5 ways to improve blog engagement

It is a lot easier to get eyeballs on your blog than it is to get blog engagement. Many blog readers land on a particular page on your blog and bounce after reading the posts on that page. To increase your blog engagement you will have to encourage those blog readers to stay a little longer on your blog and explore other content.

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If you are struggling with engaging with your blog readers and you are wondering how to improve this, you have landed on the right post. Here are 5 ways to improve blog engagement –

Create interesting content

To be a successful content creator, you need to create content that would interest your readers and keep them on your blog for longer. One way of doing this is by creating different types of content in your niche and paying attention to the most popular posts. Once you realise the sort of content your blog readers seem to like, you can create more of them. Creating interesting content in your niche is easy once you keep your eyes on your stats and continue to publish blog posts that engage your readers.

Add internal links

This is a tip I have been doing for years and it really does the job of improving blog engagement. If you write or refer to something you have done in the past, make sure to add an internal link so your blog readers can find the post. Adding internal links improves blog visibility and does wonders for SEO, so ensure you keep adding those relevant internal links.

Ask your readers to engage with your content

If you need something, just ask. It is a great idea to ask your blog readers to engage with your content by liking, commenting, and sharing. Adding this request in the last sentence of your blog sentence would help remind your readers to engage with the content.

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Add clickable social media options

Having your blog posts shared on social media platforms is a big deal. Millions of people use social media every day, so if you want to attract more eyeballs to your content, having them shared on social media should be a goal. Having clickable social media options would improve blog engagement as blog readers will find it very easy to share your blog posts.

Engage with your readers

If you want to improve your blog engagement, you should encourage your blog readers to engage by replying to their comments and engaging with them on social media. Many bloggers want to see their readers engaging with their content but they want to engage with their readers. If you want to see your blog engagement numbers increase, you should take the time to engage with your readers.

What do you think of these blogging tips? How do you get your readers to stay on your blog? Please share your tried and tested blogging tips in the comments section below, let’s chat. Thanks for engaging with this post. Have a lovely time wherever you are.

How to come up with great blog post ideas

I have been blogging steadily for almost ten years now and I am glad to say I never run out of ideas. Writing is my passion, and my other jobs involve writing and editing, so this is my comfort zone. Ideas flow naturally for me which is why Fashion and Style Police stays updated with new blog posts. To have a successful blog, you have to be able to come up with regular content that stands out from the noise online. It has to be unique and magnetic to attract as many readers as possible. If you are struggling with blog post ideas, here are some ways to come up with regular content for your blog:

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Write down your ideas

Many of my ideas come to me when I am up and about living life. This is why it is super important to write down your ideas so you can refer to them when it is time to write your first draft. Relying on your memory can be risky; it’s best to jot down a few bullet points to aid your memory.

Ask your readers

You can always ask your audience what sort of blog posts they would want to read on your blog. I have done this in the past before and the answers are always interesting. If you are struggling with writer’s block, asking your readers what sort of blogs they would want to read could get things moving again.

Use targeted searches on the web

I do this a lot. Many times I have an idea but I am not sure of the right title to use or the best keywords to match the posts and this is where targeted searches come in handy. You could also use targeted searches on Google to find blog post ideas. Just type in the keywords or category you are interested in writing about and let the big wide web guide you.

Find trending topics

This could be seen by many as a lazy way out but it works especially if you are hoping to go viral. Writing about trending topics is one of the fastest ways to gain more visibility on your blog. You can find trending topics via search engines in the news section or on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Share your story/view

Your blog is supposed to be personal so make use of your platform and share your story or opinion. Sharing product reviews is a great way to share your thoughts on a product. Product review posts are usually well received on search engines since they are very personal and useful. Sharing experiences is another way to have great content. There is no one else on the planet living your life but yourself so make the most of your uniqueness and blog about it.

I hope you find these ideas useful. It can be tricky to always have content ready on your blog but if you keep at it. Having said that, it gets easier. Do you have a blog? How do you come up with great blog post ideas?

Unicurl & Cut Hair Designs– How To Choose A Good Salon

*Collaborative post.

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Successful and popular salons have several things in common. They keep up with new trends and hairstyles and know how to make their customers happy. You will always want to visit a salon that offers good services at all times.

A salon is a place where you take care of your hair. You can cut or trim, dye, and plait your strands to any style of your choice. A good salon will have professional hairstylists, colorists, and cosmetologists.

If you recently moved to a new place or you want a new salon for a change, you need to do more than check online for reviews. You want to choose one that has all the necessary qualities and will give you value for your money. For some qualities to expect from this professional, check here https://work.chron.com/ for help.

In addition to having these valuable qualities, there are other characteristics to consider when choosing any salon. Even when people recommend a particular place, you still need to carry out your own research before making a choice. Now, let us discuss some characteristics to consider when making this choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hair Salon

The following are some factors to look for:

Experienced Employees

You need to choose an establishment with very experienced employees. An experienced hairdresser will offer good style suggestions based on your facial features and hair texture. He or she will also recommend the right shampoo or conditioner that will suit the texture of your locks.

Technical Skills

If you want a particular hairstyle, a good salon will have stylists with the right technical skills. Each employee will have their specialty and will give their best when called upon. Also, the place will not stop training its staff. You can expect the stylists to undergo more education that helps them to improve and become more skillful. If possible, ask the salon you wish to choose if it provides additional training for its employees.


This is another important factor to consider. You want a convenient place that is around your area. You want it to be as accessible as possible. To help you get somewhere close to you, ask your friends and family for help. If they have no particular place in mind, you can check online for salons in your location. If you need help with the kind of style that would suit you, check out Unicurl & Cut hair designs for expert help.

Cleanliness and Organization

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How neat is the establishment? When you went there for consultation, did you find hair on the brushes, scissors, and the floor? Was the countertop disorganized or were the accessories well arranged? Responsible hairstylists will keep their environment clean at all times. They will put in extra effort to please their customers.

Organization can also be applied to how the place runs its operations. When you enter the building till you leave, there must be some form of orderliness maintained between the employees.

Sociability and Kindness

Being kind and social is much more than greeting you when you enter the place. A good salon has a lively and social atmosphere. The stylists and customers always interact with themselves. They ensure that these customers feel loved and respected. These will make them become loyal clients of the business.

If the salon you want to choose has a boring and unmotivated staff, you wouldn’t enjoy the services rendered.


The best hairstylists ensure that they communicate with their clients. Communication makes customers feel special and become loyal to the business. A good hairdresser is not harsh but friendly with clients. S/he will know how to solve issues and build a good rapport with customers.

Sophisticated and New Technology

Technology is becoming part of every business organization including hair salons. Successful salons accept online booking, use a customer relationship management app to record their client preferences and history, and accept different methods of payments. They also use new and improved styling hair products and tools. A business that is willing to adapt to new technology will offer good services. Make sure that the salon you choose uses innovative and new tools. You can see some tools to look out for here.


Prices vary from one place to another. Before you schedule an appointment with the stylist, make sure to ask about the charges for certain services. Compare the prices of more than one salon before making a choice.


Before you decide to choose a particular salon, ensure that you consider the necessary characteristics that make the place a reputable one. Then, you can hire its services.


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