Jean Styles Worth Trying This Year

You can’t do without a pair or two (or even three!) of jeans. They are a staple in every closet. There are so many styles of jeans that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose between them.

Since we can never have enough jeans, I put together an array of jeans that you should consider having in your wardrobe. I categorized them according to different styles you may like to achieve with your outfits. So I present to you jean styles worth trying this year.


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The Timeless Bunch

If you’re the type who aims at putting together timeless and fashionable outfits, then these jeans would work well to help you ace that look. They’re simple and versatile. You can hardly run out of outfits to pair them with.


  1. The looker frayed ankle skinny jeans

These jeans literally scream layback with their frayed ankles and even a rip in the knee. The frayed ankles add a lot of edge to the jeans. They’re very popular and work well with a comfy t-shirt or blouse or a nice wooly jumper in the winter.


  1. Bombshell skinny jeans

These are the high-waisted skinny jeans. These jeans perfectly accentuate your shape. And they’re perfect for those peplum tops and bulky sweaters. They are the best when it comes to balancing out your outfits.


The Comfy Bunch

This group is for all the ladies who prefer to give priority to their comfort over anything else. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to look trendy as well. These jeans perfectly capture the best of both worlds.


  1. The ex boyfriend slim jeans

Although these are reminiscent of a boyish style, they make really comfortable jeans. You instantly look relaxed and laid back in these.


  1. Jess paperbag waist jeans

The paperbag waist cut is fun and stylish. And having a denim version is definitely a must-have.  Unlike other jeans, these ones add a lot more creative detail with the band that you can tie a cute bow with.


The Sassy Bunch

Are you more of the adventurous type? Then this set of jeans is just for you. They’re not anything like the conventional kind that everyone is used to.


  1. Verdugo coated skinny jeans

Remember the leather pants that give off the rock n’roll vibe? The verdugo coated skinny jeans achieve that look perfectly. Verdugo make the jeans look exactly like the black leather jeans we’re familiar with. The good thing is that they’re so much cheaper in comparison to leather jeans.

Layer these jeans with a cool biker’s jacket and you’re good to go with your rock n’roll inspired outfit.


  1. Cheetah print skinny jeans

There’s no fabric that brings out the wild side than animal print. Animal print jeans like the cheetah print skinny jeans make a fun addition to your wardrobe. Take note that while styling cheetah print jeans, you should wear them with a solid coloured top like a white or black blouse. Layering with more prints will take the focus off the animal print.



Are you a lover of jeans?


Top Fashion Picks for Spring Summer 2019

*Sponsored by Kture

Spring is around the corner and the Spring/Summer pieces and accessories are hitting the stores as I type. I love spring/summer fashion a lot. It is a good break from the big coats and boots. I find it refreshing to see some lighter/colourful pieces. Autumn/winter fashion is my favourite fashion season, but I am always eager to wear summery pieces once the weather warms up. The ability to show some extra skin is something I never take from granted considering the fact that I live in northern England where the weather is usually cold and miserable.

Here are my top fashion picks for spring summer 2019 –


KENZO Tiger Logo cotton sweatshirt £185

Tiger Logo cotton sweatshirt picture


I am a huge fan of KENZO. There are a few KENZO pieces in my summer wardrobe already and I currently have my fashion eye on this stunning yellow Tiger Logo cotton sweatshirt. It is such a beauty! I love the logo and the bright yellow colour. It would look amazing with a pair of black/blue skinny jeans and heels.

What are you thoughts on this piece? I would so love to wear it this spring. If you are after jumpers like this stunning piece, check out the range of Kenzo jumpers on There are so many trendy options available on the website.



KENZO Knit Pullover with Cotton Shirt Detail £330

Spring Summer Collection 2019 image


This Knit Pullover with Cotton Shirt Detail is another KENZO piece I am loving. I really like the knit plus cotton design. It definitely stands out from the rest. Having this stylish shirt for spring would be lovely. It can be styled up and down, for work or for other outings. I really like this shirt. What do you think?


River Island Ex 1962 Faux Fur Camo Denim Miltary Coat Jacket Detachable Collar £26.99



River Island Coat picture


This River Island Faux Fur Camo Denim Miltary Coat Jacket Detachable Collar is another trendy piece I think I need. I love the camouflage print a lot, and this stylish piece ticks all the boxes. Apart from the trendy design, it is also practical, as it is light enough for spring months. I can see myself styling this coat with a pair of black jeans, heels and a simple top. It is so effortlessly chic, it won’t need too much work.



Tommy Hilfiger Poppy Backpack, Women’s Black £73.68

Tommy Hilfiger Poppy Backpack, Women’s Black picture


I find backpacks really comfy. It is a great way of having all my valuables with me when we are out and about. I find them easier to have when exploring the outdoors with the kids. This stunning black Tommy Hilfiger Poppy Backpack is a lovely accessory to have. I love the simple design. It looks like great value for money. Tommy Hilfiger clothing and accessories always catch my eye so the fact that I like this black backpack isn’t surprising. Having this lovely backpack this season will be the dream. 



Office Women’s Howie Closed Toe Heels £70

Office Women's Howie Closed Toe Heels picture


The last but not the least is the lovely looking beige (nude patent) Office Women’s Howie Closed Toe Heels. I would love this as a new addition to my shoe collection. The colour works great, I don’t have a pair in this shade so having this pair would be great. I have many outfits planned in my head already with this heels. 


What do you think of these items? Did any catch your eye?



5 Bridal Skincare Dos and Don’ts

The big day is right around the corner. Just like every bride, you want to look flawless. As your wedding day is drawing nearer, you need to give your skin the much-needed attention. However, there are some dos and don’ts that you need to take note of to avoid any last-minute mishaps.

If you’re a bride to be or you have a friend who is, then here are some bridal skincare dos and don’ts you should keep in mind.



Wedding image


DO start early

It takes time for skincare products and skin treatments to work their magic. So the earlier you start working on your skincare the better. It’s better to take the safe approach and give your skincare products the time they need to improve your skin.


DON’T try out a skincare treatment without the help of an expert

It’s tempting to think that you can DIY your way through perfect skin in time for your wedding. Although, I’m not saying it’s not possible to make use of home remedies for great skin, it’s only wise to consult an expert before you start applying homemade skincare treatment on your skin.

Just like other chemical-based skincare products, your skin may react to them differently from others. And taking into consideration that your skin needs to look flawless on your wedding day, not consulting an expert is too much of a risk to take.



5 Bridal Skincare Dos and Don’ts picture


DO nourish your skin from the inside

Many women are so focused on the creams and serums to apply on their face that they forget that the skin also reacts to how well it’s being fed on the inside. Let’s face it, topical skincare treatments is only just one way of ensuring beautiful skin. So as you’re working on have perfect skin, make sure you don’t forget to tackle it from the inside.


DON’T use a new facial treatment one month before the wedding

Everyone’s skin works differently. No matter how highly praised or recommended that facial treatment is, stay away. You can never tell for certain that same treatment will work well on your skin. Unless your dermatologist is 100 percent sure that your skin won’t freak out when you apply the new facial, it’s better to not take any chances. You wouldn’t like to end up with a crazy reaction on the big day, would you?


DO remember that one blemish is not the end of the world

You know those moments when you go to bed with clear skin only for you to wake up the next morning with a huge pimple on your nose? Yes, we’ve all been there. Even with all the right products, proper skincare routine and expert advice, no one can guarantee for certain how your skin will look the next day.


So if you see a blemish on your wedding day, just know that it’s not the end of the world. Thank Heavens for makeup artists. Skilled makeup artists know exactly how to cover blemishes that no one will ever know the blemish existed.



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