4 Ways to Handle Trolls as a Blogger

As a blogger, I have had my fair share of dealing with trolls over the last ten years. Trolls are simply very unhappy people who think they should share their nasty thoughts and feelings with others online. The best way to handle them is the same way you handle unpleasant people in real life; you ignore them…

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If you are wondering how to go about dealing with trolls, here are some quick tips you may find pretty handy –

No attention

Attention is a currency which is why we say “pay attention”. I pay no attention to trolls and I just keep doing what I truly enjoy doing. Comments from people who are unsatisfied with their personal lives don’t affect me because I understand the psychology behind trolling. The less you pay attention, the faster the trolls disappear into thin air to find the next space to spew more bitterness. When next you come in contact with a troll, look the other way.

Don’t take it personally

Now, this may be a tricky one at first as I know how easy it is to take things personally when we feel slighted. Having said that, one thing you should always try to remember is that it is never personal. When people are mean, they like to look for an outlet to project all that they have inside of them. Once you understand that, you learn grace, and you let people be people and you don’t take it personally. However, that does not mean you should remain passive. Not taking trolling personally would do wonders for your mental health. Being assertive and paying them no attention (which links back to the first tip) would also help massively.

You cannot please everyone

One thing you need to remember is that you cannot please everybody and you should not even attempt to. It is actually crazy to think you have the capacity to please everybody. There are billions of people on this beautiful planet and you only need a few thousand regular readers to earn a living from your blog. In time, you will find your tribe and your unsatisfied readers would also go on to find the right platform for their reading pleasure. So it is really a win-win situation for all parties involved. Focus on your happy readers.

Use the block button regularly

The block button is my friend on social media and I don’t hesitate to use it. My advice is to block anyone who trolls. There should be no second chances when it comes to dealing with trolls online and in real life. If you don’t like a blog or a blogger, you should really not be on it. Use the block button regularly for your peace of mind, and then you will have one less troll to deal with.

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How do you deal with trolls as a blogger? Do you have any fun experiences to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.

5 ways to improve blog engagement

It is a lot easier to get eyeballs on your blog than it is to get blog engagement. Many blog readers land on a particular page on your blog and bounce after reading the posts on that page. To increase your blog engagement you will have to encourage those blog readers to stay a little longer on your blog and explore other content.

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If you are struggling with engaging with your blog readers and you are wondering how to improve this, you have landed on the right post. Here are 5 ways to improve blog engagement –

Create interesting content

To be a successful content creator, you need to create content that would interest your readers and keep them on your blog for longer. One way of doing this is by creating different types of content in your niche and paying attention to the most popular posts. Once you realise the sort of content your blog readers seem to like, you can create more of them. Creating interesting content in your niche is easy once you keep your eyes on your stats and continue to publish blog posts that engage your readers.

Add internal links

This is a tip I have been doing for years and it really does the job of improving blog engagement. If you write or refer to something you have done in the past, make sure to add an internal link so your blog readers can find the post. Adding internal links improves blog visibility and does wonders for SEO, so ensure you keep adding those relevant internal links.

Ask your readers to engage with your content

If you need something, just ask. It is a great idea to ask your blog readers to engage with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing. Adding this request in the last sentence of your blog sentence would help remind your readers to engage with the content.

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Add clickable social media options

Having your blog posts shared on social media platforms is a big deal. Millions of people use social media every day, so if you want to attract more eyeballs to your content, having them shared on social media should be a goal. Having clickable social media options would improve blog engagement as blog readers will find it very easy to share your blog posts.

Engage with your readers

If you want to improve your blog engagement, you should encourage your blog readers to engage by replying to their comments and engaging with them on social media. Many bloggers want to see their readers engaging with their content but they want to engage with their readers. If you want to see your blog engagement numbers increase, you should take the time to engage with your readers.

What do you think of these blogging tips? How do you get your readers to stay on your blog? Please share your tried and tested blogging tips in the comments section below, let’s chat. Thanks for engaging with this post. Have a lovely time wherever you are.

How to fight off writers’ block

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To run a successful blog, you have to create regular content. This may not be easy to do and many new bloggers do find it hard to publish regularly but create you must if you intend to be a successful blogger. As with most things in life, the more you practice, the better you become. In other to have regular content, you need to keep writing. Now the next question is where to get blog post ideas. Depending on the niche, there are many ways to keep blog post ideas flooding and fight off writer’s block.

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Here are some tips you may find handy when dealing with writers’ block –

Research Keywords

Looking out for keywords can help in content creation. Depending on your niche, you could search for relevant hashtags on social media and keywords on search engines to find relevant content to help you write blog posts. I do this sometimes when I am in search of new blogs for the blog or when I just want to see the sort of relevant content out there. If you are struggling with blog post ideas, research keywords to get the creative juices flowing.

Read Other Blogs

Another way to get blog post ideas is to read other blogs. These blogs can be in the same niche or in other niches, it doesn’t really matter because you should not be reading other blogs to copy but to get inspired. When next you are struggling to come up with blog post ideas, have a look at some of your favourite blogs and check out new blogs too for fresh inspiration.

Do Some Reading

Apart from reading blogs, magazines and books are also great for getting creative juices. I enjoy reading and I read a lot on my Kindle. This hobby helps me stay inspired and motivated. It also fills me up with ideas for the blog, so it is a win-win. If you are wondering how to get new fresh ideas for your blog, do some reading.

How do you fight off writers’ block? Please share your tips in the comments section.


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