Three Unconventional Ways To Practice Self-Care

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Modern life is stressful, and that’s no secret. With the increasingly hectic realities of the workplace, family, relationships, and more, finding time for yourself can sometimes seem impossible. And, believe me, time to yourself is more important than you might realise. Moreover, as the world starts to turn at a normal pace once more (after the strange year-and-a-bit we’ve just collectively gone through), it can be difficult to re-learn all of the busy behaviours we mastered in the past. 

Luckily, as times change, so can we. If you feel like you’re finding yourself burnt out, restless, or just plain exhausted, there are a few things you can try which are proven to help lift spirits in times of duress.

  1. Give therapy a go- but not necessarily CBT

Therapy is more widely accessible than ever now, which is a fantastic side-effect of our increasingly online lives. With a few simple clicks, you can get yourself in touch with a licensed professional who can help you figure out how to combat some of the stressors in your daily life, and all from the comfort of your own home!

However, the most popular form of therapy (cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT for short) is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Everyone’s mental wellbeing has unique requirements, therefore, sometimes one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it. This is where it might be worth checking out some more unconventional solutions. Group therapy might be worth a try, or even hypnotherapy (which can even be done online now from providers such as might be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know; the next one might be the life-changing revelation you’ve been looking for.

  1. Revamp your wardrobe

As simple as it may sound, sometimes the monotony of our daily lives can get us feeling down. The way you see yourself can have a huge impact on your general wellbeing; it’s no secret that you feel good when you’re looking good! If you feel like you could do with a touch of personal reinvigoration, going on a shopping spree might be the remedy you needed all along. 

Something as simple as a new jacket or pair of heels can be enough to tip the scales from self-neutrality to self-love. Material objects shouldn’t dictate the way we perceive ourselves, but they can definitely help perk up your daily routine!

  1. Spruce up your living areas

The world which surrounds you in your everyday life can either raise you up or wear you down; it all depends on how comfortable you are. Not only can giving interior redesign a go be an engaging new personal project, but it can also have some serious long-term benefits to your general health and wellbeing. 

The environments we work, sleep, and relax in will have an effect on how effective each respective task is. Humans are sensory creatures who enjoy comfort! Embracing this fact will open an entirely new avenue of agency and help you seize control of the world you live in.


Common Home Interior Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Let’s face it: many people go for similar styles when it comes to interior design. Contemporary styles are very popular at the moment, and most home furnishing retailers adapted their product ranges with that in mind.

But, that doesn’t stop people from creating their own unique styles for their homes. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that because it makes sense to come up with style fusions or try things that most other people haven’t done before with their interior design.

However, there are some very obvious mistakes that a few people make when redecorating their homes. If you want to make sure you don’t make them as well, find out more about what you need to avoid doing below:

Poor Lighting Choices

If you’re planning to live in total darkness, you can ignore this section. Otherwise, it’s essential you digest the main takeaway of this part of the article: don’t make poor lighting choices!

One of the most common interior design mistakes people make is leaving their lighting choices as an afterthought. Fantastic lighting can help transform any room into something extraordinary.

When you’re considering your interior design choices, always think about the best type of lighting to complement the colours, styles, and furniture used within each room.

Poor Furniture Choices

It should come as no surprise that one of the top reasons some people aren’t good at home interior design is when they make poor furniture choices. As you can appreciate, the furniture you choose for each room must compliment your interior decor.

For example, if you’ve gone for a contemporary look for your dining room, a round dining table and matching chairs would look quite smart compared to something that would be more in keeping with a Jacobean style.

Similarly, if you’re going for a retro art deco theme for your living room, you wouldn’t necessarily choose a shabby chic TV cabinet.

Crowded Walls

Some folks might seek inspiration for their home decor ideas on websites like Pinterest. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s not always possible to pull off the same look on a “pinned” image.

One example is creating a photo montage wall. Yes, it can be a great way to remind yourself about everything you love in your life by putting up photos of certain people and places. But, you could easily go too far and create a chaotic photographic nightmare.

Consider the amount of space available to you, along with the size of the room, before you decide how many photos to put up on the wall and the dimensions of each frame.

Forgetting to Take Measurements

One final point to bear in mind is that some home dwellers fall in love with certain items of furniture, for example, and believe those items would look great in their homes. Unfortunately, they forget to take any measurements.

As you can imagine, disappointment and frustration will often ensue, especially when they can’t even get said items of furniture through their front or back doors! That’s why it’s always crucial to measure spaces and doorways before buying anything bulky.



Loving Your Garden, For A Few More Weeks Of Summer

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We’re finally letting loose the bonds of lockdowns and for some of us at least, this has meant something of a relatively “normal” summer. (Whatever that means), and then just in time, we’re starting to cool down in time for the autumn and then the longer British winter sets in.  We hope that you’ve found ways to love and appreciate your garden during lockdown and to make sure that you squeeze the last precious few drops of summer from your garden, we’re going to take a look at a few cool ideas to help you do exactly that.

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Even as the warm and balmy summer days start to give way for shorter days and cooler nights, there are still some fabulous garden parties to be had.  If you’re thinking of doing some adult entertaining, then nighttime dinner parties or cocktail evenings are still perfect ways to live a little outdoors.  It’s not that cold yet and with some soft, fluffy blankets placed in easy to reach places, gorgeous garden lighting to create unique and interesting spots and a cocktail menu that features spicy concoctions, you can still squeeze some classy entertaining out of your garden.  If you’re planning on hosting a party with kids, then pick afternoons where there’s still a chance of some decent sunshine and playtime.


It is easy to think that with the onset of the autumn that that means a solid goodbye to any animal life, but if you happen to live outside the cities and in more “towny” or rural locations, then this is a wonderful time to set up a bird feeder or two and start welcoming all sorts of birdsong into your garden in the mornings. You’ll catch some migrating birds and you might even spot a hedgehog or two.  


The change of season brings a change of style also and with longer nights and shorter days, you can start playing around with solar lanterns, hanging chairs and patio cushions made from textured fabrics that reflect the colours of autumn.  Rust, orange, dark red, brown and just a splash of white or blue will create focus points in your garden and invite quiet cuddles or solitary book reading moments.


It is also time to prepare your garden for the seasonal change too.  Tidy up the hedges and get stuck into your lawn, rake away any leftover shrubbery or moss and start collecting falling leaves to make a leaf mould later on.  It’s also a good time to check all of your garden equipment and machinery before packing them away and if your machinery needs fixing, don’t put it off until next year, do it now.  So when you’re ready to reinvigorate your garden after the winter, you’ll be good to go.  Remember to check your mowers and other equipment for parts or broken accessories.  Mastercraft replacement parts are available from

We love our gardens in Britain and the change of season is no excuse to get lazy, there are still fabulous parties and get-togethers to be had and many wonderful memories, to be made.


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