Beauty Muse: Zoe Kravitz

Hey beauty lovers! Another week in the new week, another beauty blog post. The first beauty muse for the year 2022 is the stunning Zoe Kravitz. This beauty is an American actress, singer, and model. She is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, and she is featured in big hits like Big Little Lies, X-Men First Class. This talented beauty muse is also featured in The Batman as Catwoman, which is due to be released later this year.

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Beauty Muse: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz’s facial features are striking and always catch my attention. She has the most beautiful skin and her makeup is always on point. I was not surprised to discover Kravitz gets her beauty philosophy from her mum – Lisa Bonet. Here are some of her tried and tested beauty tips from an interview she had with Women’s Health Mag:

Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Essential Oil

“Coconut oil is wonderful, I use it on my body. Every time I get out of the shower, I put coconut oil on. It’s great,”

I agree with Zoe on this one. I love using coconut oil and I use it every day. It is a great skin and hair moisturiser. I always ensure I have a bottle of natural coconut oil in my bathroom cabinet every time. It is so handy to have around.

She also revealed she uses tea tree oil because it’s “great for blemishes.”

Tea Tree Essential Oil is amazing. I have used it for many years in a variety of ways and it is so great. To get rid of blemishes, dab a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil on the area.

Like I mentioned in this post, I have essential bottles for sale, and Tea Tree Essential Oils are currently in stock. You can shop them here. To read her full interview, click on here.

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What do you think of Zoe Kravitz as a Beauty Muse? Are you a fan?

Getting Hair Coloring Near You in Charlotte, North Carolina

*Collaborative post.

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It can be a bit of a frustrating experience looking to get your hair done especially if you are new in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not just because you need to find the right salon for you but also because there is no shortage of great salons, and this can make you indecisive.

Another source of frustration is that it does not matter if you are looking to just get a haircut, hairstyle, or just change your hair color there are still a lot of things to consider. Things like skin tone, the right style for your facial features, and even events that you can wear them to.

It gets worse when you have had bad experiences while experimenting with new looks, especially hair colors. This has probably led you to believe that you should only expect epic fails and little success from trying out new things.

As a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, you are probably no stranger to how great the salons in the city are. If you are new, a simple Google search on hair coloring near me is enough to give you a list of the right ones to visit.

It is one thing to find a great place to fix your locks, but a different ball game to find the right color that suits you. If you have decided to do this and are not sure what is right for you, either due to so many options, thus making it hard to choose, or if you are clueless about what to go for. Here are some things you should know to help you narrow down your options and help you on your way.

The Right Questions to Ask

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Just like any other thing in life, there is a process to choosing the right color for your locks and it might not be as easy as you expect, but one thing you can rely on is the excitement that comes with it. Therefore, the difficulty of the process should not hinder you from doing what you want.

Indeed, it is not easy to choose the perfect shade and the various factors to consider before choosing do not make it easier but, trust the process, it is definitely worth it. Because of the factors to consider, there are several questions that need to be answered before going ahead to change your hair color; keep reading to find out more:

How dramatic do you expect it to be?

This is an important question to think about before choosing a shade to go with. Are you looking for something dramatic? Do you want something that will call attention to you? Or are you just looking to change your look to something subtle? Do you want to go a shade lighter or darker?

There are so many factors that can affect how dramatic the shade you are going for will be. Factors like personal preference, maintenance, and most importantly environment. The environment should play a major role while making your choice of color.

The environment is not just limited to where you stay but also where you work and where you go most of the time. Therefore, before choosing a drastic shade you must consider how accepting your environment will be of your look.

If you work in a corporate environment, or if you tend to go to a lot of business meetings it is advisable to choose a more subtle color. However, if you work in the fashion or media and entertainment industry, the more dramatic the better. You can check here  for some beautiful color ideas for your new look.

Are you okay with coloring your hair often?

There is a high chance that this question is not even on your mind. This is a question you should be thinking about. If you have decided to go for a dramatic shade, you need to know that you will have to dye it regularly (every 2 to 4 weeks or so).

What this means is that it will take more time and money irrespective of whether you plan to do it yourself or employ the services of a professional. However, if you decide on a shade closer to the color of your natural locks, there is no need for you to dye it very often.

This begs the question, are you ready to spend more time and money on maintaining your hair coloring? If your answer is yes, then awesome!!! If not, then it is best to go for a subtle option.

Are you okay with the color’s effect on your hair and appearance?

It is of utmost importance to know what the addition of a lighter or darker shade can do to your locks. When you use a darker shade, your locks tend to feel thicker and heavier however, a lighter shade emphasizes layers and textures making your locks feel less heavy.

As hair is a part of fashion, it also makes a statement; this means that the color of your choice is saying something about you. Therefore, before you choose a shade for your hair, it is important to know if your choice is giving you the right representation. The goal is not to hide but let your true self shine through. You can click here to learn more about how to choose the right shade for your locks.


The exploration process of choosing the right shade for you can be indeed daunting but it is in fact the most fun part of it all. This is because it gives you the chance to get to know yourself all over again from a totally different perspective.

What better way is there to fall in love with you all over again? What better way is there to appreciate and choose you over and over again? What better way is there to explore and find all the styles that make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself?

But do not forget to preserve your hair color for as long as possible with quality shampoos and conditioners. Make sure to use only good quality products to avoid damage to your hair and most importantly create a hair care routine to keep your locks in their best condition.



Product Review: Emporio Armani She

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If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police for some time you would know all about my love for fragrances. I am a perfume lover and I like to collect as many as I can. In the last few years, I have significantly reduced the amount of money I spend on perfumes, but I do like to try a new scent every now and again. One of my latest additions to my ever-growing perfume collection is Emporio Armani She Eau de Parfum. I have had my eye on this fragrance for a while and I am glad to finally have it in my collection.

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Pineapple, Lime, Tuberose, Mandarin Orange, Pear and Bergamot

Orris Root, Jasmine, Heliotrope, and Lily of the Valley

Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Musk, Vanilla, and Cedar

Here are my thoughts on this perfume:

  1. I love the rubbery bottle. It is quite cute and it is also sustainable as it is made with 70% less plastic.
  2. The fragrance is light, soft, and feminine. It is great for those who are not into strong/overpowering scents.
  3. It is long-lasting. I have discovered it stays on for a few hours which is good.



I really like Emporio Armani She Eau de Parfum. It smells amazing and stays on for as long as I want it to. I never have to top up the fragrance during the day. If you are after a feminine soft scent to try this year, you can consider this perfume. I think it is great for both day and night, and light enough for all seasons too!

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Have you tried She by Emporio Armani? Do you like the perfume? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading, sharing, liking, and commenting. Have a good one.

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