Why Ugly Fashion is Big Business

It’s not new anymore. Ugly fashion is big business. Many designers have been creating absurd pieces and for some reason they gathered a lot of attention and interest.

For me, if a piece is not decent or wearable then I don’t go for it. But the truth is that the industry has been booming with the idea behind strange looking pieces. I’m more of a realistic fashion enthusiast. The fashion industry is thriving on such “ugly” items and I couldn’t help asking what is so special about such pieces that designers keep designing new variations of “ugly”.


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Are you as curious as I am? Then here are some reasons I was able to discover why ugly fashion is big business.


They get social media attention

I know there have been times when I put on different outfits just to make sure that they work well for my outfit photos. That’s because I want to make sure that every photo is relatable and inspires people on great outfit combinations.

Just like me there are a lot people on social media who take their outfit photos seriously. It not only gives them recognition, it also gives something to talk about. And on social media, engagement is key.

What we term as ugly fashion is what actually creates great engagement. Ugly fashion is not just a fashion statement but something that is social media worthy. Anything that gets shares and comments works well all the time. If you don’t believe me, just ask Kanye West!


They are comfortable

Many consumers have confirmed that most of those ugly fashion items are comfortable and when it comes down to it, comfort is very important.

When I buy my clothes and shoes one of the things I look out for is comfort. I don’t know about you but I believe that being fashionable is not worth wearing uncomfortable clothing.

Many buyers search for comfort in any outfit they buy. They also understand the importance of staying comfortable. Imagine wearing something that keeps you self-conscious and uncomfortable for hours. You may look great but wearing anything uncomfortable is such a pain.

Since comfort is important to buyers, a good number of them would not mind if the outfit is ugly, because when you compare it with its “beautiful” alternative it wins hands down on comfort.


They are cheaper

It’s funny that ugly outfits are actually cheaper. Let’s face it, no matter how much money you have to spend on an outfit, the price tag still has an effect on your decision to buy that outfit. And yes, that’s where the compare game begins.

What we call ugly is actually more pocket friendly than the other finer clothing and it is totally logical for fashion lovers to go for what is affordable.


If ugly fashion items are social media worthy, comfortable and cheap, then that’s a real bargain to many shoppers. You will not only be considered as cool and an ardent follower of the latest trends, you’ll also be saving a lot of money. I guess, the secret behind ugly fashion has been revealed. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section below.


How to Care for your Shoes

I’m one of those people who believe you can’t have enough of shoes. There should be shoes for every event and colours to match with your outfits. As much as I love shoes I do admit that there have been times when I neglected taking care of my collection of shoes. As the year is coming to an end, I decided to make a resolution to take care of my shoes. So how to care for your shoes? More on that below.


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Aside from ensuring the longevity of your shoes, taking care of your shoes helps in preserving their look, feel and smell. You wouldn’t like to be caught with your shoes smelling in the hallway, would you?

If you’re just like me and feel like you need to also start showing more love to your shoes, here are some tips I have found pretty useful so far.


Alternate your shoes

Now this hack may seem a little too obvious but I know that there were times when I fell in love with a comfy pair of shoes that I ended up wearing several times in a row.

It turns out that wearing the same pair of shoes over and over without giving breaks in between will wear out your shoes fast. Giving your shoes a break gives them the opportunity to dry. Keeping your feet in your shoes for a long time makes your shoes get moist due to sweat. So alternate away. Another reason to shop for my shoes, like you need any!


Get your shoes polished or sprayed

Not every pair of shoes can be treated the same way. The material the shoes are made of goes a long way in determining the kind of care you should show your shoes. For example, leather shoes need regular polishing. Aside from getting your shoes looking shiny, polish helps to prevent your leather shoes from drying out. This helps to elongate the lifespan of your leather shoes.

However when it comes to suede shoes, you need to give it a different kind of care. Every time you want to use your suede shoes make sure you give them a good brushing. You can also apply suede spray to help maintain the suede material and colour.


Shoes image


Add a layer of rubber to the soles

Do you remember those old pair of shoes you have? When you look under those shoes you’ll see that the sole of your shoes began wearing away. Some people use such shoes so much that the whole sole gets worn out to the end. This happens a lot to shoes with leather soles.

To help keep the soles, get a cobbler to add a rubber sole to your shoes so that as you use them the original sole won’t wear away.


Clean and spray the insides of your shoes

Sweat in your shoes gives out a foul odour so each time you take your shoes off make sure you spray the inside of your shoes with a shoe spray to get rid of the bad smell and also disinfect your shoes from bacteria.

Don’t just limit your shoe cleaning routine to the outside of your shoes. Clean the insides as well. Remove dust and dirt that may have found its way into your shoes.


Use socks or shoe liners

Constant friction created by wearing your shoes regularly can wear away the cloth in the inside of your shoes and cause a little hole. To preserve your shoes, wear a pair of socks or shoe liners. An added bonus to wearing socks or shoe liners is that it helps to keep the odour out as well.


How do you take care of your shoes? Please share your tried and tested tips below.

Thanks for reading.

5 Ways to Add a Feminine Touch to an Oversized Look

Let’s admit it, ladies. You have at least one or two oversized outfits in your wardrobe that you don’t want to give up. For example, those cute wooly jumpers for the winter, the large t-shirt that makes you feel so comfortable or that denim shirt that you love to roll in the sleeves. Yes, you are guilty. And I am too! So how do you add a feminine touch to an oversized look?


5 Ways to Add a Feminine Touch to an Oversized Look image


Over the years, I have done a lot of experimenting with oversized clothing and searched for smart ways to give them that feminine touch and still preserve the comfort that we love so much. Here are some tips that you can use to get the best of both worlds.


Style with a belt

Belts are a go-to accessory and they always make outfits look really unique. Belts help to also add a little contrast to the colour of your outfit.

Wearing an oversized shirt often hides your feminine figure and makes you look boxy. Adding a waist belt takes the edge off an oversized shirt and clearly defines your waistline, giving you that hourglass figure.


Strike a balance

The best way to wear any outfit is to ensure that everything is to proportion. The mistake some women make is that they do not work towards achieving a balance in their dressing. Combining outfits is an art. The trick to dressing well is to make sure that the proportions are evened out at all times.

For example, if you are wearing an oversized shirt, the correct item to match it with is something that is skinnier. This is because it creates a perfect balance. When you keep that trick in mind, you always end up looking elegant and your outfits always look well thought of.


Wear statement pieces as accessories

When you wear an oversized outfit, a lot of attention is placed on it. Sometimes an oversized piece can be too loud. What was meant to look fashionable starts to look like a fashion mistake. The best way to deal with a situation like that is to tone it down or divert their attention to something else.

That’s where statement accessories come in. They are very feminine and the right pieces can help tone down the oversized look and collect all the focus on your feminine jewelry. You don’t need to put on too many accessories. Statement necklaces or bracelets would do just the trick.


Keep your jackets unbuttoned

This tip works only with jackets or oversized cover-ups. A large jacket, blazer or cover-up may look and feel very comfortable, but with the buttons all done you start to look bulky. That’s not good news when it comes to looking feminine. To break the bulky look, keep your jackets, blazers or cover-ups unbuttoned.

This is just one side of the coin When you keep your jacket unbuttoned, you need to make sure that what you have inside is not large as well. That defeats the whole aim of preventing the bulkiness.


Put on feminine shoes

If you’re wearing loose trousers then adding a touch of femininity to them lies in choosing the right shoes that reflect femininity. Shoes like high heels to elongate the legs hidden in the loose trousers, or cute yet comfortable sandals that will add a bit of that girly touch would be among the right choices.


Do you love the oversized look? How do you add a feminine touch to it?


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