6 Commandments of Interior Design

As a freelancer I get to enjoy the comfort of my home more than those who have a 9-to-5 job. Consequently, it’s given me the opportunity to play around with interior décor. However, it wasn’t without mistakes and interior design mishaps. I learned the hard way.


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If you’re like me and you’re very conscious of having a cozy home that makes you happy each time you walk in, it’s so much easier to decorate when you have some handy interior design rules up your sleeve. These rules are what I call the “Commandments of Interior Design”. Follow these rules and be assured that your home will look superb. You’d even be surprised it turned out so well.


  1. Thou shalt not spend so much

“I want to change the décor of my room but how much would it cost?”

When it comes to interior design especially if you want to DIY the whole thing, the price is the first concern that comes to mind. Oftentimes that’s the reason why some people shy away from giving their space a facelift.

Coming from experience, interior décor doesn’t have to cost so much. In fact, expert interior decorators advise that you should only spend a fraction of the value of your house. Little changes like sitting arrangements, decorative ornaments and pictures you can hang on the wall make a huge difference. Plus, there are great deals on furniture if you search hard enough.


  1. Thou shalt not overdo it

Who wouldn’t want to make a great impression when someone walks in your house? We would all like the perfect state-of-the-art interior décor, but you’ll lose the essence of what interior design is all about.

Just like fashion, interior design seeks to reflect the personality, values and style of the owner of the house or occupier of the flat. If you try too hard by overdoing the decor then your rooms will no longer reflect who you are. Sooner or later you’ll hate the thought of sleeping in your bedroom or lounging in the living room because they don’t mirror your style – it’ll feel like you’re out of place.


  1. Thou shalt focus on functionality

Have you ever been guilty of acquiring stuff you don’t even need just because it “looks nice”? If you’re not careful you could get carried away by the zeal of decorating your home that you overlook the functionality of the items you want to purchase.

Each time you want to buy something to decorate your house, ask yourself: What am I going to use this for? Will it be useful in my home? What function would its presence have in my home?

If after asking those questions you get nothing back, then you don’t need it.


  1. Thou shalt get more light

Light is an asset in interior design. Whether its natural light or artificial, a well-lit room gives your space the life it needs. The general mood of your home changes when you have great lighting.

Take a step back and see how much natural light is coming into the room. If your only source of natural light is a small window, add a mirror on the wall facing the window to reflect more light to other parts of the room.

For night time lighting, use a combination of light sources not only the lights in the ceiling. Include standing lamps and side table lamps as light sources as well.


  1. Thou halt add some green plants

Aside from the fact that plants help provide your space with more oxygen, they work well as ornaments. They also add a lot of life and colour to the room.

One major concern people have when it comes to keeping plants in the house is maintaining them. Search for easy-to-take-care-of plants or schedule time to water and trim your plants.


  1. Thou shalt break the rules

Rules are meant to be broken. I mentioned earlier that interior décor has to reflect your personality. Sticking rigidly to the rules may do you more harm than good. Play around with alternatives. Switch up the rules a bit. What’s important is that you have fun and create a space that makes you happy.


What do you think of these commandments?




5 investments to increase the value of your property

Every property investor has the same one goal; to increase the value of the property. So it is worth more than when you first bought it. There are loads of ways to start improving a property and build on its value. These ways can range from low-cost tips and tricks to in-depth renovations. We have looked into 5 investments that are really worth making when trying to increase property value:


Change or add doors and windows

Windows and doors are valuable additions to a property. They not only improve the homes aesthetics, but they can also reduce heating bills, increase natural light, and lower noise pollution both inside and outside the building. Add elegance with finishing touches such as French patio doors or brighten dull spaces with skylights which are perfect for homes that are limited with natural light and windows. Think about the positioning of doors and windows and using them to highlight the building’s features. For example if there is a beautiful view then position windows to make the most of it.


Home improvement image


Overhaul the kitchen

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. And is often one of the most important areas they will look at when buying a property. Renovating the kitchen and fitting new countertops, cabinets, flooring and lighting fixtures will not be a cheap task but will almost always add value to the property. It can also be worth looking at completely redesigning the room to make sure you are maximising the space available.


Increase the living space

Increasing the living space available in a property does not always mean building an extension, which would be extremely high cost. Simpler renovations such as converting a loft space or cellar into an additional room or transforming a garage to add to the living space, will add value to any property. If you have space, then a conservatory or orangery can also add value to a building by increasing the living space.


Get a new roof

Improving a building often starts from the inside out, and a new roof will improve the overall quality of a property. A new roof will increase the value of a home thanks to new and improved materials, and increased insulation and energy efficiency. Make sure to consult with professional roofers in London and other cities before planning any project. The improved energy efficiency not only adds value to the property on a sale, but also reduces heating costs on a long-term basis. First impressions are key when selling a property and one of the first things a potential buyer will see is the exterior, so make sure it is all up to scratch.


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Improve the garden

Outdoor space is very important for the overall value of a property. Transform a garden with decking or patio to provide an entertaining space, and make sure the general maintenance of the garden is in a good condition. Garden’s that require a lot of time and upkeep can actually decrease a property’s value as people are put off by the prospect of spaces that look tricky to maintain, so be sure to keep it simple.

Finally, make sure you do not over-improve. Remember that any investments you make, you want to see a good return on when the property sells. Before making any big renovating decisions, do some research into the area to find out how much the building will be worth after the renovations, this gives you a good indication on how much you should be spending on the work.


Are you a home owner? How have you increased the value of your home?


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Plantation Shutters – Interior Design Dream

Once upon a time, the easiest and fastest way to decorate a window was to hang curtains. Today, many people would rather have blinds or shutters over curtains, and I can see why. Blinds and window shutters are more modern and trendy, which is why we see more of them in houses today. Curtains are now like a thing of the past, and with how high maintenance they are, I am not surprised to see less and less of them in homes today.

In my house, we have a mixture of all 3 – curtains, shutters and blinds. When we first bought our house, I couldn’t make my mind up on what I wanted. So I went with a bit of all 3 to begin with. Then gradually swapped some of the curtains for blinds and shutters, and I am happy we did. I prefer the modern trendy look the blinds and shutters create. But now I have my eye on a specific type of window shutters.


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I am very interested in getting window plantation shutters in our home at some point this year. We don’t have those sort of shutters at the moment and I have been dying to get them in some of our windows. These are the reasons why I dying to have some plantation shutters in my house this year.


Control Light and Extra Privacy

Having plantation shutters installed will give us extra privacy, and we can never have too much of that. Our neighbourhood isn’t so busy, but sometimes I need that extra level of privacy. Plantation Shutters would allow the control of natural light and privacy. This would come in so handy for us especially in the summer months. I like the thought of being able to independently control the amount of light within my home. The fact that I can keep unwelcome attention out is also amazing. For this reason alone, I want some window plantation shutters installed as soon as possible.


Sound and Thermal Insulation

Sometimes my street could be a little noisy with kids running around on their bikes, and neighbours with their lawn mowers. Having plantation shutters installed means I won’t have to deal with all that noise. I will be able to effectively reduce the amount of noise in my home. These shutters also help keep the home cool during the summer, which is amazing, especially when the heatwave hits.  It also helps retain the heat during the winter, which will help with the energy consumption. Plantation shutters are great for every season, which makes me even want them the more.


Easy to Maintain

Plantation shutters are very easy to maintain, and are super easy to clean. They don’t ask for too much, not high maintenance like regular curtains. All they need is a duster or a damp cloth to wipe, and they are sparkly clean.



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Made to Measure

These window shutters can be made to measure to fit any type or shape of window. This makes them highly versatile, which is another reason why I am dying to have them installed in our house. Some of our bedroom windows are very different. We have struggled to get the right curtains or blinds for them, so made to measure plantation shutters would be so good. They will definitely complete my home decor.


Different Designs

Plantation shutters come in different designs, so there should be 1 to suit every home. I am looking forward to shopping the various styles and designs available. Variety is the spice of life, so I love the fact that there are various options available.


I currently have my mind on Plantation Shutters as the next home decor my house needs. It would be great to have some installed in our bedrooms before the end of this summer, but let’s see how it goes. We may have them installed a lot sooner if the funds cooperate.


What do you think of Plantation Shutters? Do you have any installed in your home? Where do you get your interior design inspiration from? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have enjoyed reading this post, please share on your social media platforms.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day.


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