Gigi Hadid Covers British Vogue January 2016



Now I must confess, Vogue magazines are one of those magazines I hardly ever buy. I got some issues on my bookshelf but compared to my huge collection of Elle and Glamour magazines, Vogue magazines are quite a few. British Vogue and Vogue in general, is one of those magazines I think is way overrated. I think the bosses at Vogue, want to appeal to a certain class of people, and alienate the rest, unlike other magazine houses, and guess what, it is working. They have succeeded in alienating most of us. I find most articles in Vogue boring, with little or no substance. However, I am loving the latest issue with Gigi Hadid on the cover.

Gigi Hadid looks amazing, dressed so casually, unlike other Vogue cover girls. She looks like the ‘girl next door’, and I can relate to that. I have heard quite a lot about Kendall Jenner’s new BFF, I see her a lot on Instagram and about on social media in general, but I know little about her. Apart from the fact that she is best friends with some of the most famous young women in the world, and I think she now models, I spotted her on the Victoria’s Secret show debut last month, but apart from that, I know nothing else about this young woman, and I am curious, so I may be buying this issue.


I find her quite interesting, and I am so loving the relaxed look of the cover. It is like a breath of fresh air, compared to the other cover girls, dressed to the nines.

I am also interested in reading more about the other articles listed on the cover, especially, ‘Your Style Forecast for 2016’, and ‘Seven Ways to a Waist’, they sound quite interesting.

I will probably get someone to get a copy for me, lol..I struggle to part with my cash for magazines sometimes, especially when they are over a pound.

Do you struggle to? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely Friday.

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