Beauty Muse: Anne Hathaway

Another month, another beauty muse post. This time, the stunning Anne Hathaway is the Beauty Muse of the month. This beauty always looks so good with or without makeup. She is someone I can picture rolling out of bed looking pretty effortlessly. Her skin is always looking clear, bright, and blemish-free. I can tell she takes very good care of it. Also, this Academy Award-winning actress has some of the most dramatic eyes I have ever seen in Hollywood. They are so bold, bright, and pretty. Anne Hathaway is definitely a true beauty muse and she knows it.

Beauty Muse: Anne Hathaway

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I have been following Anne Hathaway’s looks on the red carpet for ages and she always looks well put together. Her makeup is always flawless. She usually goes for the same look – dramatic eyes and light shades of rouge lips, and the look suits her very well. She is a natural beauty so I can imagine how easy it would be for any talented makeup artist to get her to look her best. They won’t have to put too much effort at all. Hathaway’s look in the picture above is how she usually appears on and off the red carpet. It simply emphasises her bold features without adding too much makeup.

I think Anne Hathaway stands out because she embraces her distinct features. She is not trying desperately to tan her complexion like many women may try to and she is not trying to tone down any part of her. That screams confidence and that is her most beautiful feature.

What do you think of this gorgeous woman as a Beauty Muse? Are you a fan of her movies? Which is your favourite? Mine is The Devil Wears Prada. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by.




Why Smoking Is Bad for The Skin?

*Collaborative post.

Smoking is bad for your skin in a lot of ways. Not only does it increase your risk of cancer, but it also causes premature aging. Smoking can cause wrinkles, age spots, and other skin problems. In this blog post, we will discuss the harmful effects of smoking on the skin and how to protect yourself from them.

1. Smoking and Skin Aging

Smoking poses severe mucosal and cutaneous effects to users, leading to changes in their skin appearance, including premature wrinkling. The nicotine and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke narrow blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin, which decreases blood flow and nutrients that the skin needs to stay healthy. This can cause collagen and elastin fibers in the skin to break down, leading to wrinkles. Skin aging also manifests via the reduction of moisture and vitamin A levels on the skin surface and an overall thinning of the skin.

Smoking also reduces the skin’s ability to repair itself after injury, leading to age spots and other skin problems. In addition, the chemicals in tobacco smoke can cause inflammation and cell damage, which can speed up the aging process. Smoking also leads to a slack jawline and baggy eyelids, making your teeth yellow.

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2. Smoking and Wound Healing

Smoking also delays the wound healing process. Smokers are three times more likely to have problems with wound healing than non-smokers. Studies have shown that smoking interferes with the ability of blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to the wound site. This can delay healing and increase the risk of infection. As a result, it raises death tissue, flap formation, wound infection, and blood clot formation risks. All these are attributed to factors that include, but are not limited to, the following:

-The release of catecholamines, which are hormones that narrow blood vessels

-The production of free radicals, which can damage cells

-A decrease in the production of collagen, which is necessary for wound healing

-An increase in the breakdown of collagen

-A decrease in blood flow to the wound site

Smoking is also known to contribute to leg ulcers’ development and proliferation, especially diabetic foot ulcers, arterial ulcers, and venous ulcers. Therefore, smoking cessation is essential to improve the healing process and reduce the risk of infection and other complications.

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3. Smoking and Infections

Smoking increases the chances of infection severity and impairs the healing process. It increases the risk of developing and proliferation of bacterial wound infections like Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and MRSA.

-It also increases the risk of fungal infections like candidiasis. This is because tobacco smoke contains harmful toxins that weaken the immune system.

-Viral infections like herpes simplex and varicella-zoster are also more common in smokers. This is largely because smoking damages the mucous membranes, which act as a barrier against infection.

-Smokers are also at an increased risk of pneumonia and tuberculosis. Smoking damages the cilia, which are tiny hair-like structures that line the respiratory tract. These cilia help to remove mucus and bacteria from the lungs.

-Smokers are also more susceptible to ear infections. This is because smoking damages the Eustachian tube, a small passageway that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. This can cause fluid to build up in the middle ear, leading to infection.

-Smokers are also more likely to develop cataracts. This is because smoking damages the proteins in the eye, leading to the formation of clouds on the eye’s lens.

-Smokers are also more likely to develop osteoporosis. This is because smoking decreases the amount of calcium in the body, leading to bone loss.

4. Smoking and Skin Cancer

Cigarette smoking raises the chances of cancer on the skin. It is not just people who smoke cigarettes at greater risk, but anyone exposed to secondhand smoke. Studies have shown that people who live with smokers have a 20% to 30% greater chance of developing skin cancer. In addition, 75% of people with oral cancer are smokers. This is because tobacco use can cause changes in the skin that make it more susceptible to cancer.

Smoking also increases the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. This happens because the harmful chemicals in cigarettes damage the DNA in skin cells. Hence, smoke cessation is one of the best things that a person can do to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer.

5. Smoking and Psoriasis
Many studies have shown that smoking is a risk factor for developing psoriasis. Smokers are two to three times more likely to develop psoriasis than non-smokers. Smoking can damage the skin and make it more susceptible to infections.

Smoking also increases the risk of developing psoriatic arthritis, a type of arthritis that affects people with psoriasis. People who smoke are also more likely to experience more severe symptoms of psoriasis. This is because smoking induces inflammatory responses in the body, which can worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.

If you have psoriasis, quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your condition. Quitting smoking can help to reduce the severity of your symptoms and may even lead to remission.

6. Smoking and Oral Diseases

Smokers are more exposed to various oral diseases, including gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer. Gum disease is an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss. Oral cancer is a type of cancer that affects the tissues in the mouth and throat.

Smokers are also more likely to develop leukoplakia, which is a condition that causes white patches to form on the inside of the mouth. Leukoplakia is a precancerous condition that can lead to oral cancer.

7. Smoking and Vascular Disease

Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes damage the lining of the arteries, leading to a build-up of plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that consists of fat, cholesterol, and other materials. When plaque builds up in the arteries, it narrows them and makes it harder for blood to flow through. This can lead to vascular disease, a type of heart disease.

To sum it up, smoking is extremely harmful to your skin. It accelerates the aging process, increases your risk of developing wrinkles and other skin problems, and can even lead to skin cancer. If you smoke, quitting is the best thing you can do for your skin.


Beauty Muse – Celeste

The lovely American-British singer and songwriter – Celeste is the Beauty Muse for the month of November. This talented soulful singer is beauty goals all day, everyday! I love her hair so much. It gives me a lot of inspiration and looks amazing on her. Her skin is also really flawless and gorgeous.

I read an interview Celeste had with guys at Glamour Magazine and I really enjoyed reading all about her beauty and skincare tips. It was interesting to read that this Beauty Muse only used two skincare products. Many of us get caught in using all kinds of skincare and beauty products at the same time that it is sometimes to decide which is actually doing the work and which isn’t.

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Here are some excerpts from Celeste’s interview with Glamour Magazine

On her skincare products:

When I do my own makeup, I use two skincare things. One’s called Monroeand it’s like a nonbinary skincare brand. I put that on at night and I don’t wear foundation or anything. Then I genuinely, I have a Gucci lipstick called Myra Crimson and I just dab that on my cheeks and then put it on my lips.

Her simple routine is like a breath of fresh air. I will be looking up the Monroeand skincare brand.

On accepting your facial features:

I think it takes a while to like and accept your face. Whether it’s your skin or the shape of your nose or your eyelashes or whatever. You get to a point where you just, you have to accept yourself. Instead of every time you look at yourself challenging yourself and saying ‘why don’t I look at this?’

I agree, it can take a while to really embrace all parts of yourself, but once you do, you become unstoppable.

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What do you think of Celeste as a Beauty Muse?

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