How to Accelerate Your Blogging Career in 2019

Many people go into blogging for different reasons. Some do it as a hobby, some do it to show their expertise, while others use it as a means to monetize their skills.

But what if you want to take blogging to a whole new level? What if you want to accelerate your blogging skills to get devoted readers and higher income?

There are millions of bloggers who are using blogging as a medium to make their dreams come true. These are bloggers who have decided to take blogging as a serious profession. If you have been thinking of taking your blogging career to the next level in 2019, here is exactly how you can do it.


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  1. Plan your content

Blogging is not about writing anything that comes to your mind. Serious bloggers plan their content to the last before they even think of publishing. This because every blog post they publish is done with a specific purpose in mind.

Create an outline for every blog idea that comes to mind. Do detailed research into the topic to help give your readers great value when they’re reading your blog post. Have an editorial calendar where you can plan out which blog post should be published and when. And most importantly, stay consistent.


  1. Have a compelling call to action

Blogging should be like having a one-on-one communication with your readers. But such conversation must not be one-sided. The best blogs are those that engage the audience. And the best way to engage your audience is to cleverly use your call to action.

A call to action is a line that tells your reader what you would like them to do now that they have finished reading your blog post, for example like, share, comment or subscribe to your email list.

Some bloggers forget to add a call to action in their blog posts. But serious bloggers don’t dare skip it.


  1. Build your email list

No matter what stage you are as a blogger, building your email list a must. The email list is a powerful way to constantly keep in touch with your readers and inform them of your offers or when a new blog post is published.

Those subscribed to your email list get to read your newsletters where you can build a closer and deeper relationship with your subscribers.


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  1. Promote promote promote

Writing your blog post is just half the battle when trying to accelerate your blogging career. You need to put in 2 times more effort into promoting your blog posts than you do writing the content of your blog post.

Promoting your blog post increases the visibility of your blog posts thereby bringing fresh readers to see your blog post every time.

Share your blog post on social media, forums and groups where your target audience hang out.  But remember that you have to make sure that you don’t spam the platforms where you share your blog posts.


  1. Be you….always

This is the most important part in accelerating your blogging career: be yourself. Your readers will love you for who you are. So be 100 percent authentic. Copying someone else’s style will never take you far. Don’t be afraid to show off your awesomeness.


How do you plan to accelerate your blogging career in 2019?


Getting Organised for the Christmas Break as a Blogger

I have had a blogging break during the Christmas holidays for the last 3 years, and I am looking forward to doing just that in the next few days. Christmas comes once a year and the countdown to the big day is always really exciting. Most people are offline shopping and getting ready for the festivities. Which is why a blogging break is highly recommended. I will be posting as normal until 23rd December. You may find me publishing a blog post or 2 after Christmas, but my regular blogging schedule will commence as normal in the new year.


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I like to take time off blogging and my other freelance gigs to enjoy the holiday season with the family. Also, it is my time to reflect on how the year has been, and tidy up some of my behind the scenes job. It is so easy to just keep going, day after day, without stopping to catch your breath. The holidays force me to take time out and step away from work a bit.


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Why a blogging break is important for me


Clear my head

Taking my break to unwind with the family helps me clear my head and get ready for the new year. We all need a break everyone and again, and I find that I perform better when I am well rested. This year has been extremely busy for me, so I definitely need time off to clear my head and get recharged for 2019.


I get to have some fun

We have fun activities planned over the Christmas Break and I really can’t wait to relax and have a great time. I know the kids will have so much fun with their cousins, and it is just what we need after a very busy year.


Save my content for when it matters

The online world goes really quiet as Christmas approaches, and I know why. Everyone is running around trying to ensure they and their loved ones have a great Christmas. So it is kind of pointless publishing regular posts if no one is reading them.



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Read other blogs

When I take time off blogging, I like to read. I spend my time reading different books on my Amazon Kindle, and I also like catching up on some of my favourite blogs. Spending time off my own blog also allows me discover new blogs.


What plans do you have for the Christmas break?







How to get your child to stop sucking fingers

My son sucked his fingers from when he was around 3 months old to 3 years. I ignored the habit for the first year as I knew it provided him some comfort. But when he turned 2, I wanted him to stop. I didn’t want him going to pre-school and still sucking his fingers. And after a routine dentist appointment, I knew I had to do something quickly about the finger sucking habit before it became a serious dental issue.


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After a some research, I found a product that would help him stop sucking his fingers, but I needed to wait until he clocked 3 to try it on him. The product – Mavala Stop, helps discourage nail-biting in adults and in children above 3 years. I figured it would work for great for sucking as well, and it did.  My son LOVED sucking his fingers. He could do it all day if we let him. So I was quite impressed when Mavala Stop helped him break the habit within days.

For those who have never heard of this Mavala Stop, it is a nail-biting (and finger sucking) deterrent. It is a completely harmless product which has the appearance of clear enamel.

How to use

All I had to do was apply a coat of Mavala Stop every day over the entire nail surface. It has a distinct bitter taste which will discourage anyone from putting the fingers into the mouth. I tried it on my nails myself and couldn’t bear to have my fingers in my mouth.


I only had to apply this product on my son’s nails a handful of times to get him to stop sucking his fingers.  He completely stopped sucking his fingers in under a week.



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I would recommend Mavala Stop to any parent dealing with fingers sucking or nail-biting. It also works great for adults. I know some people will shy away from getting their kids to stop sucking or biting by using a product like this, and I am not here to tell you how to raise your kids. But if you are in search of what to use to help your child break this habit, then you should try this product.


Do you have kids that suck their fingers or bite their nails? How did you help break the habit? Please share your tried and tested tips in the comments section below.


Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day.



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