Signs You Could Be Wasting Time In The Wrong Career

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Are you suddenly wondering whether you may be in the wrong career? The fact that you’re even thinking about this could be an indication that you are. However, you shouldn’t go on this thought alone. Looking for other signs that you could be in the wrong career is a good idea. Below, you’ll find a list of signs that could indicate whether you are in the wrong career – take a look and see if it’s time for you to make a change:

  1. You Spend Too Much Time Complaining About Work

Do you spend a lot of your time complaining about work? If so, it could be a sign you need a change. Complaining every so often is ok, but if you’re complaining all the time and struggling to find things to be grateful for, then it could be a sign you’re in the wrong field, industry, or role. Examine what is making you unhappy and whether it is temporary or permanent. 

2. You have Work Anxiety

Having work anxiety is not pleasant, especially since we spend so much of our lives in work. Are you anxious about the workplace, someone at work, or an element of your job? You may be able to speak with your boss and sort this out, but if not, it could be a big sign that you need to move on. 

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3. You’re Not Sure Why You’re There Anymore

Maybe you started this career with the best of intentions, sure that you were going to do some meaningful things to fill you with purpose. However, if you’re not sure why you’re there anymore, it looks as if you may have grown or evolved as a person. Just because a job once filled you with joy and purpose, doesn’t mean it will forever. This is why remaining flexible is key. Just because you’ve put a few years into something, doesn’t mean you should continue to plug away at it when you’re clearly not happy. 

4. You Imagine Quitting 

If you sit at work and daydream about quitting and going off to do something else, this is a huge sign. If you know there’s something else you’d rather spend your time doing, but you’re not doing anything to work towards that, maybe now is the time to get started on an action plan.

5. Your Lifestyle Isn’t One You Enjoy

Your lifestyle is hugely important, and the type of work you do can impact it. Your work will impact how much you make, how much time you have off, flexibility, and so much more. If your lifestyle doesn’t suit you currently, it could be time to explore roles that offer lifestyles that do. You could look into driving instructor courses, as this role often comes with more flexibility than a regular job. However, it’s up to you to define the lifestyle you would like.

6. You Know Your Skills and Talents Aren’t Being Utilized

In any job role, skills and talents should be utilized for your satisfaction and your best work output. If you know that your skills and talents just aren’t being utilized, then you likely need a role where they are. What are you really good at, and what sort of role would help to enhance that? When do you feel most alive, and happy? When are you focused and in the flow? Define these moments and skills so you know what sort of things you need to be doing.

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7. You Have No Energy

Having no energy doesn’t always come from having a super busy job where you’re on your feet all day. You could begin to feel exhausted even if you’re sat down all day – jobs you hate can mentally exhaust you. Or, perhaps you feel exhausted physically and mentally because you’re giving everything you’ve got, but you’re not really getting anything back. In your ideal job, you may get tired from time to time, but you won’t mind much because you’ll feel purposeful.

8. You’re Sick All The Time

If you’re sick, either physically or mentally, it could be down to spending so much time in a job you’re not gelling with. Many people don’t feel mentally well in the wrong job. They can become riddled with anxiety and stress, amongst other issues. Plus, mental stress can lead to a lowered immune system, so the two go hand in hand.

9. You’re Just Bored

Maybe you’re seriously bored at your job. If it’s no longer a challenge for you and you want something you can get stuck into, it could be time to move on. Some people would never leave a stable job out of boredom, but where’s the fun in life if you’re going to play it safe constantly?

10. You Have To Focus On Extras Just To Get Through The Day

Maybe you’re not living in the present moment, and instead, having to focus on the extras just to get you through the day. Perhaps you’re looking ahead to a future bonus, a conference, a milestone anniversary, or a sales team trip. Maybe you constantly count the days until the weekend and dread Mondays. If you have to focus on extras to get through the day, you should definitely be elsewhere.

11. Your Values Don’t Line Up

Knowing your own personal values and what’s important to you can help you to pick the ideal job. You should work in a role that aligns with your values. Not only that, you should be working with a company that aligns with your values! For example, if you’re a vegan who loves animals, you wouldn’t want to work for a company that sells animal products. This would be at odds with what is important to you and would likely make you unhappy in one way or another. That’s just one example – make sure you know what your own values are! 

Have you figured out whether you’re in the wrong career yet? If you find yourself thinking about it all the time, then this is enough of a reason to move on. You don’t need a big reason for taking a leap of faith and doing something new. Life is to be lived, whatever stage you’re at and whatever age you are. Thanks for reading and leave your thoughts below! 

Charity of the Month – Samaritans

The charity of the month is Samaritans. Many of us are familiar with this charity and the amazing work they have been doing for years. This year, many charities like the Samaritans are working even harder to help people overcome mental health issues. Prior to 2020, Samaritans responded to a call for her every 7 seconds. Since the pandemic started, the charity now responds to a call for help every 6 seconds. It is wonderful to have charities like the Samaritans available to help those in need. This year has been hard for many with plenty of ups and downs. Those struggling with mental health issues will find it even harder. Many are struggling with isolation, anxious about their or their loved one’s health, worrying about the future, or are fighting on the frontline to save lives. All these have an impact on physical and mental health.

Charity of the Month – Samaritans

Charity of the month image

How you can help

Here are some ways you could help –


You can donate to the Samarians. Your donation could help Samaritans answer more potentially life-saving calls for help. You can donate here.


Samarians are always looking for volunteers to help save more lives. You could volunteer and get involved. Check out the website for more information on how to volunteer with the Samaritans.

Shop the online store

You could shop the online store and grab a few bits for yourself while saving lives at the same time. There are loads of fab Christmas gifts currently available, from foodie treats to presents for the kids.


You could also organise your own fundraising events and raise money for the charity. There are loads of fundraising events ideas from couch to 5k to football matches. The fundraising choice is yours.

Many people especially at this time of the year and with all what is happening. Do your own bit if you can and save lives. You can also check out other charities Fashion and Style Police supports here.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.


6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly

*Collaborative post.

Autumn is here and the weather has started changing. The cold is slowly creeping up here in Cheshire. Some days are colder than others. We have even had our heating on for an hour on very cold days. The change in weather has reminded me to start getting ready for winter. It can get really cold where we are and it is always best to make the home more eco-friendly and ready for the colder months. Having an eco-friendly home helps create a sustainable environment and does wonders for your bank balance too!

Spring decor image

Here are 6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly –

Install a smart meter

Heating is one of the biggest ways we use energy. Which is why installing a smart meter is really important. We got our smart meter a year ago and it has seriously helped us monitor our energy usage and keep our energy bills low. I love that I can see how much we have spent on gas and electricity daily, weekly, and monthly. It allows us to budget and reduces our energy consumption. Once you install a smart meter, the way you use your gas and electricity will change for the better.

Insulate your home

The best way to improve your home’s energy usage is to make sure you don’t use as much energy to begin with. This is where insulation comes in. Good insulation helps retain the heat, which means you won’t have to put on your heating as often. You can also look at installing Aluminium Windows for your home. Aluminum Windows allow your home to remain eco-friendly by retaining the heat.

Get a water filter

I stopped buying bottled water years ago when I got a water filter. Having a water filter has helped us stay eco-friendly at home, and I find that I am now drinking more water which is amazing.

Double glazed french doors

Having double glazed french doors is great for retaining the heat. They also create an illusion of a bigger room with the extra natural light. If you are planning home renovations, installing double glazed french doors should be on your list if you don’t already have them.

Line-dry your clothes

We have never had a tumble dryer. I am not into tumble dryers at all because I believe they damage the clothes long term. Line-drying is what we do and it works great.

Fill up your washing machine and dishwasher before running them

Filling up the washing machine and dishwasher before running them means you don’t have to use them so frequently. I always wash at maximum capacity. It is great for the environment and my wallet.

What do you think of these 6 small changes to make the home more eco-friendly? Is your home eco-friendly? What plans do you have in place to make your home more energy-efficient this winter? Please share your tried and tested eco-friendly tips in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a great time wherever you are.





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