How to Create the Biker Chic Look

Rocking the biker chic look can be tricky, but once you nail it, it looks so effortlessly chic. It is one spring/summer look I really enjoy styling. I am seriously looking forward to rocking the look later this year. The biker chic look is one look that I never see going out of style. It has been around for donkey years, and always looks good.

It is easily achieved with some stylish leather and denim pieces and accessories. Here are the 3 key pieces/accessories you would be needing to create the biker chic look.


Biker Jacket

biker jacket image


The easiest way to get the biker chic look is to style a leather biker jacket. A good brand to shop for leather jackets is Belstaff. The brand stocks amazing leather pieces, it is definitely worth having a look on their website.

This MOLLISON 3.0 in Ash Rose Soft Vintage Suede piece above is a great biker chic piece from Belstaff. This stunning leather jacket is produced in luxuriously soft pink suede, and has a clean, streamlined design complete with channel quilting on the shoulders.


Leather Boots

Leather boots image


I am a huge fan of leather boots. I have quite a few and would be lost without them. Leather boots help achieve a great biker chic look. It makes sense to pay a tiny bit more in order to get the right set of leather boots. Black or brown leather boots is to best for the biker look. There are many affordable brands to shop for quality boots, so it makes sense to shop around for bargains.


Denim Jacket


Denim Picture




Black, grey or blue denim works great in creating the perfect biker chic look. You could swap a leather jacket for a denim jacket if you prefer a more subtle look.

The more distressed the denim, the better. My style tip here is to avoid wearing too many denim pieces at the same time to avoid looking trashy.

So if you have never rocked the biker chic look and are thinking of rocking it, go for it! You may just fall in love with the look.

What do you think of this biker chic look? Are you a fan of the look? Please share in the comments section below.

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Is the Fashion Industry Failing its Models

Behind the glossy images of beautiful models on the pages of magazines, quick confident struts down the runway and alluring poses for billboards is an untold story. A story of endless sexual harassment and abuse, underweight models, underaged models, and horrible working conditions. In the light of recent events with the #MeToo campaign, I have questioned a lot of things about the entertainment and fashion industry.

I can’’t help admiring supermodels. Everything about them, their professionalism, their height, figure and carriage gets a nod of approval each time I spot them. Plus I respect their work, it is far from being easy. Models work very long hours and have to look their best doing their work. That must incredibly hard. I sometimes have the luxury of working in my pyjamas and nerdy glasses all day if I get the chance. They never get the chance.




However, ever since the #MeToo campaign, a darker side to the fashion industry was revealed. Several models have spoken up. They have shared personal stories of sexual abuse and harassment from photographers, managers and designers. And to be honest, I was horrified.

There were also reports of incidents where the dignity of models, both male and female were disrespected leaving them utterly embarrassed. Others, especially models of African descent, shared stories of how the crew did not have makeup artists and hair stylists who were knowledgeable enough to handle their unique skin type and hair texture.

I felt the need to do my own part to put the words out there. To be advocate for a change.


Sexual Harassments and Abuse in the Fashion Industry

Let’s face it. Models are beautiful but that’s never a good enough reason for any one to sexually harass or abuse anybody. Sadly these models fall prey to perverted photographers, managers and designers. What’s even worse is that such models are forced to remain silent. And if there is one thing I am grateful for about thus #MeToo campaign, is that the culture of silence is dead!

These models are were usually left helpless and had to remain silent to fulfil their modelling dreams. I am happy to see this is no longer the case and more and more model are speaking up about these sexual harassment and abuse.


No Privacy

Runways aren’t as calm and collected as we know them to be. Behind the scenes its very fast, models have to change into the outfits very quickly and be ready to go. In photoshoots where a lot of pictures have to be taken within such a short time, speed of changing into the clothes for the shoot is important.

What people don’t know is that no provision is made for models to change in private. They are often sent to change in front of other models and fashion crew. Which is far from ideal. I am happy to hear this will be changing too, with the private changing rooms being enforced.



Underage young models

The fashion industry is opening its doors to young talent ranging between the ages of 14 and 16. Usually, such models are subjected to the intense working hours. More often than not they are left exhausted, as expected.

Just like other models, these youngsters are also exposed to sexual harassment, abuse and humiliation.



Kering and LVMH recently joined forces to introduce a new charter aimed at protecting models working with their brands. These brands include Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Alexander McQueen.

The new charter includes a call for private changing areas, and a ban on underage and underweight models. Models must be at least 16 years old to get hired, and female models must be a French size 34 (UK size 6/U.S. size 2) or above. Also, young models between 16 and 18 years old cannot work between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


I am happy to see the fashion industry is finally beginning to listen to these models, with this charter, and I hope all brands follow suit. We all need to be advocates of change.

What are your thoughts on the #MeToo campaign? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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6 Bathrobe Choices for a Relaxing Evening Indoors

Everyone loves laying in a cozy bathrobe in the evening. There’s nothing better than relaxing with a hot cup of tea and catching up on a good book or a favorite TV show. Bathrobes are also great for wearing before and after a bath or shower, making someone comfortable while they are getting dressed. There are many bathrobe choices on the market today. From terry cloth to polar fleece and waffle weave cotton, there’s a style for everyone.

A good robe doesn’t have to be expensive. Here you have at your disposal six bathrobes on the basis of comfort, practicality, style, and value for the money.

Women’s 100% Terry Cotton Toweling Hooded Robe


Bathrobe image


Here you have one of the most economical yet stylish bathrobe choices. This proves that cheap robes can be just as nice as others which are more pricey. This robe is made of quality cotton terry cloth. It is available in five colors: blue, charcoal, white, navy, and wine. The Terry cloth material is extra soft and absorbent, making it the perfect choice to wear after a bath or shower. The robe has a comfortable hood and a shawl collar. It is one of those high-quality terry cloth robes which you can purchase for a really good price. Do you think it suits you?


Waffle Diamond 100% Cotton Waffle Kimono Robe

Bathrobes Image


This unisex robe comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The robe is 100% cotton. The waffle weave is absorbent, and it also helps to keep the wearer warm. It is a substantial robe, weighing in around 2 pounds. Customers praise its comfortable fit and quality cotton fabric.


Premium Women’s Fleece Hooded Robe Bathrobe by Pavilia


Fashion Blog Image


This is a women’s knee-length robe with a warm and cozy hood is the perfect choice for a relaxing evening indoors. The fabric is high quality microfiber and soft to the touch. The robe has an attractive mélange pattern. With two pockets, the wearer can carry anything she needs to have with her. The microfiber makes this robe extra warm and cozy. The robe is available in four colors: light gray, navy, charcoal, and latte.



Martha Stewart Collection Plush Bathrobe


Fashion and Style Police Image


This robe comes in four attractive styles: red buffalo plaid, cloud white, dark water blue, and black and white plaid. It is made of a soft and comfortable polyester fleece fabric. It has a shawl collar, a hanging loop inside the neck, a belted closure, and two patch pockets. The robe is also machine washable. This robe comes with a box for easy gift giving.


Arus Women’s Classic Hooded Bathrobe


Stylish Bathrobes image


This women’s robe is made of soft and durable Turkish cotton. It has a generously sized hood, two pockets, and a belt closure. This robe is lightweight and absorbent. It is machine washable and stays soft over time. It comes in five colors: burgundy, white, black, ocean blue, and navy blue. Reviewers report that the fabric does shed somewhat when it is new, but that the problem does not last long. If you want to feel fancy in a bathrobe, red is definitely the way to go.


Ekouaer Women’s Kimono Contrast Color Lightweight Short Spa Bathrobe

Purple Bathrobe Picture


This ladies’ robe has a soft, lightweight rayon fabric. It is a short spa robe with contrast piping details for a classy appearance. This bathrobe is comfortable and washes well. It comes in three colors: black, purple, and gray. Pretty and functional, this robe would make a great gift for any woman. The manufacturer specifies that this robe runs small, so be sure to order up a size.

Anyone can find a good bathrobe for an affordable price. Bathrobe choices range from sturdy terry cloth to thin and soft rayon. Whether you are looking for a practical robe for use after the bath or shower or for a relaxing evening indoors, you’ll be able to find the right bathrobe for your needs.


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