The best fashion trends for students 2023

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People often use phrases like “I don’t care about the image” or “I don’t follow fashion trends.” Don’t you think that sounds a bit not sincere? If a person says that they don’t care about the image, it is a part of the image in most cases. It’s like nude makeup when you spend about an hour to look as if you woke up, washed your face, and went to work. And those people who say that they don’t follow trends actually go shopping and buy clothes. And shops do follow fashion; otherwise, their income will decrease. Sometimes we all want to be fashionistas and look posh and elegant, and students are not an exception. Pretty often, students can use the basic concept of a fashion trend and find an exciting and new way of its implementation. At the same time, don’t be surprised if you hear from someone that the trendiest thing for a student is to have good marks and “you are wasting too much of your time on thinking about your outfit instead of doing your assignments.” Trying to persuade people that you can do both doesn’t make sense. Just do what you think is right for you, and don’t think about what others would say. If you need to use ScamFighter to find the best writing service to help you with essays, do it. It will definitely ease your student life and free more time for purchasing new clothes. 

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Right now, we suggest you learn about the fashion trends of the season and check whether you are ready to be a fashion icon of your college or if your wardrobe needs some improvements. 

Sheer clothes

You remember that Rihanna’s dress, don’t you? Well, everyone does. But now it’s ok, not only for the red carpet and MET Gala. Sheer fabrics will be everywhere in the spring/summer of 2023. And it’s not only about dresses; even office suits can be made from sheer fabrics. If you don’t believe us, you can trust Valentino, Chanel, Prada & Victoria Beckham, and many others. So, hurry up and find the most favorable piece of clothing for you.

Low-rise waist

You know what a low-slung waist is if you’ve seen Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the beginning of their careers. It’s back in fashion and not only for jeans. Suits, shorts, and skirts with low-rise waists are everywhere. And you can combine them with a crop top to make the look even more astonishing.

Cobalt blue

Are you a bit tired from fuchsia, just as we are? Then you will love this, as cobalt blue will become the season 2023 hit. We haven’t seen this color in fashion trends for a long time, so now it returns in almost every possible element: dresses, skirts, jackets, shoes, and boots. If you love this color, it’s your time to enjoy it until the fashion returns to more neutral shades. The only thing that is not popular this season is feeling blue. So, if something bothers you or you can’t cope with the tasks, try to find a way to deal with it. For example, you can use to look through writing services reviews and find the best one for you so you don’t have to worry about an unfinished essay.


Yes, it’s not something you can wear to college, the office, or to meet his parents, but as an evening gown, it will be perfect and very sexy. Lace, stockings, and lace gloves, all these details will be present at fashion events during the whole 2023 season. It’s going to be hot! 

Black as a summer trend

Of course, it’s not typical for the spring/summer season, but the fact is the fact. The 2023 season brings a lot of surprises, including this one. Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy all took black as the central theme of their runways. Of course, the fabrics were chosen according to the season, and don’t forget about the boudoir, so there are lace, crochet, and all other skin-baring fabrications.


Are you a romantic and openhearted person? Then season 2023 is for you because heart print is a trend this year and not only on February 14th. If you want a dress with heart motifs, watch Moschino or Victoria Beckham runways and get inspired in order to create your look with this trendy print. 

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Spring is all about flowers

Another thing that was spotted during fashion weeks is three-dimensional flowers. In our humble opinion, you have to be very considerate. It might look nice on the red carpet, but a bit too much during Friday dinner with your friends. But if you like taking risks, go for it, and your look may become legendary. 

Candy-floss pink  

Season 2023 offers a softer and more pastel candy-floss shade of pink for those who cannot do without any shade of pink in their wardrobe. It can be a head-to-toe look or an accessory, but it will be a wise choice. 


The Best Time of Year to Restock Your Closet

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If you spend a lot of time looking into your wardrobe until you find the outfit that you want, it is the right time to refresh and/or restock your closet. Maybe you have too many items that you don’t use anymore, either because they’ve gone out of style or don’t fit you anymore.

Other times you simply keep a lot of old clothes for their sentimental value, but you can no longer use them to go out on the street. Whatever the reason, updating your wardrobe from time to time is always a lot of fun.

You need to start by taking the clothes out of the closet and analyzing them piece by piece. After getting rid of what no longer fits, you can finally go shopping without feeling guilty. And when we talk about shopping, it’s always good to remember that there are some ideal times throughout the year to restock your closet on a budget.

Let’s analyze three of them and why you should circle them down in your calendar so you don’t miss the next big sale!

Holiday Season

Store owners often take advantage of this time of the year (and the number of people looking for gifts) to promote deals, markdowns, and even cashback offers. This happens first because retailers try to avoid getting stuck with lots of things after Christmas; and from January because they want to get rid of what they couldn’t sell during the holidays.

So, this is the best moment to find bargains like designer clothes and cool accessories such as handbags or some in-demand and timeless aviator prescription glasses for a much more attractive price.

But you’re not the only person looking for offers during this period. So here are some tips to avoid the holiday rush and still get great deals:

  • Make your Christmas shopping list in advance to better set your budget.
  • Go to outlet stores rather than malls or large department stores.
  • Set your budget before you start holiday shopping.
  • Compare prices of items you’re looking for on the stores’ websites to identify the best deals.
  • Don’t leave your shopping to the last minute.
Memorial Day

This is a federal holiday originally created for mourning the soldiers who have died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. It takes place at the end of May and for a few decades now it has also become one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, offering a three-day weekend with sales of summer merchandise.

Precisely because of this – retailers preparing their stores for summer, which starts in June – it is possible to find great deals on spring items that these retailers were unable to sell during the season. And since they want to clear out their inventory, discounts can reach up to 50 percent, allowing you to stock your closet with a few pieces for next spring.

The golden tip is not to buy summer clothes during the Memorial Day sales, because these items’ prices usually go down during mid-summer and you can buy them for a better price on the following date…

4th of July

The Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) has been celebrated since the 18th century and became a federal holiday in 1870. Gradually, the political importance of the date began to be forgotten and the focus shifted to a celebration of American patriotism, with family get-togethers, fireworks shows, and lots of outdoor parties.

To take advantage of the celebrations, retailers started promoting massive discounts and turned the 4th of July into one of the hottest shopping holidays of the year, especially for those looking for summer and spring clothes.

Around the same time, another great option is Amazon Prime Day, a 48-hour deal event promoted by the e-commerce empire that offers thousands of deals. In 2022, Prime Day took place on July 12th and 13th, and these dates are expected to be repeated in 2023. So the first half of July is one of the great times to restock your closet, with at least two weeks’ worth of deals and promotions.

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

Although there are some other opportunities throughout the year to buy cheap (including the famous Black Fridays), the three dates above are the best times to restock your closet without compromising your bank account or accumulating debt for the rest of the year.

Try to stick to the basics and avoid superfluous purchases. Before going out shopping madly, make a list of the items you really need instead of buying only what is on offer or at a great discount. That way you avoid filling your closet with clothes you may never wear in your life.

How to stay warm while fishing in winter

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The chill is still in the air here in Cheshire. We even had some snow all through last week, which was so much fun for the twins. It is still very much layering season, and I am enjoying the fact that i can wear my snuggly clothes and still look super stylish. I like to spend as much time as I can outdoors, and I do not allow the weather dictate my movements as much as possible. So regardless of how cold it may be, I still make sure I go for my daily walks. If you enjoy spending time outside as much as I can, you will need to learn stay warm especially if you are doing outdoor activities like fishing.

We live in a tiny village and there are loads of fishing spots which keep the locals very busy. If you are into fishing and you are wondering how to stay warm while you fish, you have stumbled on the right blog post.

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How to stay warm while fishing in winter

Aside from shopping the fishing supplies store for all the items you need, you also need some tips to help you stay comfy and warm while you fish in the chilly months. Here are four quick things to remember for your next fishing trip –

Stay dry to stay warm

The last thing you would want is to get wet while fishing outdoors in the winter. It is sensible to ensure you stay as dry as possible while you fish. Having a little towel in your pocket ready to wipe hands dry is a great idea. Having on waterproof outerwear and footwear is also a great warm to stay dry and warm.

Hats, gloves, scarves and warm socks

These fashion essentials are needed if you are going to be outdoors fishing for any period of time in the winter. Keep your head, neck and hands covered. Ensure you have on warm socks for more protection, and if you are the type that likes to keep the ears covered, some ear muffs may provide you more comfort and warmth.

Layer up

Ensure you have as many layers as you need on to regulate your body temperature. You can opt for fleece or microfleece upper and lower garments to keep you very warm and cosy. The very thick pairs will serve you well on chilly days. The whole idea is to be able to add or remove layers as your fishing day progresses. So get the layers on.

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Stay hydrated

Ensure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Try to avoid hot beverages and alcoholic drinks as much as possible as they may cause you to need the bathroom a lot more frequently.

These ideas may sound like common sense but sometimes we need to remember the little things. It is very easy to get carried away with the whole idea of planning a fun fishing day and forget some very important things to help make the day safe and fun.



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