5 Blogging Traits

Being a blogger is hard, very hard.ย  You are pretty much putting yourself out to be applauded, laughed at, trolled, admired, and all. It can be a little too much, and I can completely understand why many choose to abandon their blogs and dreams of becoming a pro blogger. I have been blogging for some years now, and I know I had to pick up a few traits I felt I needed to keep me going. God knows I would have abandoned this blog ages ago, if I didn’t have these traits.

The way it is now, I can never dream of abandoning Fashion and Style Police, it is like my first child. And you never abandon your kids, no matter what.




Here are some of the traits that have helped me so far in my blogging career –



I would have stopped blogging ages ago if I didn’t have the passion for it. I enjoy writing. Having my own creative online space is the best thing ever! I have a strong passion for fashion and beauty, and I enjoy writing about lifestyle stuff every now and again. Without my passion, I would have given up a long time, and you won’t be reading this post.



I am a very strong willed, determined person. I know what I want and how to get it. I also make sure nothing gets in the way of what I really want; I usually find a way around it. This trait has kept me going. I won’t be where I am today if I was not a determined person. I am a fighter, and it affects everything I do.


Thick Skin

I have grown a thick skin over the years, and that has helped me greatly. Blogging is not for the faint hearted, I can tell you that for a fact, as everyone has an opinion about what you do and how you should do it, even though they may not really have a clue. A thick skin protects me from trolls, negative people, unsupportive people in my real life and the drama that comes with blogging in general. Having a thick skin has helped me in all aspects of life. I would be so fragile without one.



I am usually an impatient person, but as I have grown older and wiser, I have found myself being a bit more patient. And I believe that has helped my blogging career as well. Being patient means you can keep your head down, work on your blog, decline the collaborations that don’t work and embrace the ones that do work.



Standing out is one of the best things you could do for yourself as a blogger. Being unique means you have a blog name that stands out in the blogosphere, you blog about things you really enjoy writing about and produce unique content as often as you can. Being unique is one trait I believe Bloggers can never have too much of.


What personality traits have helped you in your career, business or hobby?







I Would Miss

I wrote a post some days ago about how I was challenged to feed my family with ยฃ2 each for a day, and how hard it was. That challenge made me reflect on the little things we take for granted everyday. It can be easy to take the everyday luxuries we enjoy, for granted.


Leather Leggings


Many people are deprived of basic amenities. They have to go without things they would need for survival because they have no choice. This has made me think deep about how I would cope if I ever found myself in a situation where I had to go without. If I was stranded in a remote region, how would I cope? Well I am not sure how I would cope but I know what things I would miss the most.


Central Heating System

It is winter, so central heating is the first thing on my mind. I don’t know what I would do or how I would cope if I was stranded in a cold remote region without any gas cylinders for heating. I can’t even imagine that happening, it is a scary thought.


Hot Water

I would miss having a nice warm bath. The thought of not having access to a bath or hot water is horrible.



I would miss having a steady supply of electricity. I have not experienced a power cut in years. Not sure how I would cope stranded in a remote region with electricity.



I would miss having WiFi. I am always online doing one thing or the other, so having that taken from me would not be good. I need my WiFi like I need my air. I can’t function without it, plus it means I won’t be able to use my laptop, tablet or phone, if I have access to them.


My Home

Apart from missing all the things above, I would miss my home itself. I am a very homely person; you would most likely catch me at home most days. I miss my home whenever I am away from it for a period of time. I would miss my TV, my bed, my couch, kitchen, garden and everything else that makes my house a home.



This Flogas Britain Ltd video above, is based on a survey on what people would miss the most if stranded in a remote region.

Please watch and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


*Collaborative post.






Christmas Money Saving Fashion Tips

This festive season is all about spending, which leaves most of us very broke in January. With the Christmas parties and celebrations going on, we all tend to spend a little bit extra buying sparkly outfits and accessories for the many occasions we have lined up. I keep getting invites to events all over the country, so I can imagine many fashion bloggers are receiving many event invites as well.

It is very easy to get carried away with the party season and drain the bank account in the pursuit of looking stylish. The good news is you don’t have to. You can look stylish and not spend all the money you have.




Here are some money-saving fashion tips you may find useful –


Will it be worn

Research has shown, we only wear 10% of our entire wardrobe. Is that true at your end? I won’t say it is true at mine but I do have my favourite pieces I wear regularly. So before I buy anything new, I ask myself if it would be worn and how often it would be worn. My answer determines if I buy it or not.


Have a budget

Having a clear figure of what I am prepared to spend on a shopping spree leaves no room for over spending. I always have a budget in my head, and I write it down if I have to. That way I can shop smartly and happily, knowing when to stop. Withdrawing the exact amount of money needed also works, leaving no room for me to go over my set budget.


Worth per wear

When it comes to buying high-end, I like to go high-end (or as high as my bank balance allows me) on footwear, bags, jackets and jewellery. And get reasonably priced pieces for the rest of my wardrobe because I look at worth per wear when deciding on how much to spend on an item.


All Black OOTD




I sell many of my pricey preloved items on eBay and I make a small fortune on them. If you look around your wardrobe, I am sure you will find something worth listing, so have a dig around.


Look out for the sales

I am always on the lookout for bargains, so I do most of my shopping in the sales. I hardly buy anything full price these days.


I hope you find these Christmas money-saving fashion tips useful. Feel free to drop a tip or 2 in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.