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Thank you for checking out my portfolio page. I provide a wide range of Digital PR services, with the focus on Blogger Outreach, for clients all over the world. My job is to find relevant bloggers to help promote your brand.

Here are some articles I helped brands place:

Booking a Hair Appointment for London Fashion Week

Beauty Trend Forecasts for London Fashion Week

Unique Gift Ideas for the Eternity Rose

Anniversary Gift Ideas from the Eternity Rose

A Chatty Feet Gift for Teen

Chatty Feet Socks

5 Products I Am Currently Loving

Exquisite Earth Elements

5 Products to Incorporate Into your Fall Beauty Routine

Finding A Photographer with Bidvine

Gettings things done with Bidvine

How to find a client or professional in Manchester with Bidvine

Friday Fall Favorites

Chatty Feet Socks

A Unisex Gift Guide

Finding Right Local Professionals Easily

Bidvine Competing Quotes for Local Services in your Area

Book Your Lifestyle Beauty Advent Calender

BookYourLifestyle Advent Calender

How to make your life easier

Creating your dream baby nursery

Email me for a quote –

I am also a freelance writer. Email me for a quote –

Here are some links to my articles:

Huffington Post

1. First Year Survival Tips for Twin Parents

2. Secrets of Being a Happy Stay at Home Mom

3. How Often Do You Measure Your Child’s Feet

4. 10 Facts No One Told Me About Pregnancy and Childbirth

5. Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through The Night


Ray Cochrane

Ray Cochrane Beauty School


My Little Cute Face

  1. A Peek Into The Interesting Life Of A Twin Mum

The ‘Twenty Sumtin’

  1. 5 Tips For A Beautiful Black Skin

For more examples and a quote, email


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