Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

We have finally decorated our house and it does feel like Christmas now. The Kiddies keep asking me what Christmas is, and they always remind me of the gifts they have asked for. We are definitely looking forward to the holidays after waiting a whole year for it.

If you are still in need for some Christmas gift shopping, here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for the whole family –



Bianca Grey Waffle Throw £70

This Bianca Grey Waffle Throw by Room to Sleep would make a great home present this Christmas.  It would be a great bedding addition. The stunning grey throw features a giant waffle design. It is a perfect throw for snuggling up on the sofa during the cold winter months. And it can also be used as a bedspread.


Go Travel Ultimate Memory Pillow £24.99

Go Travel Ultimate Memory Pillow Image

This Ultimate Memory Pillow by Go Travel is a great travel accessory. It would make a lovely Xmas gift for the frequent travellers. I like that it is made from premium, high-density memory foam that responds instantly to the natural contours. It also features a super soft velour outer and fully adjustable front tension straps to provide a great fit.



Go Travel Sleep Shade £6.99


This Sleep Shade by Go Travel would make a great stocking filler. It blocks out any unwanted light, for a great good night’s sleep. The soft to touch silky outer fabric is stylish and very comfortable. I am a proud owner of this Sleep Shade and they come highly recommended.


TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset – Pink £14.99


The TX-30 Gioteck Headset is a great gift idea for the tech lovers. It is available in 3 colours – pink, blue and green. It works great on any device. The headset offers a light, flexible and comfortable headband cushioned with ultra-soft Alacantra®. This is a perfect Christmas present.


TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset £34.99

TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset Imag4e


This TX-40 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset is another great gift idea for the tech lovers. Kids, teens and adults interested in music and gaming would adore this product. I really like the copper and matt black finish , it is such a beauty.

You can grab this both Gioteck Headsets from Argos 


ORB Retro Handheld Console with LCD Screen £19.99


The lovely ORB Thumbs Up Retro Handheld Console will take you back to the 80s. You can sit back and enjoy some of your old favourite classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Connect Four or shooting the enemy and collecting coins. It is a perfect handheld retro games device. I think it is a great little gift for Christmas. You can grab this and other amazing Christmas gifts at Rymans.



Organic Mineral Lipstick – #20 Blackberry Smoothie £18

This Organic Mineral Lipstick by Odylique would be great as a Stocking Filler this Christmas. Odylique Lipsticks are 100% natural – 86% organic mineral lipsticks. The first lipsticks certified to Soil Association AND Fairtrade standards!

I love the Blackberry Smoothie shade. The creamy texture keeps my lips moisturised and looking great.


Organic Mineral Lipstick – #21 Mocha £18£

This Mocha Odylique Lipstick is another great Stocking Filler idea. I adore the deep brown shade. This Lipstick will be great for nourishing the lips and keeping them looking amazing. I love them.


Odylique Mineral Concealer – Dark £17.50



This high coverage, Organic Concealer by Odylique is great for disguising everything from dark circles, to scars and acne blemishes. It is also non comedogenic, which makes it natural enough to sleep in!

This Odylique Mineral Concealer would make an ideal gift for the makeup lovers in your lives. The stunning shades of Odylique Mineral Lipsticks would make great gifts for makeup lovers too!


What do you think of these gift ideas?


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Fashion and Style Police Reviews Brabantia Linn Clothes Rack

I recently updated our bedroom decor with a stunning white wardrobe to match the rest of the decor. It is the wardrobe of my dreams with more than enough space, and it makes me happy whenever I look at it. I am still in the process of redecorating our bedroom. The children’s bedroom is finally done and I love the whole look. So I have time and resources to finish up our bedroom and the rest of the house.



Brabantia Rack image


We need to update bedside cabinets and drawers, which I am hoping we get sorted by February 2019 at the latest. In the midst of our home improvements, I had the opportunity to work with the lovely people at Brabantia. They sent me the Linn Clothes Rack to review and I couldn’t wait to get it all set up.


Linn Clothes Rack Review Image Lifestyle Blog UK Image


Linn Clothes Rack by Brabantia is a free-standing clothes rack with sturdy bamboo rod and two height-adjustable shelves. It is a great rack to have around the house if you need some storage to hang your clothing or accessories. You can grab it in black or white for £144.

Here are all the pros and cons you need to know –


  1. It is easy to set up. We had it up within 30 minutes. It comes with an instruction leaflet with includes step by step guide and images to help you assemble the rack quickly.
  2. I love how sturdy it looks in the bedroom.
  3. It is a smart way to store more items. You can hang up to 28 items.
  4. I like the fact that it is a multi-tasking furniture. It stores, airs and dries.
  5. The Two height adjustable shelves means you can adjust it to suit your needs.
  6. It comes with a 5 year guarantee which is amazing.
  7. It has an adjustable feet with non-slip base, which protects the floor and keep the rack steady.






Lifestyle Blog Picture




Height 190.0 cm

Width 99.5 cm

Depth 57.2 cm



Storage ideas image


What do you think of Brabantia Linn Clothes Rack?


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Sports Clothing Essentials

We love anything sports related in our home. My kids are learning to swim and have weekly swimming lessons. They also take part in sports competitions in school and are very much into anything sporty. As a family, we go skiing when we can. My son loves the slopes and although it is an expensive sport, we try to enjoy it as frequently as possible. When it comes to shopping for sports clothing essentials, I look for clothing that would do the job and last a long time. I like shopping for quality rather than quantity and it is the same when I need to shop for our sports clothing.


pre pregnancy body image


The hubby loves his sportswear and is forever adding something new to his collection. He’s currently thinking of getting some new Golf belts from Function 18 and I am sure he will be getting more than golf belts. He goes jogging regularly and hits the gym daily, so his sports clothing is very important.

Comfort is very important when it comes to any type of clothing, and it is no different for sports. In order to enjoy the sport, the clothing has to provide maximum support and comfort. Here are some of my sports clothing essentials –


Running Clothes

Running clothes are very important when it comes to sports clothing. I stay well away from cotton fabrics as they’re not always the best materials for working out. Also, once cotton fabric gets wet, it stays wet, and with sports, we all tend to break out in a sweat at some point. So, I spend a bit more money and opt for running clothes made of a technical fabric with synthetic wicking material. It works better for me.


Running Socks

I also avoid wearing cotton socks because they make my feet sweaty. Instead I go for running socks with a synthetic blend. They work better for me because they help prevent blisters and they keep my feet dry and comfortable.


Supportive Sports Bras

There is nothing more painful than doing a sport related activity without wearing a supportive sports bra. Wearing one of these will ensure you feel more comfortable while you take part in running and other high-impact activities. I have invested in a few sports bras and they come in so handy. It is best to have a couple in your wardrobe because most sports bras need to be replaced after 72 washes and the last thing you want is to find out that your only sports bra does not support your chest area on the day you need it to.


Fitness image



Running Belt

A running belt is another sports clothing essential. They come in so handy for when you’re out on your run, as you can keep your personal items in there, which will leave your hands free. I like going for the roomier belts to hold larger items like my phone, keys, some form of ID, and cash.


These are my sports clothing essentials. I need them to enjoy a day of sports and fun, whether it is at the gym, leisure centre or out on the street.


What do you think of them? Which sport activity do you enjoy the most?


*Collaborative post.


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