6 Tips for Building Your Body Confidence

Style a Dress Challenge

Many of us struggle with our body confidence every now and again. I know I struggled, especially after having my twins. And I still struggle sometimes. It is hard for us women not to worry about our looks in this very vain world. We worry about our body weight, hair, the size of our boobs, butt, nose, lips, you name it, I bet someone out there worries about it.

Over the years I have become more body confident, and I am glad to say I have reached a point where I love EVERYTHING about myself. Me getting to this point of total body acceptance took me decades to get to. It is a continuous process, and everyone can achieve this too. It is all in the mind.

Here are some tips that helped me build my body confidence:


Embrace your Flaws

The first step for me accepting and loving myself and my body was to embrace my flaws. I took a good look at myself naked and I embraced every part of my life and my body, and never looked back. It takes a certain level of courage to do this, but I did it and when I looked at myself, my flaws didn’t look like flaws anymore, they looked like ME. Once you embrace your flaws, they stop being flaws.


Know your Body

I know every nook and cranny of my body. I love walking around the house with no clothes on, whenever I get the chance to,  I find it so liberating and empowering, don’t ask, lol. And I think that is why I know my body so well. You become more confident when you are in tune with your body.


Next Blue Dress Image


Dress Stylish

I love dressing up as you can tell already. Dressing up and looking good can build your body confidence. I know for a fact it helped build mine. Show me a woman who is well dressed and has no body confidence, because I am yet to spot one.


Upgrade your Lingerie

Getting rid of the old and torn bras, and granny pants, and going for some sexy underwear can make you feel so good. You don’t have to have a partner to look good underneath the clothes. You can go all out, and splash on some good underwear just for you. I do this regularly and I know it definitely helps me feel good about myself. And good underwear helps your clothes look good on youtoo.


Pamper Yourself

Getting your hair done, going for a spa day, or just treating yourself anyway you like will improve your mood, and the way you see yourself. A good hairstyle can change your look for the better, and a good massage can improve your mood massively. Pampering yourself regularly helps build your body confidence because you have to love yourself to pamper yourself. I try to make some time out just for me and pamper myself stupid.


Change What you Can’t Live With

Now this tip may be controversial but I believe if you hate something so much and you can’t embrace it (first tip), change it if you can. So for example, if you can’t embrace your weight or your teeth, do something about it. I didn’t like the hairs on my chin, and I did something about it.


How do you work on building your body confidence?

Product Review: Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil

Fitzjohn Oil Image

I love body oils, and I am always searching for great body oils for my skin. I came across Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil some weeks ago. I have never heard of this brand before, so I was eager to see what the brand was all about. Fitzjohn Skincare is a British brand, with all ingredients ethnically and sometimes organically sourced and hand blended in Britain.

Here is what the brand has to say about this Rejuvenating Oil –

Boost your skin’s elasticity and luminescence with the youth enhancing properties of this indulgent, easily absorbed facial oil with its powerful, omega and antioxidant rich ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types, the powerful, youth enhancing properties of omega rich Gold of Pleasure and Chia Seed Oils, together with healing Vitamin E, natural Retinol and flower absolute, will turbo charge your skin care routine.


Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil Image

Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil Picture


Here are my thoughts on this product:


  1. I love the packaging. It is very sleek and it looks amazing on my dressing table.
  2. I love the fact that the rejuvenating oil comes in a pump. It makes it super easy to use, with no spillage or waste.
  3. I love the strong sweet smell of this oil. It is amazing.
  4. My face feels smooth and soft after applying this oil.
  5. You only need a tiny bit because a little goes a long way.
  6. It is a dry texture oil, so it is great for all skin types.
  7. I love the rich golden colour of the oil.
  8. It moisturizes my face and neck perfectly.
  9. This oil is free from SLS, mineral oils and animal ingredients.
  10. It has not been tested on animals.
  11. This oil contains few ingredients, which is fantastic. The fewer the ingredients in a product, the better.



  1. None

I can’t fault this Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil at all, and I recommend it to anyone in need of a cruelty free body oil. This is so good.

You can grab this at oil for on Fitzjohn Skincare Website using the discount code – STYLE1, to get £10 off a £40 spend.

Have you used this Fitzjohn Skincare Rejuvenating Oil? What do you think of it?

MAY 2016 Outfits

Happy Bank Holiday Guys!! I am enjoying the amazing weather. The sun is out in all its glory in Cheshire, and I am making the most of it before it runs off again.

May was an interesting month for outfits. I had fun styling all the looks, and I hope you had fun reading the posts. Here is a quick recap for those who missed the May outfits


A Navy Blue Ditsy Tea Dress

Next Blue Dress Image

I love this Next dress so much. It is so summery, perfect for the current season. And the Dorothy Perkins blue shoes was a stylish accessory. This outfit was popular with my readers. It was viewed quite a lot this month. I guess shades of blue always create a lovely ensemble. I am going to rock the life out of this dress.


The Monochrome Look

Fashion and Style Police Outfit Image

I have a lot of monochrome pieces in my wardrobe. I love black and white. I think they are pretty colours, and they look amazing paired together. So this outfit is definitely one of my favourites this month. It was so easy to style. I didn’t even have to think it through. The pieces just fell into places, like a jigsaw.


Remixing the Denim

Denim Look Image

This double denim look is another favourite of mine. If you know me well enough, you will know about my love for denim pieces. You can catch me rocking a pair of jeans and a denim jacket easily. My colourful hair extensions is also back for the summer. I have received so many compliments already regarding this dyed hair extensions by Dolled Up Hair. It seems everyone loves the look. I am so crazy about it.


Colour Me Beautiful

Joe Browns Dress Image

This is my most colourful look this year so far and it was the most viewed of all outfit posts in May. I can understand why it is the most viewed because I love the entire look myself. I adore this Joe Browns dress. It is the perfect summer piece. The colour blocking with pink and blue is so pretty. This outfit got me really excited this month. It as one of those outfits I could not wait to shout from the rooftops about.


Outfit on a Rainy Day

Style Blogger UK Picture

And this outfit is my most recent. I managed to brave the wet weather with my sky-high heels to photograph this look. Just one of the crazy things I do for Fashion and Style Police.

What do you think of the looks? Which is your favourite?




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