Importance of contact lens hygiene and care

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If you don’t follow your doctor’s recommendations about lens care, you could be damaging your eyes.

Without the right methods and hygiene, you could end up with a blurred vision, redness, itchiness, loss of vision, corneal abrasions or a fatal infection.


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Now while these are extreme cases, you need to know what can happen if you don’t care for your lenses properly.


  1. Acanthamoeba keratitis

This parasitic infection was first discovered in 1973. Usually found in pools, hot tubs, tap water and contact lens solution, this parasite can infect anyone who comes in contact with it. Their perfect breeding ground is the space between the contact lens and the eyes. Once they latch on, they can burrow down into the cornea and destroy your vision. To avoid this from happening, do not keep your contacts in for longer than necessary. Take them off before you shower, swim or get into a hot tub. And, never ever wash your contacts with plain tap water.

2. Bacterial keratitis

This is a grave bacterial infection of the cornea and can destroy your vision in little less than 24 hours. Because it progresses so rapidly, this is a serious problem with contact lens wearers. The risk increases when you wear your lenses overnight or do not use enough lens solution to disinfect the lenses. Superficial keratitis can happen at the top layers leaving no scar but deep keratitis can leave scars in your cornea.

3. Fungal keratitis

An infection caused by any of the 70 fungi, fungal keratitis grows from the cornea into the sclera causing infections that are extremely difficult to treat. This can lead to vision loss and even loss of the eye. This can happen when the eye is injured and can be accelerated by improper lens care.


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Now that you know how serious it can get, let’s get into the right care for your lenses:

  1. Wash your hands: Always wash your hands before and after handling lenses
  2. Use a lint-free towel: To avoid getting any foreign particles from getting into your eyes, you should always use a lint-free towel.
  3. Don’t go to sleep wearing your lenses: Avoid doing this at all costs. Not only can your lenses get stuck behind your eye, but you are also at risk for infections.
  4. Colored contacts without prescription: Don’t buy colored contacts without a prescription. They are medical devices just as much as your corrective lenses and the wrong fit can scratch your cornea. If you are looking for good colored contacts, try hidrocor quartzo from the solotica lenses usa collection.
  5. Do not use powder based makeup: Anything that can fly into your eye can cause an infection. Avoid powder-based makeup and try to use hypoallergenic makeup that is specially made for contact lens wearers
  6. Do not top off your lens solution: If you have a little bit left in your lens solution bottle, do not try and top it off. It already has bacteria build up in it and by topping it off, you are only going to keep using contaminated lens solution.
  7. Throw out your lens case: Every 3 months, you should replace your lens case to avoid any build up.





Introducing Eves Interiors For Designing and Styling Any Space

Interior design is close to my heart, which is why I write about it quite a bit on Fashion and Style Police. I like it when a house or office is well designed and styled with the right decor. Designing a space does not come naturally to many of us. I know I struggle sometimes with what to do with some parts of our house. Well, this where the professionals come in. Today, I am introducing Eves Interiors. It is a new Interior Designing company run by a lovely lady who knows her stuff when it comes to making the most of every space. All the pictures here are spaces designed by Eves Interiors.


Hallway Decor By Eves Interiors

Home Decoration image Eves Interiors Decoration Image



I love the huge wall clock on the wall in the first photo. It is so stunning and captivating. It is the first thing to catch every eye for sure. The wall mirror in the second picture is a beauty to behold. I love the hallway decor so much.


Eves Interiors

Here is a quick message from the brand –

Eves Interiors was birthed from my love and passion for design. I love being able to put a home together from scratch. I love designing and styling any space. It literally gives me joy to see a once empty, bland space come together beautifully.

I have a passion for designing home and office spaces and sourcing for decor for the home and/or office space.

I design bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kids nursery, office spaces and kitchen and dining areas.


Bedroom Decor By Eves Interiors

Eves Interiors Decor image Interior designing image


I love everything about the bedroom decor here. The bed and cushions look amazing. The centre table is so pretty. I love the decor on the table as well. It finished off the entire look so beautifully.



Children’s Bedroom By Eves Interiors

Children's Bedroom Decor image Children's Bedroom Decor image



The bedding here is so lovely. I know my kids would love them. I like the globe lamps, they are so pretty. The bedside cabinets look solid as well. Great decor ideas for children’s bedrooms.


Designing and Sourcing Services

I love it when a brand is passionate about what they do. It says a lot about the quality of work they would deliver. I have worked with Eves Interiors numerous times in the last couple of months, and I love what how the brand works. The designing and styling skills are impeccable and so is their sourcing skills. Sometimes I struggle to fill a space with the right decor for my home and lifestyle. The popular home/interior shops usually stock pretty much the same thing year after year, and this can be a bore.

Finding just what you need can be impossible sometimes, which is where sourcing service from Eves Interiors comes in. All Eves Interiors needs to do is to check out the space in real life if within the London/Essex area, or a video call viewing can be arranged if you are outside these areas. Then, decor ideas are sent to you and shipped down if you are happy with them. It is a great service for those who want their home/office space looking stylish but don’t have the time or ideas to do the work.



Living Room Decor By Eves Interiors

Living Room Space Image


This living room is so beautifully decorated. I love the centre table. The decor on it goes with the overall theme of the room. I also really like the sofas and the wall decor. They look lovely.



Kitchen Decor By Eves Interiors

Home Designing image Dining Room Table image



This kitchen is beautifully decorated. I like the dining table, it looks like great quality. I am also loving the white floor tiles and chandelier lights, they look magnificent.


What do you think of Eves Interiors? You can find the brand on Instagram – Eves_Interiors



How to Have An Intimate Wedding

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Many couples agree that when it comes to weddings; intimate and low-key beats a huge overly fussy event. Couples crave a more personal, intimate celebration with fewer people. It means that there’s more time for you to spend with your guests and really enjoy the day and everyone’s special contributions. So how do you have an intimate wedding? Check out these wedding tips below. 


Set A Smaller Budget

You might want to maximise your budget by having a minimal number of guests. You might prefer a small and cosy lunch at your favourite restaurant with your nearest and dearest than a bland hall full of more than 200 guests that you don’t know very well. Potentially invite only immediate family to the ceremony and have a larger get-together for your friends and colleagues. It might be an idea to even serve smaller ‘finger-food’ plates instead of a lavish sit-down meal. A smaller wedding means not cutting corners, just to ensure that you have a larger turnout. It might be worthwhile considering cutting the guest list in half to ensure that you get all that you’ve envisioned on the day.


Professional Wedding Planner Image


Go All-Out For Your Guests

A small wedding gives you the opportunity to really impress your guests. You can really roll out the red carpet for your guests and give them the VIP treatment. You could put together elaborate gift bags or luxurious spa treatments for them in the lead up to the big day. The limits really are endless. Keeping things small means that all the extra details, that just aren’t possible when the guest list exceeds several pages, are suddenly possible.


Don’t Forget The Details

When planning a small wedding day, be sure to give care when it comes to the finer details. It’s not necessary to hire a wedding consultant or specialist but be aware that tiny little hiccups that may have gone unnoticed at a much larger event will be glaringly obvious at a more intimate do.


Get Some Awesome Entertainment

A fabulous part of having an intimate wedding- everyone can get involved. With fewer people to worry about, you can really go to the effort of making them feel like they are truly a part of your special day and make sure that everyone is having a blast. Don’t want the typical cheesy wedding singer repertoire? Take a look at some Alternative wedding singers, like the ones at this website.  


Have A Destination Wedding

Take advantage of having a small number of your nearest and dearest and plan a destination wedding. Grab a cheap flight over to a Balearic beach or hire out a small cottage in the countryside for the weekend. Stretching out the festivities a few chilled days of eating, drinking and being merry, allows you to relax, and really bond with your guests.

Do you any tips for having an intimate wedding? Please share in the comments section below.

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