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I recently received this 18″ Dip Dye Deluxe Remy Weave Hair Extensions 140g by Dolled Up Hair, some weeks ago, and I finally got around to installing it last week. I wanted a bright new look, so I went for a jet black, golden sands and copper-red combination, and I got exactly what I wanted. Before I dive into the review, here is what Dolled Up Hair has to say about this hair extensions:

Get a more exotic and flamboyant look with Dolled Up’s Deluxe dip dye weave hair extensions.

Designed to be weaved/woven/braided or glued into your hair, they are shiny, soft and perfect to add length, thickness and luxuriousness to your hairstyle.

“Dip-dye” means they are multicoloured (not single-coloured), featuring either 2 or 3 colours so you can create vibrant colour combinations.

Made from 100% Remy (also known as “Remi”) real human Brazilian hair, they can be washed, curled, straightened and blow-dried.

Double-drawn means the weaves are thick to the ends, for a fuller, more natural look. Each weft has been hand-selected to ensure the cuticle has been kept intact, so they stay tangle-free for longer.

Weight is 140g.

Total width of the weft is 78 inches (almost 2 metres!), which can be cut into smaller strips for flexible application.

Remy Weave Hair Extension


Hair Review

So I installed the weave, and had it curled with my good old bendy rollers, and here are my thoughts:


  1. It is very thick; it added a lot of volume to my hair.
  2. There has been no shredding whatsoever with this hair.
  3. I found this weave so easy to comb through.
  4. It is soft and shiny, which is fab.
  5. I love the multi coloured design a lot. It is very unique; I have never seen anything like it. There are 7 “dip-dyed” colour combinations;

Jet Black / Golden Sands / Copper Red

Natural Black / Golden Sands / Copper Red

Natural Black / Dark Ash Blonde / Pink

Jet Black / Strawberry Blonde

Jet Black / Bright Red

Jet Black / Dark Red

Jet Black / Purple, so there should be a combination for every woman.

6. It is 100%, real human Brazilian hair, so it can be reused, washed, curled, straightened, dyed and blow-dried.

7. The weave is so versatile; they can be either woven, sewn, clipped-in or even glued into your hair.


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  1. I received one pack to review, but I needed more than a pack, because I like my weaves full. I added a bit of my old Brazilian weave, to achieve the volume I wanted, so have that in mind. If you want yours as full, you will need to get at least 2 packs.
  2. A pack of the 18″ Dip Dye Deluxe Remy Weave Hair Extensions 140g currently goes for £100, some may find this pricey, but when it comes to hair extensions, quality is everything and I usually find I get what I pay for, so £100 for this is quite OK.

Dolled Up Hair Review


Overall, I recommend this hair extension to any woman looking for quality weaves, the multi-coloured hair is so vogue, great for the party season, and it looks amazing. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this weave? Drop me a comment, let’s chat

Thanks for reading.


*PR sample included.

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  1. I used to get the glued in hair extensions years ago, but then got preggers with my oldest and my hair got so thick I didn’t need them anymore. Then it got even thicker after my second daughter was born; very strange (most women lose hair after pregnancy) but I wasn’t complaining and it saved me a bloody fortune too 😉 Love a good weave makeover though – such a transformation! x

  2. Love these. It must be so nice to just clip in some colour every now and then. I’m always jealous when I see my cousin, as she’s got short hair one month, and then long wavy curls the next. It’s amazing

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