Tips for Styling a Black Tie Look

When it comes to styling a black-tie look, you should go for a chic and poised outfit. For those who do not know, a black-tie is a semi-formal Western dress code for evening events. It originated in British and American conventions for attire in the 19th century.

I don’t usually go for the black-tie look because I never have anywhere to go. The last time I attended an event where I had to play proper dress up, was at a 40th birthday party last spring. But when I do have an event, I like to ensure I get the look right.


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Here are some tips you should remember when styling a black-tie look –


Keep it streamlined

When it comes to black-tie events, you should remember to keep it classy. You should avoid flouncy and billowing pieces. So don’t go for loose clothing or dresses with lots of material. Instead, opt for streamlined and well cut pieces.

Streamlined pieces would ensure you nail the chic/poised look.


Go maxi

One of the easiest ways of nailing the black-tie look, is to go maxi. Opt for maxi dresses for an instant evening glamour. Anyone can look great in a well fitted maxi, the right pair of heels and a stunning clutch.

Accessories can also work wonders, so make sure you have the right set of accessories to go with your maxi dress.



Black tie dress image



Go for the classic look

If you want to play safe, opt for a little black dress. That always works. If you are feeling adventurous, you could try styling a little white dress like what I have on above.

Both colours would work great for a black-tie event, with the right type of accessories.


What do you think of these style tips? When was the last time you attended a black-tie event?




Styling your outfit for the office to the bar

Many of us have a social life straight after the office. So it makes to ensure what you wear to the office can take you to bar, club, restaurant or wherever you wish to go after work. I remember back in the day, before the twins were born. I had a regular traditional office job, and sometimes, myself and M went out straight after work. Luckily I think I was always appropriately dressed, but sometimes we may not be prepared.

Here are some tips that you may need to remember when styling your outfit for the office to the bar –


Go for the classic little black dress

The little black dress would work easily in this case. It is a versatile piece that would take you to the office and off to the bar with the right accessories. It is so easy to nail this look correctly. You can wear your little black dress with a blazer and a pair of flat shoes to work. Once work is done, you can lose the blazer and swap the flats for heels for a glamorous evening look. Adding some stunning jewellery would make you look even more glamorous. If you must invest in just one piece this season, it should be a little black dress.



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Have a clutch in your work bag

A bag has the style power to make or break any look. You should ensure you have the right handbag for every occasion. When it comes to nailing the office to after work drinks look, it works better if you have a clutch with you in your regular bag. That way, you can chock all the other bits into your work bag and go out with just your clutch bag. I have a couple of clutch bags in my bag collection and they always come in handy.


Go for the right suit style

If you must wear a suit to work, you should ensure it is a suit that can easily be styled for a day at the office and for a night out. Best to go for a suit that can be styled separately and in a colour other than black.


Do you work outside your home? What does your office wear usually look like?



Tips for Business Casual Wear

“Business Casual” can be a difficult dress code to interpret due to its ambiguity. Depending on what sector you work in and your office, it could mean a variety of formal and informal clothing.

Until the 1980’s, when business casual was more widely accepted, a formal suit and shirt was basically universally expected in an office setting. But today, “office wear” doesn’t really imply anything since we have people in the technology sector, for example, wearing jeans and a hoodie to work.

Every office will be different, but as a general rule of thumb it’s a good idea to wear neat, well-fitted clothing that is professional and modest.

What you wear to work plays a major your boss’s and colleagues’ perception of you, so be mindful of your choices. Here are my tips for smart and successful business casual wear.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

If you’re unsure of what to wear, the first thing to do is to have a look around your office for inspiration and to see exactly how much the dress code is “casual” and how much is “business.” Or, if there’s a dress code instated at all.

If you’re at a loss, ask a colleague that’s been there for a while. Whatever you do, make sure your outfits aren’t too informal, as it’s better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.


Workwear Look Image


Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Looking your best is feeling your best. Each day, ensure you have styled hair, clean skin, brushed teeth and neat fingernails – this is the base of being put-together. Take care to make sure your clothes are clean and that you smell good or at least neutral without offending odors. Try not to wear cologne or perfume with strong scents because even if they’re inoffensive to you, you could be nauseating your coworkers.

You should always have extra deodorant, a comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste on you or at work. You never know what you could forget or what might go wrong!


Smart Shoes

For a cohesive look, choose a pair of smart shoes that you can wear throughout the day. Loafers are a classic, versatile style which works with trousers as well as with skirts and dresses. They work for any season, too.

It’s important to wear a shoe that’s comfortable enough to sustain you from 9 to 5—yet will work for your walk home and those after-work outings.


Office fashion image


Play with Prints and Patterns

Business casual does not have to mean your clothing must be boring. Mix and match bolder items with classic, minimalist ones.

You can experiment with a colored shirt, a patterned blouse, a textured jacket, a polka-dot dress–there are many options to explore. These details add playfulness to your outfits without being over the top, and if well-chosen, these details will get you noticed for all the right reasons.



Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Pairing a few carefully selected accessories to your outfit help elevate your aesthetic. A statement necklace and a matching pair of earrings, for example, will add polish to your look, while a watch is an essential to being put-together.

While it’s better to keep the bulk of your work wardrobe fairly neutral so you can mix and match, accessories can add the spice to keep things from being too plain.

With accessories, you can be a little bolder, so don’t be afraid to try out new things. It’s easier to stay up-to-date and trendy with your accessories. It could be a hat, scarf, or a bold ring.


A Few Go-To Items

A set of versatile staples will make getting dressed easy. For example, a well-fitted jacket will immediately spruce up your outfit, so a few different ones is a good idea.

Some basic trousers like chinos and slacks are a must year-round. Sleek cardigans and jumpers in luxurious materials look dressy while keeping you warm. Use these single items as your go-to pieces, then tailor the rest of your outfit around them.

 Business casual doesn’t need to be boring. Every office and job is going to have their own dress code—so, familiarize yourself with the setting, dress the part, and don’t forget to put a little “you” in your outfit.


*Collaborative post.

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