A beginners guide to seasoning your corset

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In order to maintain their superb condition, corsets need special love and care. you can enjoy wearing corsets for as long as feasible. Corset or waist training corset seasoning is the process of gradually breaking in your corset. It makes the corset more durable and comfortable by allowing the steel bones of the fabric to gradually conform to your figure. Your body has time during the seasoning process to acclimate to the pressure of a corset.

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Getting your corset ready

In essence, seasoning is the process of ‘breaking in’ your corset, just like you would with a new pair of shoes. Slowly and gradually adding seasoning can make your corset comfier and better suited to your shape. The steel bones in the corset can gradually conform to your figure thanks to this technique. By doing this, you will ensure that your corset fits like a glove and that you are placing less strain on the fabric and bones, which will help it last for a long time.

Seasoning also provides your body some time to become used to your new corset. Corsets can be molded to fit our bodies, but they also naturally shape our bodies. Because corsets are constructed and intended to pull the body in specific places, your body will adjust as your corset takes on the contour of your body. To prevent undue strain on your body or your corset, it is crucial to go through the seasoning procedure.

A seasoned corset feels different

Your corset will be properly seasoned when:

  • The top and bottom edges embrace your body and conform to it.
  • There is no edge gapping at the top or bottom.
  • The hooks and pins snap into position.
  • The grommets and laces fit together smoothly.
 How to season corsets
Common approach

For the first few days of seasoning your corset using the most popular method, it is best to make sure you wear it for about an hour to two hours. You should tie your corset somewhat loosely, but not so tightly that it makes you feel like you’re wearing a straight jacket. Beginner lacing should have a cuddle-like feel to it. Make sure your laces are not too loose so that you are ineffective but also not so loose that you cannot breathe or function.

After wearing your corset for an hour or two the first two to three days, you should gradually increase the amount of time you spend wearing it every two to three days by an hour. You should keep doing this until you feel your corset is perfectly contoured to your body.

So, on the first two to three days, you will be lacing in for up to two hours, the following two to three days for three hours, and so on until you are lacing in for roughly six hours at the conclusion of your two to four-week seasoning regimen. But keep in mind that time addition does not result in an inch reduction. You can further reduce your reduction once the corset is fully seasoned to your optimum (usually) two to four-inch reduction. It is essential to restart the seasoning routine if and when you decide to do this in order to acclimate your body and corset to the new level of reduction.

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Other Techniques

Try an alternate strategy known as the 2-2-2 method if you don’t have the time or aren’t as serious about waist training and waist training corsets and just want the straightforward hourglass shape a corset can provide. Even so, it’s crucial to check that your clothing fits properly to ensure that you look and feel your best. You still have your corset tailored to your contours using this simple way, it simply happens a little bit quicker and less dramatically. With the 2-2-2 method, all you have to do is lace your corset for two hours a day for two weeks to reduce your waist by two inches. You should then have a basic hourglass shape that is nicely and comfortably molded. After completing the first round of the 2-2-2 method, you can even add a little more drama without going overboard by taking it down another two inches.

How to avoid seasoning

Get yourself the perfect fit by choosing the best fit if you don’t want to go through seasoning. While seasoning your corset is a terrific way to attain the perfect fit, picking the right size and style of corset is also crucial. The better your corset fits both before and after seasoning, the more closely it will conform to your natural shape. It’s important to measure oneself properly.

  • Take a measurement around your back and the largest part of your bust, which is typically your nipples.
  • Take a measurement all the way around your waist, just below your ribs. Lean from side to side while placing your finger where your torso is bending to locate the area below your ribs that is the smallest.
  • Lift your leg while standing and feel with your finger where the bone articulates into the pelvis to determine where to take your hip measurements. The tape measure should run around the top of your bottom and is almost at the largest part of your hip. Don’t take a high hip measurement.

However, seasoning is still advised to help you get acclimated to your new corset. Keep in mind to pause when necessary. It should never be uncomfortable or painful during this process. It should always go steadily and be carried out with consideration and care.

4 Types Of Leather Bags You Should Own

Leather bags are one of the best bags one can own. It has many types and applications that you can wear on any occasion. You can buy them in various sizes and shapes. They’re also worth the buy since quality leather bags are durable; they can last for longer years, allowing you to save on buying bags now and then. That said, you may want to consider purchasing the following types of leather bags for your wardrobe: 

  1. Vegetable-Tanned Leather Bags

One of the best leather bags you may want to consider is vegetable-tanned leather bags. Tanning leather began over 5000 years ago, and they’re still popular these days because of their beauty and durability. Leather bags that are vegetable-tanned continue to develop a lovely patina as years go by. This is due to methods used in preparing the hides for vegetable-tanned leather, which are slow and long conventional methods.

Leather bag picture

                                                    Laptop Bag from Von Baer

With that feature, the longer you wear your bag, the more pleasant they become. This leather is built to survive for years because its edges are polished. They also become more flexible after some time, although they’re often stiff at first. And it’s even more popular since it has an opulent, woody, and sweet scent, making it a unique ‘leather’ scent. 

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  1. Day Satchel

A leather satchel bag can be perfect for adding to a classy look and spice up a stylish outfit. You can wear it to appear fashionable while holding almost everything like your tablet or paperback book. You may want to avoid the satchel with many logos or hardware as they can date your bag. It may also be better to have black or dark to medium brown and other neutral-color leather satchels so that stains and scuffs won’t be noticeable. Additionally, because of their versatility, you can wear them on any occasion.

Besides its ability not to go out of trend, leather satchel bags are durable. Especially when made from premium-grade leather, your satchel bag can have fewer chances of being worn and torn out easily.  

4 Types Of Leather Bags You Should Own image

Young man exploring nature landscapes in spring, walking across alone with brown backapack. Handsome Hiker traveling in forests. Mountains in the background, rear view, focus on leather backpack

  1. Backpack

Wearing a backpack for practical purposes only is no longer a trend. With a leather backpack, you can wear a stylish utilitarian bag while keeping your body comfortable, especially your back. Carrying much stuff can also strain your arms, especially when they’re heavy. It can balance the weight of your items over your shoulders, unlike luggage or a suitcase that only lets you use one arm. This means you can use it without carrying anything or dragging a bag, allowing you to travel with free hands. 

Choosing a leather backpack is better since they’re a lot lighter than a canvas or nylon backpack. Since the leather material goes through the tanning process, making it more lightweight. 

Furthermore, a leather backpack is also a fantastic choice for outdoor travel because it is water resistant and will not damage the material. Due to the smooth surface of the bag, the water will slide away instantly and will not stand on it. 

Furthermore, because leather backpacks are heat resistant, your stuff inside the bag will be unaffected even when the weather is hot. Again, because leather backpacks can last for decades, a leather backpack can be an excellent choice for outdoor activities. 

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  1. Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is another leather bag that is useful for traveling. You can also use it for other purposes such as going to the gym or short trips. You can fit everything in it because it has a lot of room, allowing you to carry your jeans, shoes, shirts, and other items while still carrying a compact bag. This means you can conserve room above your seat on your trip or in your car, which is beneficial because you don’t have to reduce the number of items you need to take or the amount of baggage you require.

A leather duffle bag is also fashionable and multi-functional. You can travel in style while having many spaces for your things since most duffle bags have zippered and side pockets. This is practical because you’ll no longer need boxes to hold valuables such as a power bank and other gadgets. Having a multi-functional bag means you can use it as a daily bag, too, and not just for traveling. 


Leather bags are known for their durability, but they’re more than that. They’re also multi-functional and stylish, so having them in your wardrobe allows you to wear fashionable bags for more extended periods. You may save money by learning how to properly care for your leather bags, allowing you to use them for longer.

How to Style Your Little Black Dress with Kids Earrings?

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A little black dress is captivating and can stand out all alone. But you can make the dress a notch up by styling it with kids’ earrings. Fashion is something you can easily make on your own and show off your personality in the way you dress. So, even if you are stepping out in your basic LBD, ensure it reflects the type of person you are.

In most cases, you can use different accessories to change the formality level and style of your little black dress. And that’s why it is crucial to give your earring selection the thought it deserves.

When it is about matching a little black dress, just about anything works! But here are some ideas to instantly amplify your LBD look with kids’ earrings.

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Make It Look Stylish

Put in some effort to up your fashion game when you dress up in an LBD. You can make your basic little black dress appear uber stylish with a beautiful pearl earring, some pop of color on the lips, soft curls in your hair, and the right neckpiece to show off your plunging neckline. Be it a chunky earring or loose hair bun; ensure stepping out in style with your LBD on.

Choose Minimalism

Most of the time, you end up overdoing an outfit in trying to style it too much. Want to keep your appearance simple but trendy? Pair your little black dress with small stud earrings, stunning stilettos, and nude makeup, and opt for a loose bun.

Look Graceful

Choose something simple like a pair of disc drop earrings or baroque pearl earrings. These are minimal, dainty, and modern and will render you a graceful appearance in your LBD. Putting on a layered, fine-chain necklace will be the usual choice for a simple and chic look.

When doing so, layer baby necklaces of varying lengths and accompany them with thin, delicate kids’ earrings and bracelets.

Bring in Some Drama: Accessorize Your LBD with Diamond Earrings

Your little black dress is ideal for showcasing your earrings in sparkling diamonds. The idea here is to go small but without understating your appearance. Depending on the occasion, choose to accessorize your LBD with simple solitaire or fashion studs or beautiful dangle or drop style earrings.

Make sure to choose diamond earrings that draw the eyes upwards to your face while adding sparkle to your smile simultaneously. Diamond earrings will let you shine and change the feel of your little black dress. Try experimenting with different styles of diamond earrings to get the look that suits you best.

Keep It Classic with Gold Earrings

Dressing your LBD in classic gold earrings will also make you look beautiful. Earrings in cool white, blushing rose gold, and warm yellow hues all work together to create a glamorous appearance.


One of the greatest things about a little black dress is its versatility. You can have great fun with your kid’s earrings as you do not need to worry about matching a specific dress color. Just consider the occasion and mix and match varied options to understand what works for your style and body type.

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