Happy 8 Years Fashion and Style Police

Hey blog readers! Fashion and Style Police turned 8 some days ago and I am super excited!  I can’t believe I have been doing this for 8 years already! Time really does fly when you are having fun. I was planning to mark the anniversary in a special way this year but life got in the way and I won’t be doing anything special this time around. Hopefully, we can have a couple of giveaways next year to celebrate and to make up for the quiet anniversary this year. I even almost forgot completely on the anniversary day itself, which was last Sunday. Thankfully, WordPress reminded me and I got to share a quick post on social media.

Happy 8 Years Fashion and Style Police

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This is just a quick post to mark my 8 years of blogging on Fashion and Style Police. I am looking forward to many more happy and prosperous years of blogging. This year has been a rollercoaster for many of us in many different ways but it has also been a rewarding year. I have learned a lot about myself and I have found new ways to work and just be. It is amazing what you can learn and how you can adapt when there is chaos everywhere. Here are 8 things I have learned in my 8 years of blogging –

8 things I have learned in my 8 years of blogging
  1. Be creative. Bring your creative style to your blog. Your creativity could be in your writing tone, pictures, videos, or anything. We are all unique and it is easy to forget that in the saturated blogging industry but you must remember to be yourself.
  2. The more you blog, the better you become. Success is never done overnight. Work on your craft.
  3. Never settle for less than what you want. In my 8 years of blogging, I have never worked for a brand for free. If a brand wants something from you, they should be able to pay for it.
  4. Buy your own domain. This should be the first thing you do when setting your blog up.
  5. Set up your pages on social media platforms with your blog name even if you don’t plan to be active on all platforms. You never know what tomorrow may bring.
  6. Diversify your blog income. You can make money through sponsored posts you write, guest posts sent to you to host, link inclusions in existing posts, banner ads, social media promotions, affiliate links, and so on.
  7. Look for other ways to make money through your blog but outside of it to diversify your income. That could be in freelance writing, virtual assistant, social media management, and so on.
  8. Have fun.

Happy 8 Years Fashion and Style Police!! Thank you!


6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly

*Collaborative post.

Autumn is here and the weather has started changing. The cold is slowly creeping up here in Cheshire. Some days are colder than others. We have even had our heating on for an hour on very cold days. The change in weather has reminded me to start getting ready for winter. It can get really cold where we are and it is always best to make the home more eco-friendly and ready for the colder months. Having an eco-friendly home helps create a sustainable environment and does wonders for your bank balance too!

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Here are 6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly –

Install a smart meter

Heating is one of the biggest ways we use energy. Which is why installing a smart meter is really important. We got our smart meter a year ago and it has seriously helped us monitor our energy usage and keep our energy bills low. I love that I can see how much we have spent on gas and electricity daily, weekly, and monthly. It allows us to budget and reduces our energy consumption. Once you install a smart meter, the way you use your gas and electricity will change for the better.

Insulate your home

The best way to improve your home’s energy usage is to make sure you don’t use as much energy to begin with. This is where insulation comes in. Good insulation helps retain the heat, which means you won’t have to put on your heating as often. You can also look at installing Aluminium Windows for your home. Aluminum Windows allow your home to remain eco-friendly by retaining the heat.

Get a water filter

I stopped buying bottled water years ago when I got a water filter. Having a water filter has helped us stay eco-friendly at home, and I find that I am now drinking more water which is amazing.

Double glazed french doors

Having double glazed french doors is great for retaining the heat. They also create an illusion of a bigger room with the extra natural light. If you are planning home renovations, installing double glazed french doors should be on your list if you don’t already have them.

Line-dry your clothes

We have never had a tumble dryer. I am not into tumble dryers at all because I believe they damage the clothes long term. Line-drying is what we do and it works great.

Fill up your washing machine and dishwasher before running them

Filling up the washing machine and dishwasher before running them means you don’t have to use them so frequently. I always wash at maximum capacity. It is great for the environment and my wallet.

What do you think of these 6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly? Is your home eco-friendly? What plans do you have in place to make your home more energy-efficient this winter? Please share your tried and tested eco-friendly tips in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a great time wherever you are.





How to make indoor exercise work

It can be a bit tricky to exercise indoors. You may have to deal with issues with space and distractions. I have dealt with all of these and I know how hard it can be to get motivated enough to exercise every day but once there’s a will, there is a way. You will need a lot of persistence and determination to exercise indoors. The trick is to keep at it on a daily basis until it becomes second nature. I exercise in the mornings for about 30 minutes. My weekly target is to exercise for about 150 minutes a week and that includes walking, running, cycling, gardening, doing chores, and the likes. 150 minutes sounds like a lot but it is doable when you exercise for around 30 minutes on a daily basis.


I create my own workout session

When it comes to indoor exercise, I like to just go with the flow and do my own thing. Half the time, I find guided fitness videos do not really inspire me, so I have had to create my own workout moves that keep me inspired and get me to exercise every day. I usually start with stretches, yoga, dancing, and different moves.

The benefits of exercising indoors

Here are some of the amazing benefits of exercising indoors –

You don’t have to deal with the gyms

I have never been into gyms. There are always overcrowded and with the current state of things, I cannot imagine working out in a gym now. So being able to work out from the comfort of my home is a blessing. Plus you don’t have to pay for the pricey gym membership.

You can get the best of both worlds – indoor and outdoor

Exercising at home doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. If you take the workout outside and get the best of both worlds. This is a great idea, especially in the summer months.

You have a dedicated space for workout

You don’t have to worry about sharing your workout space with complete strangers, and spending minutes wiping every equipment.

You can go at your pace

When you work out on your own, indoors and outdoors, you don’t have to keep up with anyone else. You can work out at your pace.

pre pregnancy body image

At the end of the day, it makes sense to do what is best for you. We are different and so are our needs. There is no one rule that fits everyone’s fitness needs. You have to play around with different ways of getting your workout done to find the best way for you.




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