How to Shop for Stylish Trousers for Spring

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Hey Fashion Lovers! We are halfway into February and Spring is just around the corner. I am looking forward to some milder weather. It feels like this winter season has gone on for longer than usual. I have started getting my wardrobe ready for spring. There are some gaps in my trousers collection and I plan to grab a few pairs just in time for the spring season. I have my eye on a few pairs already. There are so many stylish collections available in stores, it was tricky to narrow down my selection to just a few but that is the beauty of fashion and style.



So how do you shop for stylish trousers this spring? Here are a three tips for you.


Go for a comfortable and flattering fit

Comfort and style should go hand in hand. You should not have to pick one over the other. I always make sure my pieces (especially my trousers) have a comfortable and flattering fit. The last thing I would want to have on is a pair of uncomfortable trousers or trousers that don’t flatter my body. That would just look off. I am not a fan of trying on clothes before I buy them but I make an exception when shopping for trousers. I need to see how it looks from all angles before I buy a pair. Which is why I like shopping in select stores, where I am sure of my size.


If you are petite, shop petite

I am petite so I make sure I shop the petite range. The regular trousers don’t fit right and the length is always too long. I find the petite range suits my body shape perfectly in my most stores. Worth doing if you are as tiny as me.


Softer fabrics

I prefer softer fabrics, they are way more comfortable, which is why I pay special attention to the fabric material before buying a pair of new trousers. I have noticed trousers with softer fabric are easier to maintain and look good for longer too!

It is worth paying attention to your trousers when shopping as we tend to wear them a lot. There’s no point dishing out money on new pairs just to get rid of them after a few wears.


What do you think of these tips for stylish trousers? Are you shopping for trousers in time for spring? Do tell in the comments section below.

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Dresses to wear to a winter wedding

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The weather has been all shades of gloomy in the whole of the UK. The winter weather is almost over but we still have a few weeks of chills to deal with. If you have a winter wedding to attend and you are not sure what to wear, you may find this post very useful. Having on a killer dress is one way to boost your confidence at a special event. There will be pictures taken to preserve the memories, so you want to ensure you are looking good. With the current craze for photo booths like what the guys have at Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth and social media, your pictures will be everywhere! You don’t want to look at the pictures in future and hate how you were dressed.

Here are some stylish ideas for dresses to wear to winter wedding.

Dorothy Perkins – Pink Natalie Maxi Dress


dresses to wear to a winter wedding image


This is a lovely dress to wear to a winter wedding. I really like the light pink colour. It is such a beautiful piece. The sating waist band is a lovely addition to this dress. It would look amazing paired with a nice pair of silver sandals like the pair the model has on.


Phase Eight – Mineral Brandie Lace Bodice Chiffon Dress


Phase Eight - Mineral Brandie Lace Bodice Chiffon Dress picture


This lovely chiffon dress by Phase Eight is definitely one of my favourite dresses at the moment. Like many of Phase Eight’s dresses, this piece is well designed and would work great as a dress to wear to a winter wedding. The light blue colour is a beauty, the sheer sleeve detail is lovely and the lace bodice looks fabulous.


Quiz – Petite Pink Embroidered Dip Hem Dress


Quiz dresses image


I am a huge fan of Quiz dresses. They are super chic and always so stylish. This lovely pink embroidered dip hem dress is no exception. I am petite, so I love when brands make dresses perfect for my body shape. The v neck and embroidered design looks great. This Quiz dress is definitely a show stopper!


Little Mistress – Navy Sonja Navy Embellished One-Shoulder Maxi Dress


winter wedding dresses image


This one-shoulder navy dress by Little Mistress is another fabulous piece to wear to a winter wedding this season. It would look fantastic paired with silver sandals and accessories. The asymmetric neckline is my favourite part of the dress. It is well designed and stands out from other dresses. Plus the navy blue shade is one of my favourite shades of blue.


Paper Dolls – Blue Caletta Cobalt Lace Check Pephem Belted Midi Dress


Fashion and Style Police Blog image


This cobalt blue dress by Paper Dolls is another fashionable dress to wear to a winter wedding. The calf-length fitted dress has a fantastic shape and design. The mixed floral and check lace with lace-trim finish shows a lot of attention went into designing this gorgeous piece.


What do you think of these dresses to wear to a winter wedding? Did any catch your eye? Please drop a comment in the comments section and thank you for reading.



JORD Vegan Leather Wallets

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Wallets are one of the things I hardly ever buy. My previous wallet was over 10 years now and it never occurred to me until very recently to get a new one. I guess that is what happens when you buy quality items and take good care of them. When you do, you never really think about replacing them because they still look as good as new. This is exactly how JORD Vegan Leather wallets are. I recently got my hands on this stunning JORD Eila Vegan Leather Wallet. This lovely looking EILA wallet is a true beauty. It is shadow black and silver in colour, and it looks simply amazing. I have had it for a while now and I love everything about the wallet. It is super chic and looks fab inside my handbag and as a clutch.


JORD Vegan Leather Wallets pictureJORD Leather Wallets image


JORD Eila Vegan Leather Wallet

This JORD Eila Vegan Leather Wallet features eight inner cards slots, zipper pouch, and lots of space for my phone, lipstick and few bits. I can use this wallets as a regular wallet or a little clutch. I love how pretty it looks and how versatile it really is. It is water resistant and also very durable. I like that it is made from the world’s most durable luxury fabric – Suberhide™. It is very tough, textured and soft. I also love the fact that this little wallets comes with a five year limited manufacturer warranty and care.


Inner Dimensions: 19.5 cm × 10.8 cm × 2 cm
Vegan leather lining
1 Interior zippered pocket
2 Interior sleeve pockets
8 Interior card slots


Outer Dimensions: 19.5 cm × 10.8 cm × 2 cm
Suberhide™ Premium Cork Leather
Vegan leather card slots & change pouch


Fashion Blogs UK Image UK Fashion Bloggers image


This JORD Vegan Leather Wallet also comes in a very beautiful gift box and a dust bag. You can tell a lot of thought went into the packaging of this wallet. The dust bag is pretty handy for storing the wallet when not in use.

Throughout 2020, JORD will be designing new products. to participate in the design process, please fill out this short survey. As a thank you for your participation, you will receive an immediate $30 discount sitewide.

What do you think of this gorgeous wallet by JORD? Are you a fan of JORD Vegan Leather Wallets?

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