5 Commercial Kitchen Must Haves

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A commercial kitchen must have all the equipment available to prepare a variety of meals. The choice of this equipment should depend on the object of the kitchen and the goals to be met. If the business cannot afford to buy the equipment, lease them to make the kitchen functional. Good kitchen equipment should give the desired results every time they are used. They should slot in seamlessly in the chef’s operations. The equipment should be energy-efficient and give consistent results. The following are the most important equipment the kitchen must have.


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  1. Commercial Microwave

Commercial Microwaves may not be large, but they are fundamental in ensuring efficiency in the kitchen. They perform peripheral jobs which make a big difference when serving food. I like that commercial microwaves allow the chefs to heat, steam and serve food without wasting time. They add versatility to the kitchen and enhance cooking capabilities. In some cases, they act as backups for the ovens.


  1. Combi Oven

They combine multiple cooking equipment into a single unit. The unit can be used for grilling, baking, roasting and even steaming. It can also be used for deep or shallow frying. The modern oven is made to guarantee consistency in the result of any cooking process. It can simplify a complicated cooking procedure but give consistent results. Having this equipment in the kitchen is like having an additional chef.


  1. Commercial Fryer

The equipment is designed to help the chef create delicious dishes without straining. It is fun to use it to prepare meals. The fryers come in different sizes and power. Your budget should help you choose the best commercial fryer for your kitchen. Note that the new fryers come with oil filtration systems that help to extend the life of the oil. It helps you to save money.


  1. The Commercial Grill

It is used where an oven cannot be used to cook food. Commercial grills have become common in modern restaurants. It is used to prepare delicious meats. With this equipment, chefs can add flair to plates. It helps to transform an ordinary commercial kitchen into a high-tech one.  A good commercial grill will give your food a branded finish. Modern grills are versatile and can be used to prepare a variety of menu. They can be used to prepare meat, delicate fish and vegetables.


  1. Commercial Kitchen Freezers

Their main job is to remove heat from food and preserve it. It is true that the chef may not cook all the food bought. He may need to preserve and cook it the following day. Here, a commercial freezer comes in handy. It reduces the chances of throwing away food which is essential when cutting down on costs.

We have many more equipment commercial kitchens must have.  But with these 5 pieces of equipment, you can be sure to deliver on all the promises you make. Of course, the quality of the equipment will depend on your budget. Ensure that you only buy pieces of equipment that have been tested in commercial kitchens. If you can’t afford kitchen equipment at the moment, consider hiring them. For more information, go to


Play-Doh Kitchen Creations

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My twins are huge fans of Play-Doh. They enjoy making various shapes and just playing around with the various creations they make.  I like Play-Doh because apart from the fact that it keeps them very busy for hours, it is also great in helping the children develop the pencil grip muscles they need for writing. That fact alone encourages me to keep stocking up on more Play-Doh.

The lovely people at Hasbro kindly sent us a pack of Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, and I know the Kiddies are going to be very busy with it this half term. They were also sent us a box of edible, personalised doughnuts to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which we have been munching on.


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Play-Doh Kitchen Creations £10.99

This Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Delightful Doughnuts Set includes an unassembled stand, sprinkle crank, 4 donut moulds, donut hole tool, frosting tool, teacup, 4 two-ounce cans of Play-Doh Brand Modelling Compound, 2 creation cards, and instructions. This set allows the kids to be as creative as they like in their make-believe kitchen/donut cafe. If your kids are into role play as much as mine, they will adore this play set. It allows the kids explore their bakery and creative skills.

Children can create and decorate their very own make-believe donuts thanks to the colourful Play-Doh moulds. The donuts can be moulded in many shapes and sizes.


Play Doh Image Play doh Kitchen Creations Review Image


This Play-Doh Kitchen Creations is for children who are 3 years old and over, due to small parts which could lead to a choking hazard.. Adult supervision is required when setting up the play set. It took me less than 2 minutes to set it all up. The Play-Doh should not be eaten. It contains Wheat. Non-Toxic.

I recommend the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations to parents of kids over 3 years who are into role play and crafts. If you have reception primary school children struggling with writing and holding the pencil properly, I would say you get some Play-Doh to help them develop the pencil grip.


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Are you kids fans of Play-Doh? Have they tried this Play-Doh Kitchen Creations? What do you think of the play set?

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

We have finally decorated our house and it does feel like Christmas now. The Kiddies keep asking me what Christmas is, and they always remind me of the gifts they have asked for. We are definitely looking forward to the holidays after waiting a whole year for it.

If you are still in need for some Christmas gift shopping, here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family –



Bianca Grey Waffle Throw £70

This Bianca Grey Waffle Throw by Room to Sleep would make a great home present this Christmas.  It would be a great bedding addition. The stunning grey throw features a giant waffle design. It is a perfect throw for snuggling up on the sofa during the cold winter months. And it can also be used as a bedspread.


Go Travel Ultimate Memory Pillow £24.99

Go Travel Ultimate Memory Pillow Image

This Ultimate Memory Pillow by Go Travel is a great travel accessory. It would make a lovely Xmas gift for the frequent travellers. I like that it is made from premium, high-density memory foam that responds instantly to the natural contours. It also features a super soft velour outer and fully adjustable front tension straps to provide a great fit.



Go Travel Sleep Shade £6.99


This Sleep Shade by Go Travel would make a great stocking filler. It blocks out any unwanted light, for a great good night’s sleep. The soft to touch silky outer fabric is stylish and very comfortable. I am a proud owner of this Sleep Shade and they come highly recommended.


TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset – Pink £14.99


The TX-30 Gioteck Headset is a great gift idea for the tech lovers. It is available in 3 colours – pink, blue and green. It works great on any device. The headset offers a light, flexible and comfortable headband cushioned with ultra-soft Alacantra®. This is a perfect Christmas present.


TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset £34.99

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset Imag4e


This TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset is another great gift idea for the tech lovers. Kids, teens and adults interested in music and gaming would adore this product. I really like the copper and matt black finish , it is such a beauty.

You can grab this both Gioteck Headsets from Argos 


ORB Retro Handheld Console with LCD Screen £19.99


The lovely ORB Thumbs Up Retro Handheld Console will take you back to the 80s. You can sit back and enjoy some of your old favourite classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four or shooting the enemy and collecting coins. It is a perfect handheld retro games device. I think it is a great little gift for Christmas. You can grab this and other amazing Christmas gifts at Rymans.



Organic Mineral Lipstick – #20 Blackberry Smoothie £18

This Organic Mineral Lipstick by Odylique would be great as a Stocking Filler this Christmas. Odylique Lipsticks are 100% natural – 86% organic mineral lipsticks. The first lipsticks certified to Soil Association AND Fairtrade standards!

I love the Blackberry Smoothie shade. The creamy texture keeps my lips moisturised and looking great.


Organic Mineral Lipstick – #21 Mocha £18£

This Mocha Odylique Lipstick is another great Stocking Filler idea. I adore the deep brown shade. This Lipstick will be great for nourishing the lips and keeping them looking amazing. I love them.


Odylique Mineral Concealer – Dark £17.50



This high coverage, Organic Concealer by Odylique is great for disguising everything from dark circles, to scars and acne blemishes. It is also non comedogenic, which makes it natural enough to sleep in!

This Odylique Mineral Concealer would make an ideal gift for the makeup lovers in your lives. The stunning shades of Odylique Mineral Lipsticks would make great gifts for makeup lovers too!


What do you think of these gift ideas?


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