Entertainment Ideas For Family Gatherings

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Family gatherings usually happen around birthdays or Christmas time, and sometimes other special occasions too. Many events happen through life such as graduations and new babies, but when we all get together, even though we should be able to chat and have fun without there being much of a problem, there are usually some children to entertain, or those few people who aren’t particularly interested in Socialising, So here are some entertainment ideas that you can use your next family gathering, the next time you get the plates out ready for dishing up a meal for everybody, think about what entertainment ideas you can add into the mix.


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Everybody loves watching a good box set, and some people even set up themed evenings based on their favorite TV box set. Many people have had “friends“ parties, whereby everyone sits and watches an episode or two. And sometimes there are even quizzes involved to test who is the biggest fan. If you aren’t sure where to access some great TV or box sets though, then have a look at, and see what you can find on there. There really are thousands and thousands of options at the moment, So it’s difficult to please everyone, but eventually, you’ll get a general consensus on what people think is good! 



Even playing basic board games is entertaining enough sometimes. Some people, of course, like To be competitive, and some people like to make sure everyone has a lovely time. But either way, playing some games of some kind can really get the laughter flowing. Charades is one of those games that everybody knows and loves. Usually makes an appearance at Christmas time, and it’s great to get everybody playing along from the small children to the oldest adults. If you have a large number of people attending your gathering, then splitting out into teams is also A good idea. It’s important to note that it doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant, a lot of games can be absolutely free and just need a piece of paper and a pen to play. These games can keep people entertained her family gathering for a long time.


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When you have family members over that are keen to look at old videos of the photographs, and this is a great time to reminisce and laugh about the past. Looking at each other’s old clothing and hairstyles, and remembering people that may no longer be with you, is a wonderful time for everybody. maybe it would be amazing to put together a slideshow for the TV before people arrived. It might even be a good idea to contact some relatives to see if they have any photos that they could share, it’s surprising what people come up with when you ask, and you may find some cousins have some photos of your grandparents that you’ve never seen before!


Family gatherings aren’t as regular as we would all hope, but they are usually fun and end with some great laughter and time bonding.



Giveaway: Win Pernaton Green Lipped Mussel Gel for Joint Massage

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My second giveaway this year is this Pernaton Green Lipped Mussel Gel for Joint Massage. For those dealing with aches and pains caused by normal wear and tear on joints, this product is for you. It is formulated to aid connective tissue and joint care. This Pernaton Gel includes menthol and other essential oils, helps to improve joint mobility. It can also benefit sports men and women before and after exercise, with a fresh and pleasant aroma. All you need to do is to apply the non-greasy gel direct to the problem area, it’s quickly absorbed creating an instant cooling effect. It’s the perfect product to apply to achy and tired muscles.



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Product Description

The oil free, easily absorbed and fresh smelling Pernaton Gel contains vital glycosaminoglycans and original Perna extract, the special essential element from the sea for the connective tissues of the skin and body. Conventional Green Lipped Mussel powder on the market today contain mussels that have been steamed/cooked or which have been ground down into a powder, using basic processes that destroy essential active ingredients. Some even purchase the by-products from other produces or mussel farms which are definitely not fresh.

Rub the gel into the skin and feel the cooling sensation and feelings of wellbeing that result, then experience the warming and intense increase in circulation that follows.


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Good luck everyone.



Why you need a blog coach

I have been offering a blog coaching service for months now and I have gotten many clients already. The service is quite popular with new bloggers and I am not surprised. I wish I had this when I first started blogging in 2012. It would have made my growth a lot easier and faster. Back then there was no one to ask questions and many of us had to learn as we went along. Which is why I decided to offer a blog coach service to anyone who would be able to pay a small fee in return for some help on how to grow your blog, so you can start earning money from it.


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Being a blog coach is fun. It is something I have done for free for years on this blog with my blogging tips content. Being able to help bloggers one-on-one is a lot more fun for all parties involved. Now that I offer a blog coaching service, I will be easing off on the blogging tips category. I will still be sharing blog related tips every now and again, but not as much. I have to focus on my clients and write about other topics more going forward.

Why you need a blog coach

Many of you may wonder why you would need a blog coach. Here are 5 reasons why –

  1. To help you grow your blog faster and easier.
  2. Having a blog coach will open your eyes to what you are doing right or wrong with your blog.
  3. A good blog coach will teach you how to make money from your blog.
  4. You will learn how to check the growth of your blog.
  5. A blog coach will show you how to make your blog more visually appealing.


I could go on and on about the benefits of having a blog coach. It is worth having if you are new to blogging or struggling to grow your blog. If you are interested in hearing more about this service, get in touch via email with subject Blog Coach Service.

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