Why Fashion Is Never About “Looking A Certain Way”

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Many people (unfortunately) think that in order to be fashionable, you have to look and behave a certain way. Of course, that’s nonsense through and through. It’s most important to recognize that in actual fact, fashion is more about expression than it is about rules.

Sure, there are guidelines worth keeping in mind. It’s unlikely you’re going to wear underwear on your wrists as some kind of avant-garde statement; unless you were making some kind of fashionable point at a seasonal show dedicated to this sort of thinking.

Certain perennial advice will always be in vogue, also. It’s good to keep clothing in good condition and ensure it’s hygienic, of course. So, while there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind, it’s most important to realize just how much freedom you have when focusing on your fashion that helps you look good and feel better.

It’s not always easy to do this. After all, when we see celebrities rocking the catwalk or advice column telling us the hot new trends, it’s easy to think our own approach is lacking. In this post, we’ll showcase why fashion is never about looking a certain way, but rather, doing your best to look how you wish to, and how to get the most out of your personal sense of style. We hope these aphorisms can reduce the pressure on your shoulders, and permit you to have more fun:

Style Emanates From Who We Are

While it’s possible to change yourself a little through cosmetic surgeries, hair treatments, skincare and body art, it’s true to say that a good portion of what we look like is predetermined simply by how our body is formed. This means you may have strengths that you don’t really appreciate.

You may have beautiful natural eyebrows, for instance, or long eyelashes even before makeup. Understanding the different types of natural hair can help you embrace yours, while also treating it in the best possible way. Women with 4C hair, for instance, are starting to thoroughly express their beautiful thick locks instead of feeling ashamed of them because they haven’t been presented as “the standard” in many societies. That’s wonderful and far overdue.

Style and beauty emanate from what we look like, and how we express the best of ourselves now. This also teaches us not to focus on perceived weaknesses, which for many people rarely serve as weaknesses in the first place. For instance, one person may dislike the shape of their nose until they realize just how much this helps represent their ethnicity, instead of celebrating it as a beautiful feature of identity rather than a blemish to be ashamed of. As you can see – beauty, fashion and style are perspectives. It’s about who we are now, not who we think we should be. That’s the kind of worth that helps us think of someone as effortlessly stylish.

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“Coolness” Has Limited Worth

It’s perfectly fine to think of someone as cool and to appreciate their fashion in this way. This isn’t an outdated term and it’s certainly not offensive. That said, coolness can sometimes be limiting in terms of how you regard yourself.

This is because being “cool” is often defined in a certain way, and prevents us from thinking outside of the box, or trying new things simply because we enjoy them. A good example is the famous recording artist Harry Styles, who, for the past few years, has been challenging masculine dressing habits by wearing skirts, dresses, pearls, netted collars, and jewelry most people would consider “feminine.” Is that cool? Well, we make it cool. So it’s become cool.

If Harry were to have worried about the predefined idea of what cool is, that is only wearing leather jackets and never venturing outside of his comfort zone, he might never have expanded coolness in his own stead. We come to realize that coolness has limits unless we can constantly change them, and keep that kind of freshness in flux. While you might not want to be completely innovative with everything you wear, you might keep this lesson in mind next time you think “is that really for me?” 

Fashion Is About Celebration

It’s easy to look at events like the Met Gala and review each outfit, but when you look at things from the top down and see the big picture, it’s just wonderful that so many people are getting together to dress up and showcase their creativity. 

As such, the moment you think that you’re dressing up in order to pass a test rather than to celebrate the fashion itself and what it gives you, then you might need to alter your perspective for the better. Of course, at some events, it might be worthwhile to think if your dress is appropriate, or if it fits within the guidelines of the actual guidelines given. Wearing white on someone else’s wedding day is generally considered to be in very poor taste, for instance, unless you’ve been asked to do so.

That said, celebrating fashion is a good way to go for adornments you might not usually enjoy, like a pearl-laden outfit, or to wear accessories that mean something to you. Fashion can also play on our heartstrings, such as accessories given to us by late relatives, or pieces purchased for us by our partner. When you celebrate, all of a sudden, fashion becomes enjoyable and not something you have to perfect.

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Without You, Fashion Doesn’t Exist

Without people willing to wear clothing, try new things, experiment with colors, and update their wardrobe, fashion wouldn’t exist at all. It’s important to remember who it’s serving then. 

When we worry about having nothing to wear, or that none of our outfits are exactly what we wish to wear that day, it can be easy to think as though we’ve somehow failed the test of fashion and that our style sensibilities aren’t up to par.

But you’re the one who makes an outfit, not the other way around. So, sure you might not have the most expensive or designer clothes in your wardrobe, but you have yourself, and that’s priceless. The way you walk confidently in an outfit, having it fitted to your body shape, all of this can help you make an outfit that might not work for another look great on you.

Acting like this can help you realize fashion is something you do to express your worth – not something you do in order to appease others.

Trendsetters Always Break The Rules

The reason yearly fashion shows are so exciting is because of how experimental and interesting they are. New concepts, new themes, new designs, and new combinations of color and texture conform to provide an idea of what certain designers are going for this year, rather than actually showing the exact models that will be in stores (at least the high profile fashion shows are like this).

If we can appreciate creatives breaking the rules like this, then we may feel that appropriate in our own lives, too. For instance, perhaps wearing neon-like colors for a certain event could be great, or committing to our own dying and treatment of our jeans could lend them new life. Creativity begets breaking rules, and this is how trends are born. Following your own trends might be all you have to do in order to stand out.

With this advice, we hope you can understand that fashion is never about looking a certain way, but rather expressing who you are, celebrating fashion as a fun addition to your life, and enjoying the social experience that comes along with that. If you find yourself criticizing every fashion choice you make, this new perspective can hopefully provide you with some levity.

What you need to create a great skincare routine

Our daily habits could either help you create a great skincare routine or cause terrible skin. This is why it is very important to pay attention to our daily skincare and lifestyle habits. The skin is the biggest organ, but many people don’t seem to acknowledge that. They tend to see and treat their skin as an accessory, rather than as one of the most important parts of the body.

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Creating great skin is easy once you pay attention to your skin type and the products that work well for you. There are millions of skincare products available, but we need to remember that skincare is personal, and what works for your BFF may not necessarily work well for your skin. Hopefully, that fact should guide you as you read many product reviews and browse more and more beauty blogs.

What you need to create a great skincare routine


When it comes to creating a great skincare routine, like many things in life, it takes time. Jumping from one product to other is not a good idea because even great skincare products need time and patience to work. For you to reap the benefits of a good product, take your time with it and see how it goes for a few weeks (between 4 to 6 weeks) before you make up your mind. The only time I don’t recommend you take your time is when a product is causing breakouts or irritation.

Know your skin type

Do you know your skin type? The first step in building a skincare routine that works for you is to know your type of skin. Knowing your skin type is crucial when creating a skincare routine. You need to know if your skin is normal, oily, dry, or combination, before you can get the right products and create a great skincare routine.

Money and the right skincare products

You need the right skincare products for your skin type, and you need adequate time and money to test them all to see how they work for you. A good lotion, face cream, cleanser, toner, and facial mask, are great skincare products to start with. I pay attention to the ingredients of the products I buy since I rather they are not tested on animals and do not contain chemicals. If these are important to you as well, then you need to pay attention to all the ingredients of the skincare products you are interested in trying.

Top 7 Fashion Articles from the Boden Favourites

*Collaborative post.

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Boden is one of those thrilling fashion brands that see a massive influx of customers no matter what the season or time of the year it is! Being a highly loved store among people, it makes sure to hold an enticing collection of products catering to all styles and cuts. From summer staples to cosy winter essentials, there’s a fabulous variety of articles at this place. Also, you can have your hands on a decent discount on anything you love by using Boden voucher codes. The brand is crowded with fascinating outfits for everyone taking in men, women, girls, boys, and even babies. We’re here today to list down a bunch of favourite pieces from the store to give you a little glimpse into the superb world of Boden! Presenting you the Top 7 favourites of this fabulous brand; take a look!

Fixed Wrap Jersey Maxi Dress

The jersey maxi is one of the bestsellers at the store! It’s a full-length dress that comes in multiple prints and colours. You can go for a solid black, midnight oceanic print, green pineapple print, or a multi peacock print. With a great volume at the hem and a floor touching skirt, this piece makes sure to add that matchless charm to your personality. Moreover, there’s a detachable belt at the waist and side seam pockets to help you keep your hands free of your stuff. To get an amazing price reduction on buying this dress, fetch Boden’s 20% discount code and enjoy the large markdown.

Classic Bikini Bottoms

Boden doesn’t forget that you love heading out to the oceans as soon as summer times hit. For that, it keeps the swimwear collection all stocked up for you with a huge assortment of products to latch on to. The classic bikini bottoms are one of them, available in a vast array of prints and colours. From French navy with bright hues to palm forest prints, each of the pieces at this store feels like a splash of colour in the ocean. All the articles are extremely comfortable and provide you with medium coverage to enjoy your sea days. Catch up with Boden’s 20% off code and add any of the classic bikinis to your cart at awesome price drop-offs.

Thea Tailored Linen Blazer and Trouser

Matching co-ords are the new trend in the fashion world. Be it some kind of ethnic & modest wear or it’s a modern article, you’ll find these twin sets everywhere. The Thea Tailored Linen Blazer set is one of those fine articles that feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s a multi-coloured outfit in exotic paradise print with some flower patterns on it. The set includes a blazer which does not feel heavy at all; it’s lightweight, neatly fitted, and comes with a pair of sassy pockets at the front. Fetch your Boden promo codes and get this fabulous co-ord at an unbelievable price while availing of a whopping cut-off.

Carla Ruffle Collar Jacket

Do you love denim jackets? If you do, you’ll certainly love the cotton jackets at Boden even more! The Carla Ruffle Jacket here is everything you would want to make a fantastic outfit. The piece is semi-fitted and made up of sustainable cotton with an added ruffled collar. You have options of iceberg green and oat milk colours for the jacket where both of them have antique-style buttons to jazz it up. This fab article will not only glam it up for you but will also keep you warm when it’s cold outside. You can wear it with some contrasting tees underneath and smart jeans to complete the look. Use Boden discount vouchers from Top Vouchers Code to get this jacket at hefty price-offs!

Modern Oxford Shirt

The Modern Oxford Shirt from the men’s collection is one of the finest articles at Boden. You cannot turn your back on this fascinating piece that comes in a variety of colours to suit your taste. Whether you want this shirt to look smart or casual, it can do both. It’s super versatile, comfortable, and made with pure cotton in a traditional weave. With a button-down collar and box pleats at the back, this article is definitely a must-have for your wardrobe. You can wear it with your fav chinos, loose jeans or even semi-formal pants for a neater look. Get promo codes for Boden and buy these stunning pieces at dropped off rates.

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

A little drop in the temperature outside always calls for taking out your sweaters and jumpers. Well, you can buy a new one from Boden. This Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper is an amazing knitted piece to make you look all sassy and chic this winter. It’s available in dark olive green colour which is one of the most beautiful colours when it comes to fashion staples. This crew neck knitted article will keep you cosy and smart for all your time outs; be it lunch at a café or a wandering day in the shopping malls, you’ll be the comfiest in this softest jumper ever. Besides, if you’ve never shopped from the brand before, you can grab the Boden first order discount by signing up at the website.

Navy Irvine Hoodie

Hoodies are undoubtedly the most pleasant fashion products on the market. They are comfortable, and cosy and make you feel at ease. The Irvine Hoodie at Boden would also catch your eye in the first look. It’s a popular product at the store that never disappoints the customers who opt for it. This pull-on piece comes in navy blue colour with some smart stripes on the sleeves. Made up with a cotton jersey, this article will surely be one of your favourites at this fab store. Pair it with jogger pants, wear jeans under it or go with matching shorts to make the best outfit with this staple piece. Use Boden discount codes UK to lay your hands on some enormous price cut-offs as you buy this hoodie!


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