The top 3 benefits to owning a Murphy Bed

More people are moving to the city and because of that urban living has changed in the past several years. For one, more people are owning units in skyscrapers rather than having the classic white picket fence arrangement. Because of this, being wise about the space you have is everything especially if you want to call it your home. It’s important to be wise about how you use your available space so you can move freely and still own stuff that matters to you. Because of this, a lot of space-saving furniture has been creating for the past few years to answer this need. One of these is the rising trend of owning a Murphy bed. Space saving beds are so important in homes that have limited space.

With this kind of bed, you get to think of other ways to utilize your space since you can fold your bed.

Here are the top 3 benefits to owning a Murphy Bed.


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1. You have the freedom to customize it to fit your needs

It’s always nice to have furniture that you can easily customize because you have the freedom to move it around or place it in your preferred location. You can even have the option to either design it as an individual unit or as a part of your cabinetry unit. You can also have it designed to have storage or shelving. Murphy beds are a great choice for those who need to have spaces for storage but only have a limited living area. The ability to customize Murphy beds compared to regular beds are what makes it worth it because then you don’t have to worry that your other furniture and things at home have nowhere else to be.

2. Murphy beds can complement your home’s decor

One of the things that we always consider when we are buying a new furniture is if it matches our home’s decor. Furnitures that don’t seem to complement with the rest of the stuff in your home is such a big no-no. The good thing is that Murphy beds can easily blend in with the rest of your stuff at home because it is easily customizable. You can work and collaborate with a designer who can do a custom design of your Murphy bed that can be folded beautifully into a cabinet of sort or something that can be functional throughout the day when you are not using it. You can also have it designed to utilize all available space in your home. Unlike ready-made classic beds, there are chances that to doesn’t fit perfectly well into your limited space. Worse, you cannot just move it around whenever you want to, making it frustrating to look at when you want to style your home.

3. It is as comfortable as a regular bed

Most people think that you will lose a sense of comfort if you choose a Murphy bed for your home. However, it is actually as comfortable as conventional beds. It comes with high-quality mattresses that can guarantee you a great night sleep.


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Interior Decorating Best Kept Secrets

Decorating and re-decorating your home can be really fun. It’s amazing how little adjustments can make a huge difference to the room.

However, not many people have an eye for design. That’s why it’s good to have some handy tips that will help you make the best interior design choices.

Over the years interior designers have formulated some interior décor hacks that they kept secret. I came across some which will help make a difference to your interior decorating.


Interior Decorating Best Kept Secrets image



  1. Base your colour scheme on a focal item

Deciding on the right set of colours to decorate your room can be a bit tricky. And sometimes when you do come up with your “ideal” set of colours, you find out that your furniture doesn’t match your colour scheme by the time you bring it in.

A clever insider secret to interior décor is to base your colour scheme on a focal item in your room. For example, if the most prominent item in your room is a turquoise and gold mural, then the colour scheme of your room should include turquoise and gold.


  1. Create height

Not many homes were constructed with high ceilings. High ceilings give the illusion of more space. But when you’re faced with a room with low ceilings, then furnishing it with low furniture will help give your room some balance. Low furniture like chairs, couches and coffee tables should have shorter legs to make the ceiling of the room look a lot higher than what it really is.


  1. Bring the investment pieces up front

When you walk into the room there should be a statement piece that will draw you into the room. A statement piece usually defines the mood of a room. Invest in a large beautiful painting on the wall or smart antique furniture as they make excellent statement pieces. Once you have them in your room don’t keep them hidden in the background. Bring them up front and let the room light up with their presence.


  1. Invest in a quality sofa

Don’t skimp on your sofa. That’s where you and your guests will spend most of their time when they come to visit. So, you must invest in a quality sofa to give your room or living area a comfy feel. Make sure that the sofa you choose is comfortable and made of quality materials that will last long and not wear out quick.


  1. Strategically hang your mirrors

Mirrors, especially the decorative type, can make a room look really charming and sophisticated. However, interior designers see mirrors as more than just a decorative item. A mirror can be used as a tool to help in your interior decoration. When placed in strategic locations, a mirror can make a room look a lot larger than it really is. If the room you want to decorate doesn’t let in much natural light, you can place a mirror directly opposite the window to reflect the light to the whole room. This makes your room naturally brighter.


What do you think of these Interior Decorating Best Kept Secrets?

6 Commandments of Interior Design

As a freelancer I get to enjoy the comfort of my home more than those who have a 9-to-5 job. Consequently, it’s given me the opportunity to play around with interior décor. However, it wasn’t without mistakes and interior design mishaps. I learned the hard way.


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If you’re like me and you’re very conscious of having a cozy home that makes you happy each time you walk in, it’s so much easier to decorate when you have some handy interior design rules up your sleeve. These rules are what I call the “Commandments of Interior Design”. Follow these rules and be assured that your home will look superb. You’d even be surprised it turned out so well.


  1. Thou shalt not spend so much

“I want to change the décor of my room but how much would it cost?”

When it comes to interior design especially if you want to DIY the whole thing, the price is the first concern that comes to mind. Oftentimes that’s the reason why some people shy away from giving their space a facelift.

Coming from experience, interior décor doesn’t have to cost so much. In fact, expert interior decorators advise that you should only spend a fraction of the value of your house. Little changes like sitting arrangements, decorative ornaments and pictures you can hang on the wall make a huge difference. Plus, there are great deals on furniture if you search hard enough.


  1. Thou shalt not overdo it

Who wouldn’t want to make a great impression when someone walks in your house? We would all like the perfect state-of-the-art interior décor, but you’ll lose the essence of what interior design is all about.

Just like fashion, interior design seeks to reflect the personality, values and style of the owner of the house or occupier of the flat. If you try too hard by overdoing the decor then your rooms will no longer reflect who you are. Sooner or later you’ll hate the thought of sleeping in your bedroom or lounging in the living room because they don’t mirror your style – it’ll feel like you’re out of place.


  1. Thou shalt focus on functionality

Have you ever been guilty of acquiring stuff you don’t even need just because it “looks nice”? If you’re not careful you could get carried away by the zeal of decorating your home that you overlook the functionality of the items you want to purchase.

Each time you want to buy something to decorate your house, ask yourself: What am I going to use this for? Will it be useful in my home? What function would its presence have in my home?

If after asking those questions you get nothing back, then you don’t need it.


  1. Thou shalt get more light

Light is an asset in interior design. Whether its natural light or artificial, a well-lit room gives your space the life it needs. The general mood of your home changes when you have great lighting.

Take a step back and see how much natural light is coming into the room. If your only source of natural light is a small window, add a mirror on the wall facing the window to reflect more light to other parts of the room.

For night time lighting, use a combination of light sources not only the lights in the ceiling. Include standing lamps and side table lamps as light sources as well.


  1. Thou halt add some green plants

Aside from the fact that plants help provide your space with more oxygen, they work well as ornaments. They also add a lot of life and colour to the room.

One major concern people have when it comes to keeping plants in the house is maintaining them. Search for easy-to-take-care-of plants or schedule time to water and trim your plants.


  1. Thou shalt break the rules

Rules are meant to be broken. I mentioned earlier that interior décor has to reflect your personality. Sticking rigidly to the rules may do you more harm than good. Play around with alternatives. Switch up the rules a bit. What’s important is that you have fun and create a space that makes you happy.


What do you think of these commandments?



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