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September is simply around the corner, so it’s back to school again for most students. But, more than school in itself, what students might look forward to more, is the wide range of experiences they get from the different extra-curricular events in school.

One highly anticipated event in the United States around this time is the Homecoming. A tradition where alumni return to their schools to reconnect with their alma maters, the Homecoming activities usually revolve around a sports game (i.e., football, etc.) culminating in what is popularly known as the Homecoming Dance. But, while the dance is considered the main event by most, it is by no means the only worthwhile activity of Homecoming. Indeed, the celebration comprises a slew of fun-filled activities packed into a week-long celebration.

Here we look at the different Homecoming activities and what to wear to these events.

Pep Rallies / Tailgate Parties / The Game

Pep rallies are held to cheer the school team to victory. Participated in by marching bands and cheerleaders, these rallies are attended by the students and teachers and are held days before the actual game. A tailgate party, meanwhile, is held in the school or stadium parking lots right before or after the sports game. Food and drinks are served near or at the back end of parked vehicles, such as pickup trucks and SUVs.

What To Wear 

Show up wearing the school colors. Try to stick to the dress code if there is one. It can range from a simple same-color scheme, Hawaiian theme, glow theme, etc. The idea is to infuse the event with the school spirit to show support and pride for the team.

Homecoming Parade

The parade is a procession of alumni, faculty, students, and local community members walking, dancing, or riding on cars and floats along a designated route. Various school organizations and clubs also participate with the marching band, the sports teams, and cheerleaders. In addition, school and community spectators are welcome to watch along the sidewalks.

What To Wear 

If you’re part of the parade, chances are there is a uniform or dress code you need to follow. If you are a spectator, then come as you are. Wear something you feel comfortable standing around or sitting in. Jeans, school sweatsuits, shorts, and trainers are the norm. Jazz up your attire with a cute skirt, a dressy blouse or top, and boots. If the weather is a bit nippy, don’t forget to don a warm jacket.

Homecoming Dance

The highlight of Homecoming is undoubtedly the Homecoming Dance, which is why it is almost always featured in American teen movies. Unlike the prom, where only juniors and seniors attend, the Homecoming Dance is more inclusive. First-year students can go to the event, and it’s also a more casual affair, as the dance is usually held in the school gym. So get decked out in a dress and dance to your heart’s content, with or without a date!

What To Wear 

Be sure not to wear a long formal gown or a dress that is too short. A cocktail dress in just the right length hugging your curves will give just the right oomph and make heads turn in your direction. So start prepping now and thumb through the latest catalog or have a look at a website of 2022 homecoming dresses.

So what are you waiting for? Show up, take part, dress up, and have fun! Homecoming is one memorable event you will look back on with a smile and a lightness in your heart.

Why The Skater Style Is Becoming More Popular Among Women

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When you think about the skater style, you typically think of a skater boy – and that’s not just because of the popular Avril Lavigne song! Guys will traditionally adopt this look, and it’s mainly because skateboarding was stereotypically popular with young men and boys back in the day. 

Nevertheless, it’s starting to take off in the female department as well. More and more women are adopting the skater style, and I’m interested to know why? What’s made this trend so popular amongst women, and is it here to stay?

What is the skater style?

When we talk about the skater style or the skate fashion trend, we’re talking about something that’s been around since the 70s. The 90s were the decade where it really kicked off and became a core fashion style, and it’s the idea of adopting skate culture. This means wearing things that are practical and comfortable, often adopting a more relaxed look. There was initially an air of ‘I don’t care’ about the skater style that really helped its popularity. Nowadays, some massive brands have dedicated themselves to this style, many of which now make products for women. 

Everyday comfort

Perhaps the main reason this trend is speaking out to women is that it advocates the idea of dressing for everyday comfort. This is similar to how the athleisure trend is so popular, encouraging people to dress comfortably, yet retain practicality. If you look at some of the best gifts for skateboarders, you’ll see that the clothing items are all very relaxed. For decades, women have always had to squeeze into outfits or feel like they need to sacrifice comfort for style. As such, the skater trend is a welcome relief from all of this, providing comfortable shoes, relaxed oversized hoodies, and comfy trousers. It’s a way to dress how you’ve always secretly wanted to dress, but now it’s stylish!

Famous skater girls

Another reason for the rise in popularity of skater girl fashion is that there are many famous skater girls around right now. Granted, you might not be able to conjure up the names of any professional female skaters – or male ones for that matter! However, a lot of celebs have been seen adopting this fashion trend. Miley Cyrus is often seen wearing skater clothing, and another big one is Zendaya. Both of these women are known for their fashion and style, with huge audiences. If they’re advocating the skater style, it’s only natural that their fans will copy the look!

Overall, it does feel as though the skater fashion style is here to stay. It has already been around for decades, but women have only really started taking to it recently. As more and more girls start trying out the outfits and enjoying how they look and feel, you’ll see the trend flourish. The best thing about it is that you literally don’t need to know anything about skateboarding. I think that’s what put women off in the past, but now you can just wear the gear without immersing yourself in skater culture. 


Stunning Swimwear Fashion for Women and Kids

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I know we are in the middle of winter, but I am shopping for summer pieces in the January sales, and Swimwear Fashion is on the list. The January sales are in full swing and I am loving the amazing bargains. I love browsing various fashion brands during the sales in search for great deals. There are great swimwear pieces I recently came across and I just had to get a couple for myself and the kiddies ready for summer.

The twins have swimming lessons as well which is another reason why I find myself forever buying new swimwear. They enjoy swimming and I am glad they do since knowing how to swim is important to us. I have been thinking of finding a new swimming spot for them like the swimming lessons from Seriously Fun. Their prices look really good.

If you are after some lovely swimwear, here are some stunning swimwear pieces for women and kids –

NEXT Ruched Side Shape Enhancing Swimsuit £30

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This Ruched Side Shape Enhancing Swimsuit by Next is a beauty. I love the leopard print and the design of the swimsuit. It has a firm support to help flatten the tummy and enhance the curves in the right way. It is definitely worth grabbing. Do you agree?


Ted Baker Hedgerow Swimsuit £95 £48




I adore this Ted Baker swimsuit. The floral print and sweetheart neckline is such a beauty. This swimsuit also comes with under-wired and padded cups to provide adequate support. I love the price tag now too! What do you think?


BIBA Safari Queen Icon Swimsuit £50 £35

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This BIBA Safari Queen Icon Swimsuit is another swimsuit I am truly in love with. The design and print is beautiful. I also love the fact that it coms with tummy control. It is such a stunning swimming piece.


DKNY Girls One-Piece Swimsuit £39 £25.35


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This lovely black DKNY one-piece swimsuit would be amazing for my daughter. I love the simple style and colour. It would be great for her swimming lessons as it is super comfy with an elasticated strap and stretchy lightweight fabric. I am glad it is now on sale.


Tommy His Block 1 Piece Swimsuit £39 £28


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This swimsuit is a beauty. My daughter would love the colour and style. It is simple and comfy with the stretch fit. I think it would work great for my little one’s summer holidays and swimming lessons. It is an adorable 1 piece.


Timberland Boys Swimming Trucks £35 £17.50

Timberland swimming trunks image



This Timberland Swimming Trucks is an excellent swimwear for my boy. I love the multicolour and beach vibe it has. It would be great for the summer holidays, playing on the beach at all. It also looks comfy enough for the swimming lessons with the elasticated drawstring waist and lightweight fabric. I love it and I am sure my little man would love it too! Good it is on sale. I can clearly see myself grabbing it.


What do you think of these Stunning Swimwear Fashion for Women and Kids? Did any catch your eye?





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