog if you run out of ideas after a month of setting it up. Focus on niches you are interested in to become a better blogger.


Add Bullet Points

I always use bullet points in my blog posts. They make it easy for me to write and easier for my readers to scan through my posts. If there’s one tip you implement today, it should be this one. Adding bullet points make your posts a lot easier to read.


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Share your posts on social media

Sharing your blog posts on social media can bring you lots of practice. My favourite social media platform for traffic referral is Pinterest. I have been getting loads of referrals from there and I am loving it so much. It is also a lot easier to stay active on compared to other social media platforms. I plan to spend more time generating traffic from Pinterest as that is clearly working great.


Post regularly

I post regularly on here and I have done so since day 1. Writing gives me pleasure and the fact that it is now a job makes it even more pleasurable.  I am grateful to be able to earn an income while working from home and it is not something I take for granted at all. Maybe that is why I work my behind off on here.


Do you blog? How do you plan on becoming a better blogger? And if you don’t blog, what sort of blogs do you enjoy reading and why?


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great one.


Autumn Flowers

I love when the season changes because I get a wardrobe filled with stylish new pieces, and old pieces I haven’t worn in months, come back to life. I also do a bit of home improvements depending on the season. Autumn for me means more long, chilled nights in, so I like my home to be even more comfortable, I want my home to look and smell good. I buy a lot of candles and luxury flowers in the autumn and winter months, because I spend most of my time in the comfort of my home, away from the cold and the darkness.

Autumn Flowers

The lovely guys at Debenhams Flowers made my week when they offered to send me a Flower Bouquet of my choice. I instantly went for the ‘Designer Red Sky’, which is pictured above. I fell in love with the radiant red roses and the blue hydrangeas because they reminded me of autumn, and the bouquet has some of my favourite colours. When the flowers arrived, I was even more in love. Perfection!

Autumn Flowers 1

The fresh flowers came in a white box, they were hand tied and I could tell they were handled with utmost care. The service was also great. I selected the date I wanted the flowers to arrive and it happened. So if I ever want flowers delivered on a specific date, I know Debenhams Flowers is the best website to place an order, and with the 7 days freshness guarantee, or money back, I can’t ask for more really.

Autumn Flowers 2

I would appreciate if someone sent me next day flowers, I think it is a thoughtful gift to send to close family and friends, so I am offering my readers a 25% discount off The Luxury Flowers at Debenhams, excluding the ‘Flowers by Post’ range. The discount code you need is DFBLOG25.

Happy shopping.

*PR sample included in post.

Sharing A Student House

For those who do not know, I studied my Masters Degree at the University of the West of England (UWE), in Bristol. My first year in 2008 was HORRIBLE, and that is me putting it lightly. I shared a flat, off campus, with 4 other students I have never met before, and it was just a major disaster. We had issues about everything, from cleaning and maintaining the flat, to issues of having constant parties and noise making. I will never forget that year for all the wrong reasons.

University Days

(In my room in Bristol 2008. Gosh I looked so young).


I learnt a lot from my experience, and  I thought I should share some survival tips to anyone who might be thinking of sharing a student house or anyone going through the exact same issues I went through.

Here are my top 4 tips:

Share A Flat With Friends

Now this was not possible for me because I was an international student, so I didn’t really know anyone studying at Bristol, but if you have the opportunity to go to university with friends, just share a flat with them. It is a lot easier dealing with people you know than strangers. However, if you find yourself sharing a flat with people you don’t get on with, try to create a conducive atmpsohere for all by staying out of their way. Life is hard as it is already, don’t make it harder by having a row. The year does go by pretty quick, and you will be free to find some other place to rent.

Do Your Research

Do a through reasearch before you resume. My flat was in a block called The Hollies, and it was quite a distance from the main campus, which I didn’t know until I got to Bristol. It was a nightmare getting to classes on time in mornings, the buses were always late and it would have taken me hours to walk down. If I could go back in time, I would have gone for a flat closer to the main campus. Have a good look at the surrounding areas closest to your campus before you decide on where to stay.

University Bristol


Sort Out Cleaning Schedule

This should be one of the first things you sort out with your flat mates. Have a meeting and decide who does what and when, and have it pinned to the fridge or anywhere visible so everyone knows when it is their turn. You may have the extremely difficult and untidy people (like I had) who can’t be bothered to clean up after themselves, you could try having a word with them one on one or call a meeting and trash it as a group, or for your sanity, ignore them and clean up when you can if it bothers you that much. That was what I did, I moved out as soon as my lease was up, and moved into a flat with people of like minds, which takes us back to the first tip – Share A Flat With Friends.


There should be a free flow of communication to make any house sharing work. There should be regular meetings for general issues to be trashed out, problems can also be discussed before meetings if need be, it all depends on the rapport you have with your housemates, but it is best to discuss any concerns before it gets out of hand. Communication is vital for a peaceful student house sharing.

So there you have them, my top 4 tips for sharing a student house. Most of the issues I had with my housemates, I won’t have had them if I lived with my friends or people with like minds so I think that tip is the most important of all.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?


*This is a collaborative post.






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