Why you should hire a copywriter

Running a business is very hard and can be time consuming. Which is why I see many abandoned blogs and websites with little or no content. Their owners are too busy running their business, and have forgotten to keep their websites updated. I know it can be hard juggling all the needs of your business, especially when you have no clue on how to go about writing engaging articles. This is why you need a copywriter.

A good copywriter will be able to easily create articles regularly in line with your business. I have been a copywriter for some years now, and many of my clients still wonder how quickly I can shoot a content idea over to them and get the article written a few hours later. The simple answer is because it is my job to do so.


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Here are some reasons why you should hire a copywriter –


It gives you time to run your business

This to me is the main reason why you should hire a copywriter. Once you hand over the content strategy to your copywriter, you can then focus on running your business. Creating constant quality content takes time and effort. So handing that bit over to a content writer will give you hours to do other jobs.


You can focus on what you CAN do

Many business owners are not copywriters. They have no idea on how to write engaging articles. Which is why they should hire a copywriter to do the job for them. This will allow them focus on jobs they can do properly.


A good copywriter can hep you rank on search engines

A good copywriter can write engaging SEO articles that will help you rank on search engines. This is good for business because your prospective customers will find your website a lot quicker. Generating organic traffic is very important and well written articles can do just that for your website.



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Your business gets a social media presence

Having a social media presence is vital for a successful business. A copywriter can help you have a social media presence. Many of them like myself are also social media managers, so you can get 2 services for the price of 1 if you are a good negotiator. A good copywriter/social media manager can help you create engaging content for your social media platforms.


Stand out from the rest

Hiring a copywriter will help your website and overall business stand out from the rest. It is one way of stepping ahead of your competitors because it means you are taking your business seriously. The best way to stand out from the many businesses online is to have amazing content. That already puts you ahead of millions. A well updated website/blog makes your business appear more present and trustworthy.


These are just a few reasons why you should hire a copywriter. You can always get in touch with me if you need copywriting services. My email address is – fashionandstylepolice@gmail.com, or you can drop me a line on Twitter – fashionstylepol


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  1. being new to blogging, i can definitely see the common sense in hiring a copy writer as the blog gets bigger and have viewership. It gives business owners and even bloggers more time to focus on other areas.

  2. Very good points. I have a friend who runs not one but 7 successful blogs and she employs copywriters to help her with content. When I start earning a significant income stream, I will also go this route and get a content writer.

  3. interesting but your right about the engaging seo articles when it comes to ranking and keeping your blog at float with being able for your prospectives readers when it come to being discoverable.

  4. I would if my money can lol.. Working hard to do it in the future! Looking forward to those times!

  5. Those are great reason but most of them charge so much that one cant keep up especially when the business are still in life support. But that has always been on my mind especially as regards SEO.

  6. This istrue. It’s not really easy updating a website with content while running around for one’s business. This is were division of labour comes in. Put the right person or people in the right places. Nice article.

  7. It’s so frustrating to go to a company’s website, and find their blog section half-empty. It paints a very bad picture about the company, and I think they should all heed your advice, and hire competent copywriters to handle their blogs.

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