How to Get Your Life Back on Track

If you feel that, for whatever reason, your life has veered off course and you’re now not heading in the direction that you envisaged you would be, then it’s time you got it back on track. Doing so isn’t simply a case of waking up one day and hoping everything will fall into place for you, however. To get back on the straight and narrow,you have to do a number of things and put in an abundance of hard work. With that in mind, here’s what you should be doing, as well as what it takes, to get your life back on track:


First: The first thing that you need to do in your quest to get your life back on track is to open yourself up to the acceptance of help. You need to do so because you’re going to want support, especially when it comes to facing certain challenges that require a specific skill set to overcome. For instance, if you feel like you’ve come to a point where you are overly reliant or addicted to a substance, then you’re going to need help from experts in the field of drug treatment and rehabilitation therapy. You’re not going to kick the habit alone or without the knowledge that such professionals bring to the table, which is why you should accept the help that they offer.



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Second: If you’ve gone through a particularly tough time and you feel like that is the reason for your life veering off track, then you need to stop trying to force your healing process. You need to give yourself time to think about the things that you’ve gone through and mourn anything that you may have lost, be that a person or just a piece of yourself. You need to be patient with the pace at which you recover, and you should never jump into doing anything you do not feel wholly comfortable with doing. In the future, yes, you will have to start pushing yourself if you want to find success in your life. For now, however, be patient with yourself.


Third: Once you feel like you are in a position to truly make strides forward into your future, you need to start acting in a way that accommodates your new way of living. This involves setting your own values, and sticking to them no matter what happens. It also involves you finding a way to deal with your life today, teaching yourself to neither think too much about yesterday or tomorrow. Plus, you need to always think positively, focus on what can go right rather than what could go wrong. Life is all about mindset, and if you get into the habit of thinking optimistically, more opportunities will find their way to you.


You deserve for your life to be heading in the direction that you wish for it to take. To get it on this route, you’re going to have to take the above advice and put it all into practice.


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My Postpartum Hair Loss Experience

I heard about how long and thick the hair becomes whilst pregnant. So that was one of the changes I was looking forward when I pregnant with the kiddies. About 3/4 months into my pregnancy, I noticed my hair was becoming longer and fuller, and I loved it. My hair was very unhealthy before I became pregnant, so I this hair growth was badly needed. But few weeks after delivery, I started experiencing hair loss. The beautiful hair I was excited about started to fall off!


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The shock of losing my hair!

I was so confused at first because I wasn’t expecting to lose the hair. The pregnancy books I read did not warn me about that, so I wasn’t prepared to see my long hair falling off in clumps. I felt helpless and annoyed. My hair was pretty much back to how it was before I conceived and I was devastated.


Postpartum hair loss.

After doing some research, I found out that postpartum hair loss is quite common. However not all women would experience this hair loss, and the experience can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. Even though it is pregnancy related, losing huge clumps of hair still sucks. The term for this side effect of pregnancy and childbirth is Postpartum Alopecia, and about 90 percent of women will experience it.

Picturing 90 percent of women dealing with a form of postpartum hair loss is serious. Some cases will be most severe than others. And it makes me wonder why the hormones have to play up so much for us women. Hair loss is just one of the many changes I had to deal with after pregnancy. I also struggled with Hyperpigmentation, with my skin going many shades darker in my last trimester and staying almost that way until about a year ago.


What did I do?

I did a lot of reading and research on what to do about my hair loss. I considered having Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment done at a point. This is a treatment for those who are noticing thinning or balding hair. I also looked into various hair care products to reduce the hair loss.

After extensive research, I decided to relax and take my mind off my hair situation. I maintained a healthy lifestyle and slowly but surely my hair started to grow back. And thanks to my natural hair routine, it didn’t take too long to get my hair back to where it was before.

My hair is still a work in progress and I will be updating you in my next natural hair journey post.




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Have you experience any form of hair loss? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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Celebrate and Cherish your Favorite Moments with a Beautiful Portrait- PortraitFlip

The moments define us. They have already happened are a thing of past, but they remain with us always. The good time spent with the near and dear ones passes by quickly leaving behind a trail of memory. We most often overlook the importance of these memories in the perils of everyday life. And sometimes we become so busy acquiring financial wealth and making money that we forget to cherish our memories we had. More importance is giving to  tasks than people. We fail to realize that, there are just some things that money can’t buy.

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PortraitFlip recreates a painting from photos of these favorite memories of yours. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a painting should be worth an entire library. Hence this transformation is a great way to truly appreciate those moments that have brought you joy and happiness over the years.


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With the onset of the digital age capturing a moment has become as easy as a click of the button. Those special moments may come and go but their effects shall last in your hearts forever, just like an everlasting ripple of bountiful love. Thus a long lost photograph with family is sure to bring back the long lost moments of the childhood and the growing up stage, along with the fun we had with our siblings.


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Beautiful Portraits

You can hang your painting in the hallway or frame it as a showpiece. This is sure way to wow and thrill your colleagues as well as yourself with its innate beauty.

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Since time immemorial art has always been considered as a perfect medium to unleash and showcase one’s inner emotions and personality. Imagine being able to look at this frame every day and be transported back to the time and place where it all happened.


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You might have been to a holiday in a far and distant land. But the feels that you experience, rejuvenates you every time you think about it. Relive that moment part by part, second by second every day for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to do?


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Various Options

You can choose from a wide array of mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolors, charcoal etc. Each medium has its own unique feature and gives a different dimension to the painting. These can also be used as a great gifting option for almost any and every occasion, be it a corporate event or your best friend’s birthday party.

You can check out the great collection of handmade portraits at PortraitFlip. They offer you many mediums and sizes which are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. They even offer you the option of getting a customized portrait which lets you choose the various dimensions and features of the portrait which may vary from the standardized options.


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Let your precious moments bask in the glory of the pristine paints and invoke within you a sense of goodwill and appreciation. The perfect stimulus for your body and soul! Let the mind be conquered by the beauty of this magnificent work and enlightened by its breathtaking aura. It may not be possible to go back in time but it is very much possible to keep those precious moments alive in our memory.


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In a time where everything is automated and mass produced, a personalized and handmade item is worth its weight in gold for it is a tribute to the expertise and skill of the craftsmen involved. Convert your photo to canvas painting and let your loved ones know how special they are for you. PortraitFlip is the one stop need for all your artistic cravings and desires.


What do you think of these portraits?


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