Aquarius Individual Fashion Sense

Some call us weird, others call us wonderful. Many people we are inventive and quirky, and we are!

I am not so into Zodiac signs anymore, unlike when I was a lot younger. But I do know quite a lot about Zodiac signs and their meanings, especially mine which is Aquarius. I tick most of the Aquarius boxes. I am the humanitarian and philanthropist of the zodiac. We Aquarius do not shy away from lending a helping hand when needed. We are passionate, unconventional, independent and we have the need to express our ingenuity, which is why I blog I guess. Fashion and Style Police is a creative outlet for me, and it has changed my life for the better. It is definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me.


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Being an Aquarius also explains a lot of things about my life, my personality and what makes me tick. It also explains my fashion sense. I have been doing some reading of fashion in general, and why we like certain styles. Why specific designs and pieces appeal to some and not others. And I have come to realise that our zodiac signs could play a role in our fashion sense.


So what is the Aquarius Individual Fashion Sense all about?

Unconventional and Original

The Aquarius personal style is usually unconventional and very original. We are usually free-spirited when it comes to fashion, which is why we tend to wear pieces in different ways. Having an original fashion sense is amazing, as there is never a dull fashion moment for a fashionista Aquarius chic. The possibilities are endless in the styling department.


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Predict Trends

The Aquarius woman has the forward thinking gift, which is amazing when put to fashion and style use. Aquarians can predict fashion trends well in advance and can play around with various styles in the pursuit of the perfect look.

The talented fashion designer Mary Quant predicted trends well in advance. She invented the mini-skirt, creating a uniform for the 1960s women’s lib movement. But she forever gives credit to her clients.

“It was the girls on the King’s Road who invented the mini. I was making easy, youthful, simple clothes, in which you could move, in which you could run and jump, and we would make them the length the customer wanted. I wore them very short and the customers would say, ‘Shorter, shorter.’”


Do you think your zodiac sign plays a role in your fashion sense?


How To Manage Time When Working From Home

Working from home can be very tricky if you suck at time management. Thanks to the social media, mobile phones, TVs and all the other distractions, which can make working from home a blessing or a curse, if you don’t know how to manage time. I have worked at home steady for over 3 years now. And I have learnt a few tricks on how to successfully work from home. It takes a lot of work to get it right but it is very possible to work from home, making good money.


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How To Manage Time When Working From Home


Have the right equipments

Working with the right equipment would save you time and money in the long run. I bought my Apple MacBook Pro last year and it has completely changed my working life. I don’t have to deal with the many issues I dealt with while using my old HP laptop. The old laptop was forever going off by itself, and I was forever putting it back on. It made my working life miserable. So I was happy to get rid of it for a better laptop. If you can afford to go Mac, I promise you will never go back!

I also got an iPad Pro with the keyboard some months ago, which has been very handy for when I need to work outside the house, without my MacBook Pro. Having the keyboard with the iPad means I can type faster. It has completely changed my life. My good old iPhone is also another smart gadget I use for work. It was like a breath of fresh air when I replaced my old Blackberry with the iPhone.

Having the right gadgets have changed my working life for the better. It makes working from home easier and faster.


Ignore the distractions

Ignoring the distractions is easy for me, which is why working from home works for me. But I know it can be tricky for others. So switch off your phone if you have to, and work in a room without any sort of distraction, so you get your work done. My kids are in school for only a few hours, so I have to make the most of the free time I get during the day. I also work most nights, with the TV off, and I never feel like I am missing out. So this tip would only work if you let it.



I am good at getting a couple of things done at the same time and I think it helps me stay on top of my to-do lists. Multi-tasking only works if what I need to do does not need 100% of my attention. If it does, then I do it when I don’t have to multi-task.


Have a to-do list

Having a daily to-do list helps me stay on top of my day. I wake up in the morning, and I already know what needs doing. It saves the time I would have spent on trying to figure what needs to be done on that day.


Have daily goals

Having daily goals helps because you have set targets and you know what you are working towards. I like to have goals for morning, afternoon and sometimes evenings. That way, I can break up day, and work to clearly defined targets. It works great for me.



How do you manage time? Please sound off in the comments section. Thank you!



The Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

I have recently fallen in love with drinking smoothies. And I can feel the difference already. I am not a fruit or veg lover. I struggle to get the recommended daily amounts, if any (don’t tell the kiddies). But I know I need to eat a balanced diet to be healthy. Which is why I went in search of how to get around my problem.

If you read my Father’s Day Gift Guide Post, then you would know all about this Andrew James Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor Blender. I have been using it for some weeks now, and I really like it. It is definitely a smart kitchen gadget to have around the house. I have made many cups of smoothies thanks to this blender.


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The Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

So for those who do not know, here are some of the main benefits of drinking smoothies –


You get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables

Like I said, I struggle to take any fruits and vegetables on most. And I am sure many others struggle to as well. It can be hard to get the recommended amounts in our daily diets. Which is why smoothies are so helpful. You can get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables in smoothies easily. This would helps strengthen the immune system.


It is quick and easy

It is super quick and easy to make a smoothie. I get mine done within 5 minutes within any distractions, on most days. Making smoothies is easier and quicker than making even the easiest meals.


It improves digestion and helps with weight loss

Smoothies help improve digestion. This is great for anyone dealing with regular constipation and indigestion. Replacing a meal with a healthy smoothie can also help with weight loss.


A Banana and Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

The first smoothie I make with my blender was a Banana and Strawberry Smoothie. If you are after a delicious and straightforward smoothie recipe, you should try this. You would love the simplicity of it, and the taste too!


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4 Strawberries.

2 Bananas.

1 Teaspoon of honey.

3 Ice cubes.

A dash of soya milk.


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I really like this banana and strawberry smoothie. It has a great taste. I have made it many times already, along with other smoothie recipes. And I am forever thinking of the next smoothie to make now. It has become a good habit. It is a healthy way to live and I am prepared to carry on making smoothies.

So far, I aim to make a smoothie a day. With the warm weather, this has been an easy target so far.


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Are you a smoothie lover? What is your favourite recipe?







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