10 Qualities of a Successful Blogger

It makes me really happy to know that there are a lot of people going into blogging. I have been blogging for over 5 years now, and it has been a learning curve for me. I soaked in all I needed to like a sponge and I am still learning something new everyday. I know the impact a successful blogger can make in the world. And it is amazing to see how the industry keeps growing and growing.

Although a majority of bloggers start off with little or no knowledge about blogging, it’s not something to worry about. You can learn along the way and the best way to learn is on the job.


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As a guide I put together a list of qualities I believe every good blogger should have. This will help you know where you’re at right now and what you need to work on. Remember, it’s a journey. Just take it one step at a time.


Quality #1: Passionate

This, for me, is the most important quality of a good blogger. To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality. ‬If you’re passionate about something, it gives you the zeal to stay consistent. Not only will you consistently share your expertise in the area you’re blogging about, your passion will fuel you to going.


Quality #2: Authenticity

I see a lot of bloggers copying from other bloggers. It is so noticeable that you can literally feel that something is not right about blog if the blogger goes from blog to blog, copying content.

As a blogger, you’re not just blogging to inform people. You’re showing off your personality, you’re sharing your perspective, you’re adding your own style to things. To do this effectively, you need to be 100 percent unapologetically you.


Quality #3: Knowledgeable in niche

One of the reasons why people read blogs is to be informed. In order to be of value to your readers you need to be knowledgeable enough in your niche to share information that your audience are looking for. Or at the very least, be extremely interested in your niche that you can’t help learning more about your niche. This ensures that you always have content to share on your blog and you don’t run out of ideas.


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Quality #4: Dedication

Blogging is not easy. You have to come up with blog post ideas, write your posts, edit them, and then promote your blog posts. All that takes time and a lot of effort.

That’s why you need dedication so you can keep providing great content and to keep going no matter the work load involved in running your blog.


Quality #5: Genuine interest to provide value

People blog for different reasons, but the ones who are genuinely interested in providing value are the ones who succeed. You need to realize that you are serving people through your blog, when you are concerned about them you find yourself giving the best. And that is what attracts more readers to your blog.

When you’re genuinely concerned about your readers, your primary focus is to give them value.


Quality #6: Great marketing skills

This may put you a little on the edge but you need to market your blog. Marketing your blog includes learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing. Of course, you don’t have to learn all those things at once. But you can learn some strategies, apply them and follow-up with the ones that resonate with you the most.


Quality #7: Organization

You don’t grow a blog by posting blog posts spontaneously. You need to be organized and systematic about it.

Great bloggers have an editorial calendar. They have specific days they publish their blog posts and the keep track of all their content so that they can link back to them when the need arises.

Successful bloggers have a strict writing schedule they follow so that they always have content ready for their blog. They have a detailed marketing strategy so that their blog goes in front as many people as possible.



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Quality #8: Great at networking

If you thought blogging only involves you typing away on your computer, then you’re wrong. Successful bloggers make friends with other bloggers. They build quality relationships with people in their niche.

It’s good way to put yourself out there. Good networking skills help. Huge opportunities beyond blogging, could land on your laps if you network right   You may be invited for speaking engagements, collaborate on big projects and pursue your passion at a deeper level.


Quality #9: Ability to express yourself clearly

The success of your blog depends on how articulate you are in your writing. Majority of the successful bloggers I know are good writers. They are respected for the clarity of their message and how they put their words together.

That’s why it is extremely important for you to proofread every blog post you write. Make sure that you observe correct spelling and punctuation rules. Your readers are meant to enjoy reading your articles so there must be a flow. And the blog posts should be easy to read.


Quality #10: Consistency

Consistency is a quality every blogger must have to run a successful blog. When you post consistently, you give your readers something to look forward to. They will get to know when to expect your content. Inconsistency can make you lose your readership because they will never know when to expect a new post.


What do you think of these qualities of a successful blogger? Did I miss any major quality?


Valentines Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Like I said in my previous Valentine’s Day post, I have started looking around for Valentine’s Day gift ideas. And I am sure I am not alone. It makes sense to get in there early and grab eye-popping gifts before the rush starts. In my pursuit of Valentine’s Day gift inspiration, I came across LillyRoseCreations Jewelry – a handmade jewelry boutique, and it now has my full  attention.


Lily Rose Creations Jewelry Image



Jewelry always makes a great gift, especially for Valentine’s Day, and LillyRoseCreations has some of the most amazing jewelry I have ever seen. This brand is the brain child of Rosa Marcelin; and it all started with a purpose to create unique, wearable and stylish art by hand. All her stunning designs tell a story of passion and dedication, and they are affordable, which makes it even better. There is definitely a piece of jewelry for everyone and every occasion.


LRC Jewelry Picture


My jewelry is an evolution of where I’ve been and where I’m going – Rosa Marcelin


Rosa Marcelin recently launched her blog – LRCJewelry, which I am so loving. It showcases the story behind the brand and monthly birthstone jewelry. You can find out more about the brand and the monthly birthstones on the blog so subscribe to read every post.

I have browsed the entire LillyRoseCreations website and I am blown away by the amazing pieces. Here are some of my favourites –


Dreaming of Tassels Necklaces $70


Valentines Day Gift Ideas Image


These necklaces are so beautiful. I am so in love with the design and I like the colours too! I can picture myself wearing one of these necklaces layered with other necklaces. This is a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, and they are super affordable at just $70 each. What do you think?



Hoop Dreams – Garnet $50


Lily Rose Creations Image


This Hoop Dreams – Garnet earrings is a great way to spice up any look. It can serve as a lovely Valentine’s Day gift too. I love wearing hoop earrings. I find them super trendy and this beauty would be a great addition to my collection. The Garnet gemstones finish up the earrings beautifully.


Agates & Hematite 4 Him Bracelet $30


Bracelet Image


This stunning Agates & Hematite 4 Him Bracelet is a very powerful piece. It is created with 10 mm natural Agate and Hematite stones. The Agate is known for protection, strength, harmonizing yin and yang. While the Hematite stone is great for absorbing negative energy, eliminating stress and worry. If your man likes his jewelry, then he may love this statement bracelet.


Have you started shopping for Valentine’s Day? What do you think of these pieces? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Make sure you subscribe to the LillyRoseCreations Website to get 15% off your first purchase and be the first to know about sales, new products, and events. You can also follow the brand on social media –




Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.


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Blog Pitch Gone Wrong

If you blog and are active on social media, you would have heard all about a blogger pitching to a brand, only for the brand to publish her email and their response on social media. This caused a bit of an uproar as different people aired their views. Just to be clear, I think it is so wrong for the business to publish a private email on social media. I also think they must be a very childish bunch running the business, with a response like that. They even had the time to make a video dissing the blogger some more, just because she had the audacity to pitch to them. This is a clear example of when a blog pitch goes wrong.


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I have read the blogger’s pitch and there is nothing wrong with it. She included the name of a top brand she has worked with previously, and I. believe she did that with the good intentions. The blogger just wanted to be taken seriously, so she presented herself in such a manner, with the hope of the business accepting her pitch.

When things like this happen, I think we all as business owners should learn from the experience. It could have happened to anyone of us. Here are 2 lessons I am taking away from this experience –


Research the brand before pitching

If the blogger did a bit of research on the brand, she won’t have bothered to pitch. The company is well-known on social manner for their lack of manners and being very rude. So with a reputation, you won’t be expecting anything different.

I usually do a bit of research before pitching to a brand. I check out the website and social media profiles, so I have a feel of the brand before sending a pitch.


Pitch with care

I am very careful when it comes to sending a pitch. Sometimes, I find that it rubs some business owners the wrong way when they receive a blogger pitch and I am not sure why. It may be because some people are massively jealous of anyone who works from home and appears to be living a life they wish they could have.

To be frank, I have reduced the number of pitches I send out now. Majority of my work finds me and I usually pitch to brands I have worked with before or who have shown some kind of interest in my work.

So pitching to brands with care is a safe way to go. Sending pitches to any business you come across without doing a bit of research and checking to see if they work with bloggers, and will be interested in your blog may lead to issues like what we had the other day.


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Another fact that I have taken from the experience is that many people don’t understand the blogging industry and how we work. They think we just write on the internet for the kick of it. They don’t understand the amount of time and money so of us spend on our blogs. Many of us blog full-time. For many, their blog is their only source of income. So they treat it as they should treat any other business.

Many brands understand the value of working with influencers. Some have no clue and that is completely fine. We as bloggers just need to be able to see through brands before we pitch so we don’t our time.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And please share this post on social media if you enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting. Have a lovely day.

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