5 Spring Fashion Tips

Spring fashion is always fun. I love the fact that we can wear lighter pieces and style them a bit brighter. Spring fashion inspires me and I love playing dress up with my spring pieces and accessories. If you are after some stylish spring fashion tips, you are in luck. Here are 5 spring fashion tips for your styling inspiration this season –

5 Spring Fashion Tips

Make sure you are wearing the right bra

This is one bit many of us forget to pay attention to. Your bra and the rest of your underwear has the power to make or break any look. So make sure you are wearing the right bra for your size and outfit. The last thing you would want is to run-in your whole look thanks to an ill-fitted bra.

Balance your proportions

When styling your outfits, make sure you balance your proportions. The best way to go about doing this is to add opposite volume, so if you are wearing a pencil skirt, make sure your top is heavier to balance the look. Going for an oversized pieces for the top and bottom will create a shabby look.

Avoid match-matchy looks

Sometimes matchy-matchy looks can be very stylish, especially if the pieces are styled properly. However, I avoid match-matchy looks these days because I find they way too loud. I rather complement pieces than match them.

Work on your signature style

Having a signature style makes dressing up even more fun. Once you have a signature style, your entire wardrobe would work together and you will find it a lot easier to find what to wear. Shopping will also be done strategically since you would know areas that need filling. It takes a while to develop a signature style, but once you do, you will find it easier to maintain and build up.

Mix patterns and prints

I love mixing patterns and prints together to create a signature look. It works every time especially this time of the year and the summer months. I usually mix patterns and prints in the same colour and I love the looks I create.

Are you a fan of spring fashion?





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  1. I love to beable to wear lightweight clothing so love this time of the year and wearing the lightweight dresses, skirts etc with a fine knit cardigan as it can be cool out.

    I love my bright colours as you know but will mix it with plain on the bottom and patterned top or vice versa, however bright the plain bit is

    • Yes I know you love your brights. I love them too. Great for this time of the year especially with everything going on. Stay safe.

  2. I needed this to remind me that my daily wardrobe Dosen’t have to consist of pajamas🤣. It’s difficult for me to even dress up at this time, but you inspired me to switch it up Thanks!

  3. Thank You for reminding me that my daily wardrobe Dosen’t have to consist of pajamas 😂. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, and with everything going on i have not gotten a chance to shop for my spring wardrobe. You have definitely inspired me Thanks!

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