The Best Yoga Retreats in the UK

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As the busy year comes to an end, it is important to take some time off to rest and reflect. The hustle and bustle of life usually leaves us in need of a wellness break every now and again, and it is great to break away from the general daily routine and do something good for your physical and mental health. Yoga retreats are a great way to help you stay refreshed and revitalised. There are many options available for yoga retreats in the UK. You can decide on the yoga retreat you want based on the activities available as well as the dates and the location.

In my case, I would want a retreat that implements art, meditation, nature walks, massage, detox, mindfulness, and yoga. If you are wondering where to book your next yoga retreat, you should go Basubu. There are loads of yoga retreats available on the website.

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The Best Yoga Retreats in the UK

I have been so busy online looking out for great yoga retreats. Here are three recommendations for you:

Festive Winter Retreat in Cheshire

This winter retreat in the magical world of Alderley Ridge in Cheshire comes up on 28th December – 29th December, 2021. It is a two day program that includes breathwork, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, guided woodland walk, massage/healing session, meditation, and more.   I am really interested in this retreat because the location is not too far from where I am, and since it is a non-residential retreat, I can easily commute to and fro for the two days required.

Eco-Friendly Essex Wellness Retreat

I have family in Essex, so I do visit quite often. I would love to attend this wellness retreat in Essex countryside. It would be a nice escape from my daily routine. I love the sound of the Vegan cooking classes, the detox diet, and the yoga, pilates and other fitness classes. The eco-friendly venue also sounds really amazing.

Long Weekend Eco-Friendly Retreat in North Devon

This North Devon retreat is great for those looking to leave behind the stress of life, and soak in the beautiful countryside and sea. The fresh air, peace and relaxing activities would do wonders for your physical and mental health. I really like the sound of a countryside with views to the sea. This is definitely one of the best yoga retreats I have found in the UK.

What do you think of these yoga retreats in the UK? Which is your favourite?




Keeping Sun Safe: How To Do It

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The summer is ahead and everyone is hoping to be able to get out into the sunshine for the first time in a year. It’s not that we’ve been locked IN, but being locked DOWN has made it much harder to plan to go away on a fun vacation. The thing about the beach is that while it’s the most beautiful place that you can go to, it’s also the place that can be dangerous for your skin. Getting outdoors for sunshine isn’t always easy, but it’s much safer to do it when you know how to look after your skin properly.

The sun is great for your health, but in excess, it can be dangerous. The body needs the sun to produce vitamin D and getting outdoors to find things to do in the longer, brighter summer days can help you to feel calm, relaxed and make you feel as if you’re glowing! The only thing that you need to do is be very aware of sun safety and how you can protect yourself in the harsher UV lighting out there in the sunshine. With this in mind, we’ve got some of the best ways that you can protect yourself and stay safe in the sunshine.

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  • Apply sunscreen. You need to prevent your skin from burning in the sunshine and that means that you need a good quality sunshine. Think about the products with the highest star ratings, has an SPF of 30 and is water resistant. You may not be out there swimming, but your body is bound to sweat a little and you need to ensure that you don’t’ run off the sunscreen every single time you sweat. You should also ensure that it’s not out of date! Around half an hour before you go out, add in some sunscreen to all exposed areas including the face!
  • Wear protective clothes. You don’t want to go out into the hot sun and wear a ton of layers, but you do need to get comfortable with breathable fabrics that can cover exposed skin. Wear a hat – no hat, no play! – and make sure that you have a light cover up over your arms and legs to stop too much UV radiation going through to your skin. You can check how much sunlight gets through your clothes by holding them up to the sunshine. A hat protects your head and you need sunglasses for your eyes, too.
  • Keep an eye on the UV index. You want to ensure that you’re not going outside in the strongest UV without protection. So, make checking the UV reports as regular as checking the weather each day. You can find out the UV index where you are when you are on the Met Office website!
  • Stick to the shade. Where you can during the strongest rays of the day, stick to the shade and be inside. This is usually between 11am and 3pm. Avoid being out in the direct sunlight in these times, and you can ensure that your skin will be happier!


Top Bucketlist Activities For 2021

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2020 was a bit of a write-off, but 2021 doesn’t need to be the same. If you find yourself feeling a bit stuck in a rut, why not think of some things you can do this year that you can tick off your bucket list? It is always good to have something to aim for in life and this is well worth it as they are likely to be things you have always wanted to do. If you are looking for some items to tick off your bucket list this year, then we have put together a few ideas for you to try.

  • Get your business idea off the ground

If you have always wanted to start your own business but never got round to it, then why not make 2021 your year? It can always be easy enough to come up with an excuse not to do something, perhaps because you’re feeling nervous about it, but don’t let this get in your way. Think of what your business idea is and how you can execute it. Put steps in place of how you can get it off the ground, from making social media accounts to creating a website. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or opinions of others too!

  • Go on a road trip with friends

A road trip with friends is something everyone needs to do at least once in their lives. Plan out your route before you go, pack plenty of snacks and you’re ready to go! It is a good idea to prepare ahead for where you will stay and eat just in case you end up somewhere quite remote or the accommodation gets booked up. If you get into any trouble when driving, be sure to speak with a skilled car accident lawyer who can help you with your case.

  • Spend a night under the stars

There is something magical about spending a night under the stars. Either head alone or with yourself to somewhere which is quiet and has a great view of the sky. This could even be in your backyard! Spend the night listening to the chirping of crickets and the silence of the world around you while gazing up at the beautiful sights in the sky.

  • Eat somewhere you have always wanted to try

If you have always wanted to eat somewhere but never done it then make this your year. It could be you’ve always wanted to have a Michelin star dinner, or that you have always said about trying that little Italian near you but never gone. Book a date in as soon as you can and make sure you go all out on your visit. Order the food you want, the nice bottle of wine, and let yourself really enjoy it. You won’t regret it!

These are just a few ideas that you can tick off your bucket list in 2021. What are the activities you are most looking forward to trying? Let me know in the comments below.


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