How to Get Ready for a Big Event: Look and Feel Your Best for That Special Occasion

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The ‘ber months have arrived! This means more gatherings and holidays to get ready for. Everything from Thanksgiving, Halloween bashes, long weekends, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, and more.

Even if it isn’t the holiday season, though, there are always special occasions to get ready for like birthdays, nights out, or a reunion. These are events where it’s always fun to get all spiffed up and look your best. It gives you a certain swagger and confidence when you know you look and feel good.

So, what are the things that you can do to ensure that you’re looking your best on those special days? We’re here to help! Sometimes, with all that’s going on, it’s easy to forget these preparations. But we’ve got a quick but thorough guide to make things easy for you.

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Plan Your Outfit

It’s always a stressful situation when you’ve got to find an outfit for your event at the last minute. It can also take a toll on your entire vibe if you’re not feeling confident in what you’re wearing.

You can avoid this by planning your outfit in advance. If you can, plan your outfit a week or so before your special occasion. If it’s a super special one like a birthday or formal event, you can even plan a couple of weeks ahead just to make sure, especially if you want something tailored or custom-made.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important beauty rituals! Not to mention, it will boost your mood and have you feeling refreshed. If you have a special event, make sure that you get lots of sleep to have the energy to mingle as well as keep your face and skin glowing.

Prep Your Face

Whether you’re a makeup wearer or not, it’s always a good idea to prep your face for that special day. It will give you a nice boost of confidence and make a great impression on the people around you.

Get a Facial

If you’re feeling bougie, get a facial treatment from your favorite aesthetic clinic. Choose one that will suit your skin’s needs or consult a dermatologist for the best treatment. Do this a week or so before your special occasion to give your skin time to settle. Avoid doing it close to the date as there may still be some inflammation or peeling depending on what treatment you get.

Do a DIY Treatment

You don’t have to go to a clinic to pamper your skin. A DIY treatment or over-the-counter face masks can help you revitalize your skin, too! Research the best recipes for a homemade mask or grab your favorite brand and pamper your face either the night before or a few hours before your event.

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Prep Your Hair

Hair is one of the most important aspects of your look! You want your hair to be shiny, healthy, and looking its best for your occasion.

Here are a few preparations to take:

Refresh Your Color

If you color your hair regularly, it might be time to get it refreshed especially if the roots have grown out. Alternatively, you can change your hair color for a new and exciting look!

Do A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Of course, it’s important to care for the health of your hair. You don’t want dull, fragile, and dry hair on your special day. Bring life back into your hair and repair damage by doing a deep conditioning treatment the night before. Choose a treatment with protein and moisturizing elements for a good balance of strength and softness.

Plan Your Hairstyle

Hair is a part of your ensemble! Choose a hairstyle that will suit your outfit and the overall vibe you’re going for. Do this in advance after you’ve chosen what to wear so that you don’t have to decide on the day.

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Prep Your Body

Your body needs love too! Especially if you’re showing a bit of skin in your outfit, it’s a good idea to make sure that your skin looks and feels amazing.

Do A Body Scrub

Over time, your body accumulates a lot of dead skin and dirt even if you shower every day. To revitalize your skin, do a body scrub the night before your special occasion. This will make the skin smooth, even, and soft.


It’s always good to make it a habit to moisturize your skin. But especially on days when you need your skin to look its best, choose a super moisturizing body butter or lotion to apply right before your event. This will give you a stunning glow.

Make Your Grand Entrance!

It may seem like a lot at first but doing these preparations in advance can save you a lot of stress and crunching. It’s also a good reminder to pamper yourself once in a while! Do these steps and plan accordingly for your event and you will surely feel and look incredible.



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