Beauty Muse: Rosamund Pike

Hey beauty lovers! The lovely Rosamund Pike is the Beauty Muse of the month! I think she is an amazing natural beauty. I am a huge fan of The Wheel of Time, an Amazon Original series, and Rosamund Pike plays a leading role in the series. It is quite an interesting fantasy series, and the new season 2 is now on with new weekly episodes, for those interested. I find Pike’s character – Moiraine_Damodred, very intriguing. It is definitely a fascinating series to watch if you are into supernatural and fantasy sort of storylines. I enjoy watching it so much that  I look forward to the weekly episodes. What are you currently watching?

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Beauty Muse: Rosamund Pike

For those who are not familiar with this Beauty Muse, Rosamund Mary Ellen Pike is a British actress famous for her role as Bond girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day. This 44 year-old actress is a bundle of beauty and brains. She is super talented and natural on screen. I really enjoy watching her; she is such a natural, and she always looks so good.

Rosamund Pike is a natural Beauty Muse with a flawless skin and stunning facial features. While looking out for the secret to her flawless skin, I came across a number of interviews she has had with various publications, and it is clear to see that this woman takes her skincare routine very seriously. Her radiant skin is definitely thanking for all the extra TLC it is getting, which is good. This Beauty Muse can easily pass for a woman in her 30s! I would so love to have a sneak peek into her skincare products. It would lovely to know how she keeps her skin looking so gorgeous!

What do you think of Rosamund Pike as a Beauty Muse of the month? Are you a fan of The Wheel of Time? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.

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