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Learn the Secrets to Earning Money through Blogging!
Are you struggling to make your blog popular or to make money from your blog? Do you feel like giving up on the dream of becoming a professional blogger? Contemporary writer and popular blogger Stella Olojola has something important to say; something that can save your blogging career and help you make money from your blog. In her recently launched book, “How to ‘Cash In’ as a Blogger”, Stella has outlined some of the vital aspects of the industry. Years of experience and in-depth research has helped her create this all inclusive guide that every aspiring blogger would find helpful.
“How to ‘Cash In’ as a Blogger” is the definitive go-to guide that sheds light on the rather unconventional world of blogging. In the opening pages of the book, you will get to know the real inspiration behind this book. Stella moves on to give the readers an account of her own personal journey. Divided into 11 chapters, “How to ‘Cash In’ as a Blogger”, explores all the crucial areas such as branding, search engine optimisation, photography tips, media kits, making money from adverts, affiliate links, sponsored posts and product reviews, and much more!

This book goes for £3.44 only, but it is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. You can download it on Amazon.

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How to cash in as a Bloggers is an amazing book filled with super helpful tips for starter bloggers, bloggers who want to go from hobby blogging to blogging pro and for bloggers who can’t seem to cash in. For bloggers who can’t seem to find their way, I say this book is the way for you.
I say Kudos to the Author. She used her own practical experience to write this book.
I would highly recommend this book to all bloggers whether starter or pro blogger.
Well done again to the Author.
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This book is very informative, well articulated with helpful tips and guidance for new bloggers. For the price it is a money well spent definitely worth more than the amount . Osimetiti

Fantastic information on how to really know your worth as a blogger and how to make a career out of it. Would recommend to anyone looking to blog – a great resource.

Excellent book with very good tips on how to blog effectively and make money out of it. A very good buy.
This is a very helpful manual for bloggers. It has some fashion and lifestyle tips but overall, any blogger interested in professional blogging can gain a lot from it. I definitely recommend it.