January 2016 Outfits

I know January isn’t over yet but I can’t wait for it to be over. I know it is my birthday month, so it’s automatically one of my favourite months but this month has gone for a very long time now. I can’t wait for it to be February already.

January was a good month for outfits on Fashion and Style Police. I have a whooping 6 outfit posts for this month alone, that is a lot of me, as I never have the time, with juggling two toddlers and a household, to take as many outfit photos as I would like. I would love to take an outfit post everyday and I use to do that in the early days, when I was child-free, and not so busy.

Every photo shoot session is planned days in advance, and it takes the grace of God for it to go as planned on some days, lol..

Anywoo, I am proud of my efforts this month, and I hope it continues for the rest of the year.

Without any further ado, here is a quick recap of every outfit I featured this month. Catch if you missed any.


OOTD: Happy New Year

Style Police

This was my first post of the year. I was in London for Christmas, and I remember it being painfully cold while taking the photos. I was happy with the pictures, so it paid off in the end. This outfit was all about layers, how to look stylish, no matter how cold it may be. That Joules poncho came through, it was dead warm wearing it. A great piece to have in your winter wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Style the Ugg Boots

How to style Ugg Boots

I came across a photo of Rihanna today rocking similar Ugg Boots, and I was like, ‘that is how you do it’, lol..I don’t people who say they don’t like Uggs or don’t know how to style them. I find them so easy to style. The fakes are everywhere, so I guess most people have no idea how the originals feel like. They are the best, trust me. I bought a fake Uggs mistakenly some years ago. That was my first pair and I just thought I got a bargain online, until they came, then I knew I had been scammed. The originals are completely different.


OOTD: Slicker than your Average

OOTD Leather Pants

This is my favourite look for January. The sun was out and I remember being in the mood for pictures (not always in the mood, and I can see the excitement on my face. I loved the outfit as well, and my hair was newly made, I think I went to the hairdresser’s, the day before. I also love the post name I came up with. Happy days.


OOTD: A Tartan Tunic Dress

OOTD A Tartan Dress

I must confess, I wasn’t jumping out of my chair when I received this tartan dress. It looked a bit different from what I saw online, but as soon as I wore it, I fell helplessly in love. It was perfect. I have worn it a couple of times now, and I still love it. It is very different from anything else I hae in my wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Wear Leather Leggings

Max Mara Leather Leggings Picture

This is one post I did was a 100% for my readers. The comment I got on the where I had the leather leggings on made me do another post, styling the leather legginngs differently, just so you could all see how else you could wear it. It was a quick photo shoot, but the pictures do not give that away at all.


OOTD: The Suede Look

Suede Dress Image

This was my birthday outfit. I took the pictures on my birthday before heading out to enjoy my spa day at The Mere. I changed my boots last minute, and the look I was going for worked.

Which is your favourite outfit?






Cate Blanchett Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2016


The elegant and talented actress, Cate Blanchett is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar February 2016, and she looks amazing on it. I love what she has on, an ethereal Erdem gown and Armani blazer, so chic, its untrue.The grey background together with her outfit, gives the cover a sophisticated look. Harper’s Bazaar got this cover right. The only thing I noticed with this cover is Cate’s face looks photoshopped on it. I might be wrong but it looks unreal kind of. What do you think?

The subscriber’s cover is also spot on. Cate Blanchett looks even more beautiful on this, wearing a Giorgio Armani dress. Her makeup is out of this world, her skin looks so flawless, and her beautiful smile crowns it all. I prefer this cover, it looks more real.


I must say, I am not a huge fan of Cate Blanchett’s movies. She is an Oscar winner and all, and she does deserve her awards, but am just not crazy about her movie roles, don’t know why. Same with Nicole Kidman, they look-alike, act alike, and they are both from Australia. Could be an Australian thing then, but I do love Hugh Jackman, so maybe not.


Her style game is ace in this issue though, this Giorgio Armani shirt and Erdem skirt is another fabulous outfit I am loving. That skirt is out of this world, so glam, so stylish. I love it. Fashion aside, I would love to read the ‘Beauty secrets of the A-list’, it looks like it is going to be a great read, and we all need to know how they walk around looking so good, right?

What do you think of Cate Blanchett’s outfits in this February issue? Are you a fan? Which cover do you prefer? Drop me a comment, lets chat.

Thanks for reading.



Women’s Shoes that stand out in a crowd


Women Shoes Image


My shoes usually determine the outfit I wear. When planning a new outfit, I pick my shoes first, because I believe in starting with the foundation. Get the foundation/shoes right, everything else usually looks good. The right shoes can take an ‘OK’ outfit to a ‘WOW’ look, so it makes sense to pay attention to shoes. If you are a fellow shoe lover, and a fellow shopaholic, them you must know you cannot go wrong with the right shoe style.

So, which styles are sure to make you stand out in a crowd, without breaking the bank? These are a few great options to consider when looking for stand out styles and new shoes that look great in any crowd.

Yaku Shoes

Yaku’s is a well know female boot manufacturer who produces some of the best boots in the business. Yaku’s is known for their high quality finish and excellent materials. Yaku’s boots are made in Spain from the best premium leather available. Not only are the boots stylish, they are also very durable without sacrificing comfort. The boots are very stylish and will not become outdated quickly. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable day to day shoes then Yaku’s is a brand you should definitely consider.

Ruby Shoo
Ruby Shoo is an upcoming brand which strives to stand out from the crowd. There designs are very unique and colourful. There is a large variety of styles which means there is always a shoe for all occasions. Ruby shoo is relatively new because it was only established in 2010 but it has took the shoe industry by storm and they also use top quality materials. They have recently started creating bags and other accessories with similar unique patterns and designs. If you are looking for a wow factor shoe then Ruby Shoo is the place to start.

The good news is you can shop these brands at Elevate your sole, this store offers a large variety of stylish male and female footwear brands, and there is a pair for every budget.

What shoe style are you loving at the moment? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.

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