3 Summer Dresses to Shop this Season

The sun is shining and summer fashion is in full swing! If lighter and brighter pieces are your kind of style, this is the season to shop different summery pieces and accessories. I have done a bit of shopping already and I think I will be grabbing some more pieces for the warm weather. Summer dresses are definitely in vogue and they are usually very easy to style up or down depending on the occasion and the design of the dress. If you are after summer dresses to shop this season, here are a few ideas for you –

NEXT Angel Sleeve Mini Dress £30

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I really like this flowery green dress by NEXT. It is such a beautiful piece. I like the whole of the dress, especially the mini length and the toggle waist detail. It is a great summery piece and the price tag is not too expensive, which is great for my bank balance. What do you think of green print dress?

H&M Off-the-shoulder flounced dress £13 £24.99

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This colourful dress by H&M is another beautiful summery piece I have my eye on. It would work fab for casual days and I can already see myself styling it in a variety of ways. If you are after a playful and colourful summer dress, this piece may just be the right one for you. It is also super affordable, currently on sale at just £13 as at today.

New Look White Broderie Frill Mini Dress £33.99

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I love this white dress by New Look. It is simple, classy, and effortless stylish. The fact that is is plain white means it would be super easy to style up or down, in different ways. I don’t have anything like this dress in my wardrobe, and so there is a nice gap this pretty dress can fill.

What do you think of these summer dresses? Which is your favourite? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.

My Fiance Wants A Diamond | Tips On Making An Educated Decision

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When searching for a diamond engagement ring, several variables need to be considered to ensure the precious stone satisfies the personality and preferences of your partner plus brings immense pleasure considering the circumstances.

If you don’t shop together and have no experience with diamond shopping, it can be daunting. The engagement ring itself can come in as many as 12 shapes with four options for settings and several types of metals for the ring itself.

Then you need to consider the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone referenced as the 4 Cs, each of which makes a considerable difference in the overall appearance of the gem.

The jeweler can offer bits of information, but it’s outside their scope to recommend something as personal as an engagement ring. The best these professionals can do is present the most trendy or popular options on the market, not necessarily your partner’s idea of perfection.

Consider some suggestions for learning before shopping for an engagement ring. Perhaps these will help you make an educated decision.

What Are Some Helpful Tips Before You Shop For An Engagement Ring

While a jeweler can recommend the trendy and popular diamond rings on the market to help you get an idea of what other people like, the expert will be unable to provide intimate details for a personal decision regarding your fiancé’s engagement ring.

Diamond experts are capable of informing and educating individuals on the precious stones. You can visit Yourdiamondteacher.com or similar sites for a trusted, knowledgeable example.

Armed with a more thorough understanding and familiarity with your partner’s likes and dislikes, you’ll be better prepared to shop confidently. If you still don’t feel self-assured, consider looking at diamonds together to get ideas without spoiling the surprise, and then do serious shopping later.

Let’s look at a few helpful tips to guide you on what you should be aware of when looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancée.

●     Should you compromise or make the investment

First-time shoppers are somewhat naive to the expense involved with diamonds. There’s an awareness that they’re costly, but just how expensive is only a consideration once the shopping actually begins.

Before setting out to buy an engagement ring, study diamond costs to see what price point your finances might allow and then establish a budget to work toward that amount. Compromising on the diamond you want to purchase shouldn’t mean opting for a “bargain.”

While you can find reasonable offers with jewelers, you won’t find bargain prices.

If you do find a diamond with a remarkable price, often it’s not of quality. Instead of looking for the cheapest price point in diamonds all of the same weight, look for a good diamond with a lower carat.

You’ll invest what you can afford in an excellent quality ring, compromising only a little on the stone’s size.

●     Before considering a mined diamond, look at alternatives

Several alternatives are available for mined diamonds that make fine-quality engagement stones. One is a “lab-made diamond,” which is growing increasingly popular.

These are as durable and stunning as all diamonds, but the price point is roughly “30 percent less than that of a mined diamond but offering comparable quality.”

●     The cut is significant when shopping for diamonds

The primary method for assessing a diamond’s quality is using the four Cs. These include cut, clarity, carat, and color, of which cut is designated as the critical property.

When a diamond is well cut, other imperfections will be less prominent. The stone will look more brilliant and appear more significant than its measured carat size.

As a rule, grading reports accompany diamonds when they come from reputed labs. Cut quality should be a priority when shopping for your fiancée’s engagement ring.

●      The diamond is available in approximately 12 different shapes

The round diamond is among the most favored diamonds on the market, but it’s not the only shape, nor does that mean everyone prefers this specific stone. Some others can really make a statement with their originality and at budget-friendly prices compared to the round option.

A lot of the “non-round” variations show as more prominent than the round stone despite being the same carat since their length adds to the illusion that they are, in fact, larger. The Princess Cut is the next most favored choice, plus pear and oval are gaining in popularity.

You shouldn’t base your purchase on what’s popular, however. Your partner might have a preference that falls outside these favored categories. Everyone’s style is unique and distinct.

●     Simplicity is the idea with color and clarity

Clarity and color are graded in the same vein as carat and cut, but the assessment is based more on terms of either “good or not good.” When a diamond is evaluated for color, it will either look colorless or there will be hints of color.

Clarity, on the other hand, will be either flawless or, using industry terms, be “eye-clean,” or it will have imperfections. When the eye can’t distinguish a flaw, the price point is reflective of that.

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●     Only make the purchase after seeing the ring personally

For someone new to buying a diamond ring, especially an engagement ring for your fiancée, the priority is seeing the ring in person. Doing so allows you the chance to find one that looks brilliant. You need to see its “behavior” to know if it will be able to make an impact or if it will fall flat.

The place you purchase the diamond is crucial. The jeweler should be able to present the diamond in varied angles under magnification. That doesn’t mean you must buy from a brick-and-mortar shop.

You can shop online and still view your diamond. Some jewelers offer their stones in videos and provide magnification tools online.

Designing an engagement ring is another incredible option, albeit costly. If you have the budget, jewelers are available to help you create a diamond engagement ring specific to the style and taste of your partner. It’s a lovely sentiment if you’re unable to find the ideal diamond engagement ring on the market.

Final Thought

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an exhilarating experience. You can choose to share the excitement with your partner by diamond shopping together to get ideas and then make the final purchase alone or make the entire proposal and ring presentation a complete surprise.

Should you go with your fiancée to pick out rings – click here for some answers. The priority is to educate on the precious stone before attempting to buy one.

How to take care of yourself using natural products

*Collaborative post.

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Aromatherapy uses essential oils to treat and enhance well-being as a natural health alternative. Its action is both physical and mental: the properties of plants can help relieve small everyday ailments and promote relaxation.

Besides, you can use CBD to take care of your skin, body, muscles and more. Justbob sells natural CBD products, and you will be sure to have the best quality at the best price.

Here are a few tips for feeling good in your body and mind…

Alternative medicines to be more serene

Alternative medicines can also become natural allies in changing your vision of well-being. There are so many of them; there is something for everyone: naturopathy, sophrology, hypnotherapy, magnetism, life coaching, art therapy, etc.

And their benefits are numerous! Alternative medicines can treat headaches, stress, anxiety, phobias, stomach aches, allergies, skin problems, back pain, addiction, insomnia… They can also help with personal and professional development.

Alone or complemented with a cannabidiol-based product (CBD oil, hemp infusion, CBD flower…), alternative medicines can help you boost your general well-being.

Reconnect with your body through meditation

Meditation is a mind-training practice that promotes mental well-being. Meditation aims to take our thoughts out of our control and free us from the negative ruminations that prevent us from moving forward in our lives through relaxation and concentration techniques.

What about yoga, for example?

In fact, several alternative medicine professions offer meditation sessions! And what’s more, cannabidiol can also be an interesting ally here!

Eat a healthy diet without restricting yourself

Dieticians repeat it often enough: adopting a healthy diet means varying the foods you eat and eating them in reasonable quantities. No food is forbidden as long as it is consumed in moderation! The Mediterranean diet with fatty fish, legumes (lentils, chickpeas), fruit and vegetables is mainly well known for developing good memory and concentration. It is one of the best health diets with foods that are good for your mood and body!

Do regular physical activity

Sport is beneficial from all points of view: it provides health benefits by maintaining the body and mind (prevention of chronic diseases, increase in life expectancy, reduction in the risk of obesity, secretion of endorphins, etc.), but it also creates social links through clubs or associations. The French Ministry of Health recommends that people do at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

A source of well-being is accessible to all and with immediate effect!

Airing your body and mind

Take a breath of fresh air in the nearby park in the city or the paths surrounding your country house, and enjoy the well-being that the sun’s rays bring to our skin… The sight of a beautiful landscape provides an immediate emotion and well-being. Did you know that 15 minutes of daily exposure to the sun is enough to meet your daily vitamin D needs?

Going for a 30-minute walk every day helps to reduce stress and, in addition to being active, to meditate!

CBD in your wellness routine

Legal cannabis, or CBD, is increasingly becoming a staple in our bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. It is becoming a part of our daily lives in all forms but with a single objective: well-being. Whether it’s to give you energy in the morning (in coffee, for example) or to relax in the evening in an infusion, cannabidiol can help you in your daily life. Anti-stress, relaxing, painkiller, sleep aid… CBD has not said its last word! Cannabidiol can also be used with some of the following natural tips. In this way, you can ensure optimal relaxation and well-being.

CBD would have an effect on mood and promote well-being

Thanks to its relaxing action on emotional stress, anxiety, sleep and pain, CBD would naturally improve mood and help to manage emotions better.

CBD represents a natural ally in relieving the various ailments of everyday life and taking care of oneself naturally.

How to take CBD?

One of the other therapeutic advantages of CBD is that it can be taken in different ways.

Depending on individual preferences and needs, cannabidiol can be taken orally or sublingually by inhalation or skin application.

The most common form of CBD consumption is CBD oil.

Place a few drops of oil under the tongue to quickly feel the effects. Or it can be added to a drink (coffee, tea, herbal tea, etc.) or applied to the skin.

It is also possible to consume CBD in the form of capsules, chewing gums, candies, gummies, infusions, cosmetic products for the body and face (balm, care, cream, gel …) or e-liquids.

The organic CBD oils each have a different field of action: stress and anxiety, sleep and pain.

They are mainly based on pure and natural avocado oil and sweet almond oil. Indeed, most classic CBD oils are made with refined coconut oil (MCT oil).

Furthermore, in addition to CBD, CBD sleep oil contains CBN (a phytocannabinoid with positive effects on sleep), and CBD oil is composed of CBG (another phyto cannabinoid with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties).

A few drops of the oil are enough to feel the benefits of CBD. They can be taken sublingually or applied in a drink or on the skin.

Since they do not contain THC, the best CBD products do not harm health or cause side effects or addiction. They can be consumed at any time of the day to enjoy the benefits of CBD.



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