How to get your kids to enjoy reading

I have been reading to the Kiddies since they were tiny babies. I enjoyed reading as a child and I carried my love for reading and writing to adulthood. My kids have tapped into that. They enjoy reading and writing, and now the tables have sort of turned since they now read to me now. I get them to read at least 1 book (most times 2) everyday to me, and I read a book each day with them. The importance of reading to children cannot be overemphasised but yet it is amazing how many parents hardly ever read to their kids.



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I know how tricky it can be to fit it all in. As a work from home mum, I have to be very organised to get anything done with my twins. So I know all about how tiring it can be to get hone and open books with kids, but it is something we have to do if we want them to excel in their day to day life. Reading and writing is something we do everyday. We can’t take a day off reading especially, so it is best to develop that skill as early as possible.


How to get your kids to enjoy reading

Luckily I don’t struggle in this department as my kids are natural lovers of books but I helped them develop their love for reading. Here are some of the things you can do to help your kids fall in love with reading –


Buy them books

The twins have bookshelves each filled with books, and they get regular books every week from school, so they read a lot of different books. I made sure they got age appropriate books from when they were born. This has helped because they discovered books from a very young age. The fact that they read books appropriate ages as also helped their reading.


Read to them

Buying books is a waste if you don’t read to your kids, Reading to them on a daily basis helps their development. Putting on different voices also helps capture their attention. My daughter started reading for herself from the age of 3 and has improved over the years, so as my son.


Get them involved

Before my kids could read, I got them involved by asking them to pick the books they wanted me to read to them. I also get them involved by asking questions about whatever book we were reading. Now that they read, I get them to pick the books they want to read and I listen while they read.


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Reward good reading

If your kids are anything like my twins then they would love rewards. I got my kids potty trained with the help of a sticker charts and Underpants book. I got them to feed themselves with rewards. Anything worth doing, I get them to doing it by rewarding good behaviour. If you struggle to get your kids to read, having a reward chart may help. For every book they read (or attempt to read since looking at picture books does help), you reward. A reward could be big or small, from a new top to a trip to the park.


How often do you read to your kids? Do they enjoy reading?


How Peppermint Essential Oil Almost Killed Me

As shocking as this blog post title may sound, it is true. Peppermint Essential Oil almost killed me some weeks ago, and I would feel dead guilty if I didn’t share my experience with the internet. So let me start from the beginning. I won’t be naming the exact name of the branded diffuser and peppermint Essential Oil I used because I don’t believe it is relevant. What happened to me would likely have happened even with a different brand of essential oils.


Essentials Oils Image


How it all started

So I got my hands on some bottles of essentials oils and a diffuser and decided to give them a go. Prior to me trying these oils, I have heard a lot about them and their benefits. So I was eager to experience it all. I got my hands on some little bottles of Peppermint Essential Oils (about 3/4ml) and I diluted it with water because there were no clear instructions on how to dilute them. I didn’t know how many drops to add or not add, so I poured in the entire oil of the tiny bottle into water. Now that I know what I know, that was a crazy thing to do.



The Peppermint Essential Oil attack

The diffuser had instructions that stated it could be use for 12 hours straight. I was planning to have it on for a few hours before dashing out for the school run. So I settled down on the sofa with my laptop and took it all in. At first, it started off great. I liked the fragrance and I found it all relaxing. After an hour of the diffuser being on, it suddenly started. I couldn’t breathe and I felt really dizzy. The whole room started to spin really fast and I thought my head was going to explode. I struggled to get off the sofa and away from the living room, into the hallway.

Once I got out, I then realise I had to switch the diffuser off. So I struggled to get back into the living room to switch off the diffuser get out as fast as I could. I then thought of going outside but I was worried I would fall down and bang my head. The whole room was still spinning very fast and I felt I was choking. It felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. The ground was vibrating, it was so scary.



Peppermint Oil Picture


The aftermath

So I opened the windows and doors, and dashed upstairs to the bedroom as fast as I could. After about 15 minutes, the room spinning reduced but I still felt very sick and dizzy. I was also craving for sugar all of a sudden. I think it was my body guiding on what to do to save myself. So I got my hands on some juice and cookies, and that helped a lot. I got the toxic smell out of the house and started to feel slightly better after a few hours. But I still didn’t feel like my old self. My old self took weeks to fully come back and my body is not 100% back to how I was prior to the essential oil incident, if I am being completely honest.


Why this happened

This happened to me because I had no idea how strong essential oils are. I thought they were just like any other fragrance oil. If I knew how strong they were I won’t have ever tried them. I won’t have taken the gamble. One thing that shocked me was the lack of instructions on the bottle. For such a strong and can I say dangerous product, I was quite shocked it didn’t have clear instructions on how to use. I was also shocked the diffuser stated it could be use for 12 hours. After the experience I had and the extensive research I have now done, I think 12 hours of using essential oils is a very ling time. You really shouldn’t be having it on longer than for 30/40 minutes maximum.

What I found even more shocking is the lack of information online. It took me forever to find relevant information on the dangers of essential oils and how best to use them. Most of the essential oils information online is wrong. They are all about the amazing benefits of essential oils and hardly anything about the dangers of using them wrongly.


My advice

I hope this post comes in handy for someone today. I am not completely against essential oils but I don’t recommend them. If you are going to use any essential oil, make sure you know what you are doing. Treat essential oils as you would prescription drugs. I don’t see myself ever using essential oils by myself again. Essential Oils have become very popular and many see them as the next thing to try. But we need to remember that there is so much power in that little bottle. If you don’t need it, don’t use it. There are loads of beauty/health products around today, but we don’t have to use them all.



Christmas Fashion Gift Ideas

The chill is in the air and I can smell Christmas already! I am loving the Christmas decorations I have been spotting. It is definitely putting me in the festive mood. I have started shopping for Christmas gifts, and I am happy to announce I am almost done. There are a couple of people I still need to shop, but I am sure I will be done in the next 2 weeks. I am also yet to get Christmas cards. I plan to pop into our local Card Factory on of these days to get Christmas cards and wrapping papers. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

If you are still in search of Christmas gifts to get then you are in luck. Check out these fashion gift ideas –



Lady Dogz Gracie Silver Suede Mule Slippers £60.00

Lazy Dogz image


This Gracie Silver Suede Mule Slippers by Lazy Dogz would make an excellent Christmas gift. It is so fluffy and chic. I love the fact that the luxurious slippers have a memory foam footbed for added comfort. You can grab this pair of slippers in gold or silver. Each box comes in lovely gift box with a branded gift tag and black ribbon, perfect for Christmas. Do you agree?



Opposuits Lady Jag Purrrfect £54.95

fashion blog image


Lady Jag Image


If you know a fan of animal prints, then this Lady Jag Animal Print skirt suit by Opposuits would make an excellent Christmas gift. I love how fiery it looks. You will definitely stand out stylishly wearing this piece. It would look amazing with a monochrome camisole, tights and some black heels. I love it. What do you think?



Buffwear Aura Chic Cru/Cru [Knitted Hat.] £49.50

Knitted Hat Image


This Aura Chic Cru/Cru Knitted Hat by Buffwear is a great autumn/winter accessory. It would make a lovely little Christmas gift. This knitted hat would keep you warm and looking trendy. I love the colour and the simple design. It is definitely a gift worth giving this season. I have been wearing my hats throughout this week. They have come in so handy now that the weather has dropped significantly.



AMIRA Top & Palazzo Pant LingaDore £62.99


AMIRA Top & Palazzo Pant LINGADORE image


This AMIRA Top & Palazzo Pant LingaDore is so stunning. I love the design with the palazzo pant and cami top. The soft floral lace design and adjustable straps finish off the top very beautifully. I love the colour as well. It is great for the winter season, and the overall look of the pyjamas smells of luxury. This would make an excellent gift this Christmas. What do you think?



TU Online Exclusive Miffy Multicoloured Pyjamas £18

Christmas fashion gift ideas image


This cute Online Exclusive Miffy Multicoloured Pyjamas by TU would make a lovely gift especially for the Miffy fans. The pink top features a Miffy Christmas list. It has a round neck and short sleeves, while the blue bottoms have an elasticated waist and prints of Miffy. I think this is a lovely gift idea.


I love all the items in this gift guide. They are all very useful (I like giving useful gifts) and are very affordable. Which item caught your eye the most?



*PR samples.


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