Keeping Your First Home Away From Home Uplifting

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So, you’re moving out of the family home for the first time and you’re about to make your own way in the world. Excited?

For many people, moving out of the family home and into student accommodation or a private apartment is a tremendous life milestone, and opens the door to all sorts of exciting and potentially uplifting new opportunities and possibilities.

At the same time, though, moving into your own living space, by yourself, can be daunting and even demoralising.

Here are some things you can do to keep your first home away from home uplifting and feel-good.

Keep it tidy, clean and organised

One area where many people find themselves struggling when first moving into a living space by themselves is when it comes to keeping that living space tidy, clean, and organised.

Depending on the situation you experienced within your family home, there’s a good chance either that you were kept consistent with tidying and chores by the expectations of your family members, or that most of the cleaning and tidying was handled by other people.

But when you move into your own home, without anyone else keeping an eye on you, the situation can end up dramatically changing. After all, what’s wrong with letting dirty clothes pile up for a while if it’s not hurting anyone?

Unfortunately, a messy living space is almost certainly not going to feel good or uplifting to spend time in, on a regular basis.

Simply taking consistent steps to keep the place tidy, clean and organised can have a real significant impact on your sense of wellbeing.

Decorate it in a way that supports the kind of mood and mindset you want to achieve

Decorations and ornaments — even just a handful of carefully selected items — can make a powerful difference when it comes to shaping the atmosphere in any kind of home environment.

The first step is to think about the kind of mood and mindset that you want to achieve and encourage in your new living space — and the next step is to set about decorating it in a way that helps to support that mood and mindset.

Maybe a certain motivational poster to remind you to look on the bright side could be a great addition. Or maybe some photos of your closest loved ones could help to keep you feeling loved and connected.

Pay attention to the importance of pleasant smells and sounds

The kinds of smells and sounds that exist in your living space can have a major impact on the atmosphere of that living space as a whole, and on how you feel while there.

Essential oils, scented candles, pouches, or lavender are all examples of things that can help to create a more positive and upbeat atmosphere within your home while playing some quiet upbeat music can also help to make you feel more energetic and comfortable.


How to Make your Small Business More Sustainable

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The way we run our small business has a major impact on the environment. It is crucial we business owners take some responsibility by ensuring we continuously look for ways to make our small business more sustainable. Many businesses are now choosing more sustainable business practices to do their own bit for the environment and their customers are noticing the changes being made. If you wondering how to make your small business more sustainable, here are some tips and ideas you can implement into your business practices today:

Pay attention to your product source materials

If your small business involves products, you need to pay attention to your product source materials to ensure your business is sustainable. Your products need to be sourced sustainably, fair-trade, and made with recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials.

Eco-friendly packaging

The way you package your products plays a huge role in determining how sustainable your business is. It is better to use sustainable packaging that won’t cost the earth. For small businesses, investing in environmentally friendly packaging is no longer a choice but a necessity if they want to thrive in the current market. Sustainable packaging is not only better for the environment, but it also shows that small business owners are responsible and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. You can check biodegradable custom shipper boxes here and establish a positive brand reputation and gain customer loyalty in the long run.

A great idea for a sustainable business is to make use of compostable packaging, which is more environmentally friendly.

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Sustainable storage

The way a business stores its products can affect the environment over time. When it comes to selecting a storage space, it is best to make use of a facility that uses renewable energy for storage to ensure your business remains sustainable. Putting products in green containers instead of plastics is another way of creating sustainable storage for your small business.

Green shipping

Using green shipping will reduce carbon footprint and make your business even more sustainable. Make use of environmentally friendly shipping materials like compostable bags and recycled cardboard, and avoid using plastic wrap or bubble lining which are a lot harder to recycle.

Be as paperless as possible

This is one tip every business owner can implement. I aim to be as paperless as possible. I have all I need stored on the Cloud, laptop, and hard drive. There is really no need for me to print in my business and I am almost certain it is the case for many other business owners. However, if you must use paper in your business, go for sustainably sourced recycled paper.

Regardless of the line of business you are in, you can make it a priority to make your business more sustainable today. The planet will be thank you for it and your sustainable actions will encourage others to do the same and save the environment.





Charity of the Month: Save the Children

The charity of the month is Save the Children. I have heard a lot about this amazing charity over the years and I am glad to see the charity is still very much active. Save the Children is a charity that focuses on child’s health and education. The goal of the charity is to support children in the UK and around the world in their growth, education and their future. In 2020, Save the Children helped 2.9 million children access online learning during the lockdown, 10,000 UK families with food vouchers and essentials, and 760,000+ homes stay safe with access to clean water and soap.

Charity of the month image

Charity of the Month: Save the Children

Usually, the poorest children do not perform as well at school as their wealthier classmates. A malnourished child would not be able to achieve high grades, this is why providing children with good food is so one of the main objectives of Save the Children charity. Also, low literacy is linked to low pay and unemployment. The figures show that the poverty in childhood is linked to unemployment and low pay in adulthood. This is why charities like Save the Children are so amazing because they are tackling the root of many issues people face in adulthood.

I am also very pleased to see the work this charity is doing in Nigeria. They are supporting Nigerian mothers and helping them improve their nutrition and overall health, which in turn will improve their child’s health.

How to get involved

If you like what Save the Children is about and you want to get involved, you can volunteer with the charity, you can also donate here, and organise fundraising events to help children survive and thrive all over the world.

You can also find out more about this charity of the month here. Read about the charity for last month here.

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