5 tricks for an attractive profile picture

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We always want to look our best online and that is why filters are so popular. Whether you are on a dating site looking for love or on a social media platform interested in more hookups, having an attractive profile picture is very important. The right profile picture will showcase your personality and your true self. You don’t want to give anyone the wrong ideas and you want people to have a good idea of who you are just by looking at your photo. If you have previously struggled in the photo department and you are wondering how to get the right profile picture, you may find this blog post really useful. Here are 5 tricks for an attractive profile picture

Upclose and personal

When it comes to profile pictures, you have a little time to make a good impression. On dating sites, it is usually a quick glance that determines your fate so focus on every tiny detail. With profile pictures, I like them upclose and personal so my face is really visible. The less distractions the better, so no hats or sunglasses. I like the attention to be on the face so people can get to see the real me.

5 Tricks for an attractive profile picture image

Having a pop of red

This is one of the easiest tricks in the book. Having a pop of red on your profile picture instantly brightens it up. This shade of red could be your outfit or your lipstick. It doe really matter where as long as it shows and blends in perfectly. I love having my pop of red on my lips. It works perfectly. My MAC Ruby Woo always looks so good.

Easy on the filters

You want your profile picture to be as attractive as possible but also be the real you. Having a profile picture that looks nothing like you in real life would do you no good in the long run especially on a dating site like Match Me Happy. You don’t want to get people interested in an urnrealistic version of you, so easy on the filters.

Dress to impress

You obviously want to look your best so you should dress to impress. Having an attractive profile picture that would look good on social media platforms and free dating sites is important. You don’t want to look too ordinary. The best way to about this is to dress like you are going to a nice event. That way you are sure you are looking your best.

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Stick to neutral backgrounds

With profile pictures, you want all the attention to be on the face. So sticking to a neutral background is the smart thing to do. Busy backgrounds will   only take the attention away from your pretty face. The more neutral the background, the better.

What do you think of these 5 tricks for an attractive profile picture? Have you tried any of them before? Do you have any tried and tested trick to share? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s chat.

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What I am watching on Netflix

I am not much of a TV person but sometimes I just like to watch some of my favourite shows. Thankfully, Netflix has really kept us busy this summer. There are loads to watch on there and my watch list keeps growing and growing. With my busy lifestyle,  I wonder when I will get the time to watch them all. If you are wondering what to watch on Netflix this summer, this post may inspire you.

What I am watching on Netflix Picture

What I am watching on Netflix

Here are some of the series I have been busy watching on Netflix lately –

Ancient Aliens

I recently discovered Ancient Aliens on Netflix and I am so into it. There is a new season (season 3) coming on Netflix. I am currently watching season 2 and it has been eye-opening. If you are into documentaries, sci-fi, history, aliens, AI, and the likes, you would enjoy Ancient Aliens. It kept thinking and rethinking so many ‘facts’.


Dark is another series I have been busy watching on Netflix. It is a German Sci-fi thriller and it is very interesting. We are currently watching season 3. If you are into sci-fi series that makes you think outside of the box, you would love Dark. However, the storyline is deep and you have to pay full attention to understand what is happening. Dark is nothing like your regular series. It is about the apocalypse, missing children, lies, deceit, parallel lives, past lives, future lives, and more.

Dark Desire

If you are after a lighter sort of storyline, Dark Desire is a good one to watch. We finished watching this some weeks ago and it is an interesting series on Netflix. Dark Desire is a Mexican thriller drama after infidelity, lies, and lust. It is a good series to watch. I really enjoyed watching it and I really won’t mind watching it all again.


We have finished the new season of Greenleaf and it was all I thought it would be and more. I love how the new season started and ended. It looks like Greenleaf has now come to an end. I won’t leave any spoilers but it is worth watching for sure if you haven’t binged watched it all already.

What are you watching on Netflix? Have you seen any of these? What are your thoughts? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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The Smoothie Lunch Diet

I got a Smoothie Blender some years ago and I used it a couple of times back then. It has been abandoned in my kitchen cabinet until some days ago. I have started using the blender every day now and it has been amazing. I have now incorporated what I call the smoothie lunch diet and it simply means I swap my lunch for a smoothie. The smoothie lunch diet has been going on for about a week now and I feel so good.

Many people have asked why I decided to start this diet, so I am just going to quickly explain why. I am not one to eat fruits and vegetables. My daily fruit and veggies intake are nowhere near the recommended daily amount. This has always been a worry for me and I have tried many times to eat more fruits and vegetables but my intention never works. All that has changed now with this new diet of mine. I now take a good amount of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and my body has been thanking me.

Smoothies image

My quest is for a healthy and balanced diet. Swapping my lunch for smoothies as nothing to do with losing weight. I am very happy and comfortable with my BMI. There is no need for me to lose any weight. This is just to get a good amount of fruits and live vegetables into my body.

The Smoothie Lunch Diet

I mix all sorts of fruits and veggies together. My favourite combo includes bananas, carrots, spinach, strawberries, chia seeds, fruit juice and almond milk. Sometimes I swap some of the vegetables for cucumbers. It usually tastes great. At first, I thought I would be starving and miss my lunch meals but I have discovered I actually feel even more energetic than I would if I had proper meals. I can see myself carrying on with this diet for a long time to come. It works great for me because I am home lunchtime anyway so it is easy to do.

Are you a fan of smoothies?


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