Summer Decorating Tips

Summer is a beautiful season. It’s one of my favourite seasons of the year. The holidays, jolly sunshine, the cheery mood and friendly warmth always makes me happy. I guess the lovely season has prompted this Summer Decorating Tips post.

Simple interior decorating tips can bring in any season you desire into your home or your office. The trick is to add little reminders of the season. For this post, I am focusing on the current summer season.


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Here are some summer decorating tips that you can start implementing right away –


Flowers or Floral print pillows

What if your home had blooming flowers all the time? Having real life flowers is always charming, and it is one of the best ways to ensure your home decor is seasonal. Another easy way to bring the summer into your home is to get floral print pillows.

Such pillows are excellent as summer decor as the warm colours of summer brings in this feel of summer. Get floral pillows that have a mix of orange, yellow and warm red. Such colours are excellent for depicting the summer vibe.


Bring in ‘em stripes

Aside from flowers and floral prints, stripes make a good pattern to decorate the house with. Striped throw pillows, striped table cloths and even striped wallpaper create a very lovely summer mood. Unlike floral prints, stripes are quite sober yet fun.

Remember to create some contrast. If you’re going to have striped wallpaper then you don’t have to cover all 4 walls. Stick to half or just one side.


Shaded string lights

Summer is a season of fun, warmth and family gatherings. Shaded string lights that are arranged in the garden or on the porch bring about a very playful feel. Everywhere is kept bright as the warm light from the shaded string lights line the sitting area outside. This inspires family dinners in the garden, where you’ll enjoy nature and the beauty of summer night.

The best way to go about this is using a string of shaded lights and arranging them along a porch or over the length of a shade where you know you can set a table where people can seat around for dinner. That creates the perfect ambience for the summer season.


Rearrange the room to focus on the windows

Here is my last summer decorating tip. Rearrange the room to focus on the windows if you can. This allows for more light to flow in.


What do you think of these summer decorating tips? Do you have any tried and tested tip to share? Please sound off in the comments section.


Spring Decorating Inspiration

With Spring coming up, I have started thinking about new fresh ways to refresh some of the rooms in our house. The Spring season makes me want to decorate; I think it has to do with the coolness of the weather and the rays of sunshine after having months of extreme cold temperatures. Plus, I love interior decoration so any reason to decorate really.

I have been snooping around for some home decorating inspiration, and I recently discovered some amazing homeware items available at the Altrincham Retail Park, I can’t wait to grab a few. This homeware spring/summer 2017 season is all about bold exotic prints and colours; pastel accessories will also be a home trend, so get ready to be in awe.

Here are some of the items that have caught my eye –

Argos Happiness Collection Home Canvas £7.99


This Happiness AT Home Canvas would look great in my living room. I love the simple floral design and the message. It is full of warmth and the light price tag of £7.99 makes it even more amazing.

This canvas would create a cosy atmosphere in every home. It would great in a hallway or living room.

Homebase Exotic Bird Pink Wallpaper £20


This Homebase Exotic Bird Pink Wallpaper would be a great tropical home accessory. Having this beauty on the wall of a room would be so beautiful. I have a few decorating ideas with this wallpaper in mind.

T.K. Maxx Cream Floral Cushion £12.99


This T.K. Maxx Cream Floral Cushion is a true beauty, I am so in love with it. The floral design is so beautiful. It would look amazing on my black sofa, and the price at £12.99 is fabulous as well. Some of my cushions have gone super flat, and need to be changed, so I can clearly see myself grabbing of these cushions.

T.K. Maxx Pineapple Shaker £12.99


This Pineapple Shaker is a quirky storage option that will bring some life into any home. I love the quirkiness of it. I can see it fitting well in my kitchen and my bedroom. It would be a great home addition this spring.

The beauty of all these items apart from the fact that they are amazing, is that they are all £20 and under, which makes them affordable for many. And they are all within reach for me, I can grab them easily at Altrincham Retail Park, which is just a few minutes from where I am.

What are your thought on this new spring/summer home trend? Did any of these items catch your eye?

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Home & Garden Update July 2016



So sometime last year I moaned quite a bit about how our garden was yet to be done up. I am happy to say we are finally moving in the right direction in 2016, as far as doing up the garden is concerned. We finally have our very own SHED! And the home office is being done up in my head already, so I am hoping to get that sorted later this summer.

I am a very homely. I spend majority of my time at home with the kids so of course I would want it to look the best. I have been browsing some online interior sites, I am seriously crushing on some garden and kitchen gadgets for the home. Here are a few of them that have caught my eye:

Super Solar Security Wall Light with PIR, Warm White LEDs

I really like this security wall light, and I am so happy we now have this to include i a garden. I like the fact that it uses modern solar technology, and PIR motion sensor. It is so handy. I wonder how we have coped this long without it. It brightens up our garden beautifully, and it was easy to fix up as well.


Brita Elemaris Jug

Brita Jug Image


This jug is a life saver this summer. We drink a lot of water in our house, and I am not a fan of drinking straight from the tap, so we were previously buying bottles of still water from the shops but all that has ended since I got my hands on this Brita Elemaris Jug. I got 2 in different colours and they are the best gadgets ever! I just pop a filter cartridge in, and I fill up the jug with a water. The cartridge does all the work and I am left with nice tasting water in minutes. I love this jug. It is currently on sale for £24, previous price was £40, so you have 40% off if you buy now.


Tefal Actifry Fryer

I first heard about this Tefal Actifry Fryer some months ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. It uses just a little spoon of oil to fry 1kg of food. Can you imagine that? The healthiest way to fry. It is great for chips, chicken, fish, curries, casseroles, stir-frys, risottos, and desserts. I love this kitchen gadget so much.

Have you done any home improvements recently? Which kitchen gadget are you loving at the moment?


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