Running your blog as a business

Many people are gobsmacked when I tell them I earn a full-time living wage from Fashion and Style Police. It makes no sense to them how I can earn money writing on this blog. They wonder how it can be possible to earn anything tangible as a blogger working from home. Well, if you are one of these people struggling to understand how bloggers make money, then you are on the right blog. It is very possible to make good money from your blog. I know this because I am one of those bloggers fortunate enough to make money from blogging.

In other to make money as a blogger, you have to run your blog as a business. Running your blog as a business means you have to publish quality articles on the regular. It also means you have to charge the right prices when approached by brands and PRs. So how do you go about these? Let’s start with charging the right fees first.


Mind on the money


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Now this media kit above is an old kit but it still works. Every blogger should have a media kit that clearly outlines what services you offer and why brands should work with you. I have had a few brands ask for a media kit so it is quite handy to have. You could also include your rates on your media kit if you wish but I rather not as my fees vary from campaign to campaign.

So what should you be charging? That is a question only you can answer. No one else can tell you what to charge because our circumstances all vary. I always have a figure I want to earn every month in my head and that figure guides what I charge every brand. Also, I have a minimum fee in my head that I can’t go below. This helps me get rid of time wasters that want to pay me $20 for a job worth $200. Knowing what to charge happens once you know your worth. It takes time but if you have a business mindset, you would get there quicker than others.


Ignore your competition

I know this goes against everything we have been taught by the business gurus but trust me on this one. When it comes to blogging, variety is truly the spice of life. You don’t want to be like any other blogger but yourself if you intend to turn your blog into a business. You have to stand out from the rest of the crowd and you can only do so if you ignore your competition and focus on your focus.

Ignoring your competition means focusing on publishing quality content on your blog and social media platforms. It means following like minds and making friends with the bloggers you get on so you are not isolated. But it also means you don’t spend the whole day stalking your blogger role models on Instagram or Twitter, and trying to be them. It means not copying their fashion sense or writing style. It means being true to yourself. You can get inspiration from those in your niche you admire and stay in your lane at the same time!


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Focus on the content

Content is king, let no one deceive you. Everything else works on the back of good content. If your content is not up to scratch, your dreams of making money from your blog may never become a reality. What makes a content good? Good content to me informs, educates or entertains. It is written in good clear English, with a captivating writing tone. Good content has great photography and usually gets people talking.


Remember to register as self-employed with HMRC once you start making money from your blog. It is the law in the UK.

Thanks for reading and please drop any tips, suggestions or questions you may have in the comments section below.

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Selling on eBay with Shiply

Selling on eBay is one of the many ways I make money online. I have had an online eBay shop since the kiddies were born over 4 years ago. It has been kept me quite busy for years in a little way. I sell both pre loved items and brand new items on there and I make quite a few hundreds every few months. It is a great way of decluttering my home and making money by the side. A win-win!


How Many New Year’s Resolutions Have You Ticked Off 6 Months In Image


However, having an eBay store can be time consuming especially when it comes to listing your items for sale. Thankfully, eBay has simplified this process, and it is now only a few clicks to list items on the eBay app. In the early days, listing items on eBay took forever and it was one of those jobs I never looked forward to. But these days, I am usually one listing 10 items or more (depending on how quickly I move) in 30 minutes.


Shiply – The Transport Marketplace

If you buy or sell items on eBay, then you will know all about the troubles of dealing with large items that can’t go in the regular post. I have had my own fair dealings with large items that I have had to sell as collection only because I am unable to post them. Items like a baby bath stand, car seats, bicycles, baby walkers and many more.

Listing an item as a collection only automatically reduces the chances of the item selling. Only people who are nearby or able to travel to you would be interested. Which means you could have your collection only items listed for a very long time without any sort of interest. So you cam imagine my excitement to discover Shiply. For those who have never heard of Shiply, it is a large item courier service used by millions of people to ship large/bulky items.


eBay Shiply image



How It Works

Using the Shiply service is quite easy, all you have to do is complete a form online and wait for the quotes to come via email. It is fast, easy and very affordable since Shiply’s delivery companies are already making similar trips. The quotes are usually up to 75% cheaper than standard rates, which is amazing for us eBay sellers. I like the fact that I can now get my large and bulky items delivered to my customers through Shiply. You can send pretty much anything legal through this courier service, even cars. It is the one of most convenient services available today.

Shiply is a blessing to business owners, especially eBay sellers that sell various items for a living. The convenience of it all ticks all boxes for me. I no longer have to list items as collection only with this amazing courier service. It has definitely made my life a lot easier.

What do you think of the Shiply service? Do you sell on eBay? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s chat.

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*Collaborative post.







Getting a great night sleep in collaboration with Leesa Mattress

Quality sleep is very important which is why we need to ensure we all get a great night sleep every night. I work extremely hard during the day, like most people do juggling all sorts. So I do look forward to my bedtime every night. And the last thing I would need is to have toss and turn for hours before I finally drift off.

If I don’t get a great night sleep, I wake up feeling like a Zombie. And I pretty much continue to feel that way until around 3pm. Which means my whole day is gone with me achieving nothing. So how do I ensure I get great night sleep every night to stay productive? I pay attention to my room decor and everything else in it. So my bed, bed sheets, duvet, my mattress, the room has to smell good, it has to be airy and put me in the right mood for sleep. I also pay attention to my sleep clothes, so they have to be comfy and smell good (Yes I have a thing for smells).

We have had our old king size mattress for 8 years now, and we have been thinking of changing it. So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on this Leesa Mattress.


Leesa Mattress Image


Leesa Mattress

Before I tell you all about this amazing Leesa Mattress, let me tell a bit about the brand. This amazing brand offers consumers an easy way to purchase any size of mattress online. Each Leesa Mattress is built to order and delivered within 5-7 working days. If you are unhappy with the Leesa Mattress, you can return it and get a full refund as long as it is within 100 nights. So you can shop Leesa and be confident that you will get your money’s worth or get a refund. Isn’t that amazing?

Leesa Mattresses are designed to help people get a great night sleep and that is exactly what it has done for me. It is very different in the sense that the top layer is made of Avena foam, which allows airflow through the mattress for a cooler nights sleep. It also provides enough bounce for freedom of movement.


Leesa Mattress Review ImageLessa Picture



My thoughts on the Leesa Mattress

  1. The Package

Myself and M struggled to understand how a king sized mattress could fit so easily into the box. But this Leesa Mattress was indeed king size! It was also very easy to set up. I did it myself and I am usually not good at any sort of DIY, regardless of how straight forward it is but I found setting up the mattress very easy. As soon as I got the Leesa Mattress out of the box, it came to life, becoming a king size mattress before my very eyes! It looked so cool.


2. The Look

Compared to my old mattress, this Leesa Mattress looked really pretty on its own. I was almost tempted not to lay bed sheets on it. That was how pretty I thought it looked. The design of the cover is nice. way prettier than the plain mattresses we see around.


3. The Comfort

I love how this Leesa Mattress feels. It is super comfortable. The unique combination of three foam layers (5cm Avena Foam, 5cm Memory Foam and 15cm Support Foam) adapts to the body, providing optimum support and comfort.


4. Made in the UK

The Leesa Mattress is made entirely in Glossop, Derbyshire UK. I love supporting British brands so this is important to me.

5. Leesa Gives Back

I love brands that give back to the society and Leesa is one of them. The brand donates one mattress to charitable causes, for every ten sold!


Mattress Review Image

Overall, I really like my new Leesa Mattress. It have had a great night every night now and I have forgotten how uncomfortable my old mattress felt.

If you are in search of a new mattress to help you sleep better, I would strongly recommend the Leesa Mattress. I have an offer code – FASHIONANDSTYLEPOLICE for you to use on the Leesa Website. You will get £100 off with that discount code.

Happy shopping!

*This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Mattress for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own. Some links in this post are affiliate links. This means I may receive a small percentage of a sale if you click these links and purchase a product.



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