Pakaian Tradisional Melayu, Cina and India in Malaysia

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Malaysia has a variety of pakaian tradisional Melayu, Cina, and India with various shapes and colors. It comes in different symbols; from bird feathers and floral patterns to antique Royal songket fabrics. In ancient times, the natives wore clothes made of wood and beaded ornaments. When the rise of ancient civilizations, fabric weaving, and batik, pakaian tradisional Melayu worn by dignitaries and royalty. With the advent of foreign traders, clothing and fabrics such as Chinese silk, adhesives, and Arabic robes were introduced in the country.

Our pakaian tradisional Melayu, Cina, and India symbolize the plural nature of our society. For example, the uniqueness of traditional clothing of various races with various forms of cuts and ways of wearing as well as colorful.

Pakaian Tradisional Melayu

 Before the 20th century, Malay women wore kemban fabrics in public places. But, after the arrival of Islam, they began to wear more polite pakaian tradisional Melayu. Baju kurung is a kind of loose-fitting shirt, sometimes up to the knee and matched with a long cloth that folds the edges. Baju kurung can also be combined with traditional fabrics such as songket or batik. Typically, these garments are used with a shawl or scarf and traditional headgears. Pakaian tradisional Melayu for men is the baju Melayu. Baju Melayu is a loose tunic worn over trousers. This dress is often paired with a siding cloth tied at the waist.

Pakaian Tradisional Cina

Besides, pakaian tradisional Melayu, the Chinese community is known for their comfortable and elegant cheongsam or ‘long sleeve shirt. Typically, the cheongsam design has a high neck, buttons on the shoulders, a tight shape at the waist, and a slit on the left and right of the fabric. These garments are usually made of silk, satin, and other types of soft fabrics.

Pakaian Tradisional India

 Sari is a traditional Indian dress that is easily recognizable all over the world. A piece of cloth measuring 5 to 6 yards long is matched with a lining that is colored as if it were the sari, as well as choli that is the same color or as opposed to it. This sari is wrapped around the body with the embroidered end part placed on the left shoulder. The inner fabric is worn above or below the center and serves to support the sari from being stripped. Sari is made of various types, patterns, and colors of fabrics that are truly beautiful. Nowadays, Malays also use sari material as the fabric as the material for their pakaian tradisional Melayu like baju kurung or baju kebaya.

The culture must be maintained for the continuity of our civilization. Through traditional culture, we know our origins. With this, we will not forget the land. Instead, we will be aware of the hardships of our ancestors’ lives. From here we will learn. Our pure culture is also a fortress of culture. With this, our people are not swept away by Western culture. What exists today stems from the past. So the younger generation must recognize their origins.


How brands can work with fashion bloggers

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Fashion and Style Police was initially set up as purely a fashion blog in 2012. I was so into fashion back in the day (I still am but into other things as well now) and I wanted a creative outlet to explore all the crazy fashion and style ideas I had. That quest led to the creation of this blog. If you scroll through my fashion posts category, you will find all sorts of content on fashion and style. Over the years, I have learned how to create my own space on the web and how to stand out as a fashion blogger.

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How brands can work with fashion bloggers

In other to succeed as a fashion blogger and start to earn an income from your blog, you need to attract brands who will be interested in working with you on your blog and social media platforms.

As a fashion blogger, there are so many ways to work with brands but I will be talking about the most popular ways to collaborate with brands and earn some money whilst doing so.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are one of the most popular and lucrative ways of earning money from your blog. Once you grow your blog and start getting steady traffic, you will start to attract brands who are willing to work with you on sponsored posts. Sponsored posts usually work with the brand and you collaborating on a blog post. This involves agreeing on the theme of the post, images, links, and anchor texts. An agreement on a fee and terms of payment is usually done prior to the post being written.

Sponsored posts work great for fashion bloggers UK and brands as they are a great way of promoting a brand and earning income for the blogger as well.

Product reviews

This is similar to sponsored posts but the only difference is that products are sent to the bloggers to be photographed and reviewed on the blog. Sometimes the bloggers receive payments and sometimes they don’t. I have published product reviews on this blog for years. Some are sponsored by brands and some are not. The truth is I enjoy trying new products and sharing my thoughts with you all. I really like photographing new pieces and accessories and showcasing them on the blog and on social media platforms. Having a fashion blog enables me to connect with various fashion brands and explore their amazing collections. It is a win-win.

Product review collaborations are a great way to work with brands. It is great especially for new UK fashion bloggers who are trying to stand out from the saturated blogging industry and create exciting content for their blog.

Affiliate marketing

This is another way to make money as a fashion blogger or any kind of blogger. For every affiliate link a reader clicks and makes a purchase, you get a commission.  I started affiliate marketing some years ago and it has been a steady way of working with different brands and earning some money by the side while providing engaging content for my blog visitors.

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How to get the best out of your collaborations with bloggers with Get Blogged Marketplace

It is wise to agree on the terms of the collaboration before starting. Payment terms should be agreed upon prior to the collaboration. As a blogger, I always appreciate it when brands send me all the details I need in as few emails as possible. The back and forth can be draining and time-consuming. This is why it is easier for all parties involved to understand exactly what the collaboration would entail as quickly as possible.

This is one of the reasons why I love working with Get Blogged Marketplace. Posting a job on Get Blogged Marketplace is a quick, easy, and profitable way to work with many UK Fashion bloggers. As a brand, you can gain the best search engine optimisation results without spending a fortune or spending hours trying to find the right fashion bloggers for your campaign. On Get Blogged Marketplace, brands can easily connect with some of the best fashion bloggers in the UK.

My top 5 fashion blogs are –

  • Fashion and Style Police

Yes, I am on the list and the first. You can find me on Instagram on Fashion and Style Police

  • Mojintouch

I love Moji’s blog and I have followed her for many years. Her style is so chic and elegant. You can find out more about her fashion and style on her Instagram page – Mojintouch.

  • Fashionmommywm

Emma’s blog is one of my favourite UK fashion blogs. She covers everything in fashion and she blogs regularly too! You can find her on Instagram as Fashionmommywm.

  • Forever Amber Blog

This is another fashion blogger I have followed since 2012. Amber’s blog is so amazing. You need to check out her Instagram page – ForeverAmberBlog.

  • Fashion Bomb Daily

This is another fashion blog I really like. I have followed Claire’s blog for many years and I find her content very entertaining. You can find her on Instagram – FashionBombDaily.

What do you think of these fashion bloggers?





What will become of fashion blogs

CoronaVirus has completely changed the world. The fashion industry is one of the main industries affected by COVID-19 pandemic. For now, gone are the days of fashion shows, and even shopping on the high street isn’t for everyone with the new rules and regulations. Plus, with the current state of the economy, going on a shopping spree is probably the last thing on many people’s minds. Shopping is now down to necessity rather than a luxury. Which makes me wonder what will become of fashion blogs in these uncertain times.

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The high street is disappearing.

Many high street giants are closing shops in many locations all over the world. Our local Dorothy Perkins recently announced they were closing down the store for good after 30 years of being in town. Debenhams, M&S, and many more have announced job cuts and store closures all over the UK. The current state of events makes me wonder what will become of fashion blogs. If stores are closing down and people are losing jobs, will showcasing new pieces/accessories make sense? What will happen to blogs and websites that only feature personal style posts?

The pandemic is definitely going to affect every content creator. Let’s face it; life has changed and adjustments have to be made. The UK is officially now in a recession. Many people are now more interested in content that would help them, rather than simply entertain them.

Fashion blogs image

Blog how you want!

At the end of the day, our blogs and social media platforms are our little corners on the internet. There is the freedom to create whatever and whenever you want as long as it is legal. I won’t share certain content on here because of what is going on in the world. My approach to blogging has changed over the years, and me having a lifestyle blog allows me to write about whatever I want to write about. I am thankful to have that creative freedom. If Fashion and Style Police stayed as a pure fashion blog like how it started, I would have been in a very bad situation now. I know some bloggers have had to sell their blogs which is sad. Luckily, I decided to go down the lifestyle blogging route within a few months of blogging.

What will become of fashion blogs?

I really don’t know. I stopped reading pure fashion blogs when I stopped blogging just fashion. Instagram seems to be the place for showcasing fashion and style, and I see more than enough on there. I wonder what will become of fashion blogs.



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