How to avoid fast fashion

Many of us may have come across the buzzword fast fashion but for those who are not sure what this phenomenon is all about, fast fashion is the process of creating huge amounts of cheap clothes that match the runaway styles. Most of these pieces do not look good for long and usually fall apart within a few months, which leads consumers to keep spending a lot of money buying cheap pieces and accessories. This cycle keeps repeating itself and it is terrible for your bank balance and even more terrible for the planet.

I like to spend a bit more money on my pieces, so they last for long periods of time. So fast fashion is definitely not for me, and I prefer quality over quantity any day. If you like to know how to avoid fast fashion, you are reading the right. I have some tried and tested tips for you below, so keep reading.

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How to avoid fast fashion

Here are two stylish ways to help you avoid fast fashion and do more for your bank balance, wardrobe, and our amazing planet:

Keep your clothes well

If you spend time ensuring your clothes are well kept, they will thank you for it. You can have a dress for ten years and have it looking good every time you wear it. Storing your clothes in your wardrobe or in storage neatly helps them look good for years. Invest in quality hangers and spaces to prevent excessive wear and tear. Also, pay attention to the washing requirements of your garments to ensure they come out of the wash looking as good as new.

Invest in quality clothing and accessories

It is important you invest in the right clothing and accessories so they hang around for longer. Fast fashion is all about cheap quality items that hardly last beyond a season. If you want to avoid the trend, spend more on items that will stand the test of time. I hardly shop for clothes or accessories these days but when I do, I make sure I don’t shop in certain stores because of the quality of the items they sell. Quality is more important than quantity, so I look out for well-priced clothes and accessories that will look good for longer.

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As you can from the two tips, avoiding fast fashion is quite easy. You just have to pay attention to the store you are shopping from, the price tag as well as the quality of what you are buying.

Are you into fast fashion? How often do you shop?

Style Icon: Kandi Burruss

The stunning Kandi Burrus is the Style Icon for this month of April. I have had my fashion eye on her since the second season of Real Housewives of Atlanta many years ago. Her personal style has evolved right in front of us and I am really digging her style. I think Kandi Burruss is an amazing Style Icon. If I was asked to describe her style in three words, they will be stylish, chic, and feminine. I am always eager to see Burruss on the red carpet or in her many reality series. She is always looking amazingly dressed. I am currently watching the new Kandi and The Gang series and I really like it. I find the storyline and the cast really entertaining.

Style Icon: Kandi Burruss

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Kandi Burrus always brings it when it comes to her fashion and style. Her pieces always look great on her, and her accessories are always on point! I love the fact that she sticks to her signature style and she makes it all look so effortless. Burruss shared some of her fashion tips with Bravo in an interview some days ago. Here is an excerpt of the interview –

“I’m into solids, solid colors” she told “I feel like we’re on TV so much and we can’t repeat anything. I like a good solid color.” For Kandi, the problem with prints and patterns is that they’re “one and done,” whereas an item in a solid color makes a better wardrobe workhouse: “If I do repeat it and mix it with something else, it’s not as noticeable.” She added: “[Solids] don’t go out of style as much.”

Kandi’s style tip is fab! A good solid colour always looks good and it works great with a mix of accessories to create different looks for various occasions.

What do you think of Kandi Burruss as a Style Icon? Are you a fan of her personal style? Do you watch Kandi and The Gang? Check out another housewive here.





3 Light Spring Coverups

We are starting to enjoy warmer days here with plenty of sunshine. Spring is in full swing and that means it’s time to get the light spring coverups ready to be worn. I have been eagerly anticipating spring fashion this year. It felt like the winter season went on for a bit too long.

For those who are excited about the spring season and are looking for 3 light spring coverups inspiration, here are some stylish ideas for you –

Longline Cardigans

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I love styling long light cardigans when the weather gets warmer. They keep me covered and they always look good. I have a couple but I can see myself shopping for some more in a bit. You can never have too many cardigans in your wardrobe.

This longline cardigan by Dorothy Perkins is a great piece to have this spring. I love the length and aztec design. It is such a beauty and it comes in a variety of sizes. Do you like this piece?


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There can’t be spring without fashionable scarves in vogue. This stunning Lucille Leopard blanket scarf by Accessorize is a fab piece to rock this season. I love animal print accessories and this scarf ticks all my style boxes. It is definitely a great addition to a spring wardrobe. What do you think?


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There’s something about Kimonos I find very stylish. I have a few of them in my wardrobe and I love wearing them as light coverups when the weather gets warmer. Kimonos are a fashion necessity especially in the spring and summer months.

This stunning piece here by Boohoo is a beauty to behold. I adore the style a lot! It would blend easily with my existing spring/summer wardrobe, and it is super easy to style up or down. I am looking forward to rocking this gorgeous piece this spring fashion season.

What do you think of these 3 light spring coverup pieces? Did any catch your eye? What pieces are you looking to grab this spring?

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