How do I manage my self-employment money?

This is one question many self-employed ask themselves over and over again. Managing your funds as a self-employed person is so vital especially in the current times we are in. It is so important to stay on top of your money when you work for yourself. I have been self-employed for a couple years now and I had to learn very quickly how to manage my self-employment money.

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Here are some tips to help you manage your money as a self-employed person:

Have a monthly budget

Regardless of how much income you get as a self-employed person, it is important to have and stick to a monthly budget. That way you can manage your finances effectively and have money to cover your bills in the quiet months. I always ensure I stick to my budget these days. The last thing anyone would want is to not have enough money to cover your bills when during the quiet months. Having a budget sorts that all out as you can plan your bills in advance and spend within your budget.

You can also pay yourself a fixed salary every month and save everything else which leads links into the next tip below.

Grow your savings

Everyone should have some savings especially business owners and those who are self-employed. It makes sense to save an amount of money every month, no matter how small. That would help you to continue to grow your savings on a monthly basis which come in handy on rainy days.

Stay on top of your tax

Ensure you sort out your tax and national insurance contributions as soon as you can. It is usually possible to set up a repayment plan that allows you spread your payments over a set number of months or you can just do it the way I do which is to pay the tax bill over a certain of months before the due date. That usually takes the pressure off massively.

Spend less

This can be a tricky tip for the shopping lovers but spending less usually means you have your money for longer. The older I am, the less I spend, and this habit has helped me live a more peaceful life. It is so simple; if you can cut back on your spending, you will have more money.

Check what you are paying for

It is important to an audit check of your direct debit plans as often as you can so you don’t keep paying for products and services you no longer need.

Are you self-employed? Do you have a business? How do you manage your money?



The Best Occasions (And Worst) Occasions To Wear Lingerie

*Collaborative post.

Wearing lingerie can feel incredibly empowering and if you’ve been struggling with your self-esteem then we wholeheartedly recommend treating yourself to some. However, there is a right and a wrong time to don some sexy knickers, so read on if you’d like to find out more. Remember – primarily, wearing lingerie is all about you!

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The best occasions to wear lingerie

What are the best occasions to wear lingerie?

  • A first date: Whether you plan to have sex or not, wearing lingerie on a first date can make you feel powerful and sexy!


  • Your wedding: Your wedding lingerie will be the most important set that you will ever buy! Whether you make it up to the bedroom after a long day of drinking and celebrating or not, having some sexy knickers on underneath that beautiful dress of yours will make you feel like a million dollars.


  • A job interview: It might sound a little strange, or even inappropriate, but wearing lingerie to an interview is a great way to give you a little confidence boost and walk into that office with some swag in your step. Remember, nobody but you will know, which makes it all the more exciting.


  • Your birthday: Because why not? Since your birthday is going to be all about you, put on your best and go about your day feeling like a goddess. Whether you have the day off, something planned, or you’re going to work, wear some lingerie and really make the day extra special.


  • A night in by yourself: You don’t need to wear lingerie for anyone but yourself. So, if you plan on having a little you time, why not don some of your finest lingerie and check yourself out in the mirror? When you feel sexy and powerful in lingerie, you can take it one step further and lay out some adult sex toys on the bed for a little self-indulgence.

The worst occasions to wear lingerie

What are some of the worst occasions to wear lingerie?

  • Because you feel you have to: If your partner insists on you wearing lingerie when you don’t feel up to it, don’t. The only occasion you should be wearing lingerie is when you are completely into it and feeling your best.


  • To the gym: While wearing lingerie can certainly make you feel sexy and powerful, you should never wear lingerie when you are working out. Wear something practical that you are comfortable in and don’t mind getting covered in sweat!


  • When lounging about at home: Yes, it’s good to get dressed up in your best knickers if you are planning a little alone time. However, if you won’t make it much further than the couch and fancy a binge day, then bin off the knickers and bra and stick to some baggy sweatpants instead. If you’re going to slob out, slob out in style!

Ultimately, wearing lingerie should always be on your terms. Never feel pressured to dress up for anyone other than yourself. Yes, it’s nice to treat your partner to some sexy lingerie, but the most important thing of all is that you feel confident when you do so. Of course, when you look so darn incredible, it’s hard not to feel confident!


A Short Guide to Becoming a Dance Teacher

*Collaborative post.

Welcomes professions that turn passion into action, and teaching is top of the list. 

When we talk about sports teaching or fitness teaching, there’s always an outcome for multiple other people – goals to reach for the clients and students.

One of the most creative teaching skills is dance teaching.

Even if you have a massive love of dance, you might not be sure where to start to build your dance teaching career. So what does it take to become a dance teacher?

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Skills and qualities

Like most teachers, you need the skills and the passion to make sure that you can give your students the best. So make it as a dance teacher; you need to dance yourself or have a lot of experience in helping a dance teacher.

It is also worth keeping in mind that there are hundreds of different kinds of dance and you’ll need to decide which one it is you want to teach. For example, a ballet teacher will offer different classes and skills to a ballroom dance teacher or a street dancer. 

There are always hundreds of students who are ready to sign up for a dance class; being a dance teacher is still highly competitive, and it pays for you to be as qualified in your chosen dance as possible. Having the right certification like ballet teaching certification or Barre Certification is an absolute must when it comes to being competitive. 

Private or group
One of the most important decisions you will be required to make is if you prefer to have one-on-one sessions or take group lessons. You might also choose to work within a school setting or pre-existing dance school.

The type of dance you choose to take also impacts whether you take private one-on-one sessions; also, you can take a group.


If you have no experience of being a dance teacher, it can be very difficult to go from being a dancer to having your own studio. Ideally, you’ll have some sort of track record that any of your students can check and know that you do have the experience. 

It is also important that you understand all the processes and procedures of entering any of your students into dance competitions and that you are, as a studio or a teacher, a member of any governing bodies that can issue certifications and standards for your students.

Before you head out on your own and launch a studio or a solo operation, it can be a great idea to get in touch with a local dance studio and see if they need any weekend help. 

No matter how far along you are in your journey to becoming a dance teacher, most often, dance studios will be thankful for the help; keep in mind that you might need to volunteer your services for a short while. Still, it will help you get a good grasp of all of the skills that you’re going to need.

If you’re not quite ready to become a dance teacher, then here are a few other career options that you can consider: Here Are A Few Ideas On Changing Career Path


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