How to handle the aftermath of a slip and fall accident

Every year, thousands of people injure themselves in slip and fall accidents. They are the most common type of workplace accidents. But, they also happen with surprising frequency in people’s homes or in public places.

If you have this type of accident, it is possible to end up with quite serious injuries. Especially if you break a big bone like your hip. Injuries sustained in a fall can lead to permanent disabilities. The fact that the consequences can be serious means that it is important to handle things in the right way in the days, weeks and months after your accident.


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Speak to a lawyer

In many cases, it makes sense to hire a team of people with experience, such as this company. They will look into what happened and work out whether you will be able to claim for compensation.

Provided they believe that you have a strong enough case, they will advise you about how to gather evidence. For example, they may ask you to write down what happened, take photos of the scene and keep a symptom diary. Doing this and other things in the right way can greatly improve your chances of being paid.

It is a good idea to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. This will help to ensure that evidence that can strengthen your case is not lost.

Report the accident

You should always report a trip or fall accident if they occur in a workplace or public space. Doing so will help to ensure that someone else does not have a similar accident.

This is particularly important if you do something like trip over a cracked paving slab. If you don’t report it, potentially dozens of other people could be hurt.

The fact that you have properly reported the issue could even help your claim. It provides a record of the incident that helps to prove that it happened.

But, be careful about what you say in the accident report. Your lawyer will help you to write it in a way that does not make it look like you are to blame for the accident.

Follow your doctor’s advice

It is very important to follow the advice that your doctor and other medical professionals give you. Doing so will help you to heal faster. But that is not the only reason to do so.

If you do not follow the medical advice you are given, the party you are suing may be able to argue that you are partly to blame for any permanent disability. They could say that if you had done what you were supposed to you would have healed better.

Take steps to avoid a similar accident happening again

The vast majority of people who suffer trip and fall accidents are elderly or infirm. If you fall into this category, it is a good idea to think about using some form of walking aid to reduce the risk of falling again. This article tells you about some of them. It also covers the subject of adaptations that can be made to the home to make falls less likely.




The teachings of Abraham Hicks

I read Esther and Jerry Hicks books speaking on behalf of Abraham Hicks years ago. Their words are always spot on and true. I forgot completely about them until quite recently. Someone mentioned Abraham Hicks on a Facebook group and it reminded me of their wise words. The name came to me again and I went off to YouTube to watch their clips for the first time. I was expecting to see a man but was blown away it was a woman – Esther Hicks, and seeing Abraham Hicks working through her brought back memories. If you are interested in finding out more about the teachings of Abraham Hicks, a quick YouTube search will take you to the right channel.

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What Abraham Hicks has reminded me

Watching Abraham Hicks has reminded me about many things. I can resonate with almost all the teachings. It is like I knew all about them before and just needed to be reminded. Here are some of my favourite life lessons from the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

You attract what you focus on

Abraham Hicks’ teachings is largely based on attracting what you focus on. If you don’t want something, don’t focus on it. It is that simple. Instead focus on what you do want. The Law of Attraction is true and we need to ensure our focus is placed on what we want to manifest, rather than on what we don’t want in our experiences.

Not everyone is going to understand your journey

Our spiritual journey is ours, not everyone is going to get it and that’s fine. We need to focus on our growth and be ok with others not being on the same page as us.


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Appreciate yourself

Many of us neglect ourselves. We focus on everyone else and put ourselves and wellbeing last every time. Abraham Hicks has reminded me to learn to appreciate myself a lot more and take myself off the last on the list every time.

Life is supposed to be fun

We tend to make life a lot harder than it is supposed to be. Life is meant to be fun and easy, but it becomes harder thanks to the decisions we make and how we go about living.

Find your joy within

Our joy should come from within and shouldn’t be dependant on how others behave or treat us. Once the joy is tapped in from within, you will never feel the need to depend on someone else to make you feel good.

These are just some of the life lessons from Abraham Hicks. There are tons of information and resources available on YouTube and in their books. So do have a look if you want to experience it all yourself. I find them so refreshing and true.

Thanks for reading.


Entertainment Ideas For Family Gatherings

*Collaborative post.

Family gatherings usually happen around birthdays or Christmas time, and sometimes other special occasions too. Many events happen through life such as graduations and new babies, but when we all get together, even though we should be able to chat and have fun without there being much of a problem, there are usually some children to entertain, or those few people who aren’t particularly interested in Socialising, So here are some entertainment ideas that you can use your next family gathering, the next time you get the plates out ready for dishing up a meal for everybody, think about what entertainment ideas you can add into the mix.


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Everybody loves watching a good box set, and some people even set up themed evenings based on their favorite TV box set. Many people have had “friends“ parties, whereby everyone sits and watches an episode or two. And sometimes there are even quizzes involved to test who is the biggest fan. If you aren’t sure where to access some great TV or box sets though, then have a look at, and see what you can find on there. There really are thousands and thousands of options at the moment, So it’s difficult to please everyone, but eventually, you’ll get a general consensus on what people think is good! 



Even playing basic board games is entertaining enough sometimes. Some people, of course, like To be competitive, and some people like to make sure everyone has a lovely time. But either way, playing some games of some kind can really get the laughter flowing. Charades is one of those games that everybody knows and loves. Usually makes an appearance at Christmas time, and it’s great to get everybody playing along from the small children to the oldest adults. If you have a large number of people attending your gathering, then splitting out into teams is also A good idea. It’s important to note that it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, a lot of games can be absolutely free and just need a piece of paper and a pen to play. These games can keep people entertained her family gathering for a long time.


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When you have family members over that are keen to look at old videos of the photographs, and this is a great time to reminisce and laugh about the past. Looking at each other’s old clothing and hairstyles, and remembering people that may no longer be with you, is a wonderful time for everybody. maybe it would be amazing to put together a slideshow for the TV before people arrived. It might even be a good idea to contact some relatives to see if they have any photos that they could share, it’s surprising what people come up with when you ask, and you may find some cousins have some photos of your grandparents that you’ve never seen before!


Family gatherings aren’t as regular as we would all hope, but they are usually fun and end with some great laughter and time bonding.


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