4 Reasons It Makes Perfect Sense To Consider A Dress Purchase An Investment

4 Reasons It Makes Perfect Sense To Consider A Dress Purchase An Investment picture

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If you are planning your prom night then, unless you are up against the clock and have left everything far too late then you should try and relax, take your time and listen to your instincts when it comes to the most important parts, one which being, your dress.

1. Don’t Stress

The main thing with planning your prom is not to stress, try not to overthink anything a keep it simple. Follow the guidelines set out by your school and choose something that makes you happy. Far too many youngsters are plagued with stress and or the pressure of other people around them.

Don’t let others guide your decision, especially other students. Who cares what everyone else is doing? If you want to look into 2 piece prom dress for sale, then you go for it. The dress is for you and you only, not another reason to try and fit in with the crowd.

Of course, you will have to adhere to your parents’ wishes, if they are paying for the dress and, you want to avoid any arguments. Having said that, unless you are expecting the world, if you look for an outfit that you could either wear again for another occasion, the budget you spend could be talked about and maybe even increased. There seems to be a thing, or an idea that you’ll only ever wear it once and as such, some people or parents will be a little hasty in spending too much.

2. Be Yourself

Always try and be yourself, your clothes are an expression of you and how you feel. It makes zero sense to buy an outfit that is uncomfortable but, it’s what everyone else has so you go for it anyway to try and look cool. Inevitably, those people regret their choice, firstly because it wasn’t really their choice to start with and secondly because everybody is different, so you might choose a dress that actually doesn’t fit very well.

3. Choose Something That You Like

The best thing to do is to choose a dress that you like, 2 piece formal dresses are increasing in popularity because you have so many variable options and they are a mix between formal and the smartest of casual clothes. If you go for something that you actually like, something that fits your body shape and that is comfortable, then you are more likely to enjoy your evening to its fullest.

If, on the other hand you go for an outfit that you don’t particularly like but you think it will make you look better than the others, you may find it extremely uncomfortable and ultimately end up with tarnished memories of an occasion that should be one of the best nights of your life.

4. Try And Get An Outfit That You Could Sell On, If You Wanted To

Not many youngsters will think this way, so if you can get yourself in the mindset of buying your dress as an investment, then it will set you up for a better financial future too. Consider those who have never gone through the thought process of buying something, with a view of selling it on and perhaps even making profit if the item or items are desirable enough.

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Whenever you make a purchase of clothing that is generally only going to be used once, think smart, think future and don’t be like the majority of people who will either end up throwing their dress away or store it somewhere never to be seen again. As above, try and get something unique that can be used for other occasions and that has desirability so that you can, if you want to, sell it.




Warm Winter Hats for Women

Hey Fashion and Style readers! How is the weather where you are? The chill is in the air and is now time to get bundled up! I have started wearing my warm winter hats already. They keep my head covered and warm, which I like. If you are on the hunt for warm winter hats for women you are reading the right post! Here are some stylish options for you:

Next Cable Pom Hat £12

Cable Pom Hat picture



This Cable Hat is such a beauty! I love the texture and the khaki colour a lot! You can also buy one in pink, black or purple berry, which is fab. This piece will definitely keep your head very warm and leave you looking stylish this winter. What do you think?

Barbour® Cable Knit Beanie With Faux Fur Pom £28
Fashion Blog image
This beautiful Barbour Beanie Hat is a great accessory for this chilly season. It looks very comfy. I like the faux fur pom detail and the lighter price tag. This warm winter hat will definitely be popular this season. Do you agree?
Lipsy Cosy Cable Knit Pom Hat £10

Fashion and Style Police Blog image

If you are after a cheaper version of beanie hat with a faux fur pom, this piece by Lipsy is the one for you. I love the colour a lot! It looks fab and would be a nice addition to my winter hats collection. I can clearly see myself getting this hat.

Joules Blue Elena Cable Hat £20

Warm Hats image

This is another fab winter hat. I love the Joules brand a lot, and I plan to shop more of it this winter season. This Cable Hat is definitely on my shopping list. I really like the colour and I currently have a thing for hats with faux fur poms.

What do you think of these warm winter hats? Which is your favourite? Please sound off in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.


Style Icon: Adesua Etomi

The popular Nigerian actress- Adesua Etomi is the Style Icon for the month of November. She is style goals, all day, everyday! This woman set the stage when it comes to personal style. She follows her own fashion rules and her signature style is all hers. Adesua Etomi’s style is feminine, classy and chic. This style icon knows what looks good on her and she slays everyday. I always like seeing this stylish Queen on the red carpet. Her outfits are always so well put together. Her Instagram profile is also full of so much fashion and style inspiration.

Style Icon: Adesua Etomi

Style Icon: Adesua Etomi picture

I love the outfit she has on in this photo. The bright red colour goes well with the yellow shoes, and the outfit suits her like a glove. I am a huge fan of peplum pieces. The designs always bring out the best in shapes, and this lovely piece right here ticks all the boxes. Plus, her makeup and hairstyle are simply stunning.

UK Fashion Blog image

This beautiful dress right here is so stylish. It suits Adesua Etomi’s figure and skin tone, and she has on pretty sandals as well to go with the stunning dress.

I could go on and on sharing endless pictures of this Style Icon on here. She definitely has an amazing sense of fashion and she sticks to her own rules which is a breath of fresh air. It gets boring seeing the same celebs wearing similar styles and designs. It is more fun to stand out and stick to what suits you.

What do you think of Adesua Etomi as a Style Icon? Have you seen any of her movies? Are you a fan of her style, movies, or both? Please sound off in the comment section, let’s chat.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe.

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