My Fiance Wants A Diamond | Tips On Making An Educated Decision

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When searching for a diamond engagement ring, several variables need to be considered to ensure the precious stone satisfies the personality and preferences of your partner plus brings immense pleasure considering the circumstances.

If you don’t shop together and have no experience with diamond shopping, it can be daunting. The engagement ring itself can come in as many as 12 shapes with four options for settings and several types of metals for the ring itself.

Then you need to consider the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone referenced as the 4 Cs, each of which makes a considerable difference in the overall appearance of the gem.

The jeweler can offer bits of information, but it’s outside their scope to recommend something as personal as an engagement ring. The best these professionals can do is present the most trendy or popular options on the market, not necessarily your partner’s idea of perfection.

Consider some suggestions for learning before shopping for an engagement ring. Perhaps these will help you make an educated decision.

What Are Some Helpful Tips Before You Shop For An Engagement Ring

While a jeweler can recommend the trendy and popular diamond rings on the market to help you get an idea of what other people like, the expert will be unable to provide intimate details for a personal decision regarding your fiancé’s engagement ring.

Diamond experts are capable of informing and educating individuals on the precious stones. You can visit or similar sites for a trusted, knowledgeable example.

Armed with a more thorough understanding and familiarity with your partner’s likes and dislikes, you’ll be better prepared to shop confidently. If you still don’t feel self-assured, consider looking at diamonds together to get ideas without spoiling the surprise, and then do serious shopping later.

Let’s look at a few helpful tips to guide you on what you should be aware of when looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancée.

●     Should you compromise or make the investment

First-time shoppers are somewhat naive to the expense involved with diamonds. There’s an awareness that they’re costly, but just how expensive is only a consideration once the shopping actually begins.

Before setting out to buy an engagement ring, study diamond costs to see what price point your finances might allow and then establish a budget to work toward that amount. Compromising on the diamond you want to purchase shouldn’t mean opting for a “bargain.”

While you can find reasonable offers with jewelers, you won’t find bargain prices.

If you do find a diamond with a remarkable price, often it’s not of quality. Instead of looking for the cheapest price point in diamonds all of the same weight, look for a good diamond with a lower carat.

You’ll invest what you can afford in an excellent quality ring, compromising only a little on the stone’s size.

●     Before considering a mined diamond, look at alternatives

Several alternatives are available for mined diamonds that make fine-quality engagement stones. One is a “lab-made diamond,” which is growing increasingly popular.

These are as durable and stunning as all diamonds, but the price point is roughly “30 percent less than that of a mined diamond but offering comparable quality.”

●     The cut is significant when shopping for diamonds

The primary method for assessing a diamond’s quality is using the four Cs. These include cut, clarity, carat, and color, of which cut is designated as the critical property.

When a diamond is well cut, other imperfections will be less prominent. The stone will look more brilliant and appear more significant than its measured carat size.

As a rule, grading reports accompany diamonds when they come from reputed labs. Cut quality should be a priority when shopping for your fiancée’s engagement ring.

●      The diamond is available in approximately 12 different shapes

The round diamond is among the most favored diamonds on the market, but it’s not the only shape, nor does that mean everyone prefers this specific stone. Some others can really make a statement with their originality and at budget-friendly prices compared to the round option.

A lot of the “non-round” variations show as more prominent than the round stone despite being the same carat since their length adds to the illusion that they are, in fact, larger. The Princess Cut is the next most favored choice, plus pear and oval are gaining in popularity.

You shouldn’t base your purchase on what’s popular, however. Your partner might have a preference that falls outside these favored categories. Everyone’s style is unique and distinct.

●     Simplicity is the idea with color and clarity

Clarity and color are graded in the same vein as carat and cut, but the assessment is based more on terms of either “good or not good.” When a diamond is evaluated for color, it will either look colorless or there will be hints of color.

Clarity, on the other hand, will be either flawless or, using industry terms, be “eye-clean,” or it will have imperfections. When the eye can’t distinguish a flaw, the price point is reflective of that.

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●     Only make the purchase after seeing the ring personally

For someone new to buying a diamond ring, especially an engagement ring for your fiancée, the priority is seeing the ring in person. Doing so allows you the chance to find one that looks brilliant. You need to see its “behavior” to know if it will be able to make an impact or if it will fall flat.

The place you purchase the diamond is crucial. The jeweler should be able to present the diamond in varied angles under magnification. That doesn’t mean you must buy from a brick-and-mortar shop.

You can shop online and still view your diamond. Some jewelers offer their stones in videos and provide magnification tools online.

Designing an engagement ring is another incredible option, albeit costly. If you have the budget, jewelers are available to help you create a diamond engagement ring specific to the style and taste of your partner. It’s a lovely sentiment if you’re unable to find the ideal diamond engagement ring on the market.

Final Thought

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an exhilarating experience. You can choose to share the excitement with your partner by diamond shopping together to get ideas and then make the final purchase alone or make the entire proposal and ring presentation a complete surprise.

Should you go with your fiancée to pick out rings – click here for some answers. The priority is to educate on the precious stone before attempting to buy one.

What Are The Bad Effects Of Fashion On A Student’s Life?

*Collaborative post.

Fashion plays a big role in many young people’s lives. It is a common form of self-expression that helps people communicate who they are with clothes and looks. Yet, some students may take this form of communication way too far. When taken too seriously, fashion can develop a negative effect on one’s life. Thus, instead of being a positive influence, a way to express yourself and your creative side, fashion starts to interfere with students’ school dedication and progress, mental health, financial security, and even relationships. Let’s see what bad effects of fashion a student can experience, why, and how to prevent it. Here is everything you need to know about the dark side effects of being into fashion.

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Low self-esteem

So many people, especially young people, experience low self-esteem issues. Of course, the main root of this problem lies in social media. Low self-esteem comes as a result of constant comparison. People start to think that others are smarter, better dressed, and live more fulfilled lives. Social media does strive for such images. Yet. Fashion has also played a big part in such a problem.

People interested in fashion constantly look for new ideas, trends, designs, inspirational bloggers, etc. Yet, those unable to maintain the same lifestyle and fashion choices as more privileged people may develop serious self-esteem issues. The never-ending comparison doesn’t help build a strong personality, individual style, or self-confidence. Instead, it leads to constant struggles with self-image and rejection of yourself, as you don’t reflect it in fashion choices.

Constant competition

Fashion is a perfect platform for competition. It is designed for comparison and racing. Brands compete with each other. Designers seek higher recognition. People with a deep love for fashion express themselves mainly through clothes, and that’s how they perceive the world around them. They begin to look at people and judge them by their fashion choices. Not only will such comparisons be rarely fair for others, but they will also hurt the person who’s doing it.

A young person needs to have a strong social circle where they can feel for themselves. Social connections help us fight depression and loneliness and feel secure and loved while giving us emotional release and a sense of comfort. A social circle is no place for completion, not in fashion anyway. Plus, it is important to remember that one can’t compete with fashion itself. The industry is always changing, with thousands of people who command the trends.

Financial toll

Fashion is a costly hobby to practice. It comes as a big financial responsibility. In fact, it may be too much for young students to deal with, considering their tuition and limited time on work. Yet, many students still pursue their dreams of becoming fashion icons, or Instagram influencers, even on a limited budget.

Of course, there are always ways to look stylish even on a shoestring budget. Students can thrift their clothes, shop in vintage stores, or look for interesting pieces at online auctions, etc. However, these aren’t always enough to fulfil all fashionistas’ ambitions. Plus, being on trend sometimes means spending money on the newest collections.

So, overall, the love for fashion can drive students to bad financial choices, leaving them broke and disappointed in their limited budget. Thankfully, students can always count on free essays online whenever they need urgent help with homework, even when experiencing financial difficulties.

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Addiction and Guilt

Any hobby that gets out of control becomes a dangerous addiction. Students who can’t control their drive to be on trend march into a trap of guilt and constant dissatisfaction. Thus, these young people become obsessed with all the new trends, fashion shows, and news. They need to shop frequently and may even become shopaholics without realizing it. 

Plus, the current pace of fashion is incredibly fast. The constant change in trends and designs leaves young people scared to miss out and guilty of not keeping up with everything. Such a constant rush to stay on trend can lead to excessive guilt, stress, and anxiety. Yet, young people experience plenty of those feelings in school. Finding them elsewhere can become too much to bear for young minds.

Work pressure

Fashion does not tolerate mistakes and imperfections. Any fashionable person knows that. Although people in fashion have created such an environment, they are the ones to suffer from it nevertheless. Hence, students must live up to their standards and work tirelessly and hard on their style choices.

Of course, young people already have enough on their plate with school, work, and social life. Even with the help from sites like, students still lack time for homework. Yet, those who deem fashion to be a necessity can’t let go of the constant struggle to work hard on themselves. Unfortunately, such pressure inevitably leads to disappointment, breakdowns, sleep issues, anxiety, and even depression.


3 ways to be more stylish this year

It is the new year, new me season, and I know many people are still committed to sticking to their new year resolution. Personal style is usually high up on the list of new year resolutions for fashion lovers. So if you plan on looking for fab ways to be more stylish this year, here are 3 great ideas you may want to try.

3 ways to be more stylish this year

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Shop the sale for what you really need

Don’t get carried with the sales and spend money on items you don’t really need. Shop like a pro and look at for great deals on pieces and accessories you really need. The last thing you would want is a closet filled with new sale items that do not complement each other because that means you would have to spend more money to get items that would complement your wardrobe.

Declutter your wardrobe regularly

Decluttering your wardrobe is essential because it helps you make the most of what you have and gets rid of items you no longer need. I love getting rid of items I no longer need because it frees up space in my closet and it allows me spot gaps that need filling and stylish clothes that need wearing. It is super easy to have cool pieces buried underneath and never worn. This is why decluttering the closet regularly is such a handy style tip.

Invest in a capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a great investment as it can be really inspirational. Also, you don’t need too many pieces or accessories! All you need for a capsule wardrobe are few quality key pieces and accessories, and you are usually good to go! Check out this post for more tips on creating a capsule wardrobe.

Which style tips will you be trying this year?



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