January 2016 Outfits

I know January isn’t over yet but I can’t wait for it to be over. I know it is my birthday month, so it’s automatically one of my favourite months but this month has gone for a very long time now. I can’t wait for it to be February already.

January was a good month for outfits on Fashion and Style Police. I have a whooping 6 outfit posts for this month alone, that is a lot of me, as I never have the time, with juggling two toddlers and a household, to take as many outfit photos as I would like. I would love to take an outfit post everyday and I use to do that in the early days, when I was child-free, and not so busy.

Every photo shoot session is planned days in advance, and it takes the grace of God for it to go as planned on some days, lol..

Anywoo, I am proud of my efforts this month, and I hope it continues for the rest of the year.

Without any further ado, here is a quick recap of every outfit I featured this month. Catch if you missed any.


OOTD: Happy New Year

Style Police

This was my first post of the year. I was in London for Christmas, and I remember it being painfully cold while taking the photos. I was happy with the pictures, so it paid off in the end. This outfit was all about layers, how to look stylish, no matter how cold it may be. That Joules poncho came through, it was dead warm wearing it. A great piece to have in your winter wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Style the Ugg Boots

How to style Ugg Boots

I came across a photo of Rihanna today rocking similar Ugg Boots, and I was like, ‘that is how you do it’, lol..I don’t people who say they don’t like Uggs or don’t know how to style them. I find them so easy to style. The fakes are everywhere, so I guess most people have no idea how the originals feel like. They are the best, trust me. I bought a fake Uggs mistakenly some years ago. That was my first pair and I just thought I got a bargain online, until they came, then I knew I had been scammed. The originals are completely different.


OOTD: Slicker than your Average

OOTD Leather Pants

This is my favourite look for January. The sun was out and I remember being in the mood for pictures (not always in the mood, and I can see the excitement on my face. I loved the outfit as well, and my hair was newly made, I think I went to the hairdresser’s, the day before. I also love the post name I came up with. Happy days.


OOTD: A Tartan Tunic Dress

OOTD A Tartan Dress

I must confess, I wasn’t jumping out of my chair when I received this tartan dress. It looked a bit different from what I saw online, but as soon as I wore it, I fell helplessly in love. It was perfect. I have worn it a couple of times now, and I still love it. It is very different from anything else I hae in my wardrobe.


OOTD: How to Wear Leather Leggings

Max Mara Leather Leggings Picture

This is one post I did was a 100% for my readers. The comment I got on the where I had the leather leggings on made me do another post, styling the leather legginngs differently, just so you could all see how else you could wear it. It was a quick photo shoot, but the pictures do not give that away at all.


OOTD: The Suede Look

Suede Dress Image

This was my birthday outfit. I took the pictures on my birthday before heading out to enjoy my spa day at The Mere. I changed my boots last minute, and the look I was going for worked.

Which is your favourite outfit?





OOTD: How To Wear Leather Leggings

OOTD: How To Wear Leather Leggings

Max Mara Leather Leggings Picture






















Hey peeps. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have known that yesterday was my birthday, yayyy. I took the day off blogging and just focused on having a good time, and I did. I had a lovely spa day, and a delicious Chinese dinner, with my favourite people. I am extremely grateful for another year and looking forward to greater things ahead.

If you remember, I featured an outfit post on leather leggings some days ago and I got mixed reviews. Many liked it, but some did not think it was something they could wear. So I decided to feature the leather leggings again, but in a completely different way, and I hope it changes the mind of those who think leather pants are not for them, because leather leggings like any other leggings is a wardrobe staple

To refresh your mind, this is how I wore my leather leggings last week:

OOTD Leather Pants

I went for a chic casual look by pairing the black leather leggings with a blue crop top sweater, chelsea boots, sunnies and a faux fur coat.


OOTD Leather Leggings Image

This week I went for a more dressy look. The tall black shimmer high neck tunic top  complements the leggings beautifully. I am petite but I went for ‘tall’ because I wanted it longer than my regular tops. The top hides all the bulges and bumps anyone would be concerned about, and it changes the look completely. Yea, leather leggings are versatile like that.

Outfit Post Leather Leggings Image

Shimmer Tunic Top Image

I hope this post inspires someone out there. That is the whole idea behind the Outfit Post series, to give you ideas on how to match pieces you already own, and what pieces you could add to your collection. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the outfit.

OOTD Leather Pants Image



Black Shimmer Tunic Top and Cardigan- Dorothy Perkins

Black Max Mara Leather Leggings – UK Tights

Black Bag – Michael Kors

Rose Gold Watch – Fossil

Black Boots – NOSE (Spanish Brand)



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