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There are now quite a few bloggers publishing their income reports on their blog, and I see these reports as a breath of fresh air. I am happy to see more and more bloggers, comfortably talking about how much they make from their blogs and other online gigs. These type of blog posts did not exist when I started blogging (well I never read one back then), it was all hush-hush, and it is still hush-hush to a certain extent, so I find it so cool to see bloggers talking about how much they earn from their blog.

Now I don’t see myself ever publishing an income report on my blog, because I see it as too much information, but I love reading other bloggers’ reports. The main reason why I enjoy reading these reports is because they motivate me to keep pushing myself every month to earn more, gives me ideas on how else I could monetise my blog/brand, and these reports also open my eyes to how much other bloggers do make.

If you have read my e-book – How to Cash in as a Blogger, then you will know all about my background, how I found myself blogging full-time, my blogging journey so far and how I have succeeded in monetising my blog, but the truth of the matter is, the pursuit of financial freedom as a full-time blogger still continues. My monthly pay check is so unpredictable as a full-time blogger, I have had to look for other ways to make money online, some of which are:

Freelance Writing

Book Sales

Selling on eBay

Blogger Outreach Services


Blogging still brings in more money every month than all 4 put together but the financial instability is a big issue for me. I am a very organised person, I love to plan, and the fact that I really can’t say for a fact what my take home pay will be every month gives me worry sometimes. Being a work from home mum is a blessing. I get to bring my kids up and follow my dreams as well, which is a fantastic. I just wish my take home pay was not up and down like a yo-yo, and I wish I had extras for big purchases, and splurging here and there.

I guess that is where ‘glo’  – The Guarantor Loan Option, comes in. For those who do not know, glo is a UK-based online unsecured guarantor loan company that was launched by specialist lender Provident Financial in November 2014. This guarantor loan is based on trust, so if you know someone who is happy to step in as a guarantor for you, and that person is financially independant from you, then glo may be able to offer you a guarantor loan, anything from £1,000 to £7,000.

This company provides loans for people with bad credit, unsteady or unpredictable income, or for people new to credit. If you fall into any of these categories, and you need a bit of help for a huge purchase, like buying a car, carrying out some home improvements, or you just need to supplement your income for whatever reason, you are reading the right post, and would probably need to have a chat with glo.

Do you blog full-time? How do you cope with the unpredictable income?


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  1. It’s definitely interesting seeing bloggers income reports as I think it’s something we are all curious about.

  2. I don’t blog full time because I couldn’t deal with the instability. Living on my own with a mortgage means I have to have a stable income so anything I make from freelance work (and the occasional bit from blogging) is just an added extra x

  3. Blogging is like any kind of business when you can never be sure how much you will make. I believe however that with consistency and good quality contents, there will always be a way.
    All the very best Stella.
    Minding/raising the children while still making money is always a good idea


  4. With the ex we both had our own businesses so I know too well the pitfalls of being self employed and having to put money away in good times for the rainy times. It is hard I know. It takes guts, courage and alot of hard work to make anything work. You have all those qualities Stella because your doing it. Well done. Keep on keeping on

  5. I feel like I could make money from my blog but I’m scared to make the jump. You need to declare you income which means registering as self employed and it’s all so scary and grown up. Think I’ll stick to hobby blogging.

  6. when I started reading this article I thought I was goign to be reading about your financial performance, phew. A bit unhappy :(. Lol. Just kidding. Love how you brought in, GLO into this. Truth be told, cost of living remains high and even with a stable income you are likely to need some financial support occasionally.

  7. This is so true – I went “pro” instead of going back to my part time job last September/October as I was earning the same months but some month’s I can out-earn my husband and others I’m earning just about the same as I was for 16 hours – but putting in more. Its tough but in the long run I think it’s worth it 🙂 H x

  8. I could never rely solely on the income from blogging. Big chunks come in and other times tiny little bits come in. It’s not as important for me because I do stay at home and look after our child, so my OH is the sole breadwinner in terms of household income. What I make is just a bit on the side.

  9. I think it’s great that bloggers have started to be more open about their incomes, it shows that we should be more open about what we earn and that a lot of bloggers sell themselves short because they are just grateful to be asked. It is hard though not knowing what you are going to earn month to month so I always keep a bit of money for a rainy day and I also do side projects so my income doesn’t come completely from my blog, I’ve never done an income report myself though xx

  10. Blogging is to me just a hobby and I think I will always prefer to have it like that or otherwise I might lose the love for it. When it comes to people’s openness about how much they make I think it’s a personal choice for each individual. I wouldn’t have a problem telling people how much I make if I made anything on my blog. 🙂


  11. i thought about blogging full time but then i know i wont be able to get a steady income for the rest of my life but i prefer doing it part time

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