3 Adobe Lightroom Image Editing Tips

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for many years and I love how useful it is. It is definitely the most used image editing tool on my MacBook. I love how easy it is to use. I use this Adobe Lightroom Image Editing Tool to edit almost all my blog photos. I love how I can play around with the exposure, shadow, highlight, contrast and more using Lightroom. This amazing photography editing software has changed the way my photos appear. If use Lightroom and you are not sure how to use it or how to make the most out of it, you may find these 3 Adobe Lightroom Image Editing Tips very useful.


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3 Adobe Lightroom Image Editing Tips

Here are some tips you may find useful when using Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos –

Take Great Photos

The first you editing great photos is to make sure you take amazing photos on your camera. That way you reduce the amount of editing work you have to do. I always make sure I do the best I can when taking pictures on my camera. The better the pictures I take, the less editing I do. Sometimes the pictures are amazing straight from the camera, I have no editing to do. Those are the pictures I like to that. You can check the settings of the raw photo on Adobe Lightroom by clicking on command plus I on MacBook, and then press I to get rid of the information on the screen.

I like to get as much natural light as possible when taking photographs. I also make sure everything is where it needs to be so I don’t have to erase or adjust anything. Paying attention to the camera settings especially the ISO bit helps. I play around with various settings until I get the right settings for the photos I want. I like to shoot with manual settings so I can adjust as I go along. Automatic settings are not be trusted if you want great photographs.




Edit in dark rooms

When editing photos in Adobe Lightroom, it is best to do so in a dark room. That way you get to adjust the basic panel settings (temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and others) correctly without any interference from the lightening in the room.


Start editing from the basic panel

When editing, it is best to always start with the main parts to edit and then finish off with the smaller parts. That way you don’t get to repeat or correct edits you have already done. It is best to start editing from the basic panel. I usually start editing from this section and work my way to other sections if necessary. I play around with different adjustments (moving the sliders back and forth) until I get the right look for the photo. The first thing I adjust in a photo is the exposure. I like to get the right amount of light in if needed, then I move over to other sections in the basic panel.


I am currently taking a diploma course in Adobe Lightroom Editing and I am learning new tips everyday, so I may be sharing more tips in future. Do you use any photo editing tool? Do you have any tips to share?





What to look for in underwear panties

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When it comes to underwear panties, you want to look out for certain features so you remain dry and comfortable. The last thing you would want to deal with is uncomfortable panties that do not provide the leak proof protection and comfort you may need. Many women suffer from some form of bladder leakage, and would want a stain resistant, fast drying and odour free underwear. Modibodi is a great option as it is a period and leak-proof underwear brand. The brand creates undies for everyone and it is the underwear solution for everyday living, from menstrual flow to incontinence, working out and swimming.


Modibodi Classic Bikini Underpants



This is one of my favourite underwear panties by Modibodi. It comes in different colours – Blue Aqua, Mocha, Black, and Beige. Here are the reasons why I really like it –

Flow: 10ml = 2 tampons or 1-2 teaspoons

For: Using alone on light-medium period days, as back up on heavy period days, for sneaky leaks and heavy discharge

Feels: Liberating, your new lifesaver

Your impact: Fewer disposable pads, liners and tampons = positive change for every bodi


What to look for in underwear panties

Here are some features you should look out for in everyday underwear panties –


Comfortable and Practical

I look out for comfortable and practical underwear panties. Comfort is really important to me. We have on underwear all day, so it has to be comfortable or it can ruin the day. I make sure the material used is breathable, comfortable and that the design is practical. G strings are not the most comfortable, so you won’t catch me wearing them. I prefer bikini panties for most days.



Panties with some form of protection are the best. Once you go through pregnancy and child brith, you start to appreciate these types of underwear even more. I like to go for undies absorbs and locks away fluids, to keep me dry and secure all day.


Stain Resistance

The more stain resistant the undies the better for me. Which is why I adore Modibodi panties as the panties are stain resistant and fast drying. You need to try them and see for yourself how amazing they are.


What do you look out for when shopping for underwear panties? What do you think of Modibodi? Have you tried any of their panties before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting. Have a great day!







How to Propose Based on Her Zodiac Sign

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Not sure what kind of a proposal she looking forward to? Tell you what. A person’s zodiac sign tells a lot about them.


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Wedding Proposal According to Zodiac Signs

If you are undecided about how to propose, take cues from your partner’s zodiac signs:



Geminis love surprises and games. Turn the proposal into a fun game, maybe a treasure hunt. When it comes to Geminis, be absolutely sure of their answer because they don’t like being pinned down to relationships easily.



Cancer is one of the most emotional signs so be prepared for cries and smiles at the same time. Propose them in a sentimental place or choose an heirloom ring.



Leos love attention. Bring in the band. Make it big. Announce it over social media. Anything that’s attention-grabbing will work well with them.



Virgos love their personal space. Keep the proposal simple and confined to just the two of you. Go for that intimate moment while proposing.



Sprinkle in the romance. Libras are extremely romantic. They love to find romance in everything so when it comes to the most romantic moment in their lives, earn your brownie points by turning this into one big romantic moment.



Passion and bling, that’s what will work with Scorpions. Turn it into a ‘private’ passionate moment. Propose after a steamy round of sex. And bring in the best diamond ring so she won’t think of saying no.



This zodiac sign is always looking for fun and adventure. A truly good idea would be to propose them while on an adventure trip. Find the most scenic place and get down on your knee.



These are traditional by nature. Choose something traditional. Maybe a visit to her favorite restaurant with a ring dropped in a glass of champagne (or whichever drink she prefers).



Aquarius love to get their creative nature stimulated. Get innovative with your proposal. Choose something that’s different. Look for inspiration online. There are so many innovative ideas available online on Pinterest.



The sign of the fishes is both intellectual and romantic. Balance out your romantic proposal with a practical approach. For instance, if you are planning to turn your backyard into a magical land, remember to arrange for a sitting and dining area.



Aries doesn’t like to follow trends. They are the trendsetters. If there is something new in the market, they want to try it out. You might want to surprise them with a different ring. For instance, nowadays lab created diamonds are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly nature.


We hope that these wedding proposal ideas might steer you in the right direction. These are just pointers on how you can approach the proposal. Remember to make it personal and opt for a setting that will be special to you for the rest of your life.


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