Where to Buy Authentic Celtic Jewelry Online

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Where to Buy Authentic Celtic Jewelry Online

Buying online jewelry today is a much-preferred option for many people as they have access to a greater diversity of jewelry pieces, and they no longer have to travel great distances or stand in lines to get their desired items.

However, sometimes, individuals might come across some stores selling fake jewelry, especially when looking for authentic Celtic jewelry such as brooches, kilt pins, Celtic knots, or others. 

If you want to buy authentic Celtic jewelry, browse catalog here. To better understand how to spot an authentic Celtic jewelry website from a fake one, here is what you should consider.

Analyze the Source

Buying jewelry from big eCommerce websites like eBay is easy, but you will often stumble across fake pieces if you want to find Celtic jewelry. Instead, you should focus on finding websites dedicated to selling Celtic jewelry exclusively.

Once you find a website, check the images and see who you buy from. Sometimes, images are blurry or copied from another source. This can be a red flag. You want a Celtic jewelry website that clearly presents its products in high-quality and original photos. Simply Google the images to determine if the jewelry pictures are present on other websites. 

Lastly, Celtic jewelry stands out from regular jewelry pieces as it focuses more on tradition, history, and symbolism. You are more likely to purchase an authentic Celtic jewelry piece from a source connected in some way to Ireland rather than China or India.

Check the Policies

Once you find a website that sells authentic Celtic jewelry, you should analyze their shop policies. Websites that don’t have a return policy or that don’t have some type of warranty should be avoided. Not having a return policy is a major red flag you should check out before buying anything. Still, you should read the shop’s policy entirely, and if you notice any misspellings or dubious or missing clauses, it’s time to say bye-bye.

The Prices

Although authentic Celtic jewelry isn’t necessarily more expensive or affordable than regular jewelry, prices can sometimes indicate if something is off or not. If prices are too low, this is another red flag you should consider, for example. Remember that the materials involved in creating the piece also dictate its price. Items with gold materials will always be more expensive, so if they are also cheap, something is off.

Verify Reviews

People who browse online for authentic Celtic jewelry want to buy something meaningful. They are the type of customers who will always leave a review regardless of their experience, and you can use this to determine whether the website you are visiting is trustworthy.

Check out the Celtic Jewelry website’s reviews and see other customers’ experiences. Are they generally happy about the products they have purchased? Do they mention anything that raises suspicion? Once you have determined that the reviews are positive and true, you are one step closer to discovering whether the Celtic Jewelry website is reliable.


5 Fashion Trends for Autumn

As Van Gogh once said, “As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colours enough to paint the beautiful things I see.” With its ethereal burst of colours and subtle hint of newness, autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and anticipated seasons of the year.

As the arrival of a new season always calls for new fashion trends to accommodate the changing weather and landscape, we’re here to give you the scoop on five of the latest fashion trends that are taking the world by storm this fall.

  • Red

The Barbie pink of summer is on its way out and a new colour is taking centre stage. Red seems to be the colour of the season this year, and we’re not talking about a touch of red to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Rather, designers are opting for bold, blood red from head to toe. This seemed to be the colour of choice on the runways in the various fashion capitals of the world, from Prada to Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Christopher Kane, Victoria Beckham, Di Petsa, Eudon Choi and Alexander McQueen. 

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  • Businesswear

Another trend to look out for is classic tailoring. Power suits, black ties (even in women’s fashion) and large black or grey coats are making a comeback. Taking a much-needed break from the impractical and over-the-top avant-garde styles of previous seasons, more designers are now opting for classic, wearable clothes that can be worn in everyday life. These staples are not only fashion-forward but are also a sensible choice as the weather grows cooler.

  • Waist-centric Styles

From New York to London and Paris, waist details are taking over. Some of the most popular themes include peplum tops, hourglass silhouettes, chunky or low-waist belts and ruched styles. Peplums, which are certainly not a new trend in the fashion world, have come back with a chic edge to them. They can be paired with matching bottoms like skirts or pants. Grecian-inspired styles such as gathers, ruches and drapes were also seen on the runways and are a much-welcome addition. In fact, according to Tagwalk, draped looks were 20% more popular this season when compared to last season.

  • Super-sized Bags

Several designers now dress their runway models with large, carry-all bags such as handbags, totes and even clutches. Unlike the popular tiny bag trend we’re all accustomed to, these huge bags can fit anything from laptops to large picture frames. Thanks to Ferragamo, Loewe, Jill Sander and Balmain who pushed this trend, we’ll be seeing more chunky bags this fall season.

  • Scarves

Although this trend seems to be more practical than fashionable, designers have taken it to a whole new level. As opposed to plain old, knitted scarves, these new styles come in beautiful, blanket-sized patterns large enough to be worn head-to-toe. The scarf trend is popular with designers like Burberry, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent & Gabriela Hearst, Marni, and Etro.

We hope you’ve gotten some wardrobe inspiration to keep you in style this fall. Remember to stay true to yourself and stay cozy!


3 Chic Dresses to Rock this Summer

Hey fashion lovers! This post is all about my favourite 3 chic dresses to rock this summer. Dresses are evergreen pieces; always in vogue especially in the warm summer months where we can show off a little more skin. If you are looking at adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe this summer, I would highly recommend chic dresses. They are super easy to style up and down, and I usually find them super comfy to wear when it gets really warm. I have recently been eyeing some stylish dresses on the high street. Here are a few that really caught my eye this summer season

River Island Black Mesh Spot Frill Midi Dress


This stylish piece. by River Island would be a fab wardrobe addition this season. I love the simple and chic design. It would look fab with some black heels and handbag. This dress can also be styled down with some white sneakers, if you prefer casual looks like that. As at today,  this piece goes for £43 and it comes in sizes 6 -18. Do you like?

Boohoo Plus Cerys Retro Print Smock Dress

Chic dresses image

This stylish print smock dress by Boohoo is another eye candy. I love the simple dress a lot! It is also an easy piece to style up or down, which is a plus. The easier it is to style a piece, the better. The last thing anyone would want is to buy new accessories for every new piece. This dress also looks really light and comfortable, with the loose fitting style and breezy fabric. This piece is currently on sale for just £9 (55% off at the moment), and it comes in sizes 16 – 24. I really like the light price tag. What do you think?

Roman Abstract Print Maxi Wrap Dress

Fashion and Style image

This beautiful Roman wrap dress is definitely one of my current favourites (and my daughter’s as well) for the summer season. I love the butterfly kaleidoscope print, with flared short fluted sleeves and crossover v-neckline. This dress is beautifully designed and it would complement my existing wardrobe perfectly. I can already picture myself rocking this dress with strappy heels and a matching clutch. It is such a beautiful dress. You can grab one for £45 right now, it’s currently on sale (35% off) on the Romans website. It comes in sizes 10 – 20.

What do you think of these 3 Chic Dresses to Rock this Summer? Which is your fav? Please share your thoughts as always in the comments section. I look forward to reading them.

Take care and stay safe.

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