Blog Coaching Service – I will teach you how to grow your blog

Many people have no idea how bloggers make money, and I know many bloggers struggle with growing their blogs. Blogging is the present and the future. It is here to stay, so if you are creative and have a passion for writing, photography and social media (because you will need it to succeed), then running a blog is the way to go. Which is why I offer a blog coaching service to help you grow your blog and start to make money from it through sponsored posts, sponsored social media promotion and many other ways.


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I am a full-time blogger, copywriter, blog coach, social media manager, blogger outreach consultant. However, my main I come comes from this blog right here. My jobs allow me make money working from home and caring for my family. It took me years to get to this point and it has been a learning experience. I wish I had someone to literally hold my hand and take me on this blogging journey. It would have been a lot easier and quicker for me if I had a mentor to tell what I needed to do and how to do it. Which is why I had to set up this blog coaching service. I want to be able to help as many new bloggers as possible. The only way I can successfully do this is by offering a blog coaching service for a fee.


Blog Coaching Service

This service is not like anything else you see online. The first stage is usually a review plan. This will be tailored to your blog and the improvements you need to make to start seeing results. The review plan involves me taking a good look at your blog and then I provide detailed recommendations for your blog and a step by step plan to action these recommendations. You will also get ongoing support for 2 weeks after  receiving the review report via email.

I have had many clients for the blog coaching service even before I decided to officially set it all up, so it is quite popular. I will be sharing the blogging secrets I have discovered and 7 years of my blogging knowledge with you.

If you are interested in growing your blog and making money from it, do send me an email – with the subject – Blog Coaching Service, and I will get back in touch as soon as I can.


Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week!



How To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Joules Christmas Jumper

I initially found it extremely hard to increase my Twitter followers. Twitter was once a social media platform I didn’t understand, but not anymore. I am now a Tweetaholic, if that is even a word, and I am loving it.

It took me a couple of months to get use juggling the various social media platforms especially Twitter. I struggled with managing and growing my Twitter followers because I just didn’t understand the whole Twitter thing, I found the hashtags confusing, I didn’t bother engaging with the few followers I had, and I just followed celebrities, instead of following people I was genuinely interested. Unlike Facebook where I grew my fan page quickly, I struggled to build up a loyal following on Twitter in the early days. It is still a struggle, but I now have over 7,000 followers and I will tell you how I did it.


Follow People

I follow a minimum of 10 people a day, but usually around 30 people a day.  I follow people I am genuinely interested in, so brands, bloggers, PRs, writers and few celebrities that rock my boat. Following people regularly helps you get more followers as Twitter recommends your profile to others to follow as well. So it has a domino effect which is perfect.

Unfollow Inactive Accounts

I usually have a spring clean once a month. I unfollow people who haven’t tweeted in months, as there is no point following inactive accounts.

Use Buffer

I schedule my weekly tweets using Buffer. I use the free service, which allows me schedule up to 15 tweets a day during the week. I find this so useful, as I can have my tweets published while I am busy doing something else. Buffer also recommends the best times to publish tweets for maximum clicks, likes and retweets, which I find really helpful.

Using Buffer means I can promote my new posts more often, which means more clicks and more followers, but it also means some may find my continuous tweets (every 2 hours) annoying and unfollow me, which is fine. The few who find the tweets too frequent usually follow few followers, so my tweets would always appear on their timelines. There is nothing I can do about that, they need to grow their Twitter account.

With Buffer and scheduling Tweets in general, I find that the pros outweighs the cons massively so I will recommend it or a similar service. Scheduling tweets in advance means I can focus on other things, knowing my Tweets are taken of. It is like having a free personal assistant.


I engage with people I follow. I reply tweets, retweet, and favourite tweets I am genuinely interested in. This has a domino effect as well, as I find I do get a lot of retweets and likes in return. Twitter is all about having a conversation so as long as you are not spamming your followers, keep having that conversation.

Twitter Display Picture

Have a Display Picture

I still see a few Twitter accounts without a display picture and I can’t understand why. People want to place a face to the name, so you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have one. I personally won’t follow anyone without a display picture, even if it is a logo, there has to be a picture on it, or I will think it is a spam account.

Twitter Chats

The Twitter chats give you the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, and also you gain a lot of knowledge from the chats. You need to find the group chats in your niche but some of the popular Twitter group chats at the moment are #BlogHour, #Bloggersdoitbest #bdib and #crazybloggers. I have not participated in a Twitter chat in ages, I need to get back into it in 2016.

Be yourself

Tweet interesting tweets, personal to you. Tweet something worth telling a friend, or tweet about a movie/show you are currently watching using the program’s hashtag (which you can search for), and the followers will come.

Host Giveaways

Host giveaways asking your readers to follow you and retweet the giveaway on Twitter. This tip alone has grown my Twitter following massively, and I have discovered that majority of the people who follow me, continue following me after the competition is over, so you don’t lose them.

Have an Interesting Bio

Your bio is a snapshot of your life, so keep it short, sweet and catchy. Be sure to include anything worth saying, like my bio below:

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Huffington Post Blogger, Aspiring Author. All emails are welcome –

As you can see above, I kept it short and sweet, but covered the basics.
So these are the ways I have grown my Twitter followers this past year. Try some of them, and see if you notice an increase in your Twitter followers.
Do you have any tips to share? Leave me a comment, let’s talk. Also free feel to follow me on Twitter – @fashionstylepol
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Autumn Lipstick Swatches & Reviews


It should come as no surprise that all the lipsticks featured in this post are MAC. I think most of their products are great, and my makeup bag is a living proof of that. I will be test the waters and try other popular beauty brands I have not had the privilege of trying like Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS and the rest.

With the weather getting colder, and the nights getting longer, this is a perfect time to introduce some dark tones to your makeup. I use a change in season as an excuse to shop who doesn’t, so I have gone all out to update my makeup bag and its contents. Here are the MAC lipsticks in my collection for Autumn:

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo Swatch

This is one of my favourite lipstick shades. It is a perfect shade of red, great for a night out or day time, and it looks amazing on me, and every other lip I have seen wearing it. It shines beautifully in pictures, so you will usually catch me photographed, wearing this amazing lipstick. It is also long-lasting, stays on for hours, I can’t fault this lipstick.

Ruby Woo

I think every woman should have a Ruby Woo lipstick. It is not the best-selling lipstick for no reason.

Pink Nouveau

MAC Pink Nouveau

This bright Barbie pink lipstick is the least favourite of all my MAC lipsticks. I don’t like the shade on me, not sure what I was thinking when I bought it. It has a satin finish, and it is too young, too girly.

Pink Nouveau

All I will say is, try this lipstick or any other lipstick on your lips BEFORE you buy. The swatches do not give you a good idea of how it would look like on your lips. Your lips and your skin are very different, trust me, I learnt the hard way.  I wish I could return it, but since I can’t, it will just remain one of those lipsticks that hardly get used.

MAC Film Noir

Film Noir

This Film Noir lipstick is another case of me not knowing what I was thinking when I bought it.  I wanted a dark/chocolate shade for the autumn/winter months, and I thought this would look good on my lips but I was so wrong. It looked amazing when I swatched it on my arm, by when I tried it on at home, I knew I had made a big fat mistake.

MAC Film Noir

This satin Film Noir is way too dark (another satin lipstick I don’t like, think I am a matte kind of girl), it doesn’t stay on well, even after using a lip primer and after blotting. I also found it quite patchy, not sure what I would do with this, the search of the perfect dark lipstick continues…….

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

Viva Glam Swatch

This Viva Glam Miley Cyrus shade is my favourite lipstick at the moment. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but the more I used it, the deeper I fell in love with it. It has a matter finish but looks glossy, which I love, I also the hot pink colour, perfect for day and night, and it is so long-lasting.

Viva Glam 1

I get loads of compliments when I wear this lipstick .I love it.

MAC Lipsticks

I have realised I prefer lipsticks with a matte finish so I will be getting more of these type of lipsticks.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

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