Product Review: Magis Home Soak Off Kit

Product Review: Magis Home Soak Off Kit

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I had my nails done some weeks ago, first time in 2 years, and it felt good to have them on. Before I had my kids, I was super obsessed with pretty nails, I used to have my nails professionally done every 3 weeks, but when the kids popped out, I couldn’t be bothered with the look of my nails. Now that my babies are older, I am gradually finding myself again, making time for the things I use to love.

I had the pleasure of receiving a a pack of Magis Home Soak Off Kit some weeks ago, and I finally got around to trying it. The whole idea behind this product, is to be able to soak off your acrylic or gel nails within minutes, from the comfort of your home.

Magis Home Soak Off Solution

Before I dive into the review, here is what Magis Supplies Ltd has to say about this product –

50 ready-made wraps made with an absorbent cotton pad.

These wraps are made from quality aluminium foil, tested by nail technicians to ensure workability. Perfect for soaking off all gel-cured polishes including; Bio-Sculpture, Shellac, Gelish and Jessica.

The wraps have a built-in hem, designed to give the technician more stability when wrapping the nail and can be reapplied as required.

Magis Foil Nail Wraps Image

Magis Home Soak Off Kit Review Image


After a busy day, I decide to put the foil nail wraps to test. Following the instructions on the pack, I soaked the pads on the foil with a bit of acetone, and wrapped each foil around a finger nail for 10 minutes, and had to rewrap the finger nails again, this time, I left the nail wraps on for an additional 10 minutes, and a particularly stubborn finger nail, a little longer, and just like magic, the nails came off.

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Here are my thoughts:


  1. It is super easy to use. The directions on the pack were very straight forward.
  2. I found it very convenient. I love products I can use by myself at home, watching some Netflix.
  3. It did the job eventually. It did take longer than I anticipated based on the instructions, but I got them off under 30 minutes.
  4. It is so affordable. A Home Soak Off Kit with 50 foil wraps and a 50ml acetone goes for just £9.
  5. It takes off acrylic nails, gel nails, and even nail polishes quickly.


Soaking Off Nails Image

(after the first wrap)



  1. The smell of the acetone, like we nail lovers should know, can be quite overpowering. The smell kind of takes over the room.

I recommend this Magis Home Soak Off Kit. I think it is one of the smartest beauty inventions ever.

Magis Foil Nail Wrap

(all off)

What do you think? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Have a lovely week.


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Amber Heard Covers Marie Claire UK February 2016


Hey peeps, I have another British magazine cover for you, and this is the last cover for the month of February. The stunning Amber Heard is on the cover of Marie Claire February 2016 issue, and she looks stunning on it. This show-stopper who happens to be the wife of Johnny Deep, is working it on this cover, dressed in nothing but a pink blazer, and a messy hair-do, I love the look they were going for, and I think she nailed it.  The 29-year-old American actress, originally from Texas, bares it all in this issue. She talks about her marriage, life as a step mum, her busy career in Hollywood, and her role in the blockbuster Magic Mike sequel.

I would love to pick up this issue, just so I read up more about her life. I know nothing about her, I didn’t even know she was married to Johnny Deep, and I just discovered that they were partners for a very long time before they got married. Her name and face do not ring a bell, so I am very curious. The other features listed on the cover also look interesting, especially the ‘Working Late Again’ and ‘The New Blow-Dry’. I can always rely on a Marie Claire issue to entertain and inform me.


If money and space  were no issue, I would buy almost every magazine copy in the stores. There is something about reading a magazine in real life, it does not feel the same, when I read it online. I love reading books on my Amazon Kindle, but magazines need to be read in flesh, for me anyways.

What do you think of Amber Heard on this cover? Do you still buy magazines or do you think they are a luxury purchase? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.




Swimwear Wishlist 2016

Swimwear Wishlist 2016

Swimsuit Image


I am sure you are reading the title of this post and wondering what is she on about. Swimwear in January? Has she gone nuts? Lol. No I haven’t gone nuts, and yes buying swimwear in January, is a good idea. This is the best time to stock up on your swimwear and swimming accessories in time for the holidays, because most people are not shopping for them at the moment, so they are usually seriously discounted in most stores, and with the January sales still on, more discount peeps.

I have been window shopping, and I have my eye on some one-piece Swimsuits at the moment. I find I get the best bargains in department stores, because there are so many HOT options to choose from.

I am more comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, than a two-piece, because the one-piece shows off what I want showing off, and hides all that needs to be hidden. It is a perfect piece and I am lusting over these 6 beauties below:


Biba Summer Tropics Large Cup Tummy Control Swimsuit £55 £22

Biba Summer Tropics Large Cup Tummy Control Swimsuit

A love the multi-colours and the busy print on this beauty. The fact that it has some form of tummy control gives it extra points. The halter-neckline flatters my body shape a lot. This one-piece should be in every woman’s holiday suitcase this year.


Dickins & Jones Boat Print Swimsuit £45 £18

Dickins & Jones Boat Print Swimsuit

This Dickins & Jones swimsuit is simply beautiful. I love the very light price tag of £18, this is what I call a bargain, getting a £45 swimsuit for £18, perfect. The navy blue colour is one of my favourite colours, and I love the fact that it has a padded bra for support. Perfect for the not so busty ladies.


Linea Weekend Zig Zag Halter Neck Swimsuit £50 £20

Linea Weekend Zig Zag Halter Neck Swimsuit

This is another swimsuit I like. I love the print and colour, it also comes with a padded bra, which is fab. This will look good on me, and with a price tag of £20, I am seriously considering this piece, plus anything Linea is always top quality.


Speedy Sculpture Crystalshine Printed Swimsuit £56 £28

Speedo Sculpture Crystalshine Printed Swimsuit

This swimsuit is on my wish list because it is so different from the rest. The brand, Speedo, is known for their activewear, so I guess that is why this swimsuit looks completely different from the rest. It is not as stylish as the others, but I like it. Probably not a holiday piece, but it will be perfect for the gym, and for the kids swimming lessons. Love it.


Ann Summers Ocean Fringe Swimsuit £25

Ann Summers Ocean Fringe Swimsuit

This one-piece is so SEXY, but then again, it’s an Ann Summers piece, and most of their pieces scream SEX in a posh way. This will be perfect in a private pool/beach kind of thing, not sure I will be bold enough to rock this in a public pool, but you never know. I love the fringe detail, it gives the piece an edgy look.

Which is your favourite? Drop me a comment please.

Thanks for reading and have a WICKED Friday. Be safe.


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