5 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Now that you’ve found a niche you’re passionate about and ready to dive right into action. It is a great to look out for blogging tips for new bloggers. Navigating the world of blogging as a newbie can be very daunting at first, but by utilising the right tips, you will be well on your way to building a successful blog

Are you a complete beginner in need of some blogging advice? We’ve got you! In this post, we share 5 tips that are guaranteed to set your blogging journey up for success. Let’s dive in!

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1.   Do the background work

Building a solid foundation is sure to set your blog for success. Once you’ve decided to start a blog, you must stick to a profitable niche you are passionate about. Since blogging is a long-term game, choosing a niche you don’t like is the fastest way to fall off the bandwagon. Once that is out of the way, choose a content management system that works with your budget and customisation needs. Check out hosting platforms like Bluehost and Godaddy.

2.   Start SEO early

Since 68% of online experiences begin with a search, optimising your blog for search engines can help your blog to be easily discovered online. However, it takes time to get to the stage where your blog pops up on every search query in your niche. By implementing on-page and off-page SEO efforts early in your blogging journey, you can improve your ranking on the SERP. There are many free resources from Semrush, Ahrefs and Hubspot to help you get acquainted with the nitty-gritty of SEO. So do your research.

3.   Plan your content

Planning your content is one sure way to stay consistent in your blogging journey. This would involve creating a content calendar with months’ worth of content and setting up a content schedule. In creating a content calendar, while it is ok to find keywords intuitively as a beginner, using dedicated budget-friendly keyword research tools to find high volume low competition keywords can support your SEO efforts.

4.   Utilise Social Media

Content distribution on social media channels should be at the top of the mind for new bloggers. Setting up a blog and publishing content does not guarantee your blog visibility by your target audience; even with SEO efforts, it still takes time. Instead of waiting until your audience discovers your blog, be part of the 95% of bloggers actively promoting their blog posts through social media. Create social media accounts using the same handle as your blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and simultaneously distribute blog content in formats suitable for these platforms.

5.   Be an active learner

The blogging industry is fast evolving. With Google rolling out new algorithm updates very often, your ability to learn quickly and adapt to new changes can significantly determine the success of your blog. Also, you should be abreast of the trends in your niche and improve your writing skills to be able to continue rolling out quality content that your audience and search engines would love.

So there you have it! 5 sure tips to make your blogging journey easier. Do you have any tried and tested tip to share? Please drop your tips in the comments section.




5 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

Looking for the best ways to monetise your blog? You’re in luck!

This article will highlight five ways to transform your blog into a revenue-generation machine. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for other ways to convert your site’s traffic to cash, there’s a growing number of ways to achieve this. So come along as we explore some of the options available to you. 

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  • Ads

When it comes to earning from your blog, advertising with an ad network like Google Adsense or Ezioc is a great way to profit. In fact, 75% of bloggers that have crossed the $2000 monthly income threshold use either Mediavine or Adthrive as their ad management company.  

However, since ads payments are based on PPC (pay-per-click), having a massive audience reach and a significant amount of daily traffic can rapidly increase your earning prospects. Alternatively, consider selling ad spaces on your blogs to businesses that offer products and services in your niche. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 

If you’re not selling a product or service, consider selling other people’s products with affiliate marketing. This involves finding ecommerce businesses with affiliate programs, signing up as an affiliate partner and linking relevant products on your site. For every purchase made using your affiliate link, you earn a commission.  

With affiliate programs, you would be helping your readers by recommending products they need while earning from them. 

  • Sell your Product or Services

While your blog should educate your readers, you shouldn’t stop at that as a business owner. Don’t hesitate to sparingly include details about your product and service or recommend them in your blog post. This would transform your blog into a lead-generation machine for your business. 

45% of bloggers earning $50000+ yearly sell their own products or services. Therefore, aside from getting your business in the mind of your target audience, converting your site traffic to paying customers would greatly benefit your business. 

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  • Sponsored Posts 

Another way to monetise your blog through brand advertisement is through writing sponsored posts. When you’ve been able to gather a broad audience and establish your blog as an authority in your chosen niche, it is normal to have brands reach out to you to write sponsored product reviews or roundups. Also, you can actively seek out partnership opportunities by emailing brands you want to work with.

  • Sell Digital Products

One reliable way to make passive income from your blog is by selling digital products. If you have a skill to teach or would like to help your audience build expertise, create an online course or an ebook they would be willing to pay for. The best part about this monetisation model is that it is long-term. 

Other digital products you can sell include, templates, WordPress themes and video tutorials, among others.

Parting Words

While there are overwhelming opportunities for generating income from your blog, you should remember that the money won’t start coming right; it takes time. But provided you can implement the right monitisation strategies for your blog and keep at it, you will definately see the results.


4 Ways to Handle Trolls as a Blogger

As a blogger, I have had my fair share of dealing with trolls over the last ten years. Trolls are simply very unhappy people who think they should share their nasty thoughts and feelings with others online. The best way to handle them is the same way you handle unpleasant people in real life; you ignore them…

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If you are wondering how to go about dealing with trolls, here are some quick tips you may find pretty handy –

No attention

Attention is a currency which is why we say “pay attention”. I pay no attention to trolls and I just keep doing what I truly enjoy doing. Comments from people who are unsatisfied with their personal lives don’t affect me because I understand the psychology behind trolling. The less you pay attention, the faster the trolls disappear into thin air to find the next space to spew more bitterness. When next you come in contact with a troll, look the other way.

Don’t take it personally

Now, this may be a tricky one at first as I know how easy it is to take things personally when we feel slighted. Having said that, one thing you should always try to remember is that it is never personal. When people are mean, they like to look for an outlet to project all that they have inside of them. Once you understand that, you learn grace, and you let people be people and you don’t take it personally. However, that does not mean you should remain passive. Not taking trolling personally would do wonders for your mental health. Being assertive and paying them no attention (which links back to the first tip) would also help massively.

You cannot please everyone

One thing you need to remember is that you cannot please everybody and you should not even attempt to. It is actually crazy to think you have the capacity to please everybody. There are billions of people on this beautiful planet and you only need a few thousand regular readers to earn a living from your blog. In time, you will find your tribe and your unsatisfied readers would also go on to find the right platform for their reading pleasure. So it is really a win-win situation for all parties involved. Focus on your happy readers.

Use the block button regularly

The block button is my friend on social media and I don’t hesitate to use it. My advice is to block anyone who trolls. There should be no second chances when it comes to dealing with trolls online and in real life. If you don’t like a blog or a blogger, you should really not be on it. Use the block button regularly for your peace of mind, and then you will have one less troll to deal with.

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How do you deal with trolls as a blogger? Do you have any fun experiences to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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