OOTD: Birthday in Milan

As you should all know by now, I turned 30 last week Saturday, and I spent the weekend in Milan. It was an amazing trip. I had fun exploring the beautiful city. There was a lot to see, especially the shops. We popped into all the lovely luxury stores – Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and the likes. I wish I had an unlimited budget, I would have bought all the bags and shoes in the stores. I did get a few things, I just wish I got more.




I took these photos on my birthday. I got the pieces just before the trip, and I like how the outfit turned out. I love wearing jumper dresses in the winter because they are warm and cosy, and also very easy to style, all I need is a pair of tights to bring it to life.





Jumper desses are also very multi-tasking, they can be worn in the warmer months without tights. I have recently fallen in love with the style, and I have quite a few in my wardrobe now.




The shoes are new as well, a gift and I love the over the top bow on it. It stands out and many people seem to like the design. I love it!

We took the pictures below at Duomo di Milano. If you have been there before, you would know how busy the place is. We got a couple of pictures taken in the midst of the birds and chaos. I didn’t like the location much, the birds were a little too many for me, and there were people everywhere -a proper tourist spot.




That is my lovely big sister. She has appeared on the blog twice before as a Fashion Diva and she was with us over in Milan. We were up to no good half the time, lol.

Speaking of Fashion Divas, I need to bring that series back to life. What say you? So get in touch if you are a fashion blogger or lover, and want to feature your style on Fashion and Style Police.



The birds were everywhere  I was worried I would step on them.



Or they would step on me. Or perch on me. I was trying to get some cover from my Sis here, lol.



It was a fun trip, and I can’t wait to go back. I will just avoid the birds in Duomo next time.



Society 8 Lace Detail 2 In 1 Jumper Dress – Next

Tights  – Next

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Bag – Oasis

Watch – Guess

Earrings – Tulsidas Dubai



Jacket – Karen Millen

Scarf – Lacoste

Bag – Michael Kors

Boots – Russell and Bromley

Jeans – Lacoste






The Style Icon: Donatella Versace

All hail the Queen of Fashion – Donatella Versace. This 60-year-old Italian fashion mogul is the style icon for the week. If you know anything about fashion, you will know Donatella. This woman is the brain behind the famous Versace label.


If I have to mention 10 women doing their thing in the fashion industry, Donatella Versace will definitely be on that list. This woman eats, drinks and breathes fashion. Her designs are amazing, she knows what looks great on her body and she has the personality to pull it off. I love her.



Donatella’s personal style is naturally very Versace, it oozes glamour, rock and roll, chic and sex. This woman is not afraid to be the center of attention. She favours black and white over other colours and you will never catch her wearing flats; she has vowed never to give up her heels, she loves her gold jewellery and her long platinum blonde hair is her signature look.


‘My style is not that big, I wear heels, tight pants and I wear diamonds,’ she revealed at the 2013 Vogue festival. She recently added what her clothes reveal about her: ‘They reflect me in the sense of a modern woman, probably. But I have a very special body type: I’m not tall… I try to convey this through my clothes: Be determined. Fight for what you believe, don’t be afraid, and get ready to be viewed by critics.

Donatella Versace is the ultimate style icon.Do you agree? Sound off in the comment section pls. Thanks for reading.

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