Pros & Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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So I was chatting with a friend some days ago, she is currently contemplating having the laser hair removal treatment done on her legs, and she has been doing some reading online about the pros and cons of having treatment done. We chatted a lot about my experience so far with the laser treatment; I have my next session over the weekend, and I am super excited.

Our chat kind of prompted this post. I think many people are still wary of the whole laser ‘thingy’. Some people think the treatment could lead to serious life threatening illnesses, while others think the hairs in the treated area would grow back with a vengeance, longer and more coarse. Anyways, here is what I think, based on my 4 laser hair removal sessions:


  1. It works. I have had 4 sessions already, I have 2 more sessions to go, and I started to notice a difference as soon as I had my first session. The hair on my chin, which is the area I am treating at the moment, had strands of coarse hair, but after the first laser session, the new growth is no longer visible to the naked eye.
  2. Each session is very quick, depending on the area to be treated. The treatment on my chin takes about 10 minutes for each session.
  3. The technique is very safe if performed correctly. So a patch test should be carried out before starting the treatment to see how well the area reacts to the laser, no makeup in the area to be treated to avoid burns, protective glasses should be worn at all time while undergoing the treatment, an ointment should be applied after the treatment to ensure the treated area is not irritated, and so on.
  4. The treatment is not as painful as threading, so if you can handle threading, then the discomfort you will feel while having this treatment done should be a walk in the park.
  5. There is no research to show that this treatment would lead to life threatening illnesses, or that the hairs in the treated area, will grow back longer and more coarse.

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  1. The treatment does not come cheap. However there are finance options available in most clinics.
  2. The laser treatment promises permanent hair reduction and not permanent hair removal, so the rate at which the hair grows back will depend on your genetics.
  3. Some people could experience some itching, redness, burning, skin discolouration and swelling after having the treatment. This usually disappears within few days.
  4. Several sessions are usually required to reduce the hair growth, usually 6 – 8 sessions.

I do recommend having the laser hair removal treatment done, if you need it. It gives long-lasting results, compared to other hair removal methods, like shaving, threading, waxing and depilatories, and it is over in a matter of minutes.


*This is a collaborative post.



Beyoncé on Elle Magazine UK May 2016



Queen Bey is on the cover of Elle UK Magazine May 2016 issue and I am loving it. It feels like I have not see Beyoncé on a magazine cover in ages, so this looks refreshing. I love this Elle cover, simple but striking. I love her messy hair and light makeup, she looks very beautiful in a natural way. The white background also looks really good, this cover will surely catch many eyes on the newsstands.

In her interview with Elle, Beyoncé chats about freedom, feminism, how her new fashion line, Ivy Park, helps women love their bodies, and a lot more. Ivy Park is an active wear & athleisure collection, designed by Beyoncé in collaboration with Topshop. The collection features, flip-over waistband leggings, sport bras, sultry, mesh-accented bodysuits, snapbacks, tracksuits, functional patterned jackets, caps and hair bands. I am sure the fitness and Beyonce lovers cannot wait to get their hands on this collection.

Have a look at some of the pieces from the collection modelled by the Queen herself below and tell me what you think –

Ivy Park Image

Ivy Park Collection Picture

Ivy Park Collection Image

Check out the promotional video featuring Beyoncé wearing Ivy Park, and telling us the inspiration behind the clothing line;

This collection will be available from April 14 on, Topshop, Net-A-Porter and Nordstorm. Prices will be ranging from $30- $200, so fitness lovers, get your bank cards ready.


I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this issue. I feel like I need to play catch up with one of my BFFs, lol.. I seriously admire this woman. I love majority of her songs, and music videos, and I hope this new clothing line does really well.

Beyoncé is also on the cover of the US edition, check out the cover below:



Which cover do you prefer? I am loving the UK version more, I love how simple it is.



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